Crisis Core Reunion Max Level: How To Level Up Fast

Learn everything there is about the leveling system and how to reach the max level in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion

The Max Level in Crisis Core FFVII Reunion is no easy feat to achieve for the average player, as you will consistently need to farm EXP for Zack. But unlike most RPGs, reaching the overall max level grind and progression works uniquely, to say the least. Besides the max character level for Zack, you will also need to consider min/maxing out the levels of his materia and stats.

Key Highlights

  • In Crisis Core FFVII Reunion, level progression differs from other Final Fantasy titles.
  • Reaching the maximum level requires significant grinding through defeating enemies and bosses.
  • The DMW system is integral to leveling up Zack using stored EXP.
  • Special enemies in side missions like Scissor Chitins offer large EXP rewards, but require powerful materia and attacks for efficient farming.
  • Equipping accessories like the Cursed Ring can influence the DMW’s ‘777’ combination to aid in leveling up.

How Does The Leveling System Work?

crisis core max level
Leveling up using ‘777’ (Image Captured by us)

The leveling system is intricately linked to the DMW (Digital Mind Wave) system. Here’s how it works:

  1. DMW System: The DMW functions as a spinning slot machine during combat, providing various combinations that grant buffs, Limit Breaks, and other bonuses to Zack. It relies on random number generation (RNG) and can occasionally summon powerful entities like Ifrit.
  2. EXP Accumulation: Zack accumulates experience points (EXP) by defeating enemies throughout the game. These EXP are stored in an invisible counter, representing Zack’s overall progress towards the next level.
  3. Leveling Up: To level up Zack, players need to achieve the ‘777’ combination in the DMW slot during combat encounters. The DMW verifies Zack’s stored EXP and, if it reaches a specific threshold, there’s a chance for ‘777’ to appear.
  4. EXP Threshold: The likelihood of rolling ‘777’ increases with the amount of excess EXP Zack has stored. Defeating more enemies and accumulating additional EXP raises the chances of leveling up.

In essence, players should focus on defeating enemies and accumulating EXP to level up Zack efficiently.

Steps To Level Up Fast

The earliest where you can start increasing your levels is whenever you can unlock the side missions in the game, such as M1-1-6: 1000 Shinra Troops, where you can endlessly clear 1000 enemies in order to gain EXP as quickly as possible. However, in order to maximize your profits, you can follow our detailed list of prerequisites below, which will make you overpowered right from the early going in order to make EXP farming a total breeze.

Get The Magic Pot Summon

DMW magic pot
Receiving the Magic Pot (Image Captured by eXputer)

To obtain the Magic Pot summon for efficient EXP farming, complete Side Mission 4-2-6 to unlock the Wutai Secret Shop, where you can buy powerful materia like Hell Blizzaga and Quake. Unlocking the Magic Pot summon is straightforward. It appears as a hidden summon during Mission 10-2-3, where you must fulfill its requests.

Once you have the Magic Pot summon, use it during Mission 10-2-3 to gather rare items like Gold Rolling Pins for selling and earning lots of Gil. In this mission, Tonberries spawn, so defeat most of them and leave one alive to AFK farm the Magic Pot DMW summon. This increases your chances of getting it in the DMW slots, provided you don’t have too many other summon creatures like Chocobo or Cactuar filling up the slots.

The recommended materia setup for this farming is suitable for levels 40-45, but if you want to do it earlier, follow the instructions below.

DMW magic pot
Farming Magic Pot DMW summons (Image by eXputer)

The Loadout For EXP Farming

exp farm loadout
The Loadout (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

As shown in the image above, this will be our loadout for the upcoming farming route we have discussed. The Main items that we need from the list include the first three materia, and the rest are up to you as they mainly help boost our overall HP and ATK parameters to ensure survivability against the creatures.

Here’s the recommended loadout:

  1. Blast Wave (Crafted: Mastered Graviga + Assault Twister)
  2. Status Ward (Crafted: Stop + HP UP)
  3. Hell Blizzaga (Available at Wutai Secret Shop for 15,000 Gil or Crafted: Octoslash + Dark Blizzard)
  4. HP UP++ (Crafted: HP UP + Octoslash)
  5. ATK UP++ (Crafted: ATK UP + Octoslash)
  6. Mug (Crafted: Steal + Electrocute)

Essential accessories:

  1. Wizard Amulet (Boosts MP, VIT, and SPR; Converts Fire, Ice, and Lightning attacks into HP)

Additional accessories (if available):

  1. Jeweled Ring (Increases luck for item drops)
  2. Mog’s Amulet (Increases luck for item drops)
  3. Twisted Headband (Maintains Endure Status effect to prevent knockback from enemy attacks)

These items and materia will help you maximize your efficiency in farming EXP and items in Crisis Core.

The EXP Farming Mission

crisis core max level
Mission M8-6-4: SOS? (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

We have pointed out previously that missions such as M1-1-6: 1000 Shinra Troops are a good way to safely farm EXP and get to the max level in Crisis Core FFVII Reunion, but the mission that we found the best for our time was Mission M8-6-4: SOS? which is fairly lengthy to unlock but thankfully you can start accessing prior mission prerequisites to unlock it right from Chapter 3.

  1. Start unlocking prerequisites for Mission M8-6-4 as early as Chapter 3.
  2. Focus on farming Scissor Chitins for approximately 11,000 EXP.
  3. Head to the right from the starting point to access two encounter sections.
  4. If other creatures spawn, run to the edge of the arena to escape and repeat until you encounter Scissor Chitins.
  5. Use Blast Wave materia for quick and powerful attacks.
  6. Equip the Wizard Amulet and Twisted Headband for better survivability against enemy attacks.
  7. Repeat the process to roll a ‘777’ on the DMW and level up Zack.
  8. Optionally, disable the DMW to store more EXP and use the Cursed Ring for faster leveling up after unequipping it.

Note: Consider whether you want to grind to the max level immediately or explore other DMW farming methods in the game. The choice is yours, but this method is currently the most efficient for reaching the level cap.

crisis core max level
The Scissor Chitins (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

The Wrap-Up

According to a Subreddit Post regarding some leveling tips for Crisis Core FFVII Reunion, a few users also pointed out that you can use the Side Mission 1-1-1 to AFK farm and level up your materia. It is because the SOLDIER operatives in the mission deal little to no damage at all. So if you are looking to min/max your favorite materia alongside grinding to the max character level, then that mission is a surefire way to do it.

For now, this wraps up our guide on the Max level for Crisis Core FFVII Reunion. If it helps you out in any way or if you have any further questions related to the guide, then be sure to let us know in the comments section below so we can try to help you out in any kind of way possible.

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