Crisis Core FFVII Reunion Voice Actors [Full Cast]

Learn everything there is about the voice actor cast of Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion’s Voice Cast is one of its biggest highlights aside from the gameplay and visual changes. Zack has received a brand-new voice actor, but moreover, fans of the recent Final Fantasy 7 Remake will be stoked to know that a few of its voice cast makes a return as they lend their voices to familiar faces such as Aerith Gainsborough and Cloud Strife.

Key Highlights:

  • The Voice Actor cast for Crisis Core FFVII Reunion is drastically changed from the original game on the PSP.
  • Most notably, many of the lesser dialogue moments in the storytelling of the game also contain fully-voiced sequences from the voice actors.
  • The Protagonist of the game, Zack Fair, has received a brand-new voice actor along with a few other characters found only in Crisis Core Reunion.
  • Players will be delighted to know that almost all of the Voice Cast of the recent FFVII Remake reprise their roles for Crisis Core Reunion.
  • The article contains minor spoilers for the premise of each character, so read at your own discretion.

English Voice Cast

crisis core reunion voice actors
Some of the English cast members of Crisis Core Reunion

The following is the list of the English dub voice cast of Crisis Core FFVII Reunion. There is a large number of minor roles here, too, but we will only be briefly discussing the major ones as well as the supporting ones and only mentioning the minor ones with them in the list below:

Caleb Pierce – Zack Fair

Caleb Pierce isn’t involved in too many voice-over roles, as his most well-known ones included playing the grown-up live-action TV series version of Timmy Turner from the Fairly Oddparents Cartoon. Besides that, he was featured as the Voice Actor for Zack during the end credits of the game, but at that time, it was only for one of the ending cut scenes, so not many people knew about the actor’s involvement in it or his future with Zack.

Bill Millsap – Angeal Hewley

Bill Milsap voices Angeal Hewley, a First Class ranking SOLDIER operative who is a mentor to Zack Fair and even nicknamed him “Zack, the puppy.” Bill Millsap’s well-known roles include him doing the English voice dub for Prosciutto, a villainous character on Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure Golden Wind, Monkey King in Dota 2, as well as lending his voice for a few minor roles in Shenmue 3 and God Of War 2018.

Shaun Conde – Genesis

Shaun Code is the voice actor for Genesis, another legendary hero among the SOLDIER’s highest ranks who ends up going rogue against his comrades and company. Shaun has done his fair share of voice acting roles as he was the voice actor for Shiba Miyakaze in ‘NEO: The World Ends With You’ as well as voicing some NPC enemies across both Insomniac Studio titles, Ratchet And Clank: Rift Apart and Spiderman: Miles Morales.

Tyler Hoeclin – Sephiroth

Before he became the One-winged angel, Sephiroth is introduced to us in Cris Core Reunion as one of the leading and high-ranking commanders of SOLDIER. He is voiced by Tyler Hoeclin, whom many may or may not recognize at first as he plays Clark Kent, AKA Superman, on the Supergirl TV series on CW. He voiced Sephiroth in the FFVII Remake and did a fantastic job, so seeing him return for Crisis Core Reunion was inevitable.

Briana White – Aerith Gainsborough

Briana White is the voice actor for Aerith Gainsborough, one of the central heroines of the FFVII Universe and Zack’s main love interest in Crisis Core Reunion.

Just like her character in the game, Briana White is just as sweet and passionate about playing Aerith in both this game as well as the FFVII Remake, going as far as to cosplaying her in real life too! Her previous roles include playing Jessica Townsend on an episode of Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. But these days, you can also find her live streaming on the Twitch platform as she plays various story-driven games over there.

Cody Christian – Cloud Strife

Cody Christian, another returning voice actor from the FFVII Remake, voices Cloud Strife, who, in Crisis Core Reunion, which takes place seven years before the events of the original game, is shown to be a Shinra Infantryman who wants to join the SOLDIER program. Cody Christian is known for a variety of roles, such as playing characters across a few popular TV Shows, including Teen Wolf, All American, and Pretty Little Liars.

Britt Baron – Tifa Lockhart

Britt Baron returns to voice Tifa Lockhart in Crisis Core Reunion before the days when she became the athletic Kickboxing Martial Artist of Avalanche in FFVII. Britt is also known for a variety of roles, both in voice acting as well as live-action performances. These roles include playing the Exo, Ada-1 in Destiny 2, as well as playing Justine Biagi in the TV Series GLOW.

Francis Ausley – Lazard

Francis Ausley voices Lazard Deusericus, who is the director of SOLDIER and acts as a superior to Zack, who sends him across several missions in the main campaign. Francis doesn’t have too many notable roles outside of lending his voice to several NPCs in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Kayli Mills – Cissnei

Kayli Mills is the voice actor for Cissnei, a young redheaded girl who belongs in the ranks of the Turks, a top-secret organization that works in the Investigation Sector of the General Affairs Department of Shinra. Kayli Mills is a well-known voice actor as she plays one of the lead heroines in River City Girls 2, Misako, Tattara In Soul Hackers 2, as well as Yumiko in the anime Cyberpunk Edgerunners.

Vic Chao – Tseng

Vic Chao voices the leader of the Turks, Tseng, in both Crisis Core Reunion and Final Fantasy VII Remake. Tseng joins Zack across a few missions in the game, even going as far as keeping a close eye on him and Aerith. Vic Chao is known for a variety of roles, such as playing Kenshi, Goro, Sektor, and Triborg in Mortal Kombat X, as well as playing Honda in the English dub of Lost Judgment.

Arnie Pantoja – Reno

Arnie Pantoja voices Reno in both Crisis Core Reunion as well as FFVII Remake. Reno is a recurring character as he is a Turk operative tasked with dealing with day-to-day tasks alongside his friend and partner, Rude. Arnie’s famous roles include playing Ensigh Garibaldi on the Comedy TV series, Red Shirts. His other roles include lending voices for characters in the Saints Row reboot as well as the animated Adult TV Show Rick and Morty.

William Christopher Stephens – Rude

William Christopher Stephens voices Rude, another agent of Turks and the partner of Reno who carries out top-secret tasks assigned by their superiors. William Christopher Stephens has quite a few roles as he not only does he play Rude in the remake of FFVII, but he also voices Maine in Cyberpunk Edgerunners, Shiva in Shin Megami Tensei V as well as Urkai in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Jason Marnocha – Hollander

Jason Marnocha is the voice of Hollander in Crisis Core FFVII Reunion. His famous roles in other media include playing Gus in the English dub of the anime Carole & Tuesday as well as Coach Nanbu in the Boxing anime Megalo Box.

James Sie – Professor Hojo

James Sie voices the illusive mad scientist of Shinra, Hojo, who is responsible for creating several diabolical experiments at the labs of Shinra HQ. James Sie is famous for playing Jackie Chan in the animated series called Jackie Chan Adventures, as well as playing the Cabbage Merchant and more on Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Japanese Voice Cast

crisis core voice actors
Some of the Japanese cast members of Crisis Core Reunion

Most of the Japanese voice actors for the game are notable for voicing several anime characters in Japan as well as voicing familiar faces in the remake of FFVII too, just like the English cast. One of the main differences is that Kenichi Suzumura voiced Zack in the original version of Crisis Core on the PSP.

Kenichi Suzumura – Zack Fair

Kenichi Suzumura voices Zack Fair in the Japanese Dub of Crisis Core Reunion. Kenichi was also the original voice actor for Zack in the PSP port of Crisis Core FFVII. He has several roles in the anime industry, but his famous one includes Hikaru Hitachiin in Ouran High School Host Club.

Maaya Sakamoto – Aerith Gainsborough

Maaya Sakamoto voices Aerith in the Japanese dub of the game. A fun little fact that you may love, Maaya Sakamoto is married to the voice actor of Zack, Kenichi Suzuzmura, making their wholesome relationship feel that much more poetic with their in-game characters. Maaya’s other famous roles include playing the heroine of the Garden of Sinners anime movie series, Shiki, as well as voicing Akito Soma in Fruits Basket (2019).

Takahiro Sakurai – Cloud Strife

Takahiro Sakurai voices Cloud Strife in the Japanese version of the game. His other famous voice acting roles include voicing Suzaku in Code Geass as well as Reigen in the popular anime series Mob Psycho 100.

Junpei Morita – Lazard

Lazard is voiced by Junpei Morita in the Japanese version of the game. The most notable roles of Junpei Morita include playing Nagato in the highly popular shonen anime series Naruto as well as Enzo in the kids’ anime, Shinchan.

Juni’ichi Suwabe – Tseng

Tseng is voiced by Juni’ichi Suwabe in Crisis Core Reunion’s Japanese dub. His other famous roles include voicing Lars Alexanderson in Tekken 7 as well as one of the seven deadly sins in Fullmetal Alchemist, Greed.

Asumi Nakata – Cissnei

Asumi Nakata voices Cissnei in Crisis Core Reunion, but according to what we could find, she doesn’t have too many roles in other media besides this one. Her other noteworthy voice acting role includes playing Luchia Nanami in Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch.

Keiji Fujiwara – Reno

The Japanese dub of Reno in Crisis Core Reunion is voiced by Keiji Fujiwara. Outside of this role, he also voices Axel in the Kingdom Hearts JRPG series as well as Homare Nishitani in Yakuza 0.

Taiten Kusunoki – Rude

Rude is voiced by Taiten Kusunoki in the Japanese language version of the game. He is also known for other famous roles, such as playing Heihachi Mishima in the recent Tekken Bloodline series, as well as Kamunabi in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. He also voices the large mythical wolf, Boreas, in Genshin Impact.

Shinya Owada – Hollander

Shinya Owada voices Hollander, and while he may not have several other notable roles, he is known to play Mufasa from The Lion King in both its live-action adaptation, the animated movie. and Kingdom Hearts 2.

Shigeru Chiba – Hojo

Shigeru Chiba voices Hojo in Crisis Core Reunion. He also voices Sensei Ishikawa from Ghost of Tsushima and Gray in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Anime fans might even recognize him even better for playing Captain Buggy the Clown in the popular anime series, One Piece.

Ayumi Ito – Tifa Lockhart

Ayumi Ito is well-known for not playing Tifa in Crisis Core but across other works of the FFVII universe, too, such as the Advent Children animated movie and even the spin-off titles.

Kazuhiko Inoue – Angeal Hewley

Angeal is voiced by Kazuhiko Inoue in the Japanese version of Crisis Core Reunion. Inoue is also famous for his other roles, such as playing the fan-favorite Kakashi in the Naruto anime series and video games. He also voices Kars in the cult-classic anime series Jojo’s Bizzare Adventures.

Toshiyuki Morikawa – Sephiroth

Sephiroth is voiced by Toshiyuki Morikawa in the Japanese version. Besides playing the one-winged angel, he also voices another legendary villain who is Kira Yoshikage, in Jojo’s Bizzare Adventures. Furthermore, he also voiced Hworang in the Tekken Bloodline anime series this year.

Gackt – Genesis

Gackt, also known as Gakuto Oshiro, is the voice actor for Genesis in the Japanese version of the game. Aside from voice acting, Gackt is his musician name as he is a famous composer and Singer in Japan.

The Wrap-Up

According to a recent Subreddit Post regarding Zack’s new voice in Crisis Core Reunion, it is apparent that some fans may not have been happy with the decision to change voices for the English version, While everyone may as well be entitled to their opinion on the matter, it isn’t something too noticeable to hinder your gameplay.

In our Review of Crisis Core Reunion, we discussed how the game is nothing short of being one of the best-remastered titles, especially considering the fact that Square Enix has gone above and beyond in the polishing of the various aspects. The game is just as fun as ever, and despite the dated mechanics, it is still undoubtedly fun to hunt down the Best Materia and use it against bosses such as Bahamut Fury to instantly melt them.

There are even a number of witty mini-games here to spice up the gameplay format, such as completing the Perfume blending mini-game. Who knows? You might even enjoy creating Flower Wagons for Aerith, which are easily one of our favorite sections of the game because who doesn’t love spending time with Aerith?

However, for now, this wraps up our guide to the voice actors in the game. If you enjoyed reading it, then consider telling us your experience with the game down below and if you have any other queries or questions related to the guide, then be sure to let us know all about them in the comments section below!

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