Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion: All Editions & Comparison

Learn everything there is about all of the editions available for Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion and which one is worth purchasing

Square Enix has launched multiple Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion editions to celebrate the launch of this remastered title. These editions include the Collectors Edition, seemingly only available for Japan, and the standard and deluxe editions. There is also an exclusive Steelbook for the game, but that aside, the main question remains; which one is worth it?

Key Takeaways
  • There is a total of 4 editions for the Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion game: the standard edition, the digital deluxe edition, the hero’s legacy steel book, and the Crisis Core Reunion Collector’s Edition.
  • The standard edition costs $49.99 and contains the main game, or if pre-ordered, it also includes the Soldier Materia Set that grants the following skills to our protagonist.
    • Dark Fire
    • Dark Thunder
    • Dark Blizzard
  • The digital deluxe edition costs 20 dollars more compared to the standard edition. Includes the main game, official art book, and the mini soundtrack.
  • The hero’s legacy book can be purchased through a pre-order deal, which is best for players who love to get their hands on physical media as it beautifully illustrates the game’s main protagonist.
  • A plethora of things come with the collector’s edition of the game, which costs around 235$.
  • For PS5, PS4, and Switch, we recommend you go with the Hero’s Legacy Steelbook, or if you are on PC we recommend the standard edition.

The Standard Edition

crisis core reunion standard edition
The standard edition (Image Captured by us)

The Standard Edition Of Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion costs $49.99 in the United States and 49.99 Pounds for the UK Version in the PSN Store. The Physical Standard edition should cost about the same for any platform, but prices may vary depending on retailers, so it is worth contacting them beforehand about it. Furthermore, there is, unfortunately, no reversible cover art for the Physical copies of the game.

The standard edition of the game includes the main game, of course, but most importantly, if you’ve pre-ordered the game, you will also receive the SOLDIER Materia Set. It essentially contains Three material skill orbs that grant Zack, our protagonist, three spells early on to use in the game: Dark Fire, Dark Thunder, and Dark Blizzard.

The Digital Deluxe Edition

crisis core reunion digital deluxe edition
The Digital Deluxe edition (Image Captured by eXputer)

The Digital Deluxe Edition of the game only has a major couple of differences as it includes not only the base game but also the Official Artbook and the Mini Soundtrack. These bonuses may sound great on paper until you realize they’re available in digital format and upwards of an extra 20 bucks than the standard edition. But the question still remains, is it worth it?

Well, that depends because the art book is fairly decent as it includes a handful of never-before-seen concept art and imagery of the world in Crisis Core. Lastly, the soundtrack only contains about 6 tracks from the game, so don’t expect the entire list of songs to be available here. In our opinion, if you’re a massive fan of digital collectibles and the universe of Final Fantasy 7 as a whole, then, by all means, pick this edition up.

However, shedding an extra few bucks for it doesn’t sound too appealing, making the standard edition feel like the better option for new and returning players who played the original port on the PSP.

Hero’s Legacy Steelbook

Crisis core reunion all editions
Hero’s Legacy Steelbook from Best Buy

Believe it or not, the game also has a Steelbook copy for purchase, but unfortunately, it only seems to be available from Best Buy as an exclusive pre-order deal. It’d best to contact your nearest outlet of the store and verify if they still have it in stock.

In our opinion, this is the best edition you can get, especially for players who love collecting physical media. Then you will enjoy the steel book. The front of the steelbook as shown in the image above, depicts Zack Fair, our main hero of the game. On the back, it beautifully incorporates a close-up shot of Zack’s iconic weapon, the Buster Sword, one that gets passed down to his good friend and, later on, Cloud Strife in the Original Final Fantasy VII.

Crisis Core Reunion Collector’s Edition

crisis core reunion ffvii editions
The Collector’s edition

Lastly, the Collector’s Edition of the game, according to the image above, contains a handful of items for fans of the beloved title. However, regret to inform you that this edition of the game is only exclusively available in Japan and is now available in a rare commodity, so getting your hands on it won’t be easy. Furthermore, the whole collector’s edition is worth nearly 32,000 Yen, which comes down to around $235.

The Contents of the Crisis Core Reunion Collector’s Edition includes the following:

  • 1x Physical Copy of the game ( You have the option to choose between the PS4, PS5, or Nintendo Switch)
  • Play Arts Kai Figurine of Zack Fair in his SOLDIER 2nd Class attire.
  • The Official Art Book
  • The Mini Soundtrack
  • The Official Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion Scriptbook comprises 275 Pages and contains every single voice line of the game in the Japanese language text.
  • There is also a physical letter written by Aerith for Zack which showcases one of the most heartfelt key items between the two characters.
  • All of these Collector’s edition items are neatly packed in a carton which is designed after a confidential letter box, bearing close resemblance to the letters Zack receives from NPCs inside the game.

Which Is The Best Edition?

Ultimately, we have to go for the Hero’s Legacy Edition from Best Buy solely for that beautiful steelbook physical copy which, if you can get your hands, will ultimately feel worth the purchase. The steel book doesn’t cost any extra money as it comes free with the game from the retailer. If there is any way that you can acquire it through another deal or third-party dealer, then be sure to try scoring it for your PS4, PS5, or Switch.

However, if you’re on PC, then we simply suggest grabbing the Standard edition as the Artbook and mini soundtrack may sound tempting, but at the end of the day, it’s your preference if you want to invest in them.

The Wrap-Up

There was also a recent post on the Final Fantasy Subreddit, which entailed the confirmation that the Collector’s edition is only available in Japan. Needless to say, you can also try your luck at sites such as Play Asia, which allow the import of Japanese-exclusive video game titles. Still, there is no indication when the Collector’s edition will become available for purchase again, as it seems limited in quantity.

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion is a remaster of the original game that was launched on the Playstation Portable all the way back in 2007. Square Enix has done a remarkable job with the game, from retelling the rollercoaster journey of Zack Fair to the Action combat being remarkably polished. It is fair to say that with our Review of Crisis Core Reunion FFVII, new and old fans will be eager to experience the game once again.

However, for now, this wraps up our guide to the different editions available for the game. If you have any questions regarding the topic or would like our assistance, then be sure to comment below, and we would be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

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