Crisis Core Reunion: Gil Farming [All Methods]

Learn all there is to know about how players can farm Gil efficiently and what items they need to farm for it!

Crisis Core offers players quite a few different techniques that they can try out if they want to start Crisis Core Gil Farming. Since Gil is one of the main currencies that are used in the game, players will be able to use it if they want to purchase different items or get their hands on precious accessories, which end up costing tons of gil; therefore, players might need assistance with knowing how to farm it!

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  • Gil is the primary currency in Crisis Core and is essential for purchases.
  • Earning Gil often involves significant grinding.
  • Farming Tonberries, enemies found in missions, is one method to accumulate Gil.
  • Certain story missions yield Tonberry encounters, rewarding players with 500 Gil per Tonberry.
  • Items like the G-Enforcer, obtained through theft, can be sold for 50,000 Gil.

Find The Tonberry Mission 

Players will embark on the “Find The Tonberry” mission (M10-2-1), tasked with locating a Tonberry that has claimed a cutlery piece. Upon spawning in the map, players will initially face a few worms; proceeding forward triggers an encounter with 5-6 additional worms to eliminate.

The mission culminates in a battle against a Tonberry with substantial HP. Despite being relatively manageable, the Tonberry poses minimal threat unless the player is inexperienced. Upon defeating the Tonberry, a message appears, signaling the resolution of the conflict and rewarding players with 500 gil.

Master Tonberry

  • Mission: “Master Tonberry” (M10-2-3) involves facing a new threat, a master Tonberry wielding a chef’s knife.
  • Objective: Defeat the master tonberry to resolve the crisis with the knife.
  • Navigate the cave, encountering Tonberries. Choose to fight or escape by sprinting along the boundary.
  • Find an X-potion in a box and face more Tonberries as you progress.
  • Stay vigilant, as Tonberries are scattered throughout the cave. Take them out promptly to avoid being overwhelmed.
  • Reach the boss area where the main adversary, the master tonberry, awaits.
  • Master Tonberry’s attack patterns are manageable.
  • Upon victory, receive rewards: 1 SP, 1000 Gil, and a MAG mako stone.

Tonberries Everywhere 

  1. Complete the “Tonberries Everywhere” mission to earn Crisis Core Gil.
  2. The objective reveals that the chef’s original knife is missing, taken by a Tonberry.
  3. Begin the mission, navigating the map.
  4. Choose to confront Tonberries or sprint right to avoid them.
  5. Encounter Tonberries with higher HP than before, offering a tougher challenge.
  6. Defeat four tonberries, each dropping 500 gil.
  7. Finish the mission with a total of 2000 gil and 10 SP.

Buried In The Caverns 

Buried In The Caverns
Buried In The Caverns (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Next mission: Chapter 2 – Buried In The Caverns (M6-1-5)
  • Objective: Investigate caves for monster intel and valuable items.
  1. Travel to specified locations.
  2. Find a box, and obtain the Fira materia.
  3. Eliminate a tonberry without significant difficulty.
  4. Discover another box containing a Bronze Armlet.
  5. Encounter Mandragons and worms in battle, yielding 36 sp and 58 Gil.

Mythril Armlet Trade 

Mythril Armlet
Mythril Armlet (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Earn Gil with the Mythril armlet in Chapter 3’s “Unusually Strong Monsters” mission.
  • Unlock the mission by completing Further Below missions.
  • Encounter six chests and defeat enemies on the map.
  • Find chests by navigating the cave: start, left turn, straight, right turn, far right dead end, first left.
  • Chests contain Dark Matter, Rune Armlet, Elemental Strike, Tri-Thundaga, Gil Toss, and Escort Guard.
  • Battle “three stars” enemies to obtain the valuable Mythril armlet for selling.

Stealing Items From Enemies 

One of the next ways that players will be able to get their hands on more gil will be by stealing items off of the enemy’s hands, and there will be two things that the players will need to achieve that. 

Steal Materia

Steal Materia
Steal Materia (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Steal Materia has five levels, each providing a 10% increase, maxing out at level 5.
  • First Contact Mission (M7-4-1) unlocks after clearing Second Contact; complete it with P’s Precognition Lv.6. Three chests hold items like Death, Steal, or Mystile.
  • Encounter six enemies: Sahagin Chief, Mine, Balloon, demon, Hornets, and Garnet Mole.
  • In the “EM Hell in the Cavern” mission, obtain Steal Materia from three chests positioned in a triangular map area, which include Steal, Dark Matter, and VIT Up++.
  • Encounter enemies like Boundfat, Razor Weed, and Thunderbird during the second mission.

Mug Materia 

Another important item that players can use is going to be the Mug materia, which can provide players with the ability to steal any kind of item while also simultaneously being able to carry out damage against the enemy. 

  • Five levels once again, and each level will grant a 20% increase to the player. 
  • Players can get it by clearing the 1000 Shinra Troops mission while also being able to steal it from the Lesser Demon enemy. 

Force Of Nature 

Moving on, the next way that players can farm more gil will be to get their hands on the force of nature, which the players will then be able to sell off for 50000 Gil. Players will need to have progressed to chapter 10 if they want to start the missions to get the force of nature. 

  • Players will need to get through three main missions, which will be M3-5-4, M3-5-5, and M3-5-6, to get to the G-Enforcer, get their hands on the item, and then sell it off. 

Items Required 

There will be quite a few items or accessories that players will need to have access to if they are to start farming gil, more of which will be four main accessories, which are listed as follows.:

  • Brigand’s Gloves will be required since it allows the player to have a guaranteed steal from the opponent. 
  • Jeweled Ring will double up the items that opponents drop. It also buffs up luck by 20. 
  • Precious Watch will double the amount of gil that opponents provide and also enhance luck by 10. 
  • Mog’s Amulet will always give players rare items by opponents. 

And there we have it! All there is to know about the various gil farming methods, and with that, we will wrap up my Crisis Core Gil Farming guide! You can also read up on the Crisis Core Reunion Ending guide to see how the game might end!

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