Crisis Core Reunion: How To Unlock Mission 10-1

Learn how to unlock and clear mission 10-1 in Crisis Core Reunion FFVII

Most missions are pretty straightforward to unlock. There are exceptions, such as mission 10-1 in Crisis Core Reunion which requires you to clear missions 3-1-1 to 3-1-3 to unlock it.

Key Highlights

  • To unlock the mission 10-1 series, you must find the Kactuar enemy in mission 3-1-3, “Eliminate The Copies”.
  • After finding it, complete the mission by defeating the Genesis copies. 
  • The Mission 10-1 series has 3 missions.
  • These 3 missions are very easy and straightforward, as they are only 2 to 3-star missions.
  • Completing the series will reward you with Cactuar as a DMW – Chocobo Mode Summon.

How To Unlock Mission 10-1 In Crisis Core Reunion

In Chapter 4 of Crisis Core Reunion, you will unlock mission 3-1-1. Clear mission 3-1-1, “Foes On The Waterfront,” and 3-1-2, “Massive Machines,” to unlock mission 3-1-3, “Eliminate The Copies.” The mission itself will pit you against copies of Genesis Rhapsodos. However, our goal here is to look for a Kactuar, who can be found by taking a right and heading downwards. The Kactuar will be easily visible and will engage you in combat if you get too close to it.

crisis core reunion kactuar
Zack Encountering A Kactuar In Mission 3-1-3 | Image By eXputer

It is incredibly easy to beat; just keep an eye out not to get hit by it, as it will stun you, which can feel pretty annoying. Defeat the Kactuar and head on to the Genesis copies. Keep in mind to exercise patience against the copy that looks like Genesis himself, as he is resistant to stagger effects.

Once you have defeated both the Kactuar and the Genesis copies in this mission, the Mission 10: Mysteries Of The World section will unlock. Mission 10-1 “Cactoid Secrets” series is part of this section.

Mission 10-1-1: Where’s The Cactuar?

The Mission 10-1-1: Where’s The Cactuar? is a walk in the park. It is a 2-star mission. You will encounter yet another Kactuar in this mission. Beat it up fast to progress to the next mission. Completing this mission will reward you with a Muscle Belt accessory, increasing your attack and vitality by +5.

crisis core reunion mission 10-1-1
Mission 10-1-1 | Image By Us

Story Premise: A pet Cactuar owned by a Shinra higher-up has seemingly disappeared with confidential Shinra information. For this, the Shinra executives have mobilized the SOLDIERS to investigate the wastelands and eliminate the traitor Cactuar as soon as possible.

Additional Enemies: Raijincho, Fly Eye


  • As soon as you load into the mission, head south and then take a right. after that, you will see a chest to your left side. Open it for an Elixir.
  • From the starting point of the mission, head south and then take a left. You will see a chest in a pathway towards your right. Open it for a Potion.

Mission 10-1-2: Kactuar?

The “Mission 10-1-2: Kactuar?” is the second mission of the Mission 10-1: Mysteries Of The World series. It is a 2-star mission. It is also incredibly simple as it pits you against 3 Kactuar. You must be careful about the Kactuar’s mystery kick attack, as it stuns you for a fair bit.

Other than that, it is a fodder enemy. Avoid all attacks and kill the Kactuar quickly with your SOLDIER 1st Class skills to end the mission. 

Successful completion will reward you with a Champion’s Belt. This is one of the best accessories in the game because it makes you immune to poison while increasing your attack and vitality by +10.

crisis core reunion mission 10-1-2
Mission 10-1-2 | Image By eXputer

Story Premise: The Kactuar detected in the previous SOLDIER mission was a fake. After getting this information, Shinra mobilized another investigation party and confirmed the pet Cactuar was in the Wastelands. The SOLDIERS are ordered to eliminate it quickly.

Additional Enemies: Kactuar, Trap, Raijincho


There are three chests in this area with useful loot, such as the cursed ringAP Up materia and a remedy potion that you should not miss out on.

  • From the starting point of the mission, head backward. There will be a chest behind a boulder. Open it to obtain a remedy potion.
  • At the spawn point of the mission, head forward and take a left. You will see a chest in a path to your right. Open it to obtain an AP Up Materia.
  • From the starting point, head forward and then take a left. Skip the path to your right and then turn left again. Head forward again, and in the area to your right, you will find the cursed ring.

Mission 10-1-3: Cactuar Found?

Mission 10-1-3: Cactuar Found? is the third and final mission of the Mission 10-1: Mysteries Of The World series. It is a 3-star mission.

It pits you against a stronger version of the Kactuar enemy. Killing it will reward players with the Cactus Thorn that unlocks the Cactuar as a DMW –  Chocobo Mode Summon. Keep in mind, as the Kactuar dies, it will fire off a 1000 needles attack, so make sure you are healed up.

crisis core reunion mission 10-1-3
Mission 10-1-3 | Screenshot Grab: eXputer

Story Premise: The Shinra executives fear for their lives because the traitor Cactuar keeps eluding them. The SOLDIERS are ordered to execute the Cactuar quickly, lest they be executed instead.

Additional Enemies: Kactuar, Trap, Replicon


There are also three chests in this area with X PotionWhite Cape, and Safety Bit in them that players should not miss out on

  • From the spawn point of the mission, head forward and then take a right. Take a left again, and you will see a chest with X Potion in it.
  • From the X Potion chest, head forward and take a right to find the White Cape chest.
  • From your spawn point in the mission, head forward and take a left. You will find a Safety Bit in the chest.


Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core Reunion is the latest addition to the Final Fantasy VII series, with a variety of new additions, such as revamped combat, enhanced visuals, and updated voice-overs. It is a great remaster of the legendary and iconic prequel to the most beloved Final Fantasy game and a must-play for every avid Final Fantasy fan. The enhancements make it a brand-new experience to be enjoyed for years to come.

With our guide on how to unlock mission 10-1 series in Crisis Core Reunion, you will be able to unlock and complete these missions in no time and attain the Cactuar as a summon.

Check out our detailed guide on how to obtain all summons in Crisis Core Reunion. Alongside summons, mastery of the Buster Sword is also important for combat. Knowledge of the best materia is key to good play and allows you to finish all missions with ease.


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