Crisis Core Reunion: How To Beat Perfume Blending Mini-Game

Learn all about the perfume blending mini-game in Crisis Core: Reunion

Players can start a perfume-blending mini-game in Crisis Core Reunion FFVII Chapter 4 when Zack is on a date with Aerith Gainsborough. Successful completion of this mini-game is important to increase Aerith’s affection for Zack.

Key Takeaways
  • Players will have to take Aerith on a date in Chapter 4 of the story.
  • During the course of the chapter, they can initiate a perfume-blending mini-game to increase Aerith’s affection.
  • The mini-game involves counting the number of drops to make the perfect perfume blend.
  • The game provides the words Splash!, Drip, and DripDrip, which indicate 10, 1, and 2 drops, respectively.
  • Memorizing these words makes counting the drops a piece of cake.
  • Successfully completing the mini-game will increase Aerith’s affection for Zack.

Perfume Blending Mini-game In Crisis Core

In Chapter 4 of the story, players will encounter Aerith Gainsborough. Zack promises her a date and takes her around the slums of Midgar. It is there that players can take on many mini-games to increase Aerith’s affection meter for Zack. The Perfume Blending mini-game is one of them.

Players can initiate this mini-game by going to the Shopping Paradise shop. The shopkeeper will give you 2 options. The first offer is to sell you a perfume for 300 Gil. The second one initiates a counting mini-game that has you blending fragrances to make a perfume for Aerith. 

Crisis Core Reunion Shopping Paradise
The Shopping Paradise | Screenshot Grab: eXputer

Remember that the mini-game is only available at this point in the story in Chapter 4. Further progression will make it unavailable.

How To Play 

After starting the perfume blending mini-game, the shopkeeper will instruct you on how many drops are required to make the perfect perfume. The required amount is random, ranging from 20 to 30 drops. The game will give you the following menu for the mini-game.

Crisis Core Reunion Perfume Blending
The Perfume Blending Menu | Image Credit: eXputer
  • We recommend that you memorize Splash! This means 10 drops, and count the number of Drip words on the screen.
  • As Drip is 1 word and DripDrip is 2 words, players can easily keep track of the number of drops by counting how many Drip words are there on the screen.
  • For example, Drip Drip DripDrip is 4 words in total, so it is 4 drops.
  • If a Splash! It appears on the screen; simply add 10 to your current count.
  • You can use the values given below to memorize them.
  • Splash!: 10 drops
  • Drip: 1 drop
  • DripDrip: 2 drops


Successful completion will let you gift the perfume to Aerith, increasing her affection for Zack and unlocking an achievement/trophy called Master Blender. The changes in affection are

  • Perfect Amount of drops: Increases Aerith’s affection by 5.
  • Overcapping or missing 1-2 drops: Increases Aerith’s affection by 3
  • Overcapping or missing 3-4 drops: Increases Aerith’s affection by 1.
  • Overcapping or missing 5 drops: Decreases Aerith’s affection by 1.


Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core Reunion is a fantastic addition to the FFVII series. It improves upon the original PSP Crisis Core with enhanced graphics, improved gameplay, and new voice-overs. Reunion is a love letter to the original title and all Final Fantasy fans in general.

With our guide on Crisis Core’s perfume blending mini-game, you will be able to increase Aerith’s affection for Zack by being a good match for her, granting him the love he truly deserves from one of Final Fantasy’s best girls. 


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