Crisis Core Reunion: Best Accessories [Top Rated]

Accessories are one of the best ways to raise Zack's stats and bring a fair share of changes in the gameplay as well.

Accessories in Crisis Core Reunion are simply enhancements you can assign Zack to boost his various stats. Initially, Zack will only have 2 accessory slots, but after Chapter 4, you’ll be able to assign him up to 4 accessories after completing some quests. The accessories come in different shapes and boost various stats like HP, MP, and AP while sometimes also granting resistance to ailments and nullifying/reducing the costs of stats mentioned above.

Key Takeaways
  1. Accessory Slots: Initially, Zack has 2 accessory slots, which increase to 4 after Chapter 4.
  2. Melee-Oriented Playstyle: Recommended accessories include Dark Agent, Power Suit, Brutal, and Genji’s Glove.
  3. Defensive and Spell-Based Playstyle: Opt for accessories like Adman Bangle, Support Ribbon, Soul of Thamasa, Genji’s Helm, and Genji’s Armor.
  4. Versatile Options: For a balance of offense and defense, consider Ziedrich, Divine Slayer, Genji’s Equipment, and Heike Soul, which is particularly notable for its wide-ranging bonuses, equivalent to 15 different accessories.

Here’s a complete summary of the Best Accessories in Crisis Core Reunion:

Accessories PlaystyleMain Effects Fusion Effects
Dark AgentMelee- OrientatedZero AP cost; HP +50%, AP +50%, ATK +100, VIT +100, MP -50%, MAG -100, SPR -100AP +10%
Power SuitMelee- OrientatedHP +100%, ATK, VIT +100
MP, AP -50%, MAG, SPR -50
ATK +1
Supper RibbonDefensive and spell BasedPrevents all status effectsSPR +1
ZiedrichOffensive and Defensive Halves all elemental attacks received
HP +10%
Soul of ThamasaDefensive and spell BasedNo MP costMP +10%
BrutalMelee- OrientatedDamage limit becomes 99,999ATK +1
Adman BangleDefensive and spell BasedHP limit becomes 99,999HP +10%
Divine SlayerOffensive and Defensive Breaks max damage, HP, MP and AP limits
Detects opponents' status
HP, MP, AP +100%
Genji's Helm Offensive and Defensive Zero MP and AP costs. Adds Libra effect.None
Genji's ArmorOffensive and Defensive Sets HP limit to 99,999. Keeps Endure and Regen effects active.None
Genji's ShieldOffensive and Defensive Keeps Barrier and Mbarrier effects active; unaffected by DispelNone
Genji's Glove Offensive and Defensive Damage limit becomes 99999. Keeps Critical status active.None
Heike SoulOffensive and Defensive Unleashes all kinds of powers, but with a curse.None

10. Dark Agent

  • HP: +100%
  • MP: -100%
  • VIT: +100
  • ATK: +100
  • MAG: -100
  • SPR: -100
  • AP: +50% 

Dark Agent enhances multiple of Zack’s stats like HP, AP, ATK, and Vitality, but the real reason Dark Agent is on our list is that it reduces AP cost to zero. In other words, all the powerful attacks you unleash during enemy encounters won’t consume any AP, making it a great accessory for players who like to be aggressive.

But all of these enhancements come at a cost, as it reduces Zack’s Magic and Spirit. Dark Agent can be obtained by opening the treasure chest in M9-4-4: Machines Gone Haywire.

9. Power Suit 

  • HP: +100%
  • MP: -50%
  • VIT: +100
  • ATK: +100
  • MAG: -50
  • SPR: -50
  • AP: -50% 

Power Suit enhances Zack’s attack-based parameters while his magical abilities take a dip in the process. Equipping Power Suits means you are putting all of your chips on the brute force while keeping the use of your spells at a minimum. In short, Power Suit incentivizes the use of melee combat, where you are assaulting the enemies upfront with your Buster Sword

Power Suit can be acquired in the following ways:

  1. Treasure chest in the M6-6-6: The Don’s Twilight
  2. Completing the M7-5-4: Second Son in the Wasteland
  3. Treasure chest in M7-6-3: A Recruiter in a Slump.
  4. Can be Stolen from Vajradhara Asura in M9-3-5: Wutai’s Best.

8. Supper Ribbon

  • Effect: Immunity to all Status Ailments

Status ailments can be one of the biggest nuisances during encounters, especially when you don’t have any way to cure yourself or don’t have enough MP to do so. But of all the ailments that can be inflicted upon Zack, Death is the worst one since it kills him instantly, and there are only a few ways to resist it. 

Through the use of Super Ribbon, you can make Zack immune from all types of status ailments whatsoever, and that includes the Death ailment as well. With the Super Ribbon equipped, dying of ailments that slowly chew off your health will be the least of your worries. 

Super Ribbon can be obtained by:

  1. Completing M7-4-2: Second Contact.
  2. Treasure chest in M9-3-5: Wutai’s Best 

7. Ziedrich

Accessory 7
Zack with Ziedrich equipped [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]
  • ATK: +100
  • VIT: +100
  • MAG: +100
  • SPR: +100
  • Effect: Reduces incoming elemental damage by 50%

Up until now, we have been talking about accessories that boost some of your stats at the cost of others. The boosts granted by Ziedrich accessory don’t come at the cost of your other stats. In other words, you’ll be able to attack enemies from all directions, be it melee or be it spells. 

But that’s not all; instead of reducing your stats, Ziedrich halves the amount of elemental damage you receive, making it a great offensive accessory and an excellent defensive one. Ziedrich can be acquired by opening the treasure chest in M9-5-6: Even Deeper.

6. Soul Of Thamasa

  • Effect: Zero MP costs

While being aggressive and hacking through your enemies is great, however, that is not how you’ll be able to get past every encounter in the game. Spells are an important asset in Crisis Core that are not only useful for dealing a decent amount of damage from a distance but also for exploiting the enemies’ weaknesses.

With Soul of Thamasa equipped Zack will be able to use spells infinitely without worrying about the MP cost. It is great for staggering some late-game enemies while also reducing your dependency on the DMW system. The soul of Thamasa is found in the treasure chest of the following missions:

  1. M9-4-4: Machines Gone Haywire
  2. M9-6-5: Life Form of Energy,

5. Brutal

Damage Limit Breaker
Zack with Brutal equipped [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
  • Effect: Damage limit increased to 99,999.

Brutal accessory breaks the damage limiter of Zack and allows him to deal damage up to 99.999, whereas the previous limit was 9,999 or 999 (depending on the accessory equipped). Normally dealing with this amount of damage isn’t possible, but that doesn’t mean it is doable at all.

With the right buffs and accessories, Zack can deal a tremendous amount of damage and makes the encounters with the game’s toughest enemies much more doable. Brutal can be obtained by:

  1.  Completing M7-4-6: Breakthrough.
  2. Clearing M9-5-1: Hojo’s Monsters.
  3. Treasure chest in M9-6-3: Weapons Gone Haywire
  4. Can be stolen from Crazy Sword in M3-5-4: Chase the Copies, M7-6-4: The Irritated Recruiter, and M9-4-1: Genesis’s Ambition

4. Adaman Bangle

HP Limit Breaker
Zack with Adaman Bangle equipped [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]
  • Effect: HP limit increased to 99,999.

Adman Bangle functions the same as Brutal, but instead of removing the damage cap, it removes the HP cap. Normally having this accessory would feel like you are cheating, but as you fight the toughest foes of the game that can deal damage in tens of thousands, you’ll come to realize that this accessory is not only fair but absolutely necessary for fighting them. 

While the damage from Brutal is great, the thing that sets Adaman Bangle above is that the high amount of HP allows you to last longer in combat and learn the enemy’s moveset in great detail. Adaman Bangle can be acquired by the following methods:

  1. Completing M7-3-6: P’s Precognition Lv. 6.
  2. Treasure chest in M9-2-4: A New Path Discovered
  3. It can be stolen from Grandpanzer in M9-3-3: Genesis’s New Weapon.
  4. Treasure chest in M9-5-4: Abnormal Power,

3. Divine Slayer

Super Boss
Defeating Minerva grants Divine Slayer [Image by eXputer]
  • HP: +100%
  • MP: +100%
  • VIT: +50
  • ATK: +50
  • MAG: +50
  • SPR: +50
  • AP: +100
  • LCK: +50 
  • Effect: Damage and HP cap raised to 99,999.

Imagine if you could have the benefits of both Adaman Bange and Brutal but without losing two accessory slots. Divine Slayer accessory removes both HP and Damage cap and raises it to 99,999. In this way, you can have the combined advantage of the previous two accessories without losing an additional accessory slot.

But having the benefits of two of the best accessories of the game into one comes at a hefty cost, which is defeating the superboss Minerva in M9-6-6.

2. Genji’s Equipment

Genji’s Equipment easily offers the 4 most powerful accessories in the game, second only by our number 1 accessory. It is a set of 4 accessories, each providing different boosts and enhancements. The accessories from Genji’s Equipment can be used individually as well, so you can mix and match your other accessories with the Genji ones to give your character a boost according to your playstyle.

The accessories of Genji’s Equipment, along with their perks, are mentioned below:

  • Genji Helm: Nullifies the MP & AP costs and keeps Libra active at all times.
  • Genji Armor: Raises the HP limit to 99,999 while also keeping the Endure and Regen effect active at all times.
  • Genji Shield:  Keeps Barrier and MBarrier active at times and makes Zack immune to all Status effects and elemental attacks.
  • Genji Glove: Raises the damage limit to 99,999 while keeping critical effect ‘on’ at all times.

As far as the location of each of these accessories is concerned, we recommend going through our Crisis Core Reunion Genji Armor Set guide. 

1. Heike Soul

All in One Accessory
Description of Heike Soul [Image Captured by us]
Number one on our list of the best accessories in Crisis Core is Heike Soul. This accessory is capable of replicating the effects of 15 different accessories and essentially turns on god mode for Zack, making him incapable of losing in any battle. Combining this with some of Genji’s equipment, your road for collecting all 51 Crisis Core Reunion Trophies will be set.

All of Heike Soul’s effects and bonuses are discussed below:

  • HP limit increased to 99,999.
  • Damage limit increased to 99,999.
  • 100% success rate of stealing items.
  • AP limit increased to 9,999.
  • Status effects, including Death, Poison, Silence, Stop, and Stun, are imbued to Zack’s attacks. This effect freezes the DMW.
  • Consumes HP portions as soon as Zack’s HP dips below 25%.
  • MP limit increased to 9,999.
  • Spells are cast twice in a row at no additional cost.
  • Item drop rate is doubled.
  • The items stolen and dropped will always be rare.
  • The amount of Gil, Items, and Materia dropped by enemies is doubled.
  • The effects of recovery portions and ethers are doubled.
  • Allows the user to increase Attack and Defense by spending SP.
  • Elemental effects like Fire, Ice, and Lightning are absorbed into Hp

Obtaining an accessory as good as this was never going to be easy, and obtaining Heike Soul requires either completing all 300 missions or achieving 100% on all DMW Limit Breaks and Summons.


As visible above, accessories are unlocked by story progression, completing side missions, and beating bosses. So one way or the other, you will stumble across Wyerd, Behemoth King, and Bahamut Fury.

Likewise, beating some of the end-game missions requires high stats and materia, and the fastest way to get by those levels is by having the best materia and max level before accepting those missions.

This concludes our guide on the best accessories in Crisis Core Reunion. 


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