Crisis Core Reunion: Black Cowl Location & Effect

Learn Everything About The Effects Of The Black Cowl And Where You Can Get One For Yourself.

Crisis Core Reunion Black Cowl is an accessory just like the Cursed Ring in the game that gives the player a specific buff. The buff we are talking about will cap your AP (Action Points) to a max level of 9999. This effectively means that you can pull off much more combat moves in the game than before.

However, it will only be possible if you can find the Black Cowl and use it properly so that you can make the most out of it. Furthermore, let us delve deeper into the effects of the Black Cowl and how it will benefit you in the game.

Key Highlights

  • The Black Cowl in Crisis Core Reunion is a headgear accessory that falls under the equipment category.
  • The accessory gives its wearer a set limit of AP (Action Points). And the limit is set at 9999 AP.
  • You can find the black cowl for yourself by completing a specific mission, looting the mission treasure chest on certain missions, and stealing it from certain monsters.
  • Black Cowl is a must-have item for every player as essentially you have a big amount of AP through which you can spam AP attack moves that can be bad news for the enemies.

Effects Of The Black Cowl

AP Attack
An Attack Using AP In Crisis Core Reunion [Image Credit: eXputer]
Now, as mentioned before, the first and main effect or buff given to you by the Black Cowl is that your AP (Action Points) are bumped up and are set to a limit of 9999. However, there is another effect that is quoted as the following AP+10% per 1”. So overall, it is a solid piece of headgear accessory that you should equip. 

Moreover, we think it is one of the best accessory items that you can have, as AP is one of the fundamentals of the combat system of the game. And with more AP, you will be able to use more of your special skills and powers so that you are able to defeat any and everything that stands in your way.

Furthermore, with more AP, you can also spam specific attacks that can make the game feel a bit easier as the enemies do not have much time to react. So overall, it is a good piece of equipment to be equipped with.

However, if you are looking to get yourself one, then you will have to first stumble upon it, which is quite hard. Or you can just read the next section, where we will be listing the locations where you can possibly find the Black Cowl so that you do not miss it.

How To Obtain The Black Cowl

Mission reward Black Cowl
A Mission Which Rewards You With The Black Cowl In Crisis Core Reunion [Image By: eXputer]
Now, primarily there are three ways through which you can get your hands on a Black Cowl in the game. And the three ways are as the following, which we will elaborate on further:

    • Find In A Mission Treasure Chest: Yes, you can find it in a mission treasure chest. However, there are only two missions in which you can find them this way. The two missions are named “Another Cavern” (Mission 2-5-5) and “Genesis’s New Weapon” (Mission 9-3-3).
    • Acquire It As A Mission Completion Reward: The mission that you have to complete to acquire the Black Cowl is called “P’s Precognition Level 1,” or Mission 7-3-1.
  • Steal From Monsters: Another way is to steal it from monsters. However, there are two specific monsters from which you have to steal it. The monsters are “Mock Soldier A” and “Diatryma.”

Furthermore, if you are new to the game, then you should consider learning about How To Level Up Fast In Crisis Core and the Buster Sword, which is an iconic weapon of the franchise. 

And that is all that you need to know about the Black Cowl in FF7 Crisis Core Reunion. With this, we bring our Crisis Core Reunion Black Cowl guide to a conclusion. In the guide, we discussed the Black Cowl in depth, including its effects and how you can obtain it to make good use of it in your game. However, if you believe that we left something out, please let us know in the comment section below.

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