Crisis Core Reunion Buster Sword [Location & Proficiency]

Learn all about the iconic Buster Sword and its Proficiency stat.

The Buster Sword in Crisis Core Reunion FFVII is an iconic and powerful weapon. It has a stat called Proficiency which has to be leveled up to make your sword optimal and effective.

Key Highlights

  • Buster Sword In Crisis Core Reunion FFVII can be obtained in Chapter 6 of the story.
  • It unlocks the Battle Stance for Zack which allows him to use devastating attacks.
  • Buster Sword has a stat called Proficiency which can be increased to make it much more effective.
  • Increasing this stat unlocks new abilities for the player to use. 

How To Obtain Buster Sword In Crisis Core Reunion

The Buster Sword represents the honor, dreams, and legacy of those who use it. Players can obtain this weapon in Chapter 6 of the story in Crisis Core Reunion. We will not be spoiling the exact details of the scene as it is one of the most iconic scenes in Final Fantasy history. 

Crisis Core Reunion Buster Sword
The Legendary Buster Sword | Picture By Us

Buster Sword Gameplay Changes

The Buster Sword adds a new Battle Stance called for Zack Fair. It is akin to Cloud Strife’s Punisher Mode from Final Fantasy VII Remake. To enter this stance, the player has to press the Attack and Dodge buttons at the same time. Activating the stance takes some of your AP.

While this stance slows the player down, it allows for devastating damage and also gives a passive guard ability. You will also regain some MP and AP every time you kill an enemy during Battle Stance.

Proficiency Stat

Buster Sword is accompanied by its own status called Proficiency. Proficiency, as the name implies, affects how well you can use your weapon. This status can be increased by ‘

  • Guarding against enemies’ attacks during Battle Stance.
  • Killing enemies in the Battle Stance.
  • Using a Command Materia to kill an enemy while in Battle Stance. 

These actions gradually increase your Proficiency status. Interestingly, Proficiency will cap at 95 percent instead of 100. This is a nod to the legendary Cloud Strife, overcoming his shortcomings and became the true master of the Buster Sword.

Proficiency Crisis Core Reunion
Buster Sword’s Proficiency Stat | Image Credit: eXputer

Abilities Unlocked By Proficiency

Increasing your Buster Sword Proficiency in Crisis Core Reunion FFVII unlocks new abilities for your weapon. These abilities are

  • At 23 percent Proficiency: You will be able to break the 9999 damage limit by using attacks and command materia in Battle Stance. 
  • At 47 percent Proficiency: While in Battle Stance, any attacks or command materia you execute will pierce the enemy’s Barrier.

No further abilities are unlockable after reaching 47 percent proficiency. As such, players should only grind until 47 percent, as there is no incentive to grind more after that.


Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Reunion is everything that made the original beloved by the fans, and more. It improves upon the PSP title in every way, including new graphics, new voice-overs, and enhanced gameplay. Reunion is a must-play for every avid Final Fantasy fan, especially for those invested in the FF7 universe.

With our guide on Crisis Core’s Reunion FFVII Buster Sword Proficiency, you will be able to embrace your dreams and pride, as befits a SOLDIER. You will be able to lay waste to every enemy and break your limits to become the greatest SOLDIER ever.


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