Crisis Core Reunion: How To Get DMW To 100%

How to get 100% progress on all DMW Characters and Summons in Crisis Core FFVII Reunion.

DMW, also known as Digital Mind Wave, is a luck-based mechanic which can greatly affect the combat system in Crisis Core Reunion. You may have noticed a Percentage mentioned beneath the DMW Images in the menu. Getting the DMW to 100% may be a goal for many players in Crisis Core Reunion because it not only unlocks the “DMW MasterTrophy but also allows the player to get the prestigious “Genji Armor“.

Key Highlights
  • Digital Mind Wave (DMW) is a luck-based system that can help out players in combat by providing them with Limit Break moves.
  • Players can unlock up to 18 DMW Characters and Summons in Crisis Core Reunion.
  • Each DMW Image will have a progress bar represented by a percentage.
  • Unlocking memories for the characters and using the Summons will enhance their progress bar in the game.
  • After achieving 100% progress on every DMW Image players will get the Genji Armor and “DMW Master trophy as a reward.

How To Get DMW To 100% In Crisis Core Reunion?

DMW 100% progress
DMW 100% Progress [Image Credit: eXputer]
Let’s take things step by step so that the new players can understand the whole concept of DMW and its progression. The DMW is shown at the top left corner of your screen whenever you enter combat mode in Crisis Core Reunion. You will notice three separate slots which roll multiple images before ultimately slowing down and stopping.

These images can either be Characters or Summons in Crisis Core Reunion. Once the same image aligns together, Zack instantly gets the ability to use a Limit Break move or call a Summon. Both of these moves can do a devastating amount of damage to the opponent. Apart from the images, the slots also roll numbers (1-7) on them. If it stops on the same three numbers or certain combinations, then Zack will receive temporary buffs in the battle.

DMW continues to roll as long as the battle pursues in Crisis Core Reunion. The player has no control over these rolls, hence, it is completely random and depends on luck.

To check the DMW Characters and Summons you have, head to the in-game main menu. From here pick the 5th option which reads “DMW“. If you have just started the game you will only be able to see the first two characters on the DMW menu. Below them, you will be able to see the Progression bar represented with a Percentage. You need to get the Progression Bars to 100% for every DMW Image to receive the Genji Armor and DMW Master achievement.

Obtaining All DMW Images

DMW images in crisis reunion
DMW Characters and Summons [Screenshot by eXputer]
You can’t possibly get all DMW images to 100% without unlocking them in the game. Hence, your first task should be to initially focus on getting all the DMW Characters and Summons. In total there are 18 DMW Images in Crisis Core Reunion. Among them, two will be unlocked right from the beginning. The other 16 DMW Images can either be unlocked by progressing the story and completing specific missions.

Here are all the DMW in Crisis Core Reunion, along with how you can unlock them in the game.

  • Sephiroth: Available from the beginning.
  • Angeal: Available from the beginning.
  • Tseng: Beginning of Chapter 2.
  • Cloud: During Chapter 5.
  • Aerith: Beginning of Chapter 4.
  • Cissnei: During Chapter 3.
  • Genesis: During Chapter 5.
  • Ifrit: After completing mission M8-1-1.
  • Bahamut Fury: After completing mission M8-5-6.
  • Odin: After completing mission M8-1-6.
  • Phoenix: Complete the first (water tower) of the seven wonders in Nibelheim (Chapter 8)
  • Chocobo: After completing mission M8-4-1.
  • Cactuar: After completing mission M10-1-3.
  • Tonberry: After completing mission M10-2-3.
  • Cait Sith: After completing mission M8-4-3.
  • Moogle: After completing mission M8-4-4.
  • Magic Pot: Interact and fulfill the request of the Magic Pot in M10-2-3.

Once you successfully unlock each and every DMW Image, you will unlock the “Limit Break Collector” Trophy in Crises Core FFVII Reunion. Not only that, but the game will also gift you the Fury Ring. The Fury Ring is an accessory that ‘Answers enemy attacks with a counterattack‘. After obtaining all the DMW images, you can then shift your focus to getting 100% progression on each one of them.

Progressing DMW Characters And Summons In Crisis Core Reunion

DMW characters memories
Character Memories [Screenshot by eXputer]
Progressing all 18 DMW Characters plus Summons is a tedious task. For the characters, it is essential to progress through the main storyline and roll the Limit Break moves a couple of times. However, for the Summons, 100% progress is quite easy.

Summons only need one successful roll for their Limit Break to fully complete their DMW Image progress. Hence, you only need one successful roll for each DMW Summon to bring their progress to 100%. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the DMW Characters. For them, you will need multiple Limit Break rolls and a chance of triggering Zack’s memory with that specific character.

Memories get triggered by themselves and will become more frequent as you play through the main storyline of Crisis Core Reunion. For every DMW character, the progress bar will begin from 10%. If you have just started the game, you can check this by reviewing the Sephiroth and Angeal DMW Images from the menu. For most of the DMW Characters, you will need to unlock and watch six memories to reach 100% progress.

The first four memories will increase the DMW Image by 10%. As for the last two, the progress bar will increase by 25%. However, when it comes to the DMW Genesis, the format will be a little different. For Genesis, you will only get to watch 2 Memories which will ultimately fill the progress bar to 100%.

octaslash materia for dmw rolls
Octaslash Materia [Image Credit: eXputer]
Even though the memories and DMW Limit Breaks are totally based on luck, you can still use some Special Materia to increase their chances of occurrence. For example, by equipping the Octaslash Materia, you will enhance the chances of rolling Sephiroth on the DMW. In the same way, you can get multiple other Materias linked with Limit Breaks to increase their chances of getting successful DMW rolls.

Apart from the Octaslash Materia for Sephiroth, here are some of the other Materias you should consider buying from the Research Dept. QMC+ or Online Shop Shade.

  • Rush Assault Materia (Angeal)
  • Air Strike Materia (Tseng)
  • Meteor Shots Materia (Cloud)
  • Healing Wave Materia (Aerith)
  • Lucky Stars Materia (Cissnei)
  • Apocalypse Materia (Genesis)

It is to be noted that memories will only get triggered once you reach certain points in the storyline. Players can not expect to get all the memories with these Materias and successful DMW rolls. For that, it’s better if you simultaneously progress the story while trying to get DMW rolls.

Even though they are not really required (because you only need one roll) but you can also get Materias which increases the chances of Summons appearing on the DMW.

  • Hellfire Materia (Ifrit)
  • Megaflare Materia (Bahamut)
  • Zantetsuken Materia (Odin)
  • Rebirth Flame Materia (Phoenix) 
  • Exaflare Materia (Bahamut Fury)
  • Chocobo Stomp Materia (Chocobo)
  • 1000 Needles Materia (Cactuar)
  • Murderous Thrust Materia (Tonberry)
  • Courage Boost! Materia (Cait Sith)
  • Moogle Power Materia (Moogle)
  • Item Mugger Materia (Magic Pot)


genji armor in crisis core
Genji Armor in Crisis Core Reunion [Image Credit: eXputer]
Once you have progressed all the DMW Images to 100% in Crisis Core Reunion, the game will reward you with elite armor. Not only that, but you will also unlock the “DMW Master” Trophy. Players will get the Genji Armor in Crisis Core Reunion after completing every DMW Image. Genji Armor is considered one of the best armor in the game. The armor sets the max HP limit to 99999, in addition to that it also makes Endure and Regen effects constant.

Although there is no exact point when we know a new memory is about to unlock, one way to tell that memories on these characters will be unlocked is when their progress is nearing for them to limit break, and your screen will pulse in blue and you will see the flashbacks of certain characters which will show you a little story which you can skip if you want to.

Hence, your grind to reach 100% progress on every DMW will not go in vain. The game will reward you with some high-tier armor and a rare trophy, an added bonus for players trying to get 100% completion on the game.


With that, we reach the end of our quick guide. We did our best to cover all the tiny details regarding DMW 100% Progression in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion. The system might seem a little confusing but it is quite easy to understand once you go through each step. The DMW is a great unique system in the Final Fantasy game, it is purely based on luck and is capable of turning the battles around.

Even though getting 100% progress on DMW Images will not give you any combat advantage but it will yield you the Genji Armor along with some achievements.

Players are reliving their memories by playing the remastered version of Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII. The original game was released back in 2007 on the PSP. Square Enix has now revamped the textures and graphics and kept the storyline the same. In Crisis Core Reunion, Zack Fair will have to face numerous tough enemies such as the Wyerd and Behemoth King. It is best if you’re familiar with all there is to know about the Buster Sword. On top of that, make sure you acquire and equip some of the best accessories, like the Cursed Ring and Ziedrich.

If you’re facing any ongoing problems while playing the game, you can also go through our Crisis Core Reunion Crashing Fix guide. Also, make sure you’re well aware of the Mako Recovery Unit minigame along with the answers to Hojo’s questions in Crisis Core FFVII Reunion.

Thank you for reading through our informative guide. For more guides related to Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion and many other games, make sure to stick around at eXputer.

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