Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core Reunion: How To Get Costly Punch

Learn how to unlock and use the Costly Punch in Crisis Core.

The Costly Punch in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion is one of the best moves, if not the best move, and it is important for players to know how to craft it and how to use it if they wish to take advantage of its full power. 

Key Highlights
  • The Costly Punch In Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core Reunion is one of the most powerful moves in Crisis Core, and its damage can vary according to the amount of HP the player has.
  • In order to craft the Costly Punch, players need one of the four “Punch” accessories and a DMW materia.
  • The four different “Punch” accessories are the Iron Fist, Magical Punch, Goblin Punch, and Hammer Punch.
  • Players can obtain the Costly Punch for free as well, but that can only be done later in the game.
  • After upgrading the Costly Punch, players will also need to increase their maximum damage cap to utilize its full potential.

What Is The Costly Punch And How Does It Work

costly punch crisis core
The Costly Punch [Image Captured by eXputer]
The Costly Punch is one of the command materia in Crisis Core that can be used in combat, and the reason why it is considered to be the best move is due to its devastating attack power. At the same time, it has a base damage of 38. Its damage is directly proportional to your health; the higher your health, the more damage the Costly Punch will inflict. Players can potentially inflict 99,999 damage provided that they have enough heath and the right upgrades.

How To Craft the Costly Punch

Many players prefer crafting the Costly Punch since it can be crafted pretty early in the game. Players can also just simply obtain it, but that can only be done later on in the game. Thus, it is preferred just to craft it.

Players only need two materials to craft the Costly Punch.

  • The “Punch” Accessory
  • DMW Materia

The “Punch” Accessory

There are four different “Punch” accessories in Crisis Core. Players only need to find one of them in order to craft the Costly Punch. The name of each accessory is.

  • Iron Fist
  • Magical Punch
  • Goblin Punch
  • Hammer Punch

Here we will be listing where you can obtain all four of these accessories.

The Iron Fist

Players can steal the Iron Fist accessory from a G General in the mission Reinforced Copies (M3-4-3) or the mission Return To Midgar (M3-4-4). 

The Magical Punch

It is a rare steal from a G General in the same missions where players obtain the Iron Fist, Reinforced Copies, and Return To Midgar. Aside from that, it can also be obtained after clearing the missions Wutai Suppression (M4-5-6), Experiment No. 120 (M5-4-2), and Genesis’s Super Weapon (M9-3-4).

  • It can also be found on the map‘s northern side in the mission Arms Development Dept (M6-5-5). And in the mission- Twins in the Caverns (M7-5-5), at the map’s southern side.

Goblin Punch

Players have a 50% chance of stealing this accessory from the Vajradhara Kumbhira in the missions- Wutai in the Slums (M4-4-4), Anti-Shinra Base (M4-4-5), and The Third Power (M9-2-1).

  • It can also be found in the mission- Boy in the Caverns (M7-5-1), in the middle of the Western Maze. And after completing the mission- To The Lower Levels (M9-2-5).
  • And finally, it is also obtainable if players collect 10 chests in the Gongaga Waterfall minigame in Chapter 10.

Hammer Punch

Players, once again, have a 50% chance to steal this from Vajradhara Kinnara in the missions- Anti-SOLDIER Weapons (M4-4-6) and The Third Power(M9-2-1).

  • Players can also find it at the southern edge of the map in the mission- Genesis’s Forces (M3-5-1) or obtain it after clearing the mission- To The End(M9-3-1).

The DMW Materia

The DMW Materia is the type of Materia that players can use to increase their chances for a summons to appear or a specific limit break in the DMW. While it can also be purchased, here are the places from where you can obtain it.

  • On the Eastern side of the map, players can find a chest in the mission- A Solitary Island (M2-4-1). Players can also purchase Materia from here.
  • One is also found in a chest in Gongaga after the scene with Cissnei. Another one can be found in a chest on the northwest corner of the map in the mission- Girl On The Desert Island (M7-5-3).
  • And finally, players can also receive the DMW Materia as a reward for completing the M9-4 and M9-5 mission sets.
  • Once you have obtained both ingredients, players can craft the Costly Punch after adding them to Materia Crafting. It will cost the players around 12,000SP.

How To Obtain The Costly Punch

If crafting the Costly Punch is too much work for you, then you can also obtain it for free, but it cannot be obtained as quickly, and it can be crafted, so players would have to wait a bit and progress in their game first.

In any case, players can obtain the Costly Punch for free by following one of these three methods.

  • Players have a 50% chance of stealing it from Mako Ifrit in the mission- The Hojo’s Monsters (M9-5-1).
  • Players can find it in the South-East corner of the map in the mission- Abnormal Power (M9-5-4).
  • And finally, players can obtain it for free after completing 55% of all Side Quest Missions in Crisis Core.

How To Upgrade The Costly Punch

costly punch in crisis core
The Costly Punch upgraded to +100 [Image Credit eXputer]
As we stated previously, the Costly Punch has the potential to reach 99,999 damage; however, obtaining this damage output is no easy task, as it will require the player to use a ton of resources.

The very first thing players will be to gather 3 Boss Summons Materia. Then you will need the Fat Chocoba Feather, which will allow the Costly Punch to combine with a wider variety of materials.

  • Access Materia Fusion and combine Costly Punch with 1 Fat Chocoba Feather and 1 Boss Summon Materia for a +60% HP boost.
  • Gather 99 Phoenix Downs to prepare for maximizing damage.
  • Engage in the mission “The Reigning Deity (M9-6-6)” to efficiently farm a substantial amount of Phoenix Downs.
  • Return to Materia Fusion, incorporate the previously crafted Costly Punch, another Boss Summon Materia, and 99 Phoenix Downs.
  • Receive a powerful Costly Punch with +999 HP, allowing for significant damage outpu

Now the only thing left to do is to take your newly crafted Costly Punch and fuse it with your third Boss Summon Materia and with one of the fusion items we have listed below. Each of these items offers a different perk, so think carefully before fusing your Costly Punch with one of them.

  • Hero Drink – +100 Attack
  • Dark Matter – +100 Magic
  • Adamantite – +100 Vitality
  • Gysahl Greens – +100 Luck
  • Mythril – +100 Spirit
  • Fat Chocobo Feather – +999 HP
  • Lunar Harp – +999 MP
  • Zeio Nut – +999 AP

How To Increase Damage Cap To 99,999

Now before you use up your 99,999 damage Costly Punch, players first need to increase their damage cap to 99,999. By default, the damage cap is 9,999, so be sure not to use ultra-powerful Costly Punch with the default damage cap, as then you will end up wasting 90% of your attack’s power.

Increasing the damage cap is simple enough; players can either clear the mission- Breakthrough (M7-4-6) or unlock Genji Glove, which can be found in the western corner of the large room west of the starting point in the mission- Biochemicals (M9-4-6).

Wrap Up

That neatly wraps up our guide on the Costly Punch in Crisis Core, how to unlock it, upgrade it and increase the damage cap. If you were struggling with a tough enemy in the game, then we hope our guide helped you.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion is available now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Do let us know what you think about the game in the comment section below


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