Crisis Core Reunion: How To Beat Genesis Boss

Learn how to fight the Genesis boss that players will be able to encounter and learn all about his attack patterns!

Genesis in Crisis Core Reunion is one of the main bosses that players will encounter in chapter 5, and players might need some help figuring out how to beat Genesis Boss

Note: There will be spoilers about interactions in chapter 5 and the previous chapters. Read at your discretion. 

Key Highlights

  • Genesis will be encountered in chapter 5 when he stands against Hollander, and Zack stops him from hurting Hollander. 
  • Players will end up fighting Genesis and have to defeat him to progress further. 
  • Genesis will have key attack patterns that players need to look out for, such as sword slashes, projectile launching, and more! 
  • Players need to stay aware of the self-healing ability that Genesis will have during the fight. 
  • The main benefit of fighting Genesis and defeating him will be that players will get better at fights while progressing through the main storyline. 

Starting Of Boss Fight 

Starting Of Fight
Starting Of Fight (Image Credits Exputer)

One of the first things that players need to know is that they will need to make their over to chapter 5 of the main storyline, and there will be four chapters to get through before, as well as a prologue chapter to kick things off with the main storyline. 

Now, when it comes to the actual location of the boss, players will be able to have their first encounter with Genesis whenever they can make it through the Modeo Ravine, and after that, they will have to go over to the Mako Excavation Facility whereby players will then have to do an objective to infiltrate the facility, where they will meet Genesis, and a cutscene plays. 

Activating Combat Mode 

Activating Combat Mode
Activating Combat Mode (Image Credits Exputer)

After the cutscene ends, a voice can be heard saying that combat mode has been activated, and players will be able to take note of Zack, who is standing on a few grates, and Genesis will be present right across from him, standing a few feet away. 

  • As soon as the fight starts, players can instantly charge against Genesis and get a few hits in before Genesis raises his hands to the sky, and a small cutscene will appear again. 

The Crisis Core Reunion Genesis Boss will then summon forth a few green particles and launch them against you, and the cutscene ends. After that, as the player attempts to run away from Genesis, he will summon forth black projectiles that will be surrounded by a red aura that will consistently come one after the other and hit the player. 

There will be about 6-7 projectiles that will be aimed at the player, so you need to watch out for that. 

  • After that, Genesis will then start charging toward you if you are a bit too far away, and as soon as he gets close to you, he will do a 360, revealing his wing, and he will carry out a slash of his sword where he jumps in the air a little bit, and then another slash which will be horizontal, and players can simply evade the attack. 
  • He will then follow the attacks by surrounding himself with a purple circle, as well as orange particles all around him, after which players can get a bit close to him, to which he will slash his sword towards the right, after which he will slash his sword all around him, then a forward slash that will be vertical and will be charged at the player directly. 

You can then directly charge at him to get a few hits in before he then lifts himself into the air, and there will be a giant purple orb surrounding him and three pink circles that will be in the shape of a triangle around him, and these will all turn into projectiles aimed at you. He will then go ahead and continue his three attacks that we mentioned before. 

  • The same three projectiles that were in the shape of a triangle will be launched at you once again; the easiest way to dodge this projectile is to either move right or left from them or move between the three. 

As you attempt to hit him, he will again carry out the same slashing motion of his swords at you, which allows you to evade them since you might have already learned the attack pattern

  • One thing that players need to keep in mind is that they should be wary of their HP as well as their overall MP since it is crucial to maintain them throughout the entire duration of the fight. 
  • He then goes on to once again launch out the bred and black projectiles at the player, which, more often than not, will be pretty difficult to avoid. Then he repeats the same motion where he launches out the same three projectiles at you again, and you can evade them with ease. 

As you are fighting him, there will come the point where his attack patterns will end up being a little faster than usual; therefore, players need to be quick on their feet to dodge and run against them, lest your HP ends up suffering because of it. 

  • If there is ever a moment where you can carry out critical hits against Genesis, then the screen will show a critical hit with a white text, and you will be able to deal even more damage than you already were doing. 

Once his health is almost halfway done, another cutscene will ensue where he will say something along the lines of “Shinra lap dog,” and he will charge forth toward the player once again. 

  • There will be another pattern where there will be a red circle that will surround the entirety of Genesis, and there will be a smaller purple circle that will be present in the middle of the larger red circle. 
  • After that red circle disappears, there will be four smaller circles that will be on the outside of the purple circle, and there will be four orange auras that will be in the circle. He will use this pattern once again when his HP starts to get even lower

Another thing that players need to look out for is the fact that Genesis can self-heal. He will end up healing a bit of his HP, which will make the boss fight stretch out even longer if you are not able to take him out fast enough. He will use the pattern that we mentioned above to heal himself. 

Finishing The Fight 

Fight End
Fight End (Image Credits Exputer)

Once Genesis ends up going to the end of the battle, you can launch out the final strike, which will allow players to finish him off and end the battle. After the battle ends, there will be a blue popup that will appear and a voice that will say that the conflict has been resolved and players will be able to gain a bit of MP. 

Attack Patterns To Look Out For 

Attack Patterns
Attack Patterns (Image Credits Exputer)

The Crisis Core Reunion Genesis Boss will end up carrying out a few key attack patterns that players should look out for during the entire duration of the fight, which might help them figure out how to evade them: 

  • three-slash attack will be carried out with his sword, where he first swings the sword towards you, then he carries out the second attack, where he slashes the sword all around him, and the third one which will be a vertical slash directed at the player. 
  • Another attack pattern will be when he raises his wing and launches out red and black projectiles that will be in a ranging number of 6-7 projectiles that will follow you one after the other and consistently attack the player. 
  • Another pattern will be that he will surround himself with a purple aura, and three circles are placed around him, one near his head, one to the left of his hip, and one to the right, effectively forming a triangle shape, and these projectiles will be launched in a straight pattern with each projectile being spaced out from the other a little bit. 

Players will be able to use their dodge-rolls to roll forward from a few of the attacks that they will carry out. 


And there we have it! A detailed walkthrough of how the fight will go against Genesis, and with that, we will wrap up our Crisis Core Reunion Genesis Boss guide! Similar to this boss fight, players might also need assistance fighting Wyerd; therefore, our Crisis Core Reunion How To Beat Wyerd guide will greatly help players!

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