Crisis Core Reunion: How To Beat Genesis Boss

Learn how to fight the Genesis boss that players will be able to encounter and learn all about his attack patterns!

Genesis in Crisis Core Reunion is one of the main bosses that players will encounter in chapter 5, and players might need some help figuring out how to beat Genesis Boss. 

Note: There will be spoilers about interactions in chapter 5 and the previous chapters. Read at your discretion. 

Key Takeaways
  • Genesis will be encountered in chapter 5 when he stands against Hollander, and Zack stops him from hurting Hollander. 
  • Players will end up fighting Genesis and have to defeat him to progress further. 
  • Genesis will have key attack patterns that players need to look out for, such as sword slashes, projectile launching, and more! 
  • Players need to stay aware of the self-healing ability that Genesis will have during the fight. 
  • The main benefit of fighting Genesis and defeating him will be that players will get better at fights while progressing through the main storyline. 

Starting Of Boss Fight 

Starting Of Fight
Starting Of Fight (Image Credits Exputer)
  1. Progress to chapter 5 of the main storyline after completing four preceding chapters and a prologue.
  2. Enter the Modeo Ravine and infiltrate the Mako Excavation Facility to initiate the fight with Genesis.
  3. A cutscene plays at the facility’s entrance.

Activating Combat Mode 

Activating Combat Mode
Activating Combat Mode (Image Credits Exputer)
  1. After the cutscene ends, a voice announces the activation of combat mode.
  2. Control Zack, who stands on grates, with Genesis a few feet away.
  3. Quickly approach Genesis at the start of the fight and land a few hits before a brief cutscene occurs.

Genesis’s Attacks:

  1. During the cutscene, Genesis summons green particles and hurls them at Zack.
  2. After the cutscene, Genesis launches black projectiles surrounded by a red aura, targeting the player. Approximately 6-7 projectiles are fired consecutively.
  3. Genesis may charge towards the player, performing a 360-degree spin and executing sword slashes:
    • First jump and a horizontal slash.
    • Surrounds himself with a purple circle and orange particles, then performs a series of slashes:
      • Rightward slash.
      • 360-degree slash around him.
      • Forward vertical slash charged at the player.
  4. Dodge his attacks to avoid taking damage.

Maintaining HP and MP:

  1. Keep an eye on HP and MP, as it’s crucial throughout the fight.
  2. Genesis periodically launches red and black projectiles that can be challenging to dodge.
  3. He repeats the pattern of launching the same three projectiles.

Advanced Phases:

  1. As the battle progresses, Genesis’s attack patterns may speed up, requiring quick reflexes.
  2. Critical hits can occur, indicated by white text on the screen, allowing players to deal extra damage.

Genesis’s Healing:

  1. Be aware that Genesis can self-heal during the battle using a specific pattern. He heals a portion of his HP, potentially prolonging the fight.

Finishing The Fight 

Fight End
Fight End (Image Credits Exputer)
  1. To conclude the battle, deliver a final strike to defeat Genesis.
  2. Afterward, a blue popup indicates the resolution of the conflict, and players gain some MP.

Attack Patterns To Look Out For 

Attack Patterns
Attack Patterns (Image Credits Exputer)

During the Genesis Boss fight, players should be vigilant for these key attack patterns:

  1. Three-Slash Attack: Genesis performs a three-slash sword attack:
    • First, he swings the sword towards the player.
    • Second, he executes a wide slash around him.
    • Third, he performs a vertical slash directed at the player.
  2. Red and Black Projectiles: Genesis raises his wing and launches red and black projectiles. These come in a series, with about 6-7 projectiles following one another in quick succession. Players should be prepared to evade these projectiles.
  3. Purple Aura and Triangular Projectiles: Genesis surrounds himself with a purple aura, and three circles are positioned around him, forming a triangular shape. These projectiles are launched in a straight pattern, with each projectile spaced slightly apart from the others.

And there we have it! A detailed walkthrough of how the fight will go against Genesis, and with that, we will wrap up our Crisis Core Reunion Genesis Boss guide! Similar to this boss fight, players might also need assistance fighting Wyerd; therefore, our Crisis Core Reunion How To Beat Wyerd guide will greatly help players!

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