Crisis Core Reunion: Genji Armor Set [All Pieces]

Learn how to get all four pieces of the Genji Armor Set In Crisis Core Reunion to become near invincible!

The Genji Armor Set in Crisis Core Reunion is perhaps one of the most powerful sets in the game due to the number of buffs that it provides. In fact, many consider it to be the most effective set of equipment for tackling high-leveled missions and optional bosses.

However, being extremely powerful comes with a cost. Acquiring the full set, which contains the Genji Armor, Genji Glove, Genji Shield, and Genji Helm, requires you to reach certain parts in the main story while also needing to grind for a good amount of time. But if you’re ready to face all the challenges while trying to unlock the set, you’ll become near unstoppable!

Key Highlights

  • Genji Armor can be unlocked by getting 100% on all DMW images.
  • Genji Shield can be obtained by performing four different actions for Magic Pot
  • Genji Glove is found in a chest during M9-6-3: Biomechanical Threats.
  • Genji Helm can be bought from the Online Shade Store

Genji Armor

Genji Armor Set Crisis Core Reunion
Genji Armor [Captured by eXputer]
Probably the most useful piece of equipment in the Genji Armor Set is going to be the Genji Armor itself. Undoubtedly, it is the hardest piece to acquire, but the buff that it offers makes it just as much worth it. The Genji Armor grants you the following:

  • Increased HP: The Genji Armor breaks the HP limit and allows you to get up to 99,999 total HP.
  • Endure Status: None of your attacks will ever get interrupted, and you won’t get knocked back if you get hit while also striking away at the enemy.
  • Regen Status: If your health isn’t full, you’ll automatically regenerate your health back over time.

All of these bonuses are amazing, but acquiring them won’t be easy. If you’re familiar with the DMW system, you might know about the Summons and Limit Breaks that are present. These allow you to either use a special move associated with a character or simply summon a beast to help you deal a significant amount of damage to your opponent.

Regardless, each time you unlock some Limit Break (indicated by blue text) or Summon (indicated by purple), you’ll notice that they’ll have a progress percentage bar. These are affected by how often you’ve used them. The more you use them, the higher your chances of completing them are 100%.

To unlock the Genji Armor set, you need to get 100% progress on all Limit Breaks and Summons. For you to get 100% on all of them, first, you need to unlock all the DMW images. From there, Limit Breaks and Summons have their own method of getting 100% progress, which is why we’ll highlight each of them separately.

DMW Limit Breaks

dmw break
DMW Limit Break [image by eXputer]
Limit Breaks are like special moves and are specific to the characters that you encounter throughout the game. You unlock new Limit Breaks each time you meet a new character in the game. There are seven total Limit Breaks (excluding Zack’s), and you’ll unlock all of them near the end of Chapter 6.

However, unlocking all of the Limit Breaks isn’t much of an issue. Completing 100% for each Limit Break requires you to activate the Limit Break during combat (all three images being the same as one of the characters).

But once you roll the Limit Break for a certain character, you also need to see a memory associated with that character. You’ll know that you’re about to see a memory when there is a blue pulse across the screen.

Each character, except Genesis, has six different memories you need to unlock. Genesis has only two memories, but they can be harder to unlock as you will first need to be in Genesis Mode to see his memories.

Additionally, memories are tied to the main story. Meaning if you’re not far enough in the story, there is a chance that you won’t get to see a character’s memories even if you’ve constantly been rolling their Limit Break. However, if you’ve reached Chapter 10, you won’t have to worry about this problem.

Increasing Specific Limit Break Chances

You can increase the chances of certain characters’ Limit Break by equipping their Materia. You can buy the Materia from the Research Dep. QMC+ Store. The store can be found inside a chest in Gonga in Chapter 9. As you can only find the chest in Chapter 9, it is permanently missable, so ensure that you get the chest and the store before moving out of the area.

Materia for each character will give you a 5x more chance of rolling their Limit Break. But, if you level up their Materia, the chance can go up to 9x. And depending on how many of that character’s Materia you have equipped, you can further increase the chances.

Ideally, you should equip four Materia for the Limit Break character and two Lucky Stars Materia as it increases the state of the DMW. The higher state of DMW, the higher chance of rolling Limit Breaks and seeing the memories.

AFK Methods

The main thing that you need to keep in mind is that if you unlock a memory during a fight, you need to complete that fight for the memory to register. You cannot abandon or die in battle. Therefore, while trying to farm for the memories, it is worth choosing low-level missions. You can also equip Fraerie Ring (reward from Mission 2-5-5 and 7-6-2), which will give you auto-heal, making it easy to remain AFK.

After that, simply load up Mission 1-1-1 or Mission 1-1-3. Leave just one of the enemies alive and then stay AFK while the DMW images roll. Leave it overnight, and you should unlock all memories for that character!

DMW Summons

unlocking the genji glove and armor crisis core reunion
DMW Summons [screenshot by eXputer]
Getting 100% on a Summon isn’t as hard as Limit Break because you only need to roll it once in order to sync fully. The hard part is acquiring all of the Summons as they’re not unlocked through the main missions but rather side missions or found during missions. Here is the location for each of the summons:

  • Ifrit: You’ll fight Ifrit in Wutai during the main missions. After that, you’ll need to complete the mission that gets unlocked, Mission 8-1-1: Rematch with Ifrit.
  • Bahamut: After defeating Bahamut, complete the unlocked mission, Mission 8-1-3: Clash with Genesis Troops. That will unlock Mission 8-1-4: Rematch with Bahamut, which will grant you the summon.
  • Bahamut Fury: Complete the mission series with Yuffie, which starts with M8-4-1. The final mission, Mission 8-1-6: Treasure Info 6, will unlock Bahamut Fury.
  • Odin: Follow the M8-1 and complete Mission 8-1-6: Mystery Materia will unlock Odin.
  • Phoenix: Interact with the boy in Nibelheim in Chapter 8, which will initiate the Seven Wonders mission. Complete all tasks, and you’ll find the Summon in the water tower in the middle of town.
  • Chocobo: Complete Mission 8-4-1: Suspicious Mail 1, which gets unlocked during Chapter 4.
  • Cactuar: First complete Mission 3-1-3: Eliminate the Copies, to then unlock the M10-1 series. Complete Mission 10-1-3: Cactuar Found to unlock the summon.
  • Tonberry: Complete Mission 10-2-3: Master Tonberry, which gets unlocked as part of M10-2 after you defeat Tonberry in M6-1-5: Buried in the Caverns.
  • Cait Sith: Complete Mission 8-4-3: Suspicious Mail 3.
  • Moogle: Complete Mission 8-4-4: Suspicious Mail 4.
  • Magic Pot: Encounter Magic Pot during Mission 10-2-3: Master Tonberry and perform certain actions (use Jump, Fira, Gravity, and Assault Twister) for it to earn the Summon. You will need the Magic Pot to Summon another piece of the Genji Armor Set, so it is worth getting the Summon before attempting to get the piece.

Once you’ve got all the summons, you need to use them in battle. Just like with Limit Breaks, you can increase the chance of rolling a specific Summon by equipping their Materia. You can get them from the Bone Village Commerce store (found in a chest in M7-5-3) and Junon Souvenirs Store (found in a chest in M2-4-1).

Genji Shield

Magic pot enemy
Magic Pot that asks you to perform certain actions [captured by us]
The Genji Shield is perhaps the most useful piece of equipment in the entire Genji Set due to the great defensive buffs that it offers. But of course, just like with the Genji Armor, you’ll need to work hard to earn the shield. Here are the buffs that the shield offers:

  • Barrier and MBarrier are active all the time.
  • All ailments are nullified.
  • Absorbs all elemental damage, rendering them useless.

To actually unlock the Genji Shield, you need to fight a Magic Pot enemy, which randomly spawns during enemy encounters. Once you are faced with the Magic Pot, you need to perform certain actions, and in return, you’ll get awarded the Genji Shield.

It is worth mentioning that you’ll need to face the Magic Pot twice to get the Genji Shield. That is because the first time around, you’ll only get access to the Magic Pot DMW. You can find the Magic Pot enemy in Mission 7-6-6: The Determined Recruiter. It can be unlocked during Chapter 5, so you can get the shield quite early on.

Once you’re facing the Magic Pot, you’ll need to do the following actions (or use the following abilities) to acquire the Genji Shield:

  • Gil Toss: You can get this through Mission 4-4-4: Wutai in the Slums.
  • Costly Punch: You can usually get a Costly Punch as a reward through missions. However, you can craft Costly Punch yourself as well.
  • Deal 99,999 Damage: Your damage output is locked at 9,999 unless you use the Genji Glove. Alternatively, you can just use the Costly Punch again by combining it with the Battle Stance.
  • Octaslash: Octaslash is Sephiroth’s Limit Break. You can either increase the likelihood of the Limit Break by equipping its Octaslash Materia. Alternatively, you can try to get the Genji Shield early on, where you might not have that many DMWs, so you’ll be more likely to roll Sephiroth’s Limit Break.

Genji Glove

Genji glove crisis core reunion
Genji Glove chest location [image by eXputer]
The Genji Glove is one of the strongest offensive-based equipment in Crisis Core and the whole Genji Armor Set. It allows you to:

  • Increase the damage limit from 9,999 to 99,999.
  • Turns all of your attacks into Critical Hits.

To get the Genji Glove, you need to head over to Mission 9-6-3 Biomechanical Threats. Considering that it is one of the last few missions of the game, you won’t be able to get the Genji Glove early on in the game.

Once you’re on the mission, keep going forward, and you’ll encounter some enemies. Fight them or exit combat mode. But as soon as you get out of the encounter, turn left and keep heading upwards. Once you’re at the top, you should be able to spot the chest at the other end. The chest will contain the Genji Glove.

Genji Helm

helm price
Genji Helm Price [captured by eXputer]
The Genji Helm is usually considered the weakest out of the entire Genji Armor Set in Crisis Core. However, for completion, it is definitely worth adding to your collection. You can get the Genji Helm from the Online Shop Shade store.

The store is granted to you as a reward for completing Mission 9-5-4: Abnormal Power. The Genji Helm offers the following:

  • MP and AP moves can be used without any limitations
  • You can see the full stats of all your enemies due to the always-active Libra.

With that, you know how to acquire the full Genji Armor Set in Crisis Core Reunion, which includes amazing items such as the Genji Glove, Shield, Helm, and Genji Armor. Of course, some items are better than others, and in the end, you might mix and match certain equipment to come up with a strong character build. 

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