Crisis Core Reunion FFVII Laughing Safe Code Combination

Learn everything there is about how to get the Laughing Safe Code combination found at Shinra Mansion in Crisis Core Reunion FF VII.

Finding The Laughing Safe code combination in Crisis Core Reunion Final Fantasy VII is a matter of counting four unique elements locked behind four different rooms. Zack can not enter these rooms, but he can look through the keyhole and count how many elements each room has, then come back and punch the code into the safe to open it. 

Key Highlights

  • The Laughing Safe Code In Crisis Core Reunion Final Fantasy VII is found in Shinra Mansion at the top left side room. 
  • The 4-digit safe code combination is randomly generated, and there is no fixed code to punch in and open the safe.
  • Four key elements inside four locked rooms decide what you should punch in to open the safe.
  • Unshelved books, purple apples, chairs, and the flying pumpkin face monsters are the elements you need to count in the four different rooms of Shinra Mansion. 
  • Depending on your findings, punch in the number of elements you found in each room as a Laughing safe code combination in Crisis Core, and it will open.  

Acquiring Hint For Safe Codes

Laughing Safe codes hint [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]
The first step that you need to do when you’re inside of Shinra Mansion is to go to the top left side room. Once you’re there, you will find a locked safe there at the right corner of the room, and near it, a glowing item on the ground. If you interact with the item, your screen will display 4 hints to get 4 unique digits for The Laughing safe code combinations. 

The image we have attached above entails that you need to just see through four doors to know the total number of items each room contains and then come back to the safe & punch the numeric code. Remember that you must count one element per room instead of multiple ones. 

The hint further reveals that you need to look for the following items per room and then come back to punch the numeric code into the safe code combination based on your findings.

  • Unshelved Books
  • Purple Apples
  • Chairs
  • Flying Pumpkin Face Monsters

Looking For Purple Apples

Looking for purple apples [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]
Considering you went through the first room, which also happens to be on the left side of The Laughing Safe, you will see a prompt that Zack can not enter the room. However, you can still see the contents of the room through a keyhole.

Select that option and start observing what you see inside the room. If you see purple apples on the tables, count all the apples that you see here and do not miss any of them. We can’t say that you will find 2,3, or 4 Purple Apples because the number is random. 

Counting Unshelved Books

Counting unshelved books [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]
Assuming you’re done with the previous task and have moved on to the next room. If a quick look reveals books and bookshelves, then you should know that you must only count unshelved books in this room of Shinra Mansion.

While there could by a few unshelved books in the mid and lower section of the shelf, what you need to spot here are the books that are specifically kept on one another. Counting the inclined books as unshelved ones will not count, and you just need to see the ones that are on top of each other, as shown in the image above.   

Once again, there will be an “X” number of unshelved books, which is always randomly generated. So, we can’t say for sure that you will find 2,3, or 4 of the unshelved books in this room. You need to count this on your own in your Crisis Core Reunion FFVII game. 

Finding The Total Number of Chairs In A Room

Counting the total chairs in the room [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]
The next task will be much easier compared to finding purple apples and unshelved books. If you see chairs, then in this room, there will not be much to notice except for chairs. Just count how many chairs you see in the room by looking through keyhole and note it down to punch in the numeric digit for The laughing safe code combination.  

Counting Flying Pumpkin-Faced Monsters

Counting flying pumpkin monsters [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]
Even though the flying pumpkin monsters will be the only thing to notice through the keyhole, you need to keep count of how many you see. They float and hover in the air, so you need to take your camera angle all the way to the left and then start moving it to the right. 

Keep counting the number of flying pumpkin monsters as you move your camera from one end of the room to another. 

Punching Safe Codes

Punching the final code [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]
Now that you have learned how many of the four elements were available in four rooms of the Shinra Mansion, it is time you head back to The Laughing safe room and punch the numeric code. You need to keep in mind the hints, as each one entails whichever numeric code comes first. 

We are listing the code placement or position here, just in case you forget the order of it.

  • 1st code: Enter the number of unshelved books you saw
  • 2nd code: Enter the number of flying pumpkin monsters you saw
  • 3rd code: Enter the number of Purple Apples you saw
  • 4th code: Enter the number of chairs you saw

The Cactuar Escapes 

Cactuar escapes from Laughing Safe [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]
After counting all four elements properly and punching the numeric codes in the proper positions, you will unlock The Laughing safe code at the Shinra Mansion. As soon as the safe opens, you will see The Cactuar escaping and running away from it. 


That is pretty much everything we had to entail about the Crisis Core Union FFVII Laughing safe combination. Japanese games are known to throw complex puzzle solutions to the players instead of just making it easy with one-step puzzle-solving methodologies. Similar to the safe code, did you know you need +75 invisible Affection points to get Good with Aerith Trophy in Crisis Core Reunion FF VII? This is another trick you should find and unlock in the game. 

If you’re very early in the game, then learn about Costly Punch and Magic pot to know how to get these items and make your gameplay experience better. Besides the Buster Sword, various kinds of Materia are the core combat element, and knowing the full fusion list of Materia in Crisis Core Reunion FF VII will give you an edge in picking the best Materia for various boss fights.  


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