Crisis Core Reunion Length: How Long To Beat

Learn how much time it will take you to finish Crisis Core Reunion.

Crisis Core Reunion is the same game you know and loves from the good old PSP days. The Storyline is rather similar and they kept it true to the previous game. So the play times are also quite equivalent. Crisis Core Reunion Length varies depending on if you are just interested in the main game or whether you want to hundred percent complete the game.

Key Highlights
  • The main storyline of Crisis Core Reuioin takes an average of around 17-19 hours to complete. 
  • If you are going for all the side missions as well, it can take you nearly 30 hours to complete.
  • Completing the game 100 percent and obtaining all the achievements might take you anywhere from 60 to even 90 hours. 
  • New Game Plus can help you get some of those trophies by replaying the game with better stats and equipment.

Main Game length

Crisis Core Length Main Game
Main Game Length – Image Captured by us

Crisis Core has a beautiful storyline with the same old characters and dialogues that you love. The main storyline was taken from the PSP version and remastered with modern graphics and suitable for multiple platforms. The Crisis Core Story Length keeps it short averaging only about 17 to 19 Hours of gameplay. For all the hardcore JRPG gamers out there, you might feel it’s not worth the money but it definitely is. 

Side Missions length 

 Length Side Missions
Side Missions Length – Image by eXputer

If you are still not content with the almost 20 hours of gameplay you are in luck cause that’s just the beginning. Apart from the 10 Chapters of the main storyline, there are numerous side missions sprinkled throughout the game. There are almost an additional 18 hours of gameplay if you complete all the side missions

Completion length

Length Crisis Core 100 Percent Game
100 Percent Complete Game Length – Screenshot Grab: eXputer

Now for the most hard-working gamers who are ready to do anything to complete the game and achieve everything they can and get all the rewards. The total length of the Crisis Core Reunion is about 60 to 80 hours. Depending on if you are a skilled veteran or just a casual gamer trying to fully complete the game the time can vary. However, the average to complete the Crisis Core is going to be around 80+ hours. 

Final Words

Now that you know the full length of Crisis Core Reunion you can focus on mastering the game. Learn how to get the Divine Slayer or how to defeat Sea Hulk. You can also learn how stats work and how to complete DMW to get 100%. You will easily complete the game with the help of these guides. 

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