Crisis Core Reunion: How To Get Magic Pot

Learn all about the Magic Pot's powers and how to obtain in Crisis Core Reunion.

Magic Pot in Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Reunion is one of the most useful entities you can summon. It lets players summon various magical entities to aid them and allows players to receive useful loot by summoning it in the midst of battle.

Key Takeaways
  • Magic Pot In Final Fantasy VII Core Reunion is a useful summon that nets you different items when you use it in combat.
  • It can be obtained through Mission 10-1-3.
  • Magic Pot spawning is totally random, so run around and get into random battles.
  • If you run into a Tonberry or other irrelevant enemy, simply escape.
  • Alternatively, you can also do Mission 2-2-6, 2-5-4, 2-5-5, and 7-6-6 to run into the Magic Pot.

Magic Pot Limit Break

When the Magic Pot appears on your DMW (Digital Mind Wave), It will go into Chocobo Mode. You can then summon it and use its special ability Item Mugger. This special ability through Chocobo Mode will give you useful items depending on what level you get on the DMW.

  • Level 1 Limit Break Libra, Graviga, Drain, Curaga.
  • Level 2 Limit Break Iron Bangle, Titanium Bangle, Carbon Bangle, Platinum Bangle.
  • Level 3 Limit Break Kaiser Knuckles, Shinra Beta+, Royal Crown, Crystal Orb
  • Level 4 Limit Break Elixir x5, Elixir x10, Phoenix Down x1, Phoenix Down x3.
  • Level 5 Limit Break Ribbon, Gold Rolling Pin x1, Gold Rolling Pin x3, Gold Rolling Pin x5

How To Obtain Magic Pot

In Crisis Core Reunion, you can do a variety of training missions given to you by SHINRA headquarters as part of your SOLDIER training. You can start these missions at any Safe Zone or through the pause menu. These missions allow you to receive various useful items and materia, including summoning materia. To get on the path to acquire Crisis Core Reunion’s Magic Pot summon, you have to clear specific missions.

crisis core reunion magic pot
Menu Showcasing The Mission Option | Screenshot Grab: eXputer

Required Mission

In Chapter 2 of the story, you will be able to start Mission 10-1-1. Complete Missions 10-1-1 and 10-1-2 to progress further. 

  • Now start Mission 10-1-3.
  • You do not have to engage any of the Tonberries in combat; simply run away from them.
  • Run around and wait for a Magic Pot to spawn, escaping from any Tonberry engagement to save time.

When you encounter the Magic Pot, avoid fighting it. The Magic Pot by itself is invincible. You cannot kill it through conventional means. The Magic Pot will demand you to please it by using these specific materia.

  • Assault Twister Materia 
  • Jump Materia 
  • Fira Materia 
  • Gravity Materia 

Fulfilling these requirements, the magic pot will be pleased and become available as a summon to use.

Alternative Missions

If you are unlucky in getting the Magic Pot to spawn in Mission 10-1-3, You can test your luck in these missions.

  • Mission 2-2-6: World of Monsters.
  • Mission 2-5-4: New Cavern Found.
  • Mission 2-5-5: Another Cavern.
  • Mission 7-6-6: The Determined Recruiter.

Magic Pot can be encountered in any of these missions, so pick one at your leisure.

Crisis Core Reunion Magic Pot DMW
The Magic Pot Unlock | Image By Us


Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Reunion is a love letter to the original Crisis Core and FF7 in general. It retains all that made the original iconic and improves upon it further with enhanced visuals, new voiceovers, and improved combat.

There you have it; with our guide on Crisis Core Reunion’s Magic Pot, you will have a much easier time with the game’s combat and will be able to enjoy the legend of Cloud Strife’s best friend. 


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