Crisis Core Reunion: How To Get Mail Completionist Trophy

Learn all about the "Mail Completionist" trophy and the fastest way to obtain it.

Throughout your journey, you will receive mail from various characters. Getting 1 mail from each character is required to get the Mail Completionist achievement/trophy in Crisis Core Reunion.

Key Highlights

  • Players will receive mail from characters by progressing in the story or doing optional content.
  • Getting mail from each character in the game is required for the Mail Completionist achievement/trophy.
  • As such, you get all of the mail that is not required.
  • The mail tied to optional content is obtained through missions and exploring the open world.

Types Of Mail In Crisis Core Reunion

In Crisis Core Reunion, players will receive mail from characters for progressing in the story or doing side missions. They make the game much more immersive by giving additional insight into the game’s story and characters. 

You will receive the majority of the mail from characters in the story; as such, you do not have to go out of your way to get them. However, some mail is only obtainable from exploration and doing side missions.

Getting 1 mail from each character will unlock the Mail Completionist achievement/trophy in Crisis Core Reunion.

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A Mail From Tifa Lockhart | Image By Us

Mail From The Story

These characters will send you mail throughout the main story. The mail from these characters is always guaranteed and cannot be missed.


You will receive your first mail from Kunsel right at the start of Chapter 1. After your first training mission, simply follow his instructions to get mail from him.


Luxiere will send his first mail to you in Chapter 5 of the story once you reach Aerith’s church in the slums of Midgar.

Shinra News Department

You will receive your first mail from Shinra News Department once you clear mission 1-1-1. Also, completion of this mission is required to progress in the story.

SOLDIER Director Lazard

SOLDIER Director Lazard will send his first mail to you in the Wutai mission at the beginning section of the game. In addition, he will send you a lot more mail throughout the story.

Cloud Strife

You will receive your first mail from Cloud Strife in Chapter 8 once you progress in the Nibelheim area.

Tifa Lockhart

Similarly to Cloud, Tifa Lockhart will send her first mail to you when you progress in the Nibelheim area.


You will receive a guaranteed mail from Cissnei at the start of chapter 7. Alternatively, you can find her in Chapter 6 during the attack on Junon by going up the small elevator. This will allow you to access other mail while simultaneously obtaining Cissnei’s mail early.

Treasure Princess

You will receive mail from Treasure Princess in Mako Reactor 5 by heading to the ladders marked by the main quest icon.

Mail From Side Content

The mail from side content is a bit tricky to obtain, as it involves doing missions and interacting with different NPCs in the open world. They can be completely missed if you progress too far into the story. This is why we recommend that you obtain the mail from the side content as soon as possible.

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Mail From Silver Elite | Image By eXputer

Wonder Hunter

To receive mail from Wonder Hunter, you must complete the Seven Wonders of Nibelheim. This side quest can be initiated by talking to a young boy at the start of Nibelheim. You can check out our guide on the Seven Wonders of Nibelheim to complete this quest as fast as possible. 

Shop News

Complete mission 6-2-1 to get your first mail from Shop News. You can unlock this mission series by speaking to the City Planning Executive at Shinra Building Entrance.

Keepers Of Honor Fan Club

In Chapter 2, head to the fountain in the city area of Midgar. Once there, head south to find a group of women standing. Speak to them to join the club and get your mail from the Keepers of Honor Fan Club.

Red Leather

Speak to the woman in a suit near the Keepers of Honor Fan Club. Doing so will get you a mail from the Red Leather sender.


You can find a reporter in Midgar city, near the fountain area in an alleyway. Interact with him and choose to let him go. Doing so will unlock the Reporter as a mail sender for you.

Yuffie Kisaragi / Anonymous Sender

Complete Mission 8-5-6 to receive mail from Yuffie Kisaragi and the Anonymous Sender.

Silver Elite

Head to the park in the slums of Midgar and speak to a silver-haired Sephiroth fangirl. She will ask you some questions related to the One Winged Angel. Reply with Masamune, Supernova, and Left Hand to complete her test.

Zack Fan Club

During the defense of Junon in Chapter 6, take the elevator up and speak to Cissnei. She will tell you about Zack’s fan club. After that, speak to the receptionist in Shinra headquarters to receive mail from Zack Fan Club.

Study Group

Head to LOVELESS avenue in Midgar City and speak to the woman standing on the right of the theater. Interacting with her will get you a mail from the Study Group.


Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core Reunion is the latest addition to the Final Fantasy VII series, with a variety of new additions, such as revamped combat, enhanced visuals, and updated voice-overs. It is a great remaster of the legendary and iconic prequel to the most beloved Final Fantasy game and a must-play for every avid Final Fantasy fan. The enhancements make it a brand-new experience to be enjoyed for years to come.

With our guide on Crisis Core Reunion’s Mail Completionist trophy, you can work towards your platinum trophy by getting this tricky trophy/achievement down as fast and efficiently as possible.

 If you wish to unlock another tricky trophy, check out our good match for Aerith trophy guide. The Mako Recovery unit also has a trophy tied to it that players can miss. If you wish to take a look at the trophy list in Crisis Reunion, check out our guide.


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