Crisis Core Reunion Map Layout [Explained]

Learn everything about the map layout in Crisis Core Reunion.

Map Layouts In Crisis Core Reunion

There are two different map types in Crisis Core Reunion. The open-world map showcases one giant area, with passageways indicating interconnected areas.  The mission map showcases a giant tunnel with a linear path. Sometimes, it boasts branching pathways too. To bring up the map, press Square.

Players who have played Final Fantasy VII Remake will find the map layout very familiar. As Crisis Core Reunion is part of the FFVII Remake project, the assets and maps have been homogenized to align with the remake. 

Key Highlights

  • To bring up the map, press square.
  • There are two map layouts in Crisis Core Reunion.
  • These are open-world and mission-type layouts.
  • The open world is one giant area, with interconnected areas shown as a hollow gap in the map.
  • Maps in missions are like a tunnel, similar to musou games. There are branching pathways, but overall it is very linear.
  • There are map icons that showcase basic information, such as quest markers or doors.

Open World Map Layout

As the name implies, this map type showcases the pseudo-open world of Crisis Core Reunion. The open world only loads 1 set piece at a time, with subsequent areas locked behind short loading screens.

This is reflected in the map layout as it shows one giant area, with gaps showcasing areas players can walk through. Optional content is marked by a yellow “!” marker in the open world map so that players can keep track of that to progress optional content.  The main scenario quests are indicated by a blue “!” icon.

Sometimes, the area you are allowed to explore will be limited. Some paths will be blocked, and they will be showcased by an icon on the map.

crisis core reunion open world map
The Open World Map Of Midgar | Image By Us

Missions Map Layout

This map layout is a tunnel-type layout with a narrow pathway. It is exclusively for missions. The missions map type has some branching paths, but it is still very linear. Your objectives will always be marked by a “!” icon, regardless of whether it is the main mission or a side mission.

crisis core reunion mission map
The Mission Map Layout | Image By eXputer

Map Icons

The map icons are very basic. These indicate things like quest markers, upper floors, elevators, or save spots.

crisis core reunion
The Map Icons | Screenshot Grab: eXputer

Other Game Tips

Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core Reunion is the latest addition to the Final Fantasy VII series, with a variety of new additions, such as revamped combat, enhanced visuals, and updated voice-overs. It is a great remaster of the legendary and iconic prequel to the most beloved Final Fantasy game and a must-play for every avid Final Fantasy fan. The enhancements make it a brand-new experience to enjoy for years.

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