Crisis Core Reunion: Materia Fusion List. Unlock + Tips

Instead of buying expensive materias from the shop, utilize the Materia Fusion to get your hands on rare materias and reduce inventory clutter along the way.

You can combine your hard-earned materia to form new materias through a process called Materia Fusion in Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core Reunion. Throughout your journey through Crisis Core, Zack will find special types of items called “materia”. Materia is a unique item that raises your stats and allows you to use powerful spells during combat. 

Key Takeaways
  • Materia Fusion in Crisis Core combines two materials for a stronger materia.
  • There are 4 Materia types; fusing different types yields diverse outcomes.
  • Fusion outcomes are predictable by analyzing the materials.
  • Materia Fusion unlocks in Chapter 3 after Zack’s promotion to SOLDIER First Class.
  • Item Fusion Tome, unlocked in Chapter 5 after the “Search and Destroy” mission, enhances fusion with accessories.
  • Combining Libra and DMW materias results in higher rarity materias of the same or different types, respectively.

Materia Fusion List

All Materias
List of all Materias [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]
Crisis Core Reunion features a plethora of materias, and their fusion combines their aspects and stats to give birth to a new powerful materia. In other words, the more you partake in Materia Fusion, the bigger your access will be to stronger and rarer materias. Materia Fusion is also a good way to reduce clutter in the inventory.

We have divided the Materia Fusion recipes into 4 categories: Magic Materia, Command Materia, Support Materia, and Special Materia.

Complete list of Materia in Crisis Core FF7: 

No.Type Materia 1 Materia 2Result
1Magic Materia Thunder BlizzardFire
2Magic Materia Thunder FireBlizzard
3Magic Materia Blizzard FireThunder
4Magic Materia Thunder BlizzaraFira
5Magic Materia FireThundaraBlizzara
6Magic Materia Blizzard FiraThundara
7Magic Materia Thunder BlizzagaFiraga
8Magic Materia FireThundagaBlizzaga
9Magic Materia Blizzard FiragaThundaga
10Magic Materia Cure CureCure
11Magic Materia SilenceCure Cura
12Magic Materia DeathCuraCuraga
13Magic Materia DashCureRegen
14Magic Materia VIT UPPoisonEsuna
15Magic Materia SPR UPSilenceDispel
16Magic Materia Hp UpFireBarrier
17Magic Materia SPR UP BlizzaraMBarrier
18Magic Materia OctaslashBarrierWall
19Magic Materia MAG UPDrain BladeDrain
20Magic Materia DrainFiragaDrainra
21Magic Materia OctaslashDrainDrainga
22Magic Materia MAG UPOsmose BladeOsmose
23Magic Materia SPR UPPower OsmoseOsmoga
24Magic Materia MAG UPPoison BladePoison
25Magic Materia DashPoisonSilence
26Magic Materia MAG UPStop BladeStop
27Magic Materia OctaslashPoisonDeath
28Magic Materia PoisonFireDark Fire
29Magic Materia PoisonBlizzardDark Blizzard
30Magic Materia PoisonThunderDark Thunder
31Magic Materia EsunaFiraDark Fira
32Magic Materia SilenceBlizzaraDark Blizzara
33Magic Materia DispelThundaraDark Thundara
34Magic Materia Esuna FiragaDark Firaga
35Magic Materia EsunaBlizzagaDark Blizzaga
36Magic Materia EsunaThundagaDark Thundaga
37Magic Materia OctaslashDark FireHell Firaga
38Magic Materia OctaslashDark BlizzardHell Blizzaga
39Magic Materia OctaslashDark ThunderHell Thundaga
40Magic Materia Cure GravityGravity
41Magic Materia DashGravityGraviga
42Magic Materia OctaslashGravityQuake
43Magic Materia LibraTri ThundagaTri Thundaga
44Magic Materia LibraTri Thundaga (M)Tri Fire
45Magic Materia LibraTri Fire (M)Electrocute
46Magic Materia LibraElectrocute (M)Flare
47Magic Materia LibraFlame (M)Energy
48Magic Materia OctaslashTri ThundagaUltima
49Command MateriaLibraGraviga (M)Darkness
50Command MateriaAP UpPower AttackJump
51Command MateriaAP UpFiraga BladeHigh Jump
52Command MateriaDashPoison TwisterPoison Aerial
53Command MateriaPoison TwisterHigh JumpSilence Aerial
54Command MateriaLibraSilence Aerial (M)Death Jump
55Command MateriaAP UpVital SlashAssault Twister
56Command MateriaOctaslashJumpAssault Twister+
57Command MateriaLibraPoison TwisterPoison Twister
58Command MateriaLibraPoison Aerial (M)Stop Twister
59Command MateriaPoison TwisterAssault Twister +Death Twister
60Command MateriaJumpGravityPower Attack
61Command MateriaGraviga Power Attack Vital Slash
62Command MateriaJumpQuakeExploder Blade
63Command MateriaAssault Twister Graviga (M)Blast Wave
64Command MateriaPoisonPower AttackPoison Blade
65Command MateriaPoisonAssault TwisterSilence Blade
66Command MateriaATK UpStopStop Blade
67Command MateriaDeath Power AttackDeath Blade
68Command MateriaPoisonElemental StrikeDispel Blade
69Command MateriaPower AttackFireFire Blade
70Command MateriaPower AttackBlizzardBlizzard Blade
71Command MateriaPower AttackThunderThunder Blade
72Command MateriaJumpFiraFira Blade
73Command MateriaJumpBlizzaraBlizzara Blade
74Command MateriaJumpThundaraThundara Blade
75Command MateriaATK UpFiragaFiraga Blade
76Command MateriaATK UpBlizzagaBlizzaga Blade
77Command MateriaATK UpThundagaThundaga Blade
78Command MateriaDrainAssault TwisterDrain Blade
79Command MateriaATK UpOsmogaPower Drain
80Command MateriaATK UpDraingaAerial Drain
81Command MateriaATK UpDrainOsmose Blade
82Command MateriaATK UpDrainraPower Osmose
83Command MateriaLibra StealSteal
84Command MateriaElectrocute StealMug
85Command MateriaOctaslashStealGil Toss
86Command MateriaLibra Goblin PunchGoblin Punch
87Command MateriaDashGoblin PunchIron Fist
88Command MateriaLibra (M)Iron Fist (M)Magical Punch
89Command MateriaLibra (M)Magical Punch (M)Hammer Punch
90Command MateriaOctaslashGoblin PunchCostly Punch
91Support MateriaOctaslashOctaslashLibra
92Support MateriaOctaslashPoison TwisterStatus Strike
93Support MateriaHP UpStopStatus Ward
94Support MateriaFireAssault Twister +Elemental Strike
95Support MateriaVIT UpFiragaElemental Ward
96Support MateriaLibraSP Turbo MagicSP Turbo Magic
97Support MateriaElectrocute SP Turbo MagicSP Turbo Attack
98Support MateriaFlareSP Turbo MagicSP Turbo
99Support MateriaEnergy SP Turbo MagicSP Barrier
100Support MateriaOctaslashSP Turbo MagicSP Master
101Special MateriaLibraHP UpHP Up
102Special MateriaDashHP UpHP Up +
103Special MateriaOctaslashHP UpHP Up ++
104Special MateriaLibraMP UpMP Up
105Special MateriaDashMP UpMP Up +
106Special MateriaOctaslashMP UpMP Up ++
107Special MateriaLibraAP UpAP Up
108Special MateriaDashAP UpAP Up +
109Special MateriaOctaslashAP UpAP Up ++
110Special MateriaLibraATK UpATK Up
111Special MateriaDashATK UpATK Up +
112Special MateriaOctaslashATK UpATK Up ++
113Special MateriaLibra VIT UpVIT Up
114Special MateriaDashVIT UpVIT Up +
115Special MateriaOctaslashVIT UpVIT Up ++
116Special MateriaLibraMAG UpMAG Up
117Special MateriaDashMAG UpMAG Up +
118Special MateriaOctaslashMAG UpMAG Up ++
119Special MateriaLibraSPR UpSPR Up
120Special MateriaDashSPR UpSPR Up +
121Special MateriaOctaslashSPR UpSPR Up ++
122Special MateriaDashStealSmart Consumer

Magic Materia

Maeria List 1
List of Magic Materias [Image by eXputer]
  • Thunder + Blizzard = Fire
  • Thunder + Fire = Blizzard 
  • Blizzard + Fire = Thunder 
  • Thunder + Blizzara = Fira 
  • Fire + Thundara = Blizzara 
  • Blizzard + Fira = Thundara 
  • Thunder + Blizzaga = Firaga 
  • Fire + Thundaga = Blizzaga 
  • Blizzard + Firaga = Thundaga 
  • Cure + Cure = Cure 
  • Silence + Cure = Cura 
  • Death + Cura = Curaga 
  • Dash + Cure = Regen 
  • VIT UP + Poison = Esuna 
  • SPR UP + Silence = Dispel 
  • HP Up + Fire = Barrier 
  • SPR UP + Blizzara = MBarrier 
  • Octaslash + Barrier = Wall 
  • MAG UP + Drain Blade = Drain 
  • Drain + Firaga = Drainra 
  • Octaslash + Drain = Drainga 
  • MAG UP + Osmose Blade = Osmose 
  • SPR UP + Power Osmose = Osmoga 
  • MAG UP + Poison Blade = Poison 
  • Dash + Poison = Silence 
  • MAG UP + Stop Blade = Stop 
  • Octaslash + Poison = Death 
  • Poison + Fire = Dark Fire 
  • Poison + Blizzard = Dark Blizzard 
  • Poison + Thunder = Dark Thunder 
  • Esuna + Fira = Dark Fira 
  • Silence + Blizzara = Dark Blizzara 
  • Dispel + Thundara = Dark Thundara 
  • Esuna + Firaga = Dark Firaga 
  • Esuna + Blizzaga = Dark Blizzaga 
  • Esuna + Thundaga = Dark Thundaga 
  • Octaslash + Dark Fire = Hell Firaga 
  • Octaslash + Dark Blizzard = Hell Blizzaga 
  • Octaslash + Dark Thunder = Hell Thundaga 
  • Cure + Gravity = Gravity 
  • Dash + Gravity = Graviga 
  • Octaslash + Gravity = Quake 
  • Libra + Tri-Thundaga = Tri-Thundaga 
  • Libra + Tri-Thundaga (M) = Tri-Fire 
  • Libra + Tri-Fire (M) = Electrocute 
  • Libra + Electrocute (M) = Flare 
  • Libra + Flare (M) = Energy 
  • Octaslash + Tri-Thundaga = Ultima 

Command Materia

Matria List 2
List of Command Materias [Image Captured by us]
  • Libra + Graviga (M) = Darkness
  • AP Up + Power Attack = Jump
  • AP Up + Firaga Blade = High Jump
  • Dash + Poison Twister = Poison Aerial
  • Poison Twister + High Jump = Silence Aerial
  • Libra + Silence Aerial (M) = Death Jump
  • AP Up + Vital Slash = Assault Twister
  • Octaslash + Jump = Assault Twister+
  • Libra + Poison Twister = Poison Twister
  • Libra + Poison Aerial (M) = Stop Twister
  • Poison Twister + Assault Twister+ = Death Twister
  • Jump + Gravity = Power Attack
  • Graviga + Power Attack = Vital Slash
  • Jump + Quake = Exploder Blade
  • Assault Twister + Graviga (M) = Blast Wave
  • Poison + Power Attack = Poison Blade
  • Poison + Assault Twister = Silence Blade
  • ATK UP + Stop = Stop Blade
  • Death + Power Attack = Death Blade
  • Poison + Elemental Strike = Dispel Blade
  • Power Attack + Fire = Fire Blade
  • Power Attack + Blizzard = Blizzard Blade
  • Power Attack + Thunder = Thunder Blade
  • Jump + Fira = Fira Blade
  • Jump + Blizzara = Blizzara Blade
  • Jump + Thundara = Thundara Blade
  • ATK UP + Firaga = Firaga Blade
  • ATK UP + Blizzaga = Blizzaga Blade
  • ATK UP + Thundaga = Thundaga Blade
  • Drain + Assault Twister = Drain Blade
  • ATK UP + Osmoga = Power Drain
  • ATK UP + Drainga = Aerial Drain
  • ATK UP + Drain = Osmose Blade
  • ATK UP + Drainra = Power Osmose
  • Libra + Steal = Steal
  • Electrocute + Steal = Mug
  • Octaslash + Steal = Gil Toss
  • Libra + Goblin Punch = Goblin Punch
  • Dash + Goblin Punch = Iron Fist
  • Libra (M) + Iron Fist (M) = Magical Punch
  • Libra (M) + Magical Punch (M) = Hammer Punch
  • Octaslash + Goblin Punch = Costly Punch

Support Materia

Materia List 4
List of Support Materia [Image Captured by eXputer]
  • Octaslash + Octaslash = Libra
  • Octaslash + Poison Twister = Status Strike
  • HP Up + Stop = Status Ward
  • Fire + Assault Twister+ = Elemental Strike
  • VIT UP + Firaga = Elemental Ward
  • Libra + SP Turbo Magic = SP Turbo Magic
  • Electrocute + SP Turbo Magic = SP Turbo Attack
  • Flare + SP Turbo Magic = SP Turbo
  • Energy + SP Turbo Magic = SP Barrier
  • Octaslash + SP Turbo Magic = SP Master

Special Materia

Materia List 3
List of Special Materia [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]
  • Libra + HP Up = HP Up
  • Dash + HP Up = HP Up+
  • Octaslash + HP Up = HP Up++
  • Libra + MP Up = MP Up
  • Dash + MP Up = MP Up+
  • Octaslash + MP Up = MP Up++
  • Libra + AP Up = AP Up
  • Dash + AP Up = AP Up+
  • Octaslash + AP Up = AP Up++
  • Libra + ATK UP = ATK UP
  • Dash + ATK UP = ATK UP+
  • Octaslash + ATK UP = ATK UP++
  • Libra + VIT UP = VIT UP
  • Dash + VIT UP = VIT UP+
  • Octaslash + VIT UP = VIT UP++
  • Libra + MAG UP = MAG UP
  • Dash + MAG UP = MAG UP+
  • Octaslash + MAG UP = MAG UP++
  • Libra + SPR UP = SPR UP
  • Dash + SPR UP = SPR UP+
  • Octaslash + SPR UP = SPR UP++
  • Dash + Steal = Smart Consumer

How To Unlock Materia Fusion & Item Fusion Tome

Materia Fusion, along with its tutorial, is available after Zack is promoted to SOLDIER First Class by Lazard. This allows you to fuse two materia to form a new materia. However, there is an item that is later unlocked in the story which allows you to involve accessories in the fusion as well. That item is called Item Fusion Tome.

Item Fusion Tome is locked behind story progression and unlocks after you play through Chapter 5. After meeting with Aerith, a mission is available to the player called “Search & Destroy”. Upon completing this mission, you’ll receive an item called Item Fusion Tome.

Mission in Chapter 5
Completing “Search & Destroy” unlocks the item required for Materia Fusion [Image Captured by eXputer]
This item will enable you to mix accessories in Materia Fusion. The Materia Fusion tab can be accessed from the pause menu.

How Does The Fusion Process Work?

Menu of Materia Fusion
Materia Fusion Menu [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]
There are key gears moving behind the scenes while you perform a fusion.

There are specific rules governing this fusion process:

  1. Parameter Values: When fusing two materias, the game will calculate the materia with the higher parameter value, and this value will carry over to the new materia. Additionally, 50% of the parameter value of the lesser materia will also be added to the new materia. For example, fusing Thunder+3 and Blizzard+2 will result in a new materia with the parameter value of Fire +4.
  2. Combining Mastered Level Materias: If you combine two materias that have been mastered, you will create a higher-level materia of the same type. This means that instead of just getting a normal materia, you will receive an ascended version. For example, fusing two mastered Blizzard materias (M) will create a Blizzara materia.
  3. Fusing DMW Materias: When you fuse a materia with DMW materias, you will create high-level materias of different types. This can be a way to obtain powerful materia combinations and upgrades.
  4. Fusing with Libra: Fusing a materia with Libra will result in the same materia with significantly higher parameter values, making it more potent in battles.

Obviously, the list of fused materias in our guide is long, and we all know not every one of those fused materias will be highly useful in combat. So, if you want a shortlist of the best materias in the game, consider going through our guide on the best materia in Crisis Core Reunion.

Crisis Core Reunion is also available in several editions with its own goodies and bonuses. To know the differences and prices of each edition, you can go through our Crisis Core Reunion All Editions.

This concludes our guide on the Materia Fusion list and the explanation of their Materia Fusion works. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments.

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