Crisis Core Reunion: Number Guessing Game & Rewards

Learn all the rewards that you can get by playing the number guessing game correctly in Crisis Core Reunion FFVII

The number-guessing game in Crisis Core Reunion FFVII involves Zack choosing a single number that could match the total number of children crossing the market. You can select the number on your own or seek help from Aerith and the Boy. Winning this mini-game gets Zack one random reward, and 12 items could be earned by winning each time. 

Key Highlights

  • The number-guessing game always gives one random reward to Zack.
  • The starting cost of the game is 100 Gil, but you get a discount as you play more. 
  • Each time you play the game with the Boy in the market, you will need to pay at least 50-70 Gil.
  • The correct answer always lies in the common number that Aerith and the Boy tell you. 
  • Selecting the common number told by Aerith and the Boy will guarantee that Zack wins the number-guessing game.
  • You can get at least one reward each time by playing the game from 12 items, including Potion, Soma, Bronze Bangla, Hi-Potion, Thunder Materia, Blizzard Materia, Fire Materia, Bulletproof Vest, Bronze Armlet, X-Potion, ATK Up, and HP Up.  

Chapter 4 Sector 5 Slums Market

To start the number-guessing game, you first need to reach the Sector 5 Slums Market area of chapter 4. After that, interact with the Boy to start the number-guessing game after Zack has found his wallet.

This is the same location where you can also complete Good Match For Aerith trophy in the game. 

Number Guessing Mini-Game

play the game [screenshot by eXputer]
The starting cost to initiate the number-guessing game is 100Gil per play. However, as you keep winning and play again for more rewards, you will get a discount from the Boy. Ultimately, you will still need to pay 50-70 Gil per play if you want to obtain all 12 rewards you can get from this number-guessing mini-game in Crisis Core Reunion FFVII. 

As long as you keep playing the game and win, you can obtain 12 rewards that give more value than the low amount of Gil you spend. We recommend playing the number-guessing game for all the rewards before moving forward from this area of the game to the next one in Crisis Core Reunion FFVII. 

Rules Of The Game

rules of the game [screenshot by eXputer]
The game’s rules are pretty simple: Zack has to tell the boy a guess number that will turn out to be the number of children passing the street. If the number you tell matches the number of children passing the street, you win the game and, therefore, will get a random item reward from The Boy. If you fail, you will have to retry again, but the amount in Gil that you pay will be lost. 

Look For Common Number To Win

To guarantee your win each time in a number-guessing game, always ask Aerith and The Boy to give you a hint. The Boy will always tell you three numbers. However, Aerith’s number-telling range depends on Zack’s affection for her.

Ask Aerith To Pick A Number

ask Aerith to choose [screenshot by eXputer]
You can always select the option “No, I have to choose” and skip what Aerith has to tell you. However, the downside of this action will be that you will never know what number comes out as common when the Boy tells you his prediction. That is why we recommend you always select the first option, as seen in the image above.

Here is the list of Aerith’s affection tiers that we were able to get by playing the game:  

  • High Affection: Zack gets 4 number guesses
  • Mid Affection: Zack gets 3 number guesses
  • Low Affection: Zack gets 2 number guesses

As always, if you get at least 3 or more than that number guesses from Aerith, it’d help you figure out the next part or match at least one number with The Boy’s hint. 

Ask The Boy To Guess Numbers

ask Kid’s hint [screenshot by eXputer]
You must always ask the Boy’s prediction to get a guaranteed win in the number-guessing game in Crisis Core Reunion FFVII. However, he will never tell you three random numbers if you do not pay him. Every time you ask for hints, you will have to pay 70 Gil, as seen in the image above.

We recommend you do not skip this step as well. Otherwise, you will blindly choose a number from a six-option answer, and the chances of failing the mini-game are very high.  

Selecting The Common Number 

selecting a number [screenshot by eXputer]
Now select the common number, assuming you have asked Aerith and the Boy to choose a number and both have given you at least three predictions. We can not say that X will be the correct answer because this mini-game has a random number generation for answers, and there is no fixed number. 

Every time you play the number-guessing game, the outcome will be a random number you must figure out by asking Aerith and the Boy. 

All Number Guessing Rewards

winning the game [screenshot by eXputer]
The above image shows that we selected the number 4 as the guess digit, and the outcome or the total number of children passing the street was also 4. You can get 12 rewards by replaying this mini-game again and again, and here is the list of all rewards you can win. 

  • Potion
  • Soma
  • Bronze Bangla
  • Hi-Potion
  • Thunder Materia
  • Blizzard Materia
  • Fire Materia
  • Bulletproof Vest
  • Bronze Armlet
  • X-Potion
  • ATK Up
  • HP Up  

Unlocking Bingo Trophy  

You can unlock the Bingo Bronze trophy by participating in a number-guessing mini-game and winning the Blizzard Materia award. However, as mentioned above, you get random rewards every time, so you need to keep playing the game until you get Blizzard Materia. This will unlock the trophy for you whenever you get this item as a reward for winning the game from the Boy. It could be your first turn or 12th; it’s all a random chance. 


That is pretty much everything we had to discuss Crisis Core Reunion FFVII Number Guessing Game. If you’re starting the game, then you must know the locations of Octaslash and Goddess Materia. Or, you can make Zack overpowered for bosses if you get the Magic Pot and Cursed Ring and increase his SP by answering Hojo’s questions.   


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