Crisis Core Reunion: How To Get Octaslash Materia

Learn everything there is to know about the Octaslash Materia in Crisis Core FFVII Reunion.

The Octaslash Materia in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion is an Independent and Special materia, and the Octaslash Materia can be used to alter the DMW (Digital Mind Wave) rolls. Additionally, the Octaslash Materia can also be used to create some other crucial Magic, Support, and Command Materia in the game. The Special Materia can be bought in Crisis Core Reunion. The game also features a Limit Break move with the same name.

Key Highlights

  • The Octaslash Materia is a Special Materia that enhances the chances of getting Sephiroth in the DMW wheel.
  • Octaslash Materia can be bought from the Research Dept. QMC+ for 10,000 Gil.
  • Players can also use the Octaslash Materia to create multiple Materia Fusions.
  • If a player rolls three Sephiroth character cards in Crisis Core Reunion, they get to use the Octaslash Limit Break move.

What Is Octaslash Materia In Crisis Core Reunion?

DMW crisis core reunion
Sephiroth in the DMW [Screenshot by eXputer]
As we mentioned earlier, the Octaslash Materia is a Special-type of Materia which alters the chances of DMW rolls in the FFVII remake. If you are a returning Final Fantasy player, then you would be aware of the fact that Octaslash is also a move used by and associated with Sephiroth.

Sephiroth is one of the two characters which are unlocked for Zack’s DMW right from the start. Apart from Sephiroth and Angeal, the rest of the characters in the DMW are locked when you start the game. If you successfully roll three Sephiroth in your DMW wheel, then you get the chance to unleash the Octaslash attack.

Materia orbs allow the player to use attacks, modify stats, equip support skills, or cause damage to the opponent. There are 4 Types of Materia in the game; Magic, Command, Support, and Independent/Special. Every Materia enhances Zack’s ability or attacks in one way or another.

Coming back to the topic at hand, Octaslash Materia allows the player to increase the chances of Sephiroth appearing on the DMW wheel. Hence, it boosts the probability of pulling off the Octaslash move in the game. On top of that, the Octaslash Materia also offers the following bonuses per level.

  • First Level: ATK +1
  • Second Level: ATK +2
  • Third Level: ATK +3
  • Fourth Level: ATK +4
  • Fifth Level: ATK +5

So, how can you get the Octaslash Materia in Crisis Core Reunion? Well, it’s quite simple. All you need to do is head to the “Research Dept. QMC+” shop and buy the Special Octaslash Materia (Level 8) for 10,000 Gil. To earn Gil, you can try pulling off successful moves in the battles or sell valuable items such as the Gold Rolling Pin.

After getting your hands on the Octaslash Materia, you can equip it by pausing the game and going to the “Equipment” tab. From here, select the “Set” you want to edit and then pick the desired slot where you want your Materia to be placed. After clicking on your desired slot, navigate your available Materia and choose “Octaslash Materia“, which can be found under the “Special Materia” section.

But that’s not all, and the Octaslash Materia also has plenty of other great uses in the game. You can also use the Octaslash Materia to create some other crucial Materia orbs for Zack Fair.

Octaslash Materia Fusions In Crisis Core Reunion

crisis core materia crafting
Materia Fusion in Crisis Core Reunion [Image Credit: eXputer]
Now that you’re aware of some basics regarding the Octaslash Materia, like where to find it and how to equip it. It’s time for you to learn its secondary use in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion. Materia Fusion is a complex mechanic in the game and can confuse the new players in the Final Fantasy franchise.

However, despite being confusing and complex, fusing Materia can give you massive advantages over your enemies in the Crisis Core FFVII Reunion. Therefore, it is important to know some of the Best Materia fusions you can create in Crisis Core Reunion.

To access the Materia crafting, open up the in-game Main Menu of Crisis Core Reunion. From the list of options, choose “Materia Fusion“. Here you will be able to see two empty Materia slots along with an item slot. Simply place two compatible Materias together to create a more powerful Materia.

Since we’re covering everything about Octaslash Materia, here are all the fusions you can form in the game with it.

Magic Materias that can be created using Octaslash Materia:

  • Barrier + Octaslash = Wall
  • Drain + Octaslash = Drainga
  • Poison + Octaslash = Death
  • Dark Fire + Octaslash = Hell Firaga
  • Dark Blizzard + Octaslash = Hell Blizzaga
  • Dark Thunder + Octaslash = Hell Thundaga
  • Gravity + Octaslash = Quake
  • Tri-Thundaga + Octaslash = Ultima

Command Materias that can be created using Octaslash Materia:

  • Jump + Octaslash = Assault Twister+
  • Steal + Octaslash = Gil Toss
  • Goblin Punch + Octaslash = Costly Punch

Support Materias that can be created using Octaslash Materia:

  • Octaslash + Octaslash = Libra
  • Poison Twister + Octaslash = Status Strike
  • SP Turbo Magic + Octaslash = SP Master

Independent/Special Materias that can be created using Octaslash Materia:

  • HP Up + Octaslash = HP Up++
  • MP Up + Octaslash = MP Up++
  • AP Up + Octaslash = AP Up++
  • ATK Up + Octaslash = ATK Up++
  • VIT Up + Octaslash = VIT Up++
  • MAG Up + Octaslash = MAG Up++
  • SPR Up + Octaslash = SPR Up++

Octaslash Limit Break Move

crisis core reunion limit break
Octaslash Move [Screenshot by eXputer]
Before we call it a day, let’s briefly shine some light on the Octaslash Limit Break move in Crisis Core Reunion. Returning Final Fantasy fans would know that the Octaslash move belongs to the antagonist in the series known as Sephiroth. The Octaslash move is a highly damaging attack move. When used, the player unleashes a quick flurry of eight sword swipes toward the enemy.

In Crisis Core Reunion, the Octaslash Limit Break move is available from the start of the game. This is because Sephiroth has been unlocked in the DMW wheel since the beginning. Hence, you can potentially use the Octaslash move in your first fight, which has DMW in it. 

Of course, to get the Octaslash Limit Break to move, you need to successfully get the Sephiroth character card on each of the three slots of the DMW. However, it is to be noted that your rolls are purely based on luck and can not be altered.

Once you get three Sephiroth cards, you will instantly get the option to use the Octaslash Limit Break. The move can be stored throughout the battle, although once the battle concludes, the unused Limit Break moves will expire in Crisis Core Reunion.

Nevertheless, having the Octaslash Materia will allow you to increase your chances of rolling Sephiroth in the DMW. Therefore, your chances of getting the Octaslash Limit Break will ultimately increase. 

Wrap Up

With that, we reach the end of our definitive guide. We did our best to cover the most crucial information regarding the Octaslash Materia in Crisis Core FFVII Reunion. Not only that, but in our guide, we also included the Materia fusions you can create with the Octaslash Materia. Finally, we finished the article by including a brief overview of the Octaslash Limit Break.

The Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion is the remastered version of the game with the same title, which was released for PSP in 2007. Players get to relive the journey of Zack Fair, who is destined to save the world with his Buster Sword by his side. The game features the same storyline. However, the graphics and textures in the game have been revamped to a whole new level.

In Crisis Core Reunion, it is essential to take your combat expertise to the next level so that you are capable of facing some of the toughest enemies, like the Bahamut Fury, in the game. You can also try getting the Magic Pot and Cactuar Summons to become even stronger during fights. To earn some bonus Soldier Points {SP) in the game, try learning more about the Hojo Questions and the Mako Recovery Unit.

Thank you for reading through our Octaslash Materia guide. Stay tuned at eXputer to catch more stuff about Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion. 

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