Crisis Core Reunion: How To Get Precise Restoration Trophy

Learn how players can get the Precise Restoration trophy by completing an objective in chapter 4!

With an adaptive storyline, there are trophies that players can collect, such as Crisis Core Reunion Precise Restoration. However, it can be a little tough to get it, and therefore, players might need assistance with achieving it. The game is an enthralling prequel to its original storyline, which most players had played in their childhood. Thus a re-mastered version was sure to bring the child back out again as adults. 

Key Highlights: 

  • The Precise Restoration is a trophy that players are able to get their hands on alongside many others that they can encounter during their game playthrough. 
  • The trophy is achieved when players have progressed through the main story, chapters 1,2, and 3, and then get to a semi-mid point of chapter 4. 
  • The trophy itself is quite missable, and it can be very easy to skip past the objective and continue with the main quest. 
  • The best way to get the trophy will be by completing the objective that the machine asks you to do. 
  • The main benefit of getting the trophy will simply be that you will be able to add one more to your collection. 


Before we get started, there is one thing that players should keep in mind, and it is that to get their hands on the trophy, players will have to have progressed through the main story quite a bit, and they will have to cross at least chapter 3

The trophy itself will not be easily achievable, and quite literally, there is a chance that players might end up missing it completely if they are not careful when they are playing the game. The trophy itself will be up for grabs when you’re busy doing chapter 4.

There comes a point during chapter four where players will be protecting Professor Hojo, and this is the main part where players will be able to get their hands on the trophy. There will also come a point where players will be able to interact with a few of Hojo’s machines.

Don’t Interact With Professor Hojo

Now, if you make the mistake of interacting with Hojo before you get a chance to interact with the machines that are present in the room, then you end up losing your chance of getting the trophy itself. 

  • The main reason for that is simply because instead of allowing you to interact with the machines later, it will simply progress with the storyline, and you will continue with the main quest, and you basically have to either restart the game with a fresh start if you want to get the trophy again, or you can simply say goodbye to the idea of it. 

There will be one or two other machines that you wouldn’t want to miss out on either, so make sure to simply not interact with Professor Hojo. 

Starting Out 

When you first start, you will be present in a room that looks incredibly futuristic. The entire room will be colored top to bottom in a grayish-blue tone, and there will be machinery that will surround and scattered all across the room. 

Room’s Appearance

Room Appearance
Room Appearance (Image Credits Exputer)

On the floor, there will be a few grates that will be running all around the machinery, and there will be a yellow line that will indicate that people are not allowed to go across the floor beyond a certain limit and are not allowed to touch the machinery. 

  • The yellow and black lines will be painted on the floor and will be surrounded by the main machinery that will be standing tall towards the left end of the room. The line itself will be painted in a hexagon shape. 

From the place that you are standing, the tall machinery will be to your left, while the machinery that offers trophies will be present towards your right side. 

If you look behind you, players will be able to see a CR-02 written on what seems to be a glass window, which makes it seem like it is either an important room or machinery that will be important later on in the story. 

Professor Hojo 

Professor Hojo
Professor Hojo (Image Credits Exputer)

Now that you have taken a look at the room, if you look behind you once again, players will be able to see Professor Hojo himself standing quite a bit far away from you. He will be standing a few feet in front of the CR-02 machine that we mentioned before. 

Alongside that, it also seems like he will have quest markers that will be a blue square with an exclamation mark in the middle of it, which will be indicating that the payer should interact next with him. 

  • This is what the players want to stay away from for now. The second you head over to Professor Hojo and talk to him, you lose the chance to interact with the machines; therefore, until you are done investigating the machines, leave that quest marker. 

Heading Towards The Machine 

Heading Towards The Machine
Heading Towards The Machine (Image Credits Exputer)

From the position that you are in, turn around, and start running towards professor Hojo, who will be standing near the balcony edge overlooking the machine that he is working on. 

  • The machine itself will be covered with glass all over, and there will be a mint green colored light that will illuminate the machine that Hojo is working on. 
  • If you go across from him, there will be a large box that will be placed near the ledge as well, and the box will be placed towards the left side of Professor Hojo, and it will have a light red light that will illuminate the inside of the box, and four squares on it with symbols. 

About one foot towards the left of the box, there will be a giant machine that you can go towards. The machine will be recognizable with its overall layout

Players will be able to take note of two monitors that will be placed on the machine, one will be a horizontal monitor, while the other will be a vertical monitor that will be placed directly below the horizontal one, and both of them will be lit blue-green. 

Get a bit closer to the machine and you will be able to step up to stand on the platform that it has provided to you. Alongside that, there will be a yellow X marker that will be placed inside a yellow circle that the payer will be able to interact with. 

Once the marker has been interacted with, players will automatically be able to interact with the machine

Starting The Objective

The Machine
The Machine (Image Credits Exputer)

Once you stand on the machine and interact with it, a small cutscene will appear where players will be able to get on top of the platform. 

  • There will be a blue box that appears on your screen that will say the words “Mako Recovery Unit Prototype,” and there will be two more headings underneath that will say Auto Termination, under maintenance as well as manual termination will say malfunction detected. 

At this point, it is important, nay, players must save the game at this checkpoint, and the main reason for that is simply if you end up losing the objective and you end up retrying way too many times only to give up and want to try over and over again, you won’t have to go through the hassle of having to repeat anything. 

After the first blue box ends up disappearing, there will be a second blue box that appears in front of the player. The box will simply say something along the lines of: 

  • The box will display the message and tell the players that a malfunction has been detected in the overall operation of the machine. 
  • The way that the malfunction works is that when the termination countdown is taking place, the numbers that appear on the screen that start from 5 seconds and should be displayed to 0 seconds on the screen will simply refuse to. 
  • Instead of counting down normally, once the countdown reaches 3 seconds, players will simply be unable to see the 2, 1, and 0 seconds from being displayed, which will severely hinder the way that the objective progresses for payers. 

The machine will then say that due to possible chances of hazards being able to take place, the machine shouldn’t be operated to protect yourself and the surrounding areas of the room and simply from having anything bad happen. The reality is that the objective will still have you continue with the termination countdown.

After you interact with it again, it will ask you the question, “Throw the switch?” after which it will display a total of 2 options to players: 

  • Of course, I will! 
  • No, I really shouldn’t. 

If players don’t want the Crisis Core Reunion Precise Restoration trophy, then they can simply select the second option and walk away, but if you do want the trophy, then a small risk will have to be taken to get your hands on the trophy. 

The Main Objective 

The Objective
The Objective (Image Credits Exputer)

Now, when it comes to the actual objective for the device, after you end up choosing the option to throw the switch, there will be another blue popup message that will show up and will be placed towards the left of your screen. The screen will be instructions that the player needs to follow to proceed with the objective. 

  • The objective will start by telling the player that they need first to activate the device, and when they do so, the payers will have to wait for a total of 5 seconds, after which you will be able to go ahead and deactivate it, which will e needed to restore SP, and the amount of SP that will be restored will fully depend on the timing of the countdown that is carried out by you. 
  • The device will then go ahead and tell you that, unfortunately, due to the malfunction, the countdown timer won’t operate the way that it is supposed to. And the display will end up turning off during the countdown is active. 
  • If the player decides to go ahead with the objective but ends up being too slow to carry out the deactivation process, any extra mako created will end up being dangerous to the player’s overall health. Players, therefore *need* to deactivate it in exactly five seconds

Doing The Objective 

Doing The Objective
Doing The Objective (Image Credits Exputer)

Now, to carry out the objective, players will first interact with the appropriate buttons again, which will be to press X on PS, or if you’re playing on XBOX, then players will need to press A. 

The main objective here is to time the countdown perfectly and then click the button when the countdown ends up reaching 0. The thing is, though, since the countdown timer has been malfunctioning, the number 0 will not actually be displayed on the screen, which makes this a little bit tougher on the players. 

So the way that this entire thing will work is that it will display the countdown timer as 5 seconds, 4, then 3, but then the 2, 1, and 0 will not be displayed. Therefore the player will have to keep count in their mind, and make sure not to delay a second too long, or it can end up benign hazardous, and you basically fail the objective. 

  • After the blue bar disappears, there will be another popup that will say “system activated”, indicating that the objective has started. After that, it will say begin a countdown, and this is where you need to keep count. 
  • So, the 5 appears, then 4, and then 3, and while the 5, 4, and 3 are appearing, payers should automatically be counting these seconds in their minds too. 
  • Trophy
    Trophy (Image Credits Exputer)

Once you mentally reach 0, go ahead and press the button, and you will see your character interact with the machine, and if you successfully complete it, a popup will show up which will display the words “100% of mako delivery completed, Subject’s SP will be recovered”. And you will then see the message that the SP has been replenished. And after that occurs, the Crisis Core Reunion Precise Restoration trophy will appear on the top right of the screen. 

Leading Up Quests 

Now, before players are able to even get to the part where they are able to get their hands on the trophy, there will be a total of 4 chapters that players will need to playthrough in order to get to the middle of the fourth chapter where the trophy can be retrieved.

Prologue Quest 

Whenever payers start off with the game, you will instantly be told to get through the objective, which will say “defeat the sentries,” which will basically introduce players to how the in-game combats will work, and you will have to defeat the enemies in order to progress further. 

After that, players will then be introduced to another boss that will have to get rid of, and this is where the next objective will pop up, which will tell players to “fight Behemoth,” and the boss itself will have the following stats: 

  • 7870 HP 
  • 122 MP 
  • 16 SP 

Chapter One 

Now, when you make your way over to chapter one, the objectives will definitely get a bit on the harder end since the game has officially started. The first objective the players will be presented with will simply be that you will have to read the tutorial emails

  • After that, the next objective that players will be able to get will be that they will have to examine the mission boards, after which they will then be further prompted to get through the basic combat mission successfully without failing it. 
  • Another objective that you will get will be that you will need to discover the supply pod, after which players will be able to equip a bronze bangle, and after which you will have to speak to Angeal. After that, you will have to head towards MT Tamblin and then further climb up it while Angeal will be alongside you. 
  • The fort that is present on the mountain will need to be stored, from where you will then have to defeat both Vajradhara Tai as well as Vajradhara Wu. once you do so, payers should expect to face a few more opponents that they will have to face, and then you will have to defeat Ifrit. 

Chapter Two 

When you complete chapter one and start chapter two, the following objectives can be expected: 

  • Players will first be expected to make their way over to sector 8, after which they will have to get back to the briefing room, where they will then have to meet up with Tseng. 
  • After the meeting is done, players will then need to head over to the Banora Village, after which they will be told to search it through and through so that they are able to get their hands on some valuable info about Angeal. 
  • From there, you need to regroup again with Tseng, after which you can get into a factory, from where you will then need to head back to the place where Angeal lives with a timer that you will need to complete the objective within. Bahamut will appear, and it will need to be defeated before players can get out of Banora Village. 

Chapter Three 

Moving on, chapter three will definitely be a lot longer, but the objectives that will be presented ot players will be as follows in the Shinra Building

  • Players will need to explore a lot of the Shinra’s Soldier floors area, after which they will then have to go towards the director’s room. After that, there will be a few opponents that you will have to defeat that will want to take over the Shinra building
  • There will come the point where you will also need to defeat G Eraser, and then you will need to meet Sephiroth, who will be in the Mako reactor five areas. 

When you make your way over to the Mako reactor five where there will be even more objectives to do: 

  • Get rid of the A-sahagin that you will be able to encounter, and then there will be a lot of exploration, and you will then need to search the area for any possible clues. Chase Hollander and then get rid of the Shot, Pile as well as cutter machine. 

As for chapter four, players will have to get through the objectives in the sector 5 area, then the sector 0 area inevitably, until they can protect Professor Hojo. 


And there we have it! A detailed walkthrough on how players can get the trophy, and with that, we will wrap up our Crisis Core Reunion Precise Restoration guide! 

If you are new to the game, then you might want to check out our Crisis Core FFVII Reunion Max Level guide so that you are able to figure out how to progress fast and get to the max level as quickly as possible!

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