Crisis Core Reunion: How To Defeat The Sea Hulk?

Learn the best battle strategy for the Sea Hulk in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion.

The combat mode can get quite challenging, especially when you’re facing enemies like the Sea Hulk in Crisis Core Reunion. It is one of the toughest enemies players face while completing the missions in the game. Its appearance and most of its moves are quite similar to the Behemoth, who appears as a boss in the game.

Key Takeaways
  • The Sea Hulk is an enemy that the player faces in the Crisis Core FFVII Reunion.
  • Players can find the Sea Hulk in M10-4-3 “Is it a Vacation Yet?”.
  • In addition to having the ability to Self-heal, the Sea Hulk is a fast enemy with special moves like Heave, Gyro Tail, and Meteorite.
  • Players can outpace the Sea Hulk’s ability to heal by using the Hell Thundaga Materia in the game.
  • Sea Hulk has the chance to drop Hi-Potion and Iron Bangle.
  • Players can also try stealing items from it, such as Iron Bangle and Titanium Bangle. 

About Sea Hulk

sea hulk enemy in Crisis Core FFVII
Sea Hulk: Overview [Screengrab by eXputer]
As mentioned earlier, the Sea Hulk is an enemy the player faces during Crisis Core Reunion’s missions. Sea Hulk puts up a tough fight and is devastatingly strong. For a lot of players, it is one of the strongest fights in the whole game. The Sea Hulk has quick attacks, and it is quite nimble despite having a huge body, unlike the Wyerd. Hence, players need to be constantly on their toes to defeat the enemy!


Let’s now have a quick look at some of the standout Stats of the Sea Hulk in the new Final Fantasy game:

  • Level: 36
  • HP: 52,800
  • MP: 187
  • ATK: 44
  • MAG: 31
  • VIT: 22
  • SPR: 23
  • LCK: 33
  • EXP: 1,052
  • SP: 220
  • Gil: 78

Many of the Best Materias are great at causing Elemental damage. However, not all of these might perform well against certain enemies. Hence, let us quickly review how the Sea Hulk stands against some of the Elemental damages in the game. Luckily, it has no damage reductions against the Elemental attacks in Crisis Core Reunion.

  • Fire: Full Damage (100%)
  • Ice: Full Damage (100%)
  • Thunder: Full Damage (100%)
  • Gravity: Full Damage (100%)


sea hulk mission
Sea Hulk’s Mission in the game [Image Credit: eXputer]
The Sea Hulk appears during a 6-star mission in Crisis Core Reunion. To face the Sea Hulk, you will need to put in a good amount of hours into the game before unlocking the relevant mission.

Players can face the Sea Hulk during the M10-4-3 “Is it a Vacation Yet?” mission. To access the quest, open the Missions menu and head to M10: Mysteries of the World. After that, choose M10-4: More Fun in the Sun! choose the mission that reads, “Is It a Vacation Yet?”. Of course, you will need to complete prior quests to unlock M10-4-3.

To unlock the mission, you must first complete M10-4-2: We Hope it’s a Vacation. During M10-4-3, players will only face the Sea Hulk as an enemy. After completing the quest, the players will get the Adamantite as a reward.


dropped loot by sea hulk
Sea Hulk Drops [Screengrab by eXputer]
The Sea Hulk in Crisis Core offers potential loot through two methods: Dropped Loot and stealing with “Mug” or “Steal” moves. After defeating the Sea Hulk, Dropped Loot is guaranteed, with a chance for a common Hi-Potion or a rare Iron Bangle, boosting Zack’s HP by 20%. Alternatively, using “Mug” or “Steal” has a 50% chance of yielding items, such as a common Iron Bangle or a rare Titanium Bangle, increasing HP by 30%. Employing these moves during the battle increases the likelihood of obtaining valuable items.

How To Beat Sea Hulk In Crisis Core Reunion?

sea hulk in CCFVIIR
How To Defeat the Sea Hulk? [Screenshot by eXputer]
It is now time to get into the juicy bit of my guide. By now, you must know every relevant detail about the Sea Hulk. This gives you a good overview of the battle’s rewards and challenges. You also know that the Sea Hulk has no resistance against elemental damage, which means you can quite easily use all kinds of Materias on it. 

However, there are still a few things you need to keep your focus on before heading into battle. The Sea Hulk has a variety of moves under its belt. Similarly, it is quite weak against some Materias. On the other hand, its Self-healing ability means that players can not hold back during any part of the battle.


sea hulk meteorite move
Meteorite Move by the Sea Hulk [Screengrab by eXputer]
Apart from Sea Hulk’s self-healing ability, it is important to get familiar with its moves. The Sea Hulk has access to a wide range of attacks and can deal damage to Zack quickly. On top of that, despite its massive size, the Sea Hulk is very quick on its feet and can instantly switch positions on the battlefield. 

Nonetheless, here are all the moves the Sea Hulk can use during combat in the new Final Fantasy game:

  • Double Claw Swipe: One of the most common moves the Sea Hulk uses. It’s a quick move and does not do as much damage as the other moves below. The Sea Hulk simply swipes its claws twice before it; the player can dodge it easily by moving to the sides.
  • Double Tail Swipe: Similar to the Claw Swipes, the Double Tail Swipe is a similar move where the Sea Hulk lashes its tail within its vicinity. It is less damaging than the Gyro Tail but has a lot more range than the Double Claw Swipe.
  • Gyro Tail: The Sea Hulk’s tail is one of its biggest fortes, and it makes sure it utilizes it again while using the Gyro Tail move. The Sea Hulk will spin its tail in a complete 360 circle during the move.
  • Heave: The Heave is a devastating attack that resembles a tackle, but it launches the player in the air and deals great damage. Players can roll away from the Sea Hulk to dodge the attack.
  • Meteorite: The Meteorite is the Sea Hulk’s special move. During the move, a cutscene will be initiated where the beast summons meteors from space and bombards them on the player, causing huge damage.
  • Ten Million Volts: The Ten Million Volts is the final attack in the Sea Hulk’s pocket. It will call upon multiple lightning strikes on the battlefield.

Battle Strategy

sea hulk best battle strategy
Battle Strategy to use against the Sea Hulk [Image Credit: eXputer]
Before battling the Sea Hulk, it’s vital to acknowledge its Self-healing ability, which cannot be stopped. To counter this, focus on dealing damage rapidly. Ensure Zack’s level is around 40 for this challenging 6-star mission. The Sea Hulk employs lethal attacks like Gyro Tail, Heave, Ten Million Volts, and Meteorite, inflicting statuses such as Stun, Silence, and Poison. Dodge skillfully and consider accessories reducing these effects.

Utilize the Wall Materia, created by fusing Barrier and Octaslash Materia, to halve physical damage for a minute. Consistent use of Wall Materia strengthens Zack’s defense against the Sea Hulk’s formidable attacks.

hell thundaga materia in Crisis Core Reunion
Using Hell Thundaga against the Sea Hulk [Screenshot by eXputer]
Transitioning to the aggressive approach against the Sea Hulk, capitalize on its lack of elemental resistance by employing top-tier Materias. While various options are viable, the standout choice is the Hell Thundaga Materia. This Materia not only inflicts substantial damage but also allows you to maintain a safe distance, facilitating anticipation of the Sea Hulk’s attacks and timely dodging. The speed of Hell Thundaga also outpaces the Sea Hulk’s healing ability.

Additionally, leverage the DMW for Limit Break moves and integrate Buster Sword melee attacks to add variety to your offensive strategy. Balancing Hell Thundaga with other attacks ensures an engaging and effective battle against the Sea Hulk.

So there you have it! My complete take on How to Beat the Sea Hulk in CC Reunion. After reading through my thorough guide, you will know all the tiny details about the Sea Hulk. Among all the foes in the game, the Sea Hulk is considered one of the toughest, mainly due to its ability to Self-heal and its highly damaging attacks.

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion is a freshly released game by Square Enix. It is a remastered game version, which debuted in 2007 on the PSP. When going through the tale, it’s crucial to be aware of a few things, such as the solutions to Hojo’s Questions, the Mako Recovery Unit puzzle, and the Squats mini-game. Players should also concentrate on obtaining the Magic Pot and Cactuar Summons for Zack Fair in addition to.

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