Crisis Core Reunion Stats [Explained]

Learn everything you need to know about different stats in Crisis Core.

One of the things players often get confused about is all the different stats in Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core Reunion and which stat affects which aspect of Zack. It is important to know how these stats work and what are the best stats to focus on if you want Zack to be as strong as he possibly can.

Key Takeaways
  • Different stats affect different aspects of Zack, such as health, attack power, magic points, and defense.
  • The HP, MP, and AP stats raise their respective capacities/ bars.
  • The ATK and MAG stats increases the amount of damage inflicted by Zack.
  • The VIT and SPR stat increases Zack’s defense.
  • And finally, the SP and LUK stat aid Zack in different scenarios.

What Are Stats And How To Increase Them?

stats in crisis core
Crisis Core Reunion Stats [Image Captured by eXputer]
There are various stats in the game, each affecting Zack differently; some increase his damage, while some increase his defense. Players can increase their stats by either leveling up or wearing certain accessories or using materia. However, there is a maximum limit for each stat; thus, think before you use different materia, as we don’t want you to end up wasting your resources.

Each Stat In Crisis Core Reunion

HPRepresents health points.
MPRepresents magic points.
SPRepresents Soldier Points gained from defeating enemies.
APRepresents Attack Points used for certain materia.
ATKIncreases physical attack damage.
VITReduces physical damage received.
MAGIncreases damage of magic materia.
SPRReduces damage from magic materia.
LUKIncreases critical hit chance and chance of getting rare items.

Here, we will be listing every single stat in the game and a detailed analysis of which aspect of Zack they improve.


The HP stat represents your health. It goes without saying that if you run out of health, then your character will die. HP has a maximum limit of 9,999 but equipping certain accessories will allow you to go beyond that. 

MP (Magic Points)

The MP stat represents your magic. You will deplete your MP whenever you use a magic materia. If you run out of MP, you won’t be able to use your materia. Similar to HP, the maximum limit for the MP is up to 9,999. Players can even go beyond the limit, thanks to certain accessories.

SP (Soldier Points)

The SP represents Soldier Points; unlike other stats, this is a passive stat gained from defeating enemies. It allows you to spin the DMW wheel. New methods to use this stat will unlock as players progress through the game.

AP (Attack Points)

The AP represents Attack Points. Materia that don’t use MP will often use Attack Points. Players will be unable to use those certain materias if they run out of attack points. Similar to HP and MP, this stat also has a maximum limit of 9,999 that can be exceeded with certain accessories.


The ATK stat increases the amount of damage you inflict through Physical Attacks. These types of attacks include both normal attacks and Command Materia. The higher the stat is, the more damage you will inflict. The maximum attack limit is 255, and this stat also increases the damage you inflict while using Limit Breaks.


The VIT stat determines how much Physical Damage Zack will receive, or in simpler words, it reduces the damage you take from Physical Attacks. Its maximum limit is 255, and it is incredibly useful against enemies who mainly inflict Physical Damage.


The MAG stat works in a similar manner as the ATK stat, but it increases the damage of your materia instead of your Physical Attacks. The higher the stat, the more damage you will inflict, and its maximum limit is 255.


The SPR stat is similar to the VIT stat. It decreases the amount of damage you take from magic materia. Its maximum limit is, again, 255.


And finally, the LUK stat increases your chance to deal with critical hits more frequently and also increases your chances of getting rare items. Its maximum limit is 255 as well.

Best Stats To Level Up

stats in Crisis Core
Leveling Up in Crisis Core Reunion

Out of all the eight stats in the game, we will recommend prioritizing HP, ATK, VIT, and SPR as they are extremely useful throughout the game.

Everyone knows that more health is never a bad thing. The same principle applies in Crisis Core Reunion; thus, it is recommended to occasionally level up your HP, as it will not be an ideal situation if you start dying from one hit while facing late-game enemies.

ATK can also be considered one of the essential stats, as increasing your attack power overall increases the chances of your survivability and making late-game battles more manageable.

Aside from having a good amount of HP, you shouldn’t ignore your defense as well. The VIT and the SPR stat directly complement the HP stat, as having good defense stats and an abundance amount of health will ensure your survival in different battles.

Wrap Up

That wraps up our guide on all the different stats in the game and which stats the player should prioritize. Crisis Core follows the tale of the soldier Zack Fair as he discovers the secrets of Shinra Dark Experiments. If you want all the help you can get on this journey, then do consider reading our guides on the best accessories and all summon abilities in Crisis Core. 

While we are on the topic of stats, if you are curious about how to level up fast, then players should be able to find an ample amount of information from our guide on how to reach max level or from this Reddit post. But that’s all from us. The game is available now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC through Steam. Do let us know what you think about the game in the comment section below.


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