Crisis Core Reunion: Wonder Bomb Location & Fight

The third interaction with the boy leads to the investigation about the rumors of a Faceless Bomb that dwells atop Mt. Nibel.

Faceless Bomb, also known as the “Wonder” Bomb, is the Third Wonder of Nibelheim in Crisis Core Reunion. After investigating the previous two wonders, “The Boy” will tell Zack about the Third Wonder, which apparently resides on Mt. Nibel. According to The Boy, the Third Wonder is a bomb-like enemy without the appearance of one. That specific Bomb drops a unique item too, and he needs Zack to verify if there is any truth to this rumor.

Key Takeaways
  • Wonder Bomb is the Third Wonder of Nibelheim located at the top of Mt. Nibel.
  • The quest for Wonder Bomb is initiated upon interacting with the “Boy” in Nibelheim.
  • Wonder Bombs are weak to ice and can be killed off instantly if stronger variants of ice-attacks like Blizzara or Blizzaga are used against them.
  • After finishing them off, Zack is rewarded with a Gold Shard, which is the key item required for progressing further.
  • Returning the Gold Shard to the Boy moves the Seven Wonder of Nibelheim quest to its next stage.


Interaction with the Boy
Boy explaining the rumors about the Wonder bomb [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
To locate the bomb monsters, you need to visit Mt. Nibel. The way to Mt. Nibel is just opposite Shinra Manor, where there is a pathway that leads directly to this location. 

On top of Mt. Nibel, you’ll encounter a couple of enemies that are easy to take down and can be escaped as well. After getting past those enemies you’ll come across 3 kids that tell you more about the “Wonder” bomb and rumors circulating around it.

Mt. Nibel
Children on top of Mt. Nibel

After hearing what they had to say, just keep following the route past the 3 kids, and at the end of the route, you’ll encounter 3 bomb-type enemies named: Gray Bomb, Touchy Bomb, and Remedy Bomb.

Wonder Bomb Fight & Reward

The fight itself is rather simple, and the only gimmick here is that you have to kill them before they explode, or that’s what the children say about them. Well, whatever the case, here is the strategy: Hit them as hard as you can with ice-based spells and attacks.

Defeating WonderBombs with No Damage

All three bombs are weak to ice-based attacks, so make sure you have at least one spell or skill that is associated with the ice element before approaching the fight. 

After taking down all three bombs, you’ll be rewarded with a Gold Shard, which is the special item the Boy was talking about earlier. Now return to the boy, show him the Gold Shard, and tell him about the “Wonder” bomb. After listening to what you had to say, the “Boy” will tell Zack about the Fourth Wonder of Nibelheim, “Laughing Safe.”


Crisis Core Reunion is filled to the brim with side quests, boss fights, and mechanics that boost your stats and abilities. With a huge list of accessories and materials, it can be difficult to select which ones you should focus on getting first. So we recommend our guides on the best accessories and materia if you want to save yourself from the hassle of trial and error.

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This concludes our guide on the location and walkthrough of Wonder Bomb in Crisis Core Reunion.


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