Crisis Core Reunion: Wutai Spies [All 6 Locations]

Find the location of all the 6 Wutai Spies In Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core Reunion to unlock a trophy and rare material!

Throughout your journey as Zack on his quest to become a hero, you’ll come across all types of side quests. One of these quests, which starts around Chapter 5 of FFVII Crisis Core Reunion, requires you to find the locations of Wutai Spies in Midgar that are plotting to create an anti-Shinra organization.

These Wutai spies are disguised as regular people and require you to talk to them three times before you can actually discover that they’re spies. As there are six different spies in different locations, it can be quite time-consuming to find them all on your own.

Key Highlights

  • You can begin looking for the Wutai Spies In Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core Reunion after Chapter 5 and must complete the quest before the end of Chapter 7 or it will become unavailable.
  • The Quest begins with you talking to a Shinra Soldier on Loveless Avenue in Sector 8. 
  • You need to find the location of 6 different spies in Midgar and must follow the specific order to complete the quest. 
  • Majority of the spies can be found in the Shinra Building, Sector 8 Fountain area, or the Slums.  
  • There are four male spies, one woman, and one kid spy. 

Starting The Quest

In case you haven’t started the quest yet, here’s how you can initiate it. The quest will be available to you during Chapter 5 and requires you to talk to a Shinra Soldier on Loveless Avenue in Sector 8. He’ll discuss with you the details of the spies and also give hints about their location.

Once he’s talked to you, you can either choose between wishing the Soldier good luck or offering to help. If you simply wish him luck, your quest will not start. But worry not, as you’ll have the option to talk to the Soldier again to start the quest.

It is worth noting that the quest will be only available to you till the end of Chapter 7. After you’ve ended Chapter 7 by talking to Kunsel, you won’t be able to revisit the quest, and talking to the Soldier won’t initiate anything. Although we’ve discussed the location of each spy in detail down below, here is a quick summary of each of the spies’ locations:

Spy Location
Spy #1In Sector 8 – Loveless Avenue, near the blue truck at the end of the theatre alley.
Spy #2In Sector 5 – Slums Market dressed as Shinra Infantry Soldier patrolling the Market.
Spy #3In Shinra Building, on the floor directly above the ground floor next to the elevator.
Spy #4In Sector 8 Fountain Area, up the stairs that lead to Station Terminal.
Spy #5In the Exhibition Room in the Shinra Building, standing in front of the rocket.
Spy #6A child with a hat in Sector 5 – Slums Park.

Make sure to talk to each of the spies thrice and follow the order in which we’ve discussed the spy locations. You must find the second spy before you can directly find the third spy, and so on.

Wutai Spy #1 – Loveless Avenue

crisis core wutai spy locations
Head towards the alley where the spy is [screenshot by eXputer]
The first spy is quite near the Soldier that assigns you the quest. Once you’re done talking to the Soldier, turn around and start heading in the direction behind you. You should see a bar and a theatre.

Turn left into the alley of the theatre, and you should notice a blue truck (with a ROBSONS sign on top) and a man walking around near the end of the alley. The man is your spy. Talk to him, and he will be quite nervous to know that you’re with SOLDIER.

first spy
First spy appearance [captured by eXputer]
He’ll ask you not to talk to him, but if you do talk to him three times, his cover will eventually blow. After a cutscene where you chase him down, you’ll eventually catch the spy.

Wutai Spy #2 – Slums Market

Wutai spy locations crisis core
Head towards the slums [screenshot by eXputer]
You can find the next spy in the Slums Market in Sector 5 disguised in a Shinra infantry uniform. After you’ve talked to the Shinra Soldier and got information about the second spy, take the road on his right behind him, towards the Sector 8 Fountain.

slums direction
Path to reach the slums [image taken by eXputer]
Head up the stairs and keep going forward, which will lead you to the Sector 1 Station – Platform. Keep going forward from there as well, and you’ll reach the Sector 5 Slums Market. Once there, simply look around for a person in Shinra infantry uniform; there should only be one person with such clothing.

second wutai spy
Second spy appearance [captured by us]
The spy is usually in front of the Shopping Paradise shop. Just like the other spy, you’ll need to talk to them three times before they blow their cover and start running.

Wutai Spy #3 – Shinra Building

path to Shinra building wutai spies location in crisis core
Path towards Shinra Building from the previous spy location [Image by us]
Just like before, the Shinra Soldier will appear again after the chase and inform you of the location of the next spy. This time around, you’ll need to head to the Shinra Building, where you’ll find the spy in front of the elevator after climbing the stairs.

After talking to the Soldier, head behind him towards the Sector 1 Station – Platform. From there, keep going forward till the very end and turn left towards Sector 8 Fountain.

shinra building entrance wutai spies location crisis core
Shinra building entrance [image by us]
Go downstairs towards the fountain and keep going forward toward the Shinra Building. Once you’re in the building, you’ll be at ground level. Head up the stairs to the next level and look for the spy in front of the elevators.

Wutai spies locations crisis core reunion final fantasy 7
Third spy appearance [captured by eXputer]
There is a chance that the spy will not spawn. If that happens, then go downstairs and come back up again. Keep repeating to do so until the spy spawns. Talk to him thrice, and you’ll blow his cover.

Wutai Spy #4 – Fountain Area

area in sector 8 fountain
Spy Woman location [screenshot by eXputer]
The fourth Wutai Spy in Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core Reunion is blended in quite nicely but is quite close to the location of the third spy. You can find her in Sector 8 Fountain area, up the stairs that head towards the Sector 1 Station Terminal. If you start from where you talked to the Soldier about the location of the fourth spy, head behind him towards the exit.

Keep heading forwards and up the stairs. On your right, you’ll see a woman talking to a man. Just like with the other spies, keep talking to the woman until her cover blows.

Wutai Spy #5 – Exhibition Room

exhibition room
Shinra Building Exhibition Room location [captured by eXputer]
For the fifth spy, you’ll need to head back to the Shinra Building and enter the Exhibit Room. You’ll find a man standing in front of the rocket. He is the spy.

To be more specific, head behind the Soldier after he’s given you an insight into the next spy. Go towards the Shinra Building, and when you enter, head to the door left door on the ground floor. As soon as you enter, you’ll be able to see the man in the suit on your right looking at the rocket.

fifth spy
Fifth spy appearance [captured by eXputer]
The man will discuss his dream of going to space and might not seem suspicious initially. But talk to him thrice, just like the other spies, and his cover will be blown.

Wutai Spy #6 – Slums Park

slums park
Slums Park Location [screenshot by eXputer]
The final spy is a kid with a hat in Slums Park. After you’ve found the fifth spy and gotten information from the Soldier. Head out of the Shinra Building and head up the stairs towards the Sector 1 Station Platform.

Keep heading forward towards the Sector 5 Slums. From there, head towards Sector 5 Slums Street. Turn right and go through the hole in the wall, which will lead you to Sector 6 Slums Park. In the park, you’ll find a kid with a hat roaming around.

final spy location
Kid spy with hat [image by us]
Talk to the kid, and he’ll claim that he is a proud Wutai trooper. Keep talking to him, and eventually, his cover will blow.


After finding all six of the spies, you will get certain rewards. The most notable one is the Walnut Wood. It is a material that you can use to earn the Midgar Full of Flowers trophy. All you need to do is use the material to help Aerith build a better flower wagon.

Additionally, you’ll unlock the Wutai’s Nemesis trophy for finding all of the spies. And lastly, after you find each spy, you will unlock pieces of mission M4-3. Completing M4-3-6 will unlock the Happy Turtle item shop.

With that, you know all of the six different locations of the Wutai Spies in FFVII Crisis Core Reunion! Although if you listen to the hints carefully, you’ll likely be able to find the spies on your own, its always helpful to have directions to get things done much quicker!

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