How To Make Crudites In Disney Dreamlight Valley

For cooking purposes and making your people happy, the players must know how to make Crudites in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Unlock the recipe and get the fun started.

Story Highlights
  • If players want to make crudites, they need to have their tools of royalty prepared.
  • The first item needed to make crudites is a vegetable
  • Lettuce and Leek cannot be used for Crudites
  • Every meal of crudites that the players would prepare needs one Coal Ore
  • Prepare around five dishes of Crudites & give to Mickey to complete his quest

Cooking is an important part of games, and so you must know how to make crudites in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Making them is not much of a hard job as you do not have to put much effort into it. 

Helping Mickey To Complete The Quest

As players wander around Disney Dreamlight Valley, they will interact with different characters, all of them being friendly. Few of those will be walking around without an aim or need for help. Other characters would be in urgent need of your help, such as Mickey Mouse. 

Mickey Mouse will have a quest for you in the game to fulfill. In the quest, the players are supposed to cook two recipes, both very special for Mickey. One of them is called Crudites, while the other is Fish Sandwiches. In our guide, you will get to know how to make crudites in Disney Dreamlight Valley and what it can offer you. 

Disney Dreamlight Valley Making Crudites

Making Crudites 

If players want to make crudites, first of all, they need to have their tools of royalty prepared. For growing crops, you need to plant some seeds. Also, it would be foolish of you to be dependent on rain for the growth of plants. Players can make meals to get their energy back and even share it with their fellows.

 Crudites In Disney Dreamlight Valley
Cooked Crudites

However, to do that, players would need to learn ahead a few good and important recipes. Recipes can either be discovered in the drops on the floor or chests, or players can find them by mixing up ingredients and experimenting. 

Recipe Of Crudites

For players to know how to make crudites in Disney Dreamlight Valley is extremely easy as its recipe includes only one item. The one item needed to make crudites is a vegetable. The vegetable can be of different kinds or types, such as a Carrot or even Zucchini.

Nevertheless, players can not use just equip any vegetable to make crudites. Vegetables like Lettuce and Leek cannot be used as Leek helps in making Soup of Leek, and making a Salad requires Lettuce.

How To Get Carrots

At the beginning of the game, players will be able to have Carrot before getting some other item. Moreover, as they get rid of Night Thorns from their surroundings, players will get rewarded with a bag full of seeds of carrots.

To plant those seeds, find any good path of dirt and get the seed planted there. To grow Carrots, players would need to have patience and wait for about fifteen minutes.

If players are looking for the location of stoves, they can find Carrot in the house of any character in the game. The house can even be of Mickey Mouse. Remy can also have the ingredient for the players if they have got the Little Chef saved.

Coal Ore And Crudites

Players should remember that Coal Ore is needed to cook a Stove of Cooking. Coal Ore is a kind of material for Foraging that can be in anywhere around the Disney Dreamlight Valley. Players can get switched to Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Pickaxe and look around for locations that would help in mining.

To mine Coal Ore, players would need to wreck the rocks placed on the walls. Coal Ore will be dropped down many times during this process. Every meal of crudites that the players would prepare needs one Coal Ore.

Making Crudites In Disney Dreamlight Valley
Cooking Crudites

Once the players have prepared around five dishes of Crudites, they can hand them over to Mickey as half of the quest is completed. However, they would still need to cook Fish Sandwiches to get the entire mission completed. 


 As players get to know Mickey and prepare meals for him, they will get to know the other side of Mouse. He is sad because he misses Minnie. However, the players will help him by cheering up and cooking meals for him.

Players can even go on a picnic along with Mickey Mouse at the Peaceful Meadows. However, players need to save the entire process so that they don’t lose anything.

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