Crusader DNF Duel: Tech Combos & Command List

The guide entails all the important details you need to know about Crusader DNF Duel, including the tech combos and command list.

DNF Duel features various important characters, and we have covered the Crusader’s character guide in detail. The guide will discuss who Crusader is and what is the role of Crusader in the game. Moreover, it will also cover all the Tech Combos and Command List of Crusaders in DNF Duel.

Key Takeaways
  • Crusader in DNF Duel is a large zoning character. As such, he has the highest HP in the game at 1200 points.
  • Hammer of Repentance is Crusader’s key tool for zoning as it is fullscreen and OTG. However, it must be canceled into MP skills and used from afar to avoid getting punished.
  • Flash Sphere is a fullscreen projectile that is mainly used for zoning. You can combo off it or pressure the opponent using conversion.
  • Haptism is a reversal that costs 70 MP, granting him 3 ticks of hyper armor. It has a big hitbox; however, it is weak against throws.
  • Alongside great zoning, he also has powerful anti-zoning with Deflection Wall and Miracle Splitter, which costs 50 and 60 MP, respectively.
  • Deflection Wall is +5 on the block and corners the opponent, allowing you to annihilate them with your pressure and grabs.
  • The Grace of Lemidios costs 90 MP and grants you 1 hit of hyper armor for 8 seconds. You can cancel this duration early by using Apocalypse or Strike of Repentance.

Who Is Crusader In DNF Duel?

Crusader DNF Duel
About Crusader DNF Duel
ClassBattle TypeStatsAwakeningDifficultySpecial MovesMP Special MovesAwakening Skill
PriestTrapsHP: 1,130
Guard: 1,300
MP Regen Rate: 12
Merciful StrengthIntermediate– Hammer of Repentance
– Sacred Upper
– Flash Sphere
– Saint Counter
– Hammer of Repentance
– Miracle Splitter
– Haptism
– Deflect Wall
– Grace of Remidios
– Repentance
– Apocalypse
– Spear of Victory

Crusader is a holy warrior of Nexon with easy and infinite combos. Moreover, Crusader Infinite can be pulled off anywhere. The character has the highest health in the game, almost at 1200. You surely do not want to miss playing with Crusader, as the magic bar of Crusader lets you go full crazy with the attacks. 

Crusader Tech Combos in DNF Duel

Crusader Tech Combos
Crusader DNF Duel- Tech Combos

Let us first have a look at all the tech combos of Crusader DNF Duel.

Combo 1AA > 236MS > B > AA > MS
Combo 22AA > MS
Combo 3B > CONVERSION > 2S > BB > AA
Combo 4S > 236MS > 2B > S > MS
Combo 52S > CONVERSION > JB > JMS X2 > JMS
Combo 6JB > B > MS > AA > MS
Combo 7AA > 236MS > 2S > 214MS > B > DASH > B > JBS > DASH > S
Combo 82S > 236MS > 2S > 214MS > BB > JB > DLJS > S > 4MS
Combo 9B > CONVERSION > DASH > 2B > B > AA
Combo 10B > MS > CONVERSION > 2B > 214MS > BBB > S > 4MS > MS > SUPER
Combo 11B > 236MS > JB > DLJS X5 > S > MS
Combo 12JB > B > CONVERSION > JB > DLJMS > S > 236MS > S > MS
Combo 14S > 236MS > S > MS > CONVERSION > J7B > DLJS > 2B > S > MS > SUPER

Basic Attacks

A few important attacks of Crusader DNF Duel are as follows.

Standard Attack AA                            
Standard Attack BB
Still AttackS
MP Still Attack MS
Grab A+B
Awakening MoveAS

Crusader Command-List in DNF Duel 

Crusader DNF Duel’s command list, including Special Moves, MP Special Moves, and Awakening Skills, is listed below.

Command List Crusader
Command-List Crusader DNF Duel 

Special Moves

A detailed description of Crusader’s Special Moves is as follows.

Hammer of Repentance

Hammer of repentance allows Crusader to move its Hammer down to the ground, which covers almost the entire screen. It is an OTG that works as an anti-air; you can also use it mid-air. It is recommended not to use it often, as it is a much slower move and makes you vulnerable to counterattacks.

Sacred Upper

Sacred upper is also an OTG that works as an anti-air where Crusader swings the Hammer upward. It can also chain into itself if you use it from a safe distance from your enemy.

Flash Sphere

Crusader can control the area in front of him by sending a slow-moving light across the stage. If the flash travels a certain distance, it turns in your favor and gives you the advantage. You can pair the flash sphere with DNF Duel’s conversion to set up a combo.

Saint Counter

HammerCounter can chain into Hammer of repentance, but it does not work on low attacks and projectiles. If you successfully implement the Saint Counter, you will be able to send the enemy across the stage.

MP Special Moves

The description of special moves will help you analyze the special moves that Crusader owns.

Miracle Splitter

The miracle splitter allows Crusader to swing its Hammer in the upward direction. It is an excellent move for closing in on your opponent. The reason is solely the ability of Crusader to be invincible to projectiles during the charging phases of attack.


Haptism grants Crusader three hits of Super Armor. If you hit the enemy with Haptism, they will get launched across the screen. It is an extremely dangerous move if you want to challenge your enemy. Haptism is a reliable move for enemies that constantly jump in and disrupt during the attack, so use it for the best outcomes. 

Deflection Wall

It is an excellent move, as it gives you a chance to erect a wall underneath your enemy and then suffocate them due to pressure. Crusader is winning at fights because of its ability to use combos, apply pressure, and use super hits.

Grace of Lemidios

The move gives Crusader a chance for one super hit and additional mana skills. It allows follow-up attacks that are automatic. The Grace of Lemidios gives players a chance for a better combo and super hit by using hit strike with lightning. 

Strike of Repentance

Strike of Repentance is also an OTG that removes the buff Grave of Lemidios. It is a heart-shattering hammer slam that is inflicted upon opponents. This shock makes the opponent unable to jump and limits their movements temporarily.


Apocalypse is effortlessly the best combo move of Crusader, as it removes the buff Grave of Lemidios. It usually disappears when Crusader gets hit with the orb. Crusader can cure himself of any ailment by sending the orb of light high into the air. This orb turns dark after firing several lasers and is hit multiple times before its explosion.

Spear of Victory

Crusader spears a hurl of light at the ground with great force, creating an outstanding combo. In most cases, a spear of victory explodes under the Grace of Lemidio’s effects. The explosion of Spear of Victory makes the combo even more destructive.

Awakening Skills

The two important awakening skills that Crusader DNF Duel owns are mentioned below.


This skill of Crusader enables it to swing his Hammer down to the ground with great strength. The attack creates an enormous shockwave that causes great damage. It is better to use Ascencion skill when juggling opponents in the air using combos.

Merciful Strength

The chip damage and incoming damage are reduced by ten percent, while the recovery speed of white health is increased by three hundred percent due to merciful strength.


DNF Duel has various important characters with extraordinary moves and skills, and Crusader DNF Duel is a must-mention. We have covered everything you need to know about Crusader DNF Duel, so you can use it for the best. All the moves and combos of Crusader have been discussed in the guide above that will be helpful for you when you play using Crusader.

DNF Duel is a fighting video game published by Nexon. The game is a spin-off of the dungeon and fighter series. The new feature in the game is the use of an MP bar that can activate attacks. Moreover, the animation and art direction of the game make it appealing to play and watch. The fighting system, roster variety, and exceptional online gameplay make it addictive for the players.

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