10 BEST Cult Of The Lamb Curses

eXputer's Cult of Lamb Best Curses guide lists 10 top-tier curses that you can rely on after your primary weapon in the combat.

During particularly challenging confrontations in Massive Monster’s Cult of the Lamb, you may find that using Curses to your advantage is the best course of action. They have the ability to do damage to foes from a safe distance, to stun foes for a short period of time so that you might gain some gap, or to provide you immunity so that you may rush an opponent and barrage strikes in their direction.

Or, at the very bare minimum, they have the potential to be, provided that you are familiar with how to employ these but rather which ones are worth your while. Because of this, we are here to assist you with a Cult of the Lamb best Curses guide, in which we explain how the curses function and highlight the most useful choices available among the numerous that are available in the game.

In Cult of the Lamb, there would arrive a moment during the game wherein you will either be required to battle enemies without armaments or wish to eliminate them by not using any weapons at all. At this moment, the Curses begin to exert their influence. The curses will shorten the amount of time it takes you to kill the foe while doing a significant amount of harm to him.

There are a lot of different Curses available to pick from in Cult of the Lamb; however, some of them are superior or perhaps more beneficial than others. As the most effective Cult of the Lamb Curses, we advise you to make use of either Divine Blast, Divine Guardian, Death’s Sweep, or Hounds of Fate.

These inflict significant damage on their targets and have an impressive range of attack. The Divine Guardian can also act as a shield against projectiles, increasing the utility of the ability.

In Cult of the Lamb, curses are a kind of secondary attack that allows you to add ranged damage to your armory of weapons. Spells, like weapons, are discovered at random when you are on a crusade, which means that you never know for sure what kinds of spells you will have access to.

Curses may be very useful when an adversary provides an opportunity that you ordinarily wouldn’t be able to take advantage of. Curses can range from precision shots to area strikes.

Key Highlights
  • Divine Guardian is the best protection spell against the enemies and makes you totally immune to damage.
  • Touch of the Revenant is a short-range curse with the ability to keep enemies away.
  • Hounds of Fate is the best Curse for striking opponents from a clear distance.
  • Flaming Shot is a crowd control card used for doing immense explosive damage to enemies.
  • Death’s Sweep is the best curse against the bosses to strike them down.
  • Divine Blizzard curse is a savior when encountering a large number of enemies.
  • Path of the Righteous can fire a globe of Ichor on the enemies as a defense.
  • The Ichor Thrown can drain all the health of the opponent with poison damage.
  • Maelstrom helps in doing damage to the enemies instantly.
  • Cleansing Fire is an upgraded version of Flaming shot with the ability to do three fire projectiles at once.

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Touch Of The Revenant

touch of the revenant – cult of the lamb best curses

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Touch of the Revenant is a curse that, like Death’s Attendant, involves a number of ghostly companions who are experiencing an awful existence in the underworld. The spell must be performed in a line in order to create a ground rift that would call forth a number of spirits that will engage in combat with adjacent foes.

Although it has a short range, the curse is one of a kind and has the potential to keep bigger mobs and dishonest projectile players away from your base.

This curse has the same effect as Touch of Turua, except it only affects the area directly ahead of the Lamb. But, despite doing damage directly to foes anywhere along the line, Touch of the Revenant will rather call ghosts to the vicinity, which will then pursue and strike opponents in the immediate vicinity.

Such spirits are exactly the same as those that are generated by necromantic armaments. However, the fact that there are so many of them makes them a menace to any adversary. Either the ghosts may hone in on a particular target and do focused damage to it, or the ghosts can be used to take out swarms of weaker foes.

The ghosts have a restricted range, which means that it won’t be possible to capture an adversary that is located on the other side of the map from where they begin the level. You should aim to call the apparitions in a location that is somewhat near to your desired target since they have difficulty following enemies who move quickly.

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Flaming Shot

Flaming Shot – cult of the lamb best curses

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As the title of the curse entails, your lamb will be able to hurl a ball of fire at the target when the action is triggered. However, you can take the overall damage of the Flaming Shot curse up a notch if you hold the fire button, let the charge build-up, and then release the button.

It will ensure that the fire hurled at the target deals massive explosive damage that also has a little AoE effect as well. The flaming shot is one of the Cult of Lamb best curse if you want to crowd control and stay one step ahead of your enemies by eliminating them with AoE.

We recommend not to sleep on this curse if you are having a hard time defeating enemies on bosses, then unleash minions. Try the Flaming Shot, and you will find it is worth your time. 

Hounds Of Fate

The Hounds of Fate is a curse that gives you the ability to swarm the target with projectiles and do significant damage. The hex is most effective when used at a great distance. Unfortunately, the only thing that can stop your Hounds of Fate spells from taking effect is debris.

It is recommended that you cast this magic whenever you visit a brand-new room. To begin, unleash the Hounds of Fate spell to fire missiles at the foes hiding in the vicinity. These missiles will be directed towards the cover they have taken.

The spell is particularly useful against monsters since it does damage whilst allowing the player to stay at a safe distance. Be careful not to use it on any debris since they have the likelihood of breaking the curses if you do. Casting the spell “Hounds of Fate” as soon as you step into a room is highly recommended.

It will fire five magical missiles at your foes, each of which will home in on them and ensure that you receive the first hit. It is especially helpful while fighting bosses since it allow you to deliver damage while maintaining your distance from them.

Prior to actually casting the curse, you should check to see that the room in the middle doesn’t have a lot of debris in it since the projectiles may be blocked by destructible objects. As long as your ranges of vision are unobstructed, using Hounds of Fate is a good use of your Fervor.

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Divine Blizzard

If you are surrounded by opponents, use the Divine Blizzard magic to deal damage to all of the foes simultaneously and rescue yourself. The target of this spell will not simply take damage, but they will also have their mobility slowed and be thrown away.

Divine Blizzard is the finest option for Curses to use when you are being assaulted by a bigger number of opponents since it does damage to all nearby opponents inside your perimeter. In addition, it causes them to suffer from the Freeze status effect, which slows their mobility.

In addition to this, it pushes the foes away from you, providing you with sufficient space to fire your weapon and deliver damage. Divine Blizzard is an excellent choice for situations in which you are confronted by a huge number of foes.

It does damage to all enemies within a certain radius of the Lamb and incurs the Freeze condition ailment, which slows the enemies’ mobility. Even more, it drives them away from you, allowing you more opportunity to readjust yourself or reduce their overall strength.

In the game Cult of the Lamb, becoming encircled will rapidly deplete your health; thus, it’s important to have a route out of that predicament if you get into it. If you are able to anticipate when you will need to use Divine Blizzard and then utilize it at the appropriate moment, you may be able to avoid needing to redo a quest.

Path Of The Righteous

The spell known as Path of the Righteous deals damage to foes along its path by leaving a pool of ichor in its wake. The sender doesn’t take any harm even if they walk across the route.

Within the Cult of the Lamb, this curse does the most damage to its intended victim. When you use the Path of the Righteous ability, you have the ability to cause significant damage to your foes by firing a glob of ichor in their direction.

Using Path of the Righteous will allow you to serve your foes a dose of their very own doing when they leave puddles of poison across the landscape for you to dodge. If it is something that annoys you, you may use it to get even with them.

Path of the Righteous, like many other curses in Cult of the Lamb, allows you to fling a glob of ichor that does significant damage on hit and creates a zone that poisons opponents that approach it.

On the other hand, the Route of the Righteous creates a trail of ichor itself along the route, which dramatically increases the amount of area that is affected by the venom. Path Of The Righteous is functionally equivalent to Ichor Thrown+ in that it enables Lambs to hurl a ball of ichor at an unaware foe and then follow up by leaving a stream of venom in its wake.

It is possible to improve its efficacy by using tarot cards implicitly, including Ichor Earned, Ichor Lingered, and Ambrosia. The splash that it creates before contact makes it more powerful.

Damage from poison is typically sufficient to kill weak opponents, allowing you to shift your attention to more significant dangers. Because the Lamb is shielded from the impacts of black ichor by the One Who Waits, you may traverse your poisonous path without experiencing any anxiety.

Path of the Righteous is best utilized as a focused damage cast; strike the strongest adversary in the room with the major blob, and the ichor will capture any other opponents as they walk around the room. Despite the fact that the path of ichor is the dominant component of this curse, Path of the Righteous is best utilized as a targeted damage spell.

Ichor Thrown

Ichor Thrown – cult of the lamb best curses

If you have read the list up to this point, then you’d realize that the curses that deal splash damage and status effects are by far the Cult of Lamb best curses in the game. That is why we can’t miss recommending Ichor Thrown curse that basically deals poison damage to targets by inflicting the AoE status effect. 

To storm your enemies with poison damage that depletes their health over time, you will need to hold the aim button and select targets that are grouped together. Then, release the button and see the lamb throwing a black Ichor that, upon landing applies poison status effect to the enemies caught in a small circle. 


Maelstrom – cult of the lamb best curses

The Maelstrom is a devastating spell that allows you to penetrate four tentacles simultaneously, doing damage to numerous foes instantly. In addition, you may make the strike extra specific by using the cursed button to change the direction in which the tendrils extend.

It may be argued that Maelstrom is the Cult of the Lamb best curse to utilize for penetration. Because it is able to fire four tentacles in a straight line to deliver damage to all of the foes in the vicinity, it is one of the most effective curses to cast in terms of the amount of damage that is certain to be dealt.

The Touch of Turua is an excellent spell that can be used in a variety of situations; however, there is no use in casting it just once when you could fire it four times again. The Maelstrom has the most comprehensive coverage of any curse in the game due to the fact that it immediately shoots out four spurts of tentacles at right angles.

There is no greater spell that can strike every foe on the field than this one, despite the fact that its damage is not nearly as devastating as that of its more targeted relative.

You may cast Maelstrom in either a transverse or lateral manner by altering the angle of the spell while holding down the curse button. It imparts more adaptability to the spell and enables you to respond to moving foes throughout the casting process without causing you to lose any of the Fervor that you have invested in the curse.

Cleansing Fire

If you like exploding enemies using the Flaming Shot curse in Cult of the Lamb, then you will definitely love the Cleansing Fire curse. Consider this spell as an upgraded version of the Flaming Shot, as when you press the trigger or action button, and your lamb basically hurls three fire projectiles at once on your selected target or line of sight that you used before firing the curse. 

Once again, the Cleansing Fire curse is excellent for applying for dispersing crowd and dealing damage to more than one target who is in close proximity. 

Death’s Sweep

The Death’s Sweep curse attack is basically a wide melee slash that can be charged to deal even more damage than the base one. The attack does not apply any status effect; however, the overall base or physical damage is excellent, and it can be used to eliminate a bunch of weaker enemies who have very low health. 

Death’s Sweep is also one of the Cult of the lamb’s best curses when you use it against bosses. The quick sweep allows you to get into a boss’s reach, deal damage, and get out of harm’s way. It is an excellent approach should you want to maintain distance from the boss and also attack or deal physical damage to it. 

Divine Guardian

divine guardian- cult of the lamb best curses

Divine Guardian stands out from the other defensive curses in the game due to the fact that it is the only one of its kind. It functions similarly to other flash spells in that it does damage to and fights back opponents that are close to the Lamb. It also has two powerful impacts that cannot be reproduced by any other method, which makes it an amazing weapon to have in any loadout.

The Divine Guardian spell is a devastating curse that will protect you from your foes and stop them from striking for two seconds when you continue to heal yourself.

This is the sole protective spell that can be cast at the time. By using the Divine Guardian, you have the ability to drive away any target that is in close proximity to you while also doing harm to them.

Aside from that, it has the potential to render you immune to assaults for two seconds, allowing you enough opportunity to deliver damage to the target during that time. Additionally, it assists in reflecting bullets that are brought in by its explosions.

There are two main reasons why Divine Guardian is a satisfyingly powerful card. It is the sole genuine protective curse, and for two seconds after using it, the Lamb is completely immune to damage.

The burst spell continues to deal damage and knockback, but in contrast to Divine Blizzard and Divine Blight, it does not inflict any status effects. Instead, it has the power to deflect oncoming projectiles, which might be helpful for overcoming the more difficult boss chambers in Cult.

To begin, Divine Guardian causes any projectiles that are captured in its explosion to be reflected away from the Lamb and instead do damage to the foes they are aimed at. The later monsters in the game make significant use of rapid-fire missiles, which means that a Divine Guardian who uses their abilities well may quickly swing the tide of battle.

The second and possibly most significant effect of Divine Guardian is that it renders the Lamb immune to damage for a period of two seconds. That gives you sufficient time to either retreat to safety or launch an assault without worrying about reprisal. 

It is very advantageous to be able to launch a melee combination on a monster without suffering any damage in return, particularly when using Gauntlet weapons. This is especially true while using Gauntlet weapons. Divine Guardian grants you the ability to do just that, significantly increasing your chances of success.

That is pretty much everything you need to get a hold of from our Cult of the Lamb Best Curses guide. Which curse is by far your favorite in the game and why? For us, it is Maelstorm and Divine Guardian. Share your thoughts with us. Let us know more about it in the comments box below. 

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