Cult of the Lamb: All Darkwood Bosses Guide

Cult of the Lamb has four areas and Darkwood is one of them. Darkwood has plenty of bosses and some of them can be extra challenging. Our guide helps you with all the bosses in Darkwood.

Cult of the Lamb’s highlights is its bosses, art style, and overall content. Speaking of bosses, today we are going to tell you all you need to know to defeat the Cult of the Lamb Darkwood bosses. At one moment, you will be demolishing your foes, and at the other, you will be having a hard time. The game has some pretty high-difficulty spikes. That is why we are here to help you with the Cult of the Lamb Darkwood Bosses.

Key Highlights
  • Cult Of The Lamb has a story to follow and with that, you have to fight different types of bosses the more you progress further.
  • Darkwood is also one of the regions on the map and there you have to fight bosses to unlock other parts of the map.
  • Each boss differs in their abilities but some things they have in common are that they have a lot of health and they do AOE damage which can be fatal.
  • The best choice of weapons for bosses is that the weapons are high in damage and cause debuffs to enemies.
  • The bosses that you will find in Darkwood are: 
  • Amdusias
  • Valefar
  • Barbatos
  • Leshy
  • Remember, strategizing before engaging in the fight is always better than going in recklessly and losing Faith levels.

What Are Cult Of The Lamb Darkwood Bosses?

Darkwood is one of the sections of the game, and it is here where you will first get a taste of the bosses that the game has to offer. The bosses have complex patterns and can do some crazy damage with their attacks. 

Losing in Cult of the Lamb can be very detrimental. It can decrease the faith of your followers, and they will start to question your abilities. So make sure to read our guide till the end. 

These being the first bosses doesn’t mean that they are a pushover. Going against them without proper knowledge and preparation can be quite fatal. That is why we are here, and we will tell you all you need to know about each of the Cult of the Lamb Darkwood bosses.

Boss Fight Best Tips

Before we go into detail about each of the bosses, let us give you some general tips. These will help you greatly in almost every boss battle that you will encounter in the game. The stuff we are about to tell you is essential to always keep in mind while playing.

Now, most of the bosses in the game are simply just larger versions of your regular enemies. They have a lot of health and make some special attacks that the other creatures don’t, and they can also kill you fairly easily if you are not careful.

Moreover, they will be spamming projectiles on your wave and will use AOE attacks regularly in hopes of hitting you randomly. Some bosses even have jumping attacks, and these attacks are the ones alongside the AOE which can take huge chunks of your health out of nowhere. 

Like every good boss design, they will dodge everything you throw their way, or at the very least, they will try their best to do so. So spamming projectiles at them relentlessly can prove to be a poor strategy. 

Furthermore, focus on using weapons and Curses that mainly deal with fast damage. Fast damaging and attacking weapons are necessary as they are required to dodge away quickly after slashing away at the enemy.

The most important thing is to keep moving all the time. Just like in the recent Doom games, staying still is never a good idea. You will get hit hard, so keep moving all the time. Attack, dodge away from the boss, and keep moving. 

Now with the general boss tips out of the way, let us begin with the first boss that you will encounter when facing the Cult of the Lamb Darkwood bosses. 

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Amdusias complete boss guide
The first Darkwood boss in Cult of the Lamb

Amdusias is the first boss that you will encounter in the Darkwood section of the game. Being the first boss means he is fairly simple and won’t be much of a challenge. We will cover everything he does, and all of that is fairly easy to tackle. 

He will, like MMO RPG bosses, spawn small enemies to distract and attack you. Most of the time, he keeps his distance and throws regular projectiles your way. Continue reading through our Cult of the Lamb Darkwood bosses guide to know more. 

After a while, he will make a charge attack and be on the lookout for it always. Don’t let the regular enemies distract you; keep your focus on the boss. The attack isn’t fast, so you should not have any trouble dodging it unless you were distracted by something else. 

Dodge the attack and then go in and slash at the boss. Repeat the process by backing off and dodging projectiles. Like we said before, keep your focus on the boss, and he is fairly easy. You don’t need some extra powerful weapon; just use the regular strong stuff.


Valefar boss guide complete
In-game apperance of Valefar

Now, after facing Amdusias, you will face Valefar. He is one of the first difficulty spikes of the game. You will instantly see how much of an improvement he is from his predecessor. He is a fairly complex boss but doesn’t worry we have you covered. 

Unlike the last boss, he doesn’t spawn any smaller enemies to distract you. His projectiles are enough to keep you occupied. You will need to constantly be on the move with great care to dodge them effectively. 

Moreover, now he does have a clear indication of when he is about to attack. Keep looking at his head, and an “exclamation sign” somewhat similar to the one in the Metal Gear franchise will appear. When the sign appears, get ready to dodge. He has similar indications for all his attacks. 

Now dodge these projectile attacks the regular way. Keep dodging them until he stops attacking, and when he does, go in and start attacking with regular attacks and Curses. Back off and keep your distance once he starts charging up for his next attack. 

As far as his jumping attacks are concerned Valefar changes them up depending on how much health he has left. In his first phase, he will only jump once or twice, and you can go in and hit him once you dodge his jump.

In addition, once his health gets lower, he will start jumping three or four times. This is where you need to be extra prepared. He can easily get you here. Successfully dodge everything, and just like before, once he is done, go in and attack.

Keep dodging and going in at the right moment to attack with regular hits and curses. That is all you need to know to defeat Valefar.


Barbatos Boss Complete Guide
The first complex boss Barbatos

Next up, we have Barbatos. Now before facing him, you need to clear your mind. Forget about everything that you learned and used against the previous bosses. He plays out completely differently. 

To defeat Barbatos, you will need to keep your distance all the time. You will be punished every time you go in to attack him. He is like one of those annoying enemies in gaming that dig up into the ground and only comes out at the right opportunity to catch you off guard.

Furthermore, when he goes underground, he will leave a trail of spikes behind him. These are one of the things that can do extra damage to you if you chase after the boss. Once out, he shoots lobbed projectiles and a shockwave of spikes. 

You need to observe his movement carefully. Keep an eye on all he does, and always keep a safe distance. Focus on dodging more than attacking. The indication of the lobbed projectile is a target reticle that pops up near you. 

If the reticle doesn’t appear, then he attacks you with the spikes. You need to be active and on guard all the time with Barbatos. Go in for the melee attacks but don’t get too greedy. Hit him a few times and then hurry back to distance.

So to sum it all up, don’t chase after the boss and keep your distance most of the time. When the right opportunity arrives, hit the boss a few times and go back. Be sure to dodge all of his attacks and watch out for the indicator.

Barbatos is one of the first bosses in the game that is extra complex. Once you know what to do, his fight is very fun and enjoyable in our opinion. 


Leshy boss guide Cult of the Lamb game complete guide
The final boss Leshy

Here we have Leshy, who is the final boss of Darkwood. He is the one who is in charge here, and he is also the first Bishop of the Old Faith; killing all of these is your main goal. He is a very fun boss, and beating him feels really satisfying. 

What makes him an awesome boss is a fact that he reuses a lot of the moves and patterns of other bosses. Now, if he just did that, it would kind of feel like a lazy design, so he, of course, has his own great attacks, too, that can deal massive damage.

He has a lot of variety in his moveset but using old moves also means that you can use old strategies. He is the coolest of all the Cult of the Lamb Darkwood bosses. We will go into detail about everything he does and how to counter it, just as we did with the previous bosses.  

During the first phase, he will go underground and leave spikes in his way, just like Barbatos. Tackle this just like how you did with Barbatos. Wait for him to pop out and watch out for the reticle attack. When you find the right opportunity, go in and attack him, then back off quickly. 

Furthermore, he will shoot waves of projectiles in circular or star patterns, so they are going to be tricky to dodge. The best way to dodge these is to go to the edge of the boss area and look for the gaps to appear in these patterns. 

Keep in mind that Leshy will also summon small enemies like the first boss Amadusias. Ignore these just like you did before. They are there to distract you, and you should keep your focus on the boss at all times.

Now once you have depleted half his health, the boss will enter his second phase. He will start jumping and trying to hit you for severe damage. Which you can also tell is a reused move. Leshy is the most complex out of all the Cult of the Lamb Darkwood bosses.

Keep dodging all of his jumps, and once he stops jumping, go in and attack with everything you have. Dodging all of these attacks at all can get exhausting to tackle but keep your focus; otherwise, you will lose. 

The original move that Leshy has is that he starts slamming the ground with his head. When he does that, just run away and keep your distance. If he gets too close, dodge it fast. Keep doing all the dodging and slashing at the right moment, and soon you will win.


That brings our Cult of the Lamb Darkwood bosses guide to an end. We have covered all the bosses and their patterns and have told you how to deal with them effectively. The game is great and is filled with awesome fights. Darkwood is just one of the four sections. 

Nowadays, Indie games have become just as good as triple-A titles, and Cult of the Lamb is another proof of that. We are getting so many incredible Indie games rapidly, and it is a blessing. We hope you had a blast with the game and that you had fun tackling these crazy bosses. 

What do you think about Cult of the Lamb? Did it feel weird to you? How are the visuals? Do you like the gameplay? What do you think about Indie games? The game is available on every platform and is available on PC through Steam. Let us know all about it in the comments section below.

Cult of the Lamb is a very fun and linear game for the most part, but some sections of the game can get extra challenging or confusing. So it’s always best to go in with the best weapons, the best curses, the best food, and the best traits. Having some of the best Tarot cards can also turn the tide in battle.

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