Cult Of The Lamb: All Anchordeep Bosses Guide

This guide discusses the all the attacks of Anchordeep bosses along with the strategies to beat them.

Of all the dungeons present in Cult of the Lamb, Anchordeep is arguably the most difficult featuring the hardest bosses you will face. The bosses spend no time overloading the arena with projectiles while constantly evading the player. This makes them very annoying and extremely hard to beat. In today’s guide, we will discuss the strategies and attacks of all bosses located in Cult of Lamb’s third dungeon, “Anchordeep”.

Key Takeaways
  • Anchordeep is the most challenging dungeon in Cult of the Lamb, featuring elusive bosses flooding the arena with projectiles.
  • To reach Heretic Kallamar in Anchordeep, defeat Haborym, Saleos, and Baalzebub.
  • Haborym is the first boss, with teleportation, jellyfish summons, and projectile barrages. Attacks: 5-Star projectile, spiral projectile, minion summon, and teleport.
  • Saleos, the simplest boss in Anchordeep, has no special abilities. Attacks: minion summon, charging, and spike-line projectiles.
  • Baalzebub, the last lackey before the main boss, attacks with his signature 8-Star Projectile, Clouds of Projectiles, and Bursts of Projectiles.
  • Kallamar, the final enemy, is a corrupted version of the Horseman of Pestilence, using various combat techniques and weaponry, including teleportation, staff summoning, sword slash, dagger quick-slash, and projectiles from the Globus Cruciger.
  • Preparation: Equip the Golden Fleece, use the Curse talent from the Sermon skill tree, and unlock the fourth tier of weapons for the Anchordeep bosses.

Cult Of The Lamb Anchordeep Bosses

Third dungeon
Beginning the third dungeon of Cult of the Lamb.
Anchordeep BossesSpeciesAttacksStrategy
HaborymOctopus5-Star Projectile
Spiral Projectile
Summon Minions
Eliminate tjhe blue squid enemies as
they appear, and move over to Haborym
to deal out melee damage caused by him
SaleosJellyfishSummon Minions
Spike Line Projectile
Attack with melee comobs or curses
BaalzebubCuttlefish8-Star Projectile
Projectile Clouds
Projectile Bursts
His game is about timing, wait for the right
time to apply projectile clusters and through
large projectiles on him
Staff Summon
Sword Slash
Dagger Quick-Slash
Globus Cruciger Projectiles
Use the hit and run strategy for the entire

In each Cult of the Lamb dungeon, your goal is to slay the Heretic or Bishop of that dungeon, but before you reach the Bishop, you have to kill three of its lackeys. Anchordeep is no different in this regard. The Heretic of Anchordeep is Kallamar, and the lackeys you will face before reaching him are Haborym, Saleos, and Baalzebub.

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First boss
Haborym, during one of his attack animations

Haborym is the first boss you will face in Cult of the Lamb’s third dungeon, “Anchordeep”. He will try to overwhelm you by constantly teleporting and summoning hordes of deadly jellyfishes. While he is not teleporting and summoning, he will unleash a torrent of projectiles. 


The list of Haborym’s attacks is given below:

5-Star Projectile

5-Star Projectile is Haborym’s most basic attack. He simply fires five projectiles in a star shape, which are very easy to dodge due to the large gaps between them. While you are, why not go through our Cult of the Lamb Eye of Witness guide and learn about its location and rewards?

Spiral Projectile

This is a tricky one to dodge. Haborym fires a spiraling ring of projectiles, and dodging through it will lead you to roll through more projectiles. Now, rolling through them and dodging the projectiles is not completely impossible, but a safer strategy would be to take your time and wind your way across the bullet maze.

Summon Minions

This is Haborym’s signature attack. He summons a sea of horned and exploding jellyfishes, which quickly spread around the arena. 


As evident from the name, Haborym has the ability to teleport around the arena constantly, and the only way to counter it is to keep chasing it and keeping your distance close. Also, consider reading our Cult of the Lamb Knucklebones guide and learn more about it.


  • Throughout the battle with Haborym, prioritize movement and crowd control.
  • Haborym relies on projectiles and summons and lacks melee attacks.
  • Prevent him from summoning an excessive number of minions and promptly eliminate any that appear.
  • An effective tactic is to hit the exploding jellyfish back at him.
  • When Haborym initiates his projectile attacks, roll away to maintain a safe distance.
  • Use curses to inflict status effects on him rather than engaging in close-quarters melee combat.
  • Familiarize yourself with his attack patterns to execute this strategy effectively.


Title card of the boss
Saleos – Second boss of Anchordeep dungeon

Saleos is the easiest boss you will face in Cult of the Lamb’s third dungeon, “Anchordeep”. His attacks aren’t unique and are more or less similar to what you have already seen. Furthermore, he also doesn’t have any gimmicks, making him a pushover overall.


Saleos can unleash the following attacks in Cult of the Lamb:

Summon Minions

Similar to Haborym, Saleos can summon minions too, which are much tougher. They take two or three hits before getting dying, but at the same time, they are very slow and aren’t much of a hassle. Because of their slow speed, you can even choose to ignore them and focus on Saleos instead.


This is Saleos signature move. Saleos will charge toward you and unleash spikes from his body afterward. It’s very hard to pin down the hitbox of the spikes, and you will most likely get hit a few times before you can figure out the length of the hitbox.

Spike Line Projectile

Spike Line Projectile is Saleos’s one and only projectile attack. He makes a barrage of spikes emerge from the ground, which travels half the length of the arena. The attack itself is fairly easy to avoid. Just dodge sidewards, and you will be out of harm’s way because this attack is only dangerous at point blank range.


Saleos, during one of his attack animations
  • Saleos’ mobility is the primary challenge in this boss fight.
  • He frequently employs a charge attack and follows it with a spike attack to keep the player at a distance.
  • Opportunities to counterattack are limited due to his relentless mobility.
  • Wait for him to enter a cooldown state before unleashing curses and launching a relentless melee assault.
  • Dodge his projectile attack and promptly engage with curses instead of remaining passive.
  • Employ this strategy to defeat Saleos effectively.


Third boss
Baalzebub – Second boss of Anchordeep dungeon

Baalzebub is the final lackey you will face before the main boss in Cult of the Lamb’s Anchordeep dungeon. This is another boss fight where you need to be good at movement and dodging since Baalzebub also loves to overload the arena with projectiles. 


The attacks you need to watch out for during the Baalzebub boss fight are:

8-Star Projectile

The 8-Star Projectile is simply just an enhanced version of Haborym’s 5-Star Projectile attack. This means a wider hitbox and more projectiles. To dodge, simply roll through the projectiles and punish Baalzebub back.

Projectile Clouds

This is easily Baalzebub’s most devastating move. He fires three slow-moving clouds that later burst into four projectiles that spread out slowly. Just like the other projectiles, there is no easy way to avoid this attack. The only way to get survive this attack is by being precise in your dodges.

Projectile Bursts 

Four waves of 4 projectiles are shot by Baalzebub in a line pattern. Unlike his previous projectile attack, this one is not as hard to avoid. There are large gaps between the projectiles, and simply walking through them instead of dodging will keep you out of harm’s way.


Third boss
Baalzebub, during one of his attack animations
  • Baalzebub primarily employs projectile-type attacks and tries to maintain distance during the fight.
  • Timing and seizing opportunities for punishment are crucial against his evasive nature.
  • Dodge his projectiles as they spread out after his attack.
  • Always look for opportunities to close in and attack when his attack sequence ends.
  • Exercise caution and avoid greed when launching your attacks.
  • Following this strategy, you’ll eventually defeat Baalzebub, clearing the path to face the Bishop of Anchordeep in Cult of the Lamb.


Kallamar – The final boss of Anchordeep dungeon in Cult of the Lamb

Kallamar is the Heretic and the final boss of Cult of the Lamb’s Anchordeep dungeon. Kallamar is a twisted version of Horseman of “Pestilence” as he inflicts plague on your cult as you progress through the Anchordeep. Since Kallamar is the final boss in Anchordeep, his move set and weapons are befitting of his title.


The list of Kallamar’s attacks is given below:


Kallamar usually does this to evade and get out of harm’s way. Typically, after an attack, Kallamar sinks to the floor and appears elsewhere. He doesn’t deal damage through this attack, but learning about where he appears can give you an edge during your fight.

Staff Summon

Kallamar, using his staff to summon other Anchordeep enemies

Kallamar will hold his Staff up in the air and summon various mobs located in Anchordeep. If the spawned enemies aren’t dead yet, Kallamar won’t be able to summon more. Before he starts the summon, Kallamar will hold his Staff diagonally, close his eyes and shout the names of his minions.

Sword Slash

Sword attack
Kallamar using vertical sword slash attack

Kallamar holds the sword in his right hand and charges toward the Lamb to hit it with a vertical slash attack. Before his Sword Slash, Kallamar will switch his staff with a sword and hold it above his head with both his left and right hands. As soon as he closes his eyes, he will begin this attack.

Dagger Quick-Slash

Kallamar, punishing the player for being too aggressive with his dagger attack

Kallamar uses a quick,closed-ranged slash to keep you from getting too close. The overall indicator of this attack is very similar to Staff summon except for the fact that Kallamar’s eyes remain open during this attack which is opposite to what he does when using his staff.

Globus Cruciger Projectiles

Kallamar using the projectile attack

As soon as Kallamar holds his cruciger with his lower right hand and closes his eyes and mouth while enchanting something, be prepared for a barrage of projectile attacks. There is a variety of projectiles Kallamar can summon using his cruciger, such as:

  • A small circle of bullets quickly charges toward the Lamb.
  • A sun-type bullet pattern that slowly spreads across the arena.
  • A wave-type pattern that goes up and down while following the player.
  • A flower-type pattern comprised of five waves, each having five bullets.
  • Waves of single-bullet circles with a slight delay between each wave.


  • The key strategy against Kallamar, as with other bosses, is to time your dodges correctly and capitalize on openings.
  • Maintain focus during Kallamar’s summon attack, prioritize enemies he summons, but choose not to engage in battles with especially challenging foes.
  • Kallamar initiates his sword attack when he gets close, allowing you to dodge in the right direction and counterattack.
  • The dagger attack is of little concern as long as you don’t stay too close to Kallamar, as it is short and quick.
  • When dealing with the Cruciger attack, your success hinges on projectile type. Let the projectiles disperse, then dodge through them.
  • Avoid trying to stagger or inflict status effects on Kallamar, as Heretics are immune. Focus on learning his attacks and delivering counters effectively.

Recommended Skills & Weapons

  • Plan your skills and weapons beforehand, focusing on Curse skills and unlocking the fourth-tier weapons for Anchordeep bosses.
  • Equip the Golden Fleece for damage multiplication as you progress through the run.
  • Daggers offer mobility with quick strikes but lower damage, while Hammers deal maximum damage but are slower.
  • Prioritize Ichor or homing curses for efficient boss health reduction.
  • Select Tarot cards that complement your weapon choice; prioritize health and windup reduction for Hammers and critical damage and various effects for Daggers.

This concludes our guide for all the bosses located in the Anchordeep dungeon of Cult of the Lamb. Don’t be shy in giving any useful tips for the bosses in the comment box below.

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