Cult Of The Lamb Anura Bosses: How To Defeat

In our guide we will look into the 4 Anura Bosses and how to defeat them.

The Cult of the Lamb Anura monsters are more challenging than their counterparts, so if you want to prevail, you will need to master all of the game’s mechanics and look for patterns in each enemy. Of course, it is considerably easier than it sounds because it can be difficult to remember each boss’s routines and abilities when they are advancing on you with all of their devilish might

Key Highlights
  • Cult Of The Lamb has many weapons to use and that’s because along the way you will have to fight many bosses.
  • Fighting these bosses can be hard if you decide to fight recklessly and without proper knowledge about their attacks.
  • You get a total of 4 main bosses to fight, which are:
    • Gusion Guideldings
    • Eligos
    • Zepar 
    • Heket
  • Each of these bosses has its own techniques to be defeated and attack patterns that you need to remember.
  • You can view our guide below to gain experience and details about each boss and how to counter them and win.

Some Things To Know Before You Start

As you must have already gathered, playing against these bosses is no joke, so your best bet to win is knowing all the tips and tricks, which is exactly why our Anura Bosses Guide will certainly be your best friend! 

Firstly, timing is unquestionably the most pivotal in the prep you should make for the Cult of the Lamb Anura bosses. The thing is that most of the zone’s monsters move rapidly and land their strikes fairly quickly, which can be punishing if you are holding off on using a heavier weapon.

In our Cult of the Lamb Anura Bosses Guide, we will always urge you to choose knives, blades, or gauntlets rightly. They are super important. Why? Well,  so that you may easily land melee assaults. Whenever you are confused, always go for a trusty knife; they will never let you down.

We want you to remember that always choose tarot cards that increase your melee physical damage and swinging velocity or curse consumption counter as your top priorities for curses that can shoot enemies from a distance.

Additionally, you should actually enhance your sermon faith skill tree talents and abilities to at least the second or third branch. You will receive powerful guns and spells from it that will allow you to defeat the area’s bosses easily.

What’s more is that it will also allow you to locate weapons with special abilities like Bane and Necromancer, which could also infect enemies or transform their dead souls into projectile attacks. While you are here, why not have a look at the Cult Of The Lamb Cooking: All Food Types & Effects guide? It will tell you all you have to know about cooking in the game.

Gusion Guideldings Anura Boss

 cult of the lamb Gusion
Cult of the Lamb Anura Bosses Guide: Gusion

So let’s first talk about the Gusion Guideldings in the game. Gusion is the first of the Cult of the Lamb Anura monsters. It mimics the jumping frog; we know it looks pretty gross. One thing to remember is that most enemies you will encounter here will have similar moveset.

His main attacks are the AOE blast wave he emits and the clusters of projectiles he blasts off. Both are rather simple to evade, and by using hit-and-run strategies, you also can easily inflict melee or curses damage on him. 

The boss battle is challenging because of the way it will actually create additional frog opponents by laying eggs. All these eggs can be completely destroyed with just a few strikes. But if you are concentrating on them rather than him, you risk being susceptible to attacks.

Try to destroy the eggs before they hatch, and this will make your life so much easier and hassle-free. It can be so annoying and frustrating to cope with adversaries who generate quickly and easily. When only one lesser foe is left, return your attention to Gusion and employ hit-and-run strategies to reduce his health. 

Soon enough, he will fall, and you will have already overcome the first obstacle in the zone. While you are here, why not have a look at our 10 BEST Weapons guide, it will tell you all about the best weapons in the game.

Eligos Guide 

Cult of the Lamb Anura Bosses Guide:Eligos
Eligos In Cult of the Lamb

The next monster in the zone that you should be aware of is Eligos. It is a bigger version of the flying frog opponents in the area, so basically, a joy to look at. It has a far more powerful moveset.

He will basically come at you from one of two directions. The first method involves a swarm of flying insects that zero in on you. Okay, so probably melee assaults are the more effective option of the two. These insects can also be eliminated by curses. 

When the swarm is at mid-range of your strikes, try to wait around and do not attack until he fires off a swarm before beginning to fight it.

Another option is to lure the swarm into following you until it is directly in front of Eligos At which point you can attack both of them with a melee combo.

His other strike is a homing charge that leaves behind a trail of projectiles. You will have to escape past these projectiles as they begin to bend inwards towards one another since you can not smash them. 

After evading these assaults, you will have a short opportunity to do some melee or Curse damage. But do not be overly ambitious. What we are about to talk about is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Bear in mind if you rush in for fast hits that, this ability will activate more regularly and at a shorter range after he reaches half health as well.

Zepar Boss Guide

Cult of the lamb Zepar
Zepar in the cult of the lamb

The Cult of the Lamb Anura boss we want to talk about is the notorious Zepar. It may come as a shock to you, but Zepar actually shares a lot of similarities with Gusion’s moveset. He bounces around, creating AOE shock assaults everywhere he lands. He also launches projectiles and employs minor foes to occupy your attention.

Zepar, however, employs exploding projectiles to deliver a significant injury to you if you are not vigilant. Luckily, they have a targeting reticle that indicates where they will fall. Hence, making it easy for you to evade them. 

The relatively small adversaries that generate can also be defeated in a manner similar to that used in the boss battle against Gusion. If you are still unsure about how. Do not worry. We will let you know!

Basically, eliminate all but one of them before closing in on Zepar for hit-and-run damage. 

The trick to dodging the AOE shockwaves from his landing is to be patient. It is always best to take your time then, pause till he finishes hopping, and refrain from being overly eager if you attack him with melee weapons. Never attempt to complete a full combination of blows before that.

One thing to remember is to always remain prepared to duck back in case he starts a sequence of jumps. If you continue to proceed cautiously, you will soon just be on the way to conquering the area.

Heket Anura Boss

 Heket in cult of the lamb
Cult of the Lamb Anura Bosses Guide: Heket

The Bishop of the Old Faith Heket is the final enemy of the Cult of the Lamb Anura, and she is certainly not an easy opponent to defeat. In our Cult of the Lamb, Anura Bosses Guide Heket is the most formidable enemy you will ever encounter.

She will hold you at a standoff with impunity with a multitude of distant techniques, including fast tongue attacks and an abundance of missiles. She may also throw exploding flying objects at you if you are nearby or on the perimeter of the field. So as you can see, Heket is no joke!

Moreover, she will also knock down on you with AOE shockwaves. The last touch is a consistent influx of lesser foes, with much more appearing as Heket’s health decreases.

Thankfully, her assaults are simple enough to avoid avidly. Escaping the targeted reticles, they made on the ground due to her tongue strike and lobbed flies. In doing so, you will have time to go close and deal considerable damage until she launches her next attack. 

Her AOE shockwaves are simple to evade by darting to the left or right, and you may give yourself little buffer time by luring the lesser adversaries to the far corners of the arena. 

Her third phase, which would be started when Heket’s vitality drops to one-third, is the only one that calls for particular actions.

In order to get Heket further out and knock her off when this phase can begin, two sizable frog enemies must be vanquished. Try always to eliminate any lesser foes that attempt to sneak up on you while concentrating on just one of them at the moment. 

Avoid being reluctant to retreat temporarily, and make every effort to avoid distributing your damages too far. If you do all of that, both of them will soon fall to you. So when Heket comes back, she will attack harder than before. Keep moving, and choose the right time to finish her out with an attack.

We hope our Cult of the Lamb Anura Bosses Guide will help you in your gaming experience.  

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