Cult Of The Lamb: How To Get Axolotl Follower Form

In This Guide We Cover In Depth About The Best Way To Acquire The Axolotl Follower Form In Cult Of The Lamb.

Cult Of The Lamb offers several customization options including the Follower Forms. Among these Followers, there is an Axolotl Follower Form, and today, we will be discussing Cult Of The Lamb How To Get Axolotl Follower Form.

Key Highlights
  • Axolotl Follower Form lets you change your follower’s appearance into an Axolotl.
  • To get this skin, first, you have to unlock a certain part of the map and then engage in a side quest you will find there.
  • You need to go to the Lighthouse and you will find an Axolotl there which will ask for your help to put logs in the Lighthouse.
  • Then after helping him you can go back to him and he will ask you for 25 crystal shards.
  • You can only find these shards in Anchordeep and after receiving them you need to give him the shards and in reward, you will receive the “Axolotl Follower Form”.

What Is Axolotl Follower Form?

Axolotl Follower Form
The Axolotl Follower Form In Cult Of The Lamb

Now, for the players that enjoy the customization aspect of the game, they will certainly want to get their hands on all the Followers Forms. Also, collecting all of the Follower Forms will reward you with an achievement called Full Flock. Furthermore, to complete your collection, you will also require the Axolotl Follower Form, which is a bit confusing to get. 

However, we will help you through our guide to acquiring the Axolotl Follower Form. The Follower Forms are basically customizable skin for the great Lamb’s followers. You can use these to create a loyal town with different species or make an obedient group of them.

How To Get The Axolotl Follower Form

The Axolotl Keeper
The Axolotl Lighthouse Keeper In Cult Of The Lamb

Now, to unlock the Axolotl Follower Form, you will have to work a bit as it requires you first to unlock a certain area and sidequest, which can be done fairly early on in the game. All you have to do to unlock the area and the sidequest is to progress past the tutorial and glide through the Crusades of Darkwood

Also, you will eventually stumble upon an NPC Fisherman who will offer the players with some fishing lessons, and he will guide you to the Pilgrim’s Passage. This way, you will be able to unlock the area that is required for the Axolotl quest. Also, you can now use the warp pad at the Cult near the top area to head to the Pilgram’s Passage.

Next, you have to head towards the lighthouse, down to the left of the docks, and you spot it immediately. Inside the lighthouse, you can find a cult and a distressed Axolotl who is distressed because they are in charge of keeping the lighthouse lit, but their leader has left them all by themselves. 

However, at that moment, the fire of the lighthouse will be extinguished, and the Axolotl will task you to reignite the fire, which can be done easily by placing some logs in it. Now that the lighthouse has been lit again, then you can return back here after a few crusades to interact with the Axolotl again.

However, he will now task you with finding 25 crystal shards which are a rare material only available in Anchordeep. Next, just keep crusading in Anchordeep to eventually stumble upon crystal ore which, after being mined, turns into shards. After collecting 25 crystal shards, you can turn them into the Axolotl, who will return and reward you with the Axolotl Follower Form.

Follower Form
Another One Of The Follower Forms In Cult Of The Lamb

With this, we hope that we have answered the frequently asked question about Cult Of The Lamb How To Get Axolotl Follower Form. However, if you believe that we might have missed some key information about the Axolotl Follower Form, then please do let us know through the comment section down below.

Now, we recommend that before you get into the action, read the Review guide and Weapons Tier List for a better understanding of the game. Also, for further understanding of the features of the game, read our guide on Follower Traits, Best Food, Best Doctrines, Best Tarot Cards, and Best Fleece.

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