Cult Of The Lamb: Beasts Below The Waves Quest

Cult Of The Lamb tasks you with a lot of tasks that really have you questioning if this game was made by a sane human. However, as twisted as all those tasks may be, none of them are as time-consuming and random as the task of catching rare fishes. You need to catch these fishes to complete the Beasts Below The Waves quest in Cult Of The Lamb. Before continuing, give our Cult of the Lamb Review guide a shot to get a good idea of the game.

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The quest seems simple enough at first, but many players have found it a stinging pain in the butt. The main reason for that is that the chances of spawning the fishes that the Beasts Below The Waves quest requires you to catch are extremely random. Some players will find them as soon as they start fishing, while for others, it may take days.

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However, this problem can be tackled by using the tactics which we have written in the later sections of our guide. So buckle up and keep reading our Cult Of The Lamb Beasts Below The Waves guide to getting yourself some fish.

Starting Beasts Below The Waves Quest

Ok, so first thing’s first, how do you actually start the Beasts Below The Waves quest in Cult Of The Lamb? Well, the first prerequisite for starting the quest is that you need to have progressed through Darkwood enough, so you have unlocked Pilgrim’s Passage. Darkwood is the first region you will find yourself in and is also the tutorial area, and you can’t really miss this one.

Anyhow, to unlock the Pilgrim’s Passage, you need to talk to the Fisherman found in Darkwood. After a bit of chit-chat, he will give you directions to a fishing spot, which is also the same dreaded fishing spot where you will be catching the rare fishes.

He will also give you the list of the fishes you need to catch to complete the Beasts Below The Waves quest in Cult Of The Lamb. The list of the fishes is as follows:

  • One Octopus
  • One Lobster
  • One Crab
  • One Squid

If you have successfully received the above-mentioned list in the game, then we don’t really know whether to congratulate you or feel bad for you since this is one RNG-based quest. Anyways let’s continue and discuss the best ways to catch these marine creatures.

Methods For Completing Beasts Below The Waves

There are three methods you can use to complete the Beasts Below The Waves quest in Cult Of The Lamb. Let’s go through each in detail.

Fishing Method

The fishing method is the most basic and also the one which most players resort to. The fishing method is not bad at all, that is, if you do not mind spending multiple days and nights in hopes of finding the required fish. The chances of you finding even one fish on your first trip are low, let alone catching all four of them.

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However, if you are one of the old-school hard grinders, then there is no other method better than fishing. Performing it obviously requires you to go to the fishing spot, the directions to which were given to you by the fisherman in Darkwood.

As for the time, you can go there both day and night; however, we recommend you make your trips at night since there has been some evidence of a higher spawn rate of fishes at night. The marine that you are going to be encountering the most is the Octopus since it has the highest rate of spawning. In fact, during our playthrough, we caught ten octopuses before we caught any other fish.

Looting Method

Now to some of you, the idea of catching fish by looting might seem unusual but trust us when we say it works. To do this, you simply need to acquire the Neptunes Curse tarot card.

You can obtain it from the same Fisherman who gave you the Beasts Below The Waves quest. What Neptune’s Curse does is that it basically gives the dead bodies you loot a chance to drop fishes.

As for the rate of the drop, it is roughly the same as the normal fishing method. The looting method is again RNG based but hey! You need all the help you need considering the nature of the quest.

This method is also better than fishing by a mile because leaving behind dead bodies is always more fun than standing at the same spot hoping for a fish to catch on.

Ritual Method

The last but probably the best method is using a ritual. Be warned, though, that the ritual method is just as expensive as effective it is. The name of the ritual is Ritual Of The Ocean Bounty. You can unlock it once you have leveled up your crown to level 3.

The power of the ritual method is unreal in this regard. Since it not only doubles the spawn rate of normal fishes but also increases your chances of finding yourself a rare fish.

The method lasts for two whole days. So it is literally impossible to fail the quest in question if you are using the Ritual Of The Ocean Bounty. Speaking of tarot cards, read our BEST Cult Of The Lamb Tarot Cards guide.

As for the cost of performing the ritual, it’s a whopping 75 Bones! Though you can bring it down to just 37 Bones, so do not miss such a golden chance.

Rewards Of Beasts Below The Waves

Cult of the lamb beats below the waves

Well, that covers the methods; now, let us take a look at the rewards you will get once you complete the Beasts Below The Waves quest in Cult Of The Lamb. There are two rewards you can get, and the first one is Holy Talisman which is used to unlock new Fleeces. Anyone who has played Cult Of The Lamb knows how valuable of an asset the Fleeces are.

Read our Cult of The Lamb Best Fleece guide to learn more about them in case you don’t already.

The Fleeces can be a game changer when you are on Crusades, so this reward alone is enough to make the time or resources you spend to complete the quest worth it. Your second reward is that the Fisherman will sell you rare fishes at stupendously low prices.

That about wraps it up; if you found this helpful, then our BEST Food In Cult Of The Lambs guide will also interest you.

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