Cult Of The Lamb: Beginners Guide To Manage Cult

Cult of The Lamb has several things that need to be taken care of. You'll learn how to do it in this Beginners Guide.

Cult of The Lamb has become the talk of the town. That is because this cute game lets you make your own cult with followers. It can be hard to deal with everything that the game has. We’ve prepared a Beginners Guide to help you run your cult perfectly from the beginning in Cult of The Lamb.

Cult Of The Lamb Tips

Managing Resources and Followers:

  • Get the Farm Plot to generate Food for your followers.
  • Use fertilizers on crops for increased yields.
  • Increase Outhouses to keep the cult clean and boost fertilizer production.
  • Destroy objects on the map to gather resources.
  • Build Missionary and Lumberyards for wood runs.

Unlocking Pilgrami’s Passage:

  • Complete first two quests for Keepers at the Lighthouse.
  • Get a new follower form as a reward.

Cult Management:

  • Keep cultists happy for faster Faith production, more Devotion, and better Resurrection rewards.
  • Gift necklaces with passive bonuses to followers found in dungeons.
  • Praise followers early for Devotion and level them up.
  • Later, Extort them for Gold.

Progression and Time Management:

  • Focus on multiple aspects of cult development.
  • Speed up the night occasionally if you’re tired of waiting.
  • Manage time carefully; the game continues unless paused.
  • Use the Hunger Crown to eat cooked food for temporary buffs.

Dungeon Tips:

  • Choose the right weapon for each dungeon.
  • Watch for enemy flashing before they attack.
  • Dodge frequently; it’s cost-free.
  • Identify Fortune Tellers (Stars and Moons) and Item Vendors (swords) in dungeons.
  • Tarot Cards+ have better buffs; they disappear after dungeons.
  • Purchase cards to the left of the Fortune Teller.
  • Affixes impact maps with positive and negative components.

Beginners Guide to Community Building

For Community in Cult of The Lamb, you’ll need to make sure that you’re doing everything efficiently from the start. In no time, you’ll run out of some vital resources such as wood and food. Here’s how you can keep your cult prosperous.

Farming First

  1. Prioritize Farming: Upon unlocking your shrine, devotees will start providing you with devotion. Use this devotion to unlock various buildings and structures for your cult. The most critical upgrade is the Farm Plot.
  2. Get Farm Plots Early: Invest in Farm Plots as soon as possible. These plots generate essential food for your followers. If your followers go hungry, they’ll become sick and irritable, leading to their demise. You can use these plots to grow berries and other ingredients. Later in the game, you can unlock quality of life upgrades to automate the farming process and assign followers to tend to the crops.
  3. Learn How to Farm: If you’re unsure about how to create and manage a farm, consider reading our guide on how to build and maintain a farm. The guide provide detailed instructions on different buildings, upgrades, planting, harvesting, and crop cultivation.
  4. Provide the Best Food: Once your farm is large enough to meet your cult’s food needs, aim to prepare the best possible meals for your followers. Refer to our list of the best food options to ensure your followers are well-fed and content.

Good Crops

  1. Use Fertilizers: Prioritize using fertilizers on your crops, especially on those you plan to use for cooking food for your cult. The use of fertilizers can significantly increase crop yields. If you have a larger cult, you’ll acquire more fertilizers, as your followers contribute to the supply. More followers mean more poop and more fertilizer for your crops.
    Collecting Poop in Cult of the Lamb
    Poop is used as Fertilizer to grow better crops.
  2. Don’t Hoard Poop: It’s not advantageous to hoard poop for future use. Spread it on your crops without hesitation. Using it to fertilize your crops early on can be a game-changer, so make the most of it.
  3. Consider the Fertiliser Silo: In the later stages of the game, you’ll unlock the Fertiliser Silo. Assigned farmers will use it to produce and distribute fertilizer evenly across your crops. However, in the early game, you’ll need to handle fertilizer distribution manually.
    Fertilizer Silo and Outhouses in beginners guide of Cult of the lamb.
    Fertilizer silos and Outhouses help improve the crops.
  4. Strategic Placement of Outhouse: When you obtain the Outhouse, consider placing it near your crops. This proximity will save you time collecting poop and applying it to your crops. Every second counts, so optimizing your workflow is essential, and having the Outhouse nearby will prove beneficial.

Keep it Clean

Maintaining cleanliness in The Cult of The Lamb is essential not only for the well-being of your followers but also for the prosperity of your cult. Here’s why you should prioritize cleanliness and use Outhouses:

  1. Prevent Health Issues: Neglecting cleanliness can lead to piles of dung accumulating in your cult’s living area. This poses a significant health risk to your followers, potentially causing sickness and even death.
  2. Ensure Cult Growth: As your cult grows in size, sanitation problems become more pronounced. Properly managing cleanliness early on will help you avoid larger issues as your cult expands.
  3. Fertilize Crops: Outhouses serve a dual purpose by providing fertilizer for your crops. Using dung as fertilizer can help improve crop yields and ensure a stable food supply for your cult.

Destroy Everything You See

  1. Collect Materials: Destroying objects, whether it’s structures or deceased enemies, can yield valuable crafting materials. Be thorough and gather everything you can find.
  2. Chop Down Grass: In the early game, chopping down grass can provide you with materials for grass-based food. Stockpile it to keep your flock well-fed.
  3. Break Objects: Smash pots, idols, rocks, or any objects you encounter. They often contain useful crafting materials that can be essential, especially in the early stages of the game.
  4. Early-Game Efficiency: While this tactic becomes less necessary in the late game when resources are more abundant, it’s incredibly effective early on when every scrap of material counts. Consider getting faster weapons to expedite the process, but any weapon can work.
destroy everything - beginners guide to cult of the lamb
Destroy everything to collect materials.

Collect Wood Whenever You Can

securing enough wood early in the game is crucial for your base’s growth. Here’s how to ensure an adequate supply:

  1. Look out for wood stops in dungeons, though not the best source, they can help with early base issues.
    beginners guide to collect wood in Cult of the Lamb.
    Wood is the basic material that is required in building almost everything.
  2. Build a missionary and send followers on wood runs early on. Followers are replaceable, but wood shortages can halt base growth.
  3. Prioritize unlocking the Lumberyard during phase II of the early game. It’s essential for base and cult expansion.
    guide to lumberyards in cult of the lamb.
    Lumberyards are a great source of wood in the mid to late game.
  4. Consider building two or three Lumberyards to ensure a steady and ample wood supply for your base’s long-term development. No wood will go to waste.

Wood is a fundamental resource for building in the game, so managing it effectively is essential for your success.

Lighthouse’s Quests

Pilgrim’s Passage is the first side area you’ll unlock, offering more than just fishing for better food early on. Visit the lighthouse to embark on a quest:

  1. First Quest: Provide wood to the Keepers of the Light, easily obtained by following the Beginners Guide tip mentioned earlier. Completing this quest earns their prayers, granting you a bit of devotion. They also open two shops: one selling Tarot Cards and the other offering decorations.
  2. Second Quest: To complete this quest, bring 25 crystals to the Keepers of the Light. Smash crystals in the anchor deep dungeons to gather them. Upon delivering 25 crystals, you’ll receive a new follower form.

These quests at the lighthouse provide opportunities to enhance your gameplay and acquire valuable resources.

Keeping The Cultist Happy

Keeping your cultists happy is crucial for several reasons:

  1. Boosting Faith Production: A content and harmonious cult is more productive, generating more faith. Faith is essential for the Crown, so prioritize its collection.
  2. Happy Cultists Level Up: Happy cultists will increase in level, granting the Lamb significant amounts of devotion. This makes them more valuable, especially if you need to sacrifice them for the Resurrection ritual.
  3. Meeting Needs: To please your followers, ensure their needs are met and keep them safe from harm.
  4. Mind Reading: As you progress, you’ll gain the ability to read your followers’ minds. This helps you identify their struggles, allowing you to inspire and solve their problems, which in turn earns you their favor.
Faith in the beginners guide to cult of the lamb.
Collecting faith from the followers.

Don’t Forget To Gift Followers

Apart from inspiring your followers, you can also give them gifts, with necklaces being the preferred choice. These necklaces offer valuable passive bonuses, such as increased movement speed and enhanced resource farming. Some necklaces even prevent followers from falling asleep, which can be handy for specific roles like farming through the night.

While the diversity of necklaces is limited, and their drop rate is random, using them strategically on followers, especially those with negative traits, can make a significant difference.

Inspiring and Extorting Followers:

  1. Praise: Praising a follower not only collects devotion but also levels them up, providing benefits like better success rates during missionary trips. Focus on this to gather extra wood early in the game, as missionary trips are a crucial resource source.
  2. Extortion: Later in the game, gold becomes essential. Extorting followers yields gold, which can be converted into gold bars. Starting this process early by praising and extorting followers will set you up for success in the endgame.
giving gifts in cult of the lamb.
Giving necklaces as gifts give your followers some passive bonuses.

Inspiring And Extorting The Followers

Early interaction with your followers is important, but it may seem tedious as you progress. However, it’s crucial for various benefits:

  1. Praise: When you praise a follower, you collect devotion and level them up. This offers substantial benefits, including improved success rates during missionary trips.
  2. Missionary Trips: These trips are a valuable source of resources, especially wood early in the game. Prioritize missionary trips for significant benefits.
  3. Extortion: Later in the game, gold becomes essential. Extorting followers yields gold, which is crucial for late-game needs.
  4. Gold Bars: Convert the collected gold into gold bars, forming a vital part of your resource management.
Missionary trips.
Missionary trips are a great source of resources.

The Mindset Of Progression

Your mindset is essential for success. To maximize your cult’s potential, focus on the following:

  1. Prompt Upgrades: Don’t delay upgrades that can benefit your cult. Ensure you leave no stone unturned as you prepare for your next run.
  2. Daily Tasks: Perform your sermon daily to prevent devotion from capping at the shrine. Ensure villagers are harvesting available resources efficiently.
  3. Maintain Balance: Keep an eye on key aspects like Faith, Hunter, and Sickness. Avoid over-focusing on one aspect at the expense of others.
  4. Consistency: Don’t let a day go by without making improvements in your camp. Consistency is crucial to progress.

Cult of The Lamb has many intricate systems, and it’s easy to overlook some daily tasks. However, these omissions can compound, making it challenging to keep up with the increasing dungeon difficulty. Stay focused and maintain a balanced approach to ensure your cult thrives.

Speeding Up The Night

Speeding up the night in Cult of The Lamb can be useful for interacting with your cult followers, but it’s best not to rely on it too frequently. There’s a reason for this, as explained in the next tip.

Time Never Stops

Time keeps moving forward, and if you don’t manage it well, your cultists may die of old age, hunger, or other issues. Make sure to manage your time effectively to maintain your cult’s well-being and pause the game when necessary.

Beginners Guide to Dungeons

As our guide is a complete Beginners Guide for the game Cult of The Lamb, we’ve covered almost every topic. And for the next tip, we’ll tell you about the fights in the game. If you memorize these tips, you’ll come out of the dungeons unhurt.

A Tasty Meal Before The Journey

Eating cooked fruits and vegetables before entering dungeons in Cult of The Lamb can grant you an additional temporary armor heart, providing an advantage during battles. This effect can be unlocked by obtaining the Hunger Crown after defeating dungeon bosses and then bringing the item obtained to the temple.

Take the Right Weapon

You will encounter various weapons and curses (abilities) at the start of each run, similar to games like The Binding of Isaac and Curse of the Old Gods. Initially, players may have to make do with whatever they find, but as they progress or get lucky, they’ll have multiple weapon and curse choices. Each weapon can be powerful in the right hands, and players should consider their play style when selecting weapons. For a detailed list of the best weapons, you can refer to the Tier List of Best Weapons in Cult of The Lamb. Some weapons have fast chain attacks with multiple low-damage hits, while others are slower but deliver high DPS with each strike.

Enemies Indicate Before Attacking

The dungeon starts off relatively easy, but the difficulty increases as you progress. Initially, enemies are easier to defeat, but they become tougher and more aggressive later on. To survive, it’s essential to learn enemy attack patterns and combos. The game provides indicators to signal when an enemy is about to attack, such as the enemy flashing before launching an attack. Players should keep a close eye on all enemies in a room and be prepared to dodge their attacks to avoid taking damage.

Dodging Is Completely Free

You won’t find much of a cooldown between dodging. And you can spam dodges if you want to. They will help you by keeping you alive. And if you’re in danger, you shouldn’t be reluctant to dodge away. It will save you if you’re surrounded by hordes of enemies or getting attacked by bosses.

Finding Upgrades

finding the Fortune Teller and Item Vendor in the dungeons may seem random, but there’s a simple trick to help you locate them on each map. While dungeon exploration doesn’t provide many indicators, this trick is hard to miss and can guide you to the shops:

  1. Look Above the Entranceway: Examine the area above the entranceway between rooms. The key is in the decorations hanging overhead.
    • If you see Stars and Moons hanging over the entrance, it indicates the path to the Fortune Teller.
    • If there are swords hanging above the entrance, you’ll find the Item Vendor.
fortune teller in guide for cult of the lamb.
Fortune Teller has Moons and Stars hanging above the path.

While this detail may not seem significant to all players, having the choice between combat and upgrades can be crucial in certain situations. If given the option, many players would prefer an upgrade to gain an edge. While some may clear the entire map before moving on due to their small size, having this knowledge gives you a bit of control over how your journey unfolds in the game.

Weapons vendor in cult of the lamb.
The weapons vendor has swords hanging above the path.

Tarot Card+

Tarot Cards+ are significant in Cult of The Lamb as they offer improved properties compared to their standard counterparts. For example, the Plus version of the Gift From Below Tarot card provides a 20% chance of gaining a Heart when killing an enemy, doubling the standard 10% chance. Collecting Tarot Cards+ is beneficial and offers pure power with no downsides to your gameplay.

Tarot Cards Plus in Cult of the Lamb.
These Tarot Cards Plus show an example of the benefits.

Getting Extra Tarot Cards

When you encounter the Fortune Teller in Cult of The Lamb, take note of the display cards on the left side. These cards are not just decorative; you can actually purchase them. In addition to the free Tarot Card you normally receive from the Fortune Teller, you have the option to buy a second card for a few gold coins. This is a valuable opportunity to potentially gain a significant buff, and while you may not be able to do it on every run, it’s worth considering when available.

Extra Tarot Cards.
Once in a while, you’ll find extra Tarot Cards on the side of the vendor.


Cult of The Lamb features Affixes that affect specific maps as you explore dungeons, but the game doesn’t explain them well to new players. These Affixes can have both positive and negative components, such as doubling gold drops while causing enemies to leave a pool of poison upon death. Despite the drawbacks, it’s a good idea to complete areas with Affixes during your dungeon runs because you can earn various rewards beyond just gold, including food, hearts, Tarot Cards, and more.

Affixes in the dungeons.
Affixes are the areas with a small icon underneath them.

Death Isn’t the End

In Cult of The Lamb, one of the best abilities you can unlock is ‘Resurrection.’ This ability grants you a second chance to continue your dungeon run if you get killed. However, it comes at the cost of sacrificing one of your cult followers. When choosing a follower to sacrifice for resurrection, it’s essential to consider their age and loyalty.

Marrying a young cult follower and gradually building their loyalty will result in more hearts gained upon resurrection. Younger followers with higher loyalty will provide more hearts and even armor hearts, making it a game-changing strategy for overcoming challenging bosses and progressing through the game.

Resurrection in Cult of the lamb beginners guide
Choosing a follower to sacrifice for Ressurection.

Are you running out of followers of your cult because they are all dying out? Then you’d like to know that there are some special rituals that you can perform to review them. Learn more about them in the Rituals to Revive Followers.

Repeat the Bosses

You can interact with statues to collect devotion. You’ll encounter these shrines before defeating the boss of a dungeon zone, and they provide devotion when interacted with or hit once. After defeating the boss and returning to the dungeon, you may come across statues with a red X mark on them. Hitting these statues will spawn a portal leading you to the boss’s location.

If your goal is to collect “Eyes of the Witness,” focus on defeating the smaller bosses. However, if you want a chance at a big chest with valuable loot, take the portal to battle the boss again. This loot can include commandment tablet pieces, new items, or additional recipes.

Repeating bosses in the game.
The portal that leads to the repeat fighting the boss.


The goal of The Cult of The Lamb is to run a successful cult while dealing with the monsters or ‘non-believers’ in the game. Running a successful cult can be hard if you don’t know what you’re dealing with.

When it comes to the cult, you’ll need to make sure that they’re happy. For that, make sure to focus on farming. You can get Outhouses to collect the poop and then use it as fertilizer on your crops. This will keep your cult clean and happy.

If you are planning to run a successful cult, make sure to gift them from time to time. Listen to them and inspire them; with that, you can extort them and earn tons of gold early in the game.

When you go into the Dungeons to loot and collect resources, we recommend that you eat a meal as it will give you one extra heart. Taking the right weapon in the dungeons and getting relevant upgrades will surely help you there. You can dodge attacks, including many things. And if you end up dying, use the Resurrection ability to revive yourself.

Also, the weapons in Cult of The Lamb are interesting. You’ll get to try out different Swords, Daggers, Gauntlets, Hammers, and Axes. As there is a variety of weapons to choose from, it seemed right to make a Tier List of the Weapons.

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