12 BEST Cult Of The Lamb Buildings

Cult of the Lamb walks you through the process of expanding your cult for the first few hours, after which it is entirely up to the player to choose the manner in which the cult should grow. The beginning of the game might be challenging for inexperienced players since there is a limit of one building that can be unlocked at a time, and they may not know what they should focus on first. That is why we have curated the Cult Of The Lamb best Buildings guide and entailed the most useful buildings you should unlock first to grow your cult.

When something comes to the ways in which players may construct their cult in Cult of the Lamb, they have a variety of choices available to them. Players have the ability to take advantage of the many construction characteristics available to them in order to establish the cult town of their imagination.

Players have the ability to construct a town with a large number of jails since the authorities of the town do not bother whether their inhabitants despise them. Because of how much affection there is for them, they may also create a community with few jails.

You will have access to a wide range of customization choices throughout the game, all of which may be used to construct some very incredible structures. As promised, I have compiled a list of some of the most impressive structures that the Cult of the Lamb has to provide.

This construction order has been designed specifically for beginner players in order to prevent material shortages and guarantee that you will be able to acquire or construct whatever is new almost whenever you return from a quest. Try putting your Followers to use for you and giving it a go!

Demonic Summoning Circle

Demonic Summoning Circle – cult of the lamb best buildings

The demonic summoning circle is not a required structure; however, it is highly recommended that players construct it for their bases since it looks amazing. It gives the gamers the ability to take control of a member of their fellow Cult acolytes.

Whenever the player enters combat, the members of the cult are transformed into demons, allowing them to stand and fight them. The crusades of the Lamb into the territories of the Old Faith may be risky, particularly in the second half of the game.

Because of the difficult nature of the dungeons, which are characterized by formidable opponents, many traps, and formidable monsters, you may find that you need some assistance while engaging in combat.

You are able to bring forward a servant of the One That Waits using such a Demon Summoning Circle, and once it arrives, it will take possession of one of your Followers. Even though they are not as strong as the Lamb, the enslaved cultist will accompany you during your next quest and give assistance for you.

Typically, this involves actively searching for and acquiring stuff on your account in someone else’s interest. After strengthening the Circle to its maximum level, you will be able to have up to three Followers under your command at the same time, allowing you to establish a real adventurous group.

Just keep in mind that the possessed Followers can’t work, worship, or actually participate in activities until the conclusion of your subsequent crusade and that afterward, they will most likely suffer from Exhaustion as a result of their ordeal.

The adherents of the demonic cult may be helpful to a player who is struggling, although the gameplay is not difficult much for this to be required. Nevertheless, it is a perfect complement, and the additional boost in combat might be handy when confronting more challenging foes.

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Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags – cult of the lamb best buildings

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As soon as you enter the town for the first time in Cult of the Lamb, Ratau will guide you through the procedure of acquiring and creating the essentials. You will have amassed materials and constructed the Temple, the Cooking Pot, as well as the Shrine through the point you have completed following out his instructions in their entirety.

However, at the moment, Ratau will continue to have so much to educate you well about Doctrines and Rituals, but you now possess all you require to begin producing the village’s foundation as you deem appropriate.

Only with the increased power you now possess, the very first step you ought to take is to make sure that there are sufficient sleeping bags for every one of your Followers. You’ll presumably acquire five or six at this point, although the exact number will rely on which nodes you traveled to during your first Expedition.

It takes five Lumber and ten Coins to make one Sleeping Bag, but if you’ve been adventuring in Darkwood, you ought to have a good supply of both of those resources by now.

It is likely that it will take some time until your Shrine generates enough Devotion to unlock a new structure once the Sleeping Bags have been installed. Therefore you should embark on that other crusade to acquire additional materials in the meanwhile.

Body Pit

In spite of the fact that gamers don’t really want anyone of their followers to perish, it’s inevitable that a few of them will. Either they would pass away from old age due to being sick, or players would kill them while they were sleeping since they disapproved of the cult’s practices. In such a scenario, players will be tasked with concealing the remains of the deceased cultists.

Cult members Would End up dying, no matter just what the cause of death may very well be. The players need to be prepared for this scenario, but it won’t occur anytime soon.

Players have the ability to delay the process of acquiring the burial place to a certain point in the Cult of the Lamb if they play the game strategically. As a precautionary measure, after they have unlocked it, they need to construct a minimum of five beginning pits.

Janitor Station

Janitor Station – cult of the lamb best buildings

The most time-consuming and annoying aspect of playing Cult of the Lamb has to tidy up afterward your Followers. They will relieve themselves anywhere they want unless you build them some outhouses, and if the waste is still not mopped up, sickness could swiftly creep across the population.

It is not necessary for the cultists to behave in an animalistic manner just due to the fact that they are a pack of creatures. When you construct a Janitor’s Station, you have the ability to choose any or more fortunate Followers who will take on the sanctified work of sweeping up the trash left behind by their companions.

This makes it possible for the Lamb to focus on far more vital matters, like coercing tithes from dissidents and locking them away. In the Cult of the Lamb, the janitor station is useful since it enables cultists to wipe up afterward themselves more easily.

It will provide members of the cult with a more sanitary atmosphere. It is likely that fewer members of the cult would get ill if conditions were kept tidy and sanitary. It also helps players save some time since exploring around the area for rubbish might take a significant amount of the time they have available. It is also usual to forget about it occasionally, so having characters do it for you is the best way to guarantee that your home base is always tidy.

Refinery II

In the early stages of the Cult of the Lamb, it may be difficult to get the materials required to construct even the most basic of structures. Stone is very difficult to get until Heket’s kingdom of Anjura has been opened, which is why it is vital to have these manufacturing structures up and to operate as soon as possible.

The economic foundation of your settlement will be laid with the construction of Lumber Mills, Stone Mines, and, ultimately, Refineries. Having two or even more of each in production at the same time assures that you will never be alone without minimum essentials while having numerous Refineries allows you to turn surplus resources into more sophisticated materials.

The ability of Refinery II to refine a variety of resources is useful in the process of producing things of a better grade. Players will be able to construct higher-quality structures with the help of these superior resources. However, the increase is not required since it is not a required item.

The player has the option of either building more frequent refineries or waiting for the process to take a very lengthy period. Having this enables additional time to be spent exploring while yet allowing for the production of high-quality goods.

One of the drawbacks of it is that players are unable to wait around for resources to be created since the refining process takes too long. Therefore, it is beneficial to investigate other areas while the task is being completed.

Stone Mine And Lumberyard

Stone Mine And Lumberyard – cult of the lamb best buildings

When you have unlocked three of the four structures in Tier One, you will be able to use Devotion to improve the Shrine. The ability will become available once you have unlocked all four buildings. Thereby, it will not just be able to hold a greater quantity of Devotion, but it will also be possible to unlock more complex construction types.

First, acquire and build a Stone Mine, and afterward, create a Lumberyard. Because of them, your Members will be able to gather their individual resources despite the fact that the town has depleted its initial supply of rocks and trees, which also, given the current situation, won’t be for much longer.

If you do not construct them immediately, you may discover that your supplies are running short and that you must embark on a Stone or Lumber gathering mission while you are on Crusade. This will take time away from other activities that you might be doing.

In the event that you are forced to do so, gathering Lumber in Darkwood is not too difficult; nonetheless, you should focus on constructing the Stone Mine first. In the event that it is not the case, you will need to hold off on constructing the Mine till you have unlocked the path to Anura in order to have access to a dependable supply of Stone.

Propaganda Speaker

Propaganda Speakers – cult of the lamb best buildings

Installing speakers all across the village gives your Followers the ability to listen to previously recorded preaching at any time, even when you are not there. This motivates people to put in more effort in their work and prayer, which increases the productivity of any cultists who are located within reach of a speaker.

Since the adherents of the cult remain motionless throughout the worship service, the speakers may be confident that they absorb the propaganda. Some other possible location for the speaker is close to the sleeping quarters of the cultists. They will be subjected to indoctrination when they are asleep, ensuring that it occurs.

Gold Bars are the only material that can be used to power Propaganda Speakers; nevertheless, a single bar may power the Speakers for many days. Thus it does not represent a significant consumption of resources.

You may swiftly produce Devotion by placing structures surrounding your Shrine, and due to the steadfast endeavors of your Followers, you’ll become capable of unlocking every structure in a short amount of time.

Although it just eats up one place, the propaganda speaker requires one gold bar in order to function properly. If the players locate appropriate locations for them, the cultists will almost never voice their disagreement. These speakers will find the greatest audiences in the areas designated for worshipping since that is where their followers will congregate.

Grand Shelter 

Players can only access one more shelter throughout the game, and that will be the grand shelter. The overall appearance is one that is attractive to the eye. When coupled with another feature of the game, it guarantees that the adherents’ religion will develop out of their materialism. The magnificent shelter inspires affection as well.

The fact that this particular shelter does not crumble is one of the reasons why it is so beneficial. While the player’s other shelters will eventually fall apart and need repairs, the great shelter will remain intact for the whole of the game.

Outhouse II

Outhouse II – cult of the lamb best buildings

Building outhouses is the most effective method to maintain the cleanliness of your community, despite the fact that the Janitor Station is rather helpful. A decent ratio would be one Leader for every five Followers; but, if you are intending on going on a lengthy Crusade, you could wish to create an additional Leader.

The outhouse is widely considered to be one of the most noteworthy locations in Cult of the Lamb; nevertheless, outhouse II improves upon everything the lamb cherished regarding the first outhouse and then more. The flowery roofing pattern and the charming tiny candles that are placed outside provide a sense of luxury.

It is necessary to clean out the outhouses on a regular basis, and this will provide you with fertilizer that you can put to use in your fields. Because an overloaded outhouse contributes to the transmission of illness and because a janitor is unable to sanitize it, you will be responsible for cleaning it yourself.

If you discover that upon returning from a Crusade, you are greeted with nasty consequences at your Outhouses, you might consider upgrading them using Crystals from Anchordeep in order to expand their storage.

These outhouses are wonderful since they have enough room for around 15 feces until they need to be cleaned out. After that, the players are able to clean up the excrement and utilize it as fertilizer.

When the cult begins to grow in size, they will need more places to go; otherwise, they will start using the restroom in arbitrary spots, which will make members of the cult sick to one another. The structure will come in handy at that time. Overall, it makes the internal workings of your cult function a lot more smoothly.


Any progressive and pleasant population, as well as every satanic lamb worshiping cult, requires the establishment of a prison. If anyone wishes to lead their civilization with harmony or with fury, the jail is one of the finest instruments they have at their disposal. The players have the ability to reeducate opposing cultists by sending them to jail with them.

They will be coerced into embracing the cult and pretending as if nothing is wrong with the rehabilitation training that is being provided. After that, the player is free to sacrifice them in a ceremonial manner without being questioned about it. Dissenters may be kept in jail overnight, and then when no one is watching, they can be murdered and buried there. This option is also available.

Seed Silo & Farmer Station II

Seed Silo and Farmer Station – cult of the lamb best buildings

The set of three structures enables you to completely automate the production of food in your community, allowing you to save massive amounts of time by delegating the planting, tending, and harvesting of crops to your Members.

Followers whose duties include farming will autonomously plant any seeds that have been put in the Seed Silo. These Followers will also water any plots that are located within two squares of the Farmer Station. They will utilize a Fertilizer Silo, if one is available and has been loaded with fertilizer, to increase the output of your crops as well.

The seed silo may be useful at any point in Cult of the Lamb since it enables gamers to store seeds for their fields and access them anytime they are required. Seeds are essential for cultists since they are employed in the preparation of several significant foods.

They also assist in the collection of medicinal herbs and flowers that are utilized in a variety of rites. Because it enables cultists to sow seeds, the seed silo is a suitable late-game facility to use in combination with one of the other structures on this list.

Once you have renovated the Farmer Station, your farmers will collect the plants for you and store the harvested vegetables and seeds in the station’s chest once they have completed the task. It is important to have at least two Followers dedicated to the work in case one of them passes away or becomes sick due to the very labor-intensive nature of the procedure.

Healing Bay

Healing Bay – cult of the lamb best buildings

Even though your community is capable of keeping its sanitation in pristine condition to ensure you will still have to cope with some of your Followers being unwell on occasion. It is a gradual treatment that prevents the afflicted Follower from operating or worshipping, and if numerous cultists are sick, your commerce might come to a grinding stop.

If you direct them to hospitalization, the infected Follower will not be able to function or meditate. Through the usage of Camellia Flowers, you are able to cure an ill Follower in the Healing Bay rapidly. Make sure you always have a sufficient quantity on available, whether by gathering them in Darkwood or cultivating them yourself on a Farming Plot. But whichever way, make sure you always have them.

The purchase of the Healing Bay is a great approach to aid a Follower in their healing and speed up their recovery time. It is a Cult level three upgrade, and in order to access it, you are required to have previously acquired the Sleeping Bag upgrade and the Shelter upgrade.

This may necessitate some time to do, but when you do, it should make it much simpler to cure your Followers going ahead when they are recovering from their illness.

The most effective thing you could do for your Follower is to recommend that they stay in bed and get some rest. You may do it by tracking down the Follower in your camp, engaging in conversation with that individual, and advising them to rest in their tent unless they feel so much better.

It causes your Follower to feel compelled to return to the bed of their choice and stay there until they are no more experiencing symptoms of illness. Sadly, while the Follower is in this condition, they will not be able to carry out any of the other duties that are typically required of them in your Cult.


Some of these construction materials may be acquired inside dungeons, though as loot dropped by defeated foes, as presents from friendly NPCs, or as prizes for completing particular areas’ objectives. When the Lamb discovers certain special resources, they provide access to particular areas or NPCs; however, some special resources need to be polished and Consecrated before they may be used.

There is a vast selection of structures that the Lamb may use to create their base more appealing, and there is also an equally remarkable list of supplies that they’ll have to acquire in order to complete the endeavor.

Some elements are more long-lasting and precious than others; nevertheless, these substances are also more difficult to make, require more time, and often need more sophisticated structures in order to complete the refining and consecration processes.

If the Lamb can get his hands on the seeds, he may cultivate the materials for construction that originate from plants right there in the garden with the veggies. This is in addition to the timber that comes from woods. They are also available for purchase from a variety of stores and merchants, in addition to being able to spawn in the Crusade zones.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about Cult Of The Lamb best Buildings. Did you unlock all the essential buildings yet? Which building do you find the most useful in the game and why? Share your thoughts with us. Let us know more about it in the comments section below.

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