Cult Of The Lamb: BEST Crown Upgrades

As you gather followers for you cult, it's highly advised to learn about Cult of the Lamb Best Crown Upgrades!

The artistically designed indie game, Cult of the Lamb, has taken over the gaming community. The player takes over a cute lamb and forms their own cult in an eerie world. Cult of the Lamb allows players to take control over a vessel of an evil deity. As you trek through the roguelike action-adventure world, you will gain cult followers and take down the Bishops in the hope of releasing your master, The One Who Waits. During your playthrough, it will be imperative to grow your lamb’s ability. 

The One Who Waits will offer you a Red Crown at the beginning of your story, which grants god-like abilities to the lamb. As you progress through the story, you’ll get the option to upgrade the Crown in Cult of the Lamb. So, you should know which Crown upgrades you should go for initially. 

In the Cult of the Lamb, you will be tasked to wander four different areas to search for Bishops. Upon defeating the bishops, you’ll rip their heretic hearts out. These heretic hearts will be used to Upgrade your Crown in Cult of the Lamb.

Key Highlights
  • Cult of the Lamb allows you to do whatever you want including upgrading different items in the game.
  • The Crown can be unlocked by getting Heretic Hearts by slaying different bishops including Leshy, Heket, Kallamar and Shamura.
  • There are four Crown upgrades in Cult of the Lamb and each of them require 1 Heretic Heart
  • The Omnipresence Crown is the best ability which allows you to teleport back to base whenever you want to.
  • Resurrection will give you a second chance in the game if you die by any chance.
  • The Hunger Crown upgrade contains Blue hearts which will automatically increase your overall health.
  • By upgrading the Darkness Within Crown, Diseased Heart will be granted to you for your health bar.

How To Unlock Crown Upgrades?

cult of the lamb heretic heart
The Heretic Heart in Cult of the Lamb

Of course, you want to find out what the best upgrades are in the Cult of the Lamb. But before that, we need to go through the whole process of unlocking them. The Crown upgrades will unlock as you progress through the story. So, you won’t miss these as they are part of the main story. 

However, choosing the upgrades and implementing them would be totally up to you. The game will provide you with multiple choices, but you’re the one who will make the decision. With that said, let’s now learn how you can get Crown Upgrades in Cult of the Lamb.

Earlier, we mentioned that The One Who Waits would order you to slay the 4 Bishops. These bishops are major milestones in the game, which means you won’t encounter them immediately. You will get access to their territories after acquiring the required cult members. On top of that, you will finally need to clear the whole territory to face these ominous creatures. 

Once you slay a Bishop, you will receive its Heretic Heart. These hearts will then be used to upgrade your Red Crown in the Cult of the Lamb. Hence, throughout your gameplay, you will obtain 4 Heretic Hearts in total. 

You can get the first Heretic Heart after slaying Leshy by going through the Darkwood. Gaining the first Heretic Heart will allow you to get the first upgrade for your Crown. 

In total, there are only four Crown Upgrades, which means you can get them all, but it’s essential that you get the best ones first (more on this later). For the second Heretic Heart, you will go to Anura and face Heket

The third Heart can be obtained by beating Kallamar in Anchordeep, and the fourth and final Heart belongs to Shamura in Silk Cradle

When you get the first Heretic Heart, the Crown Upgrades will get unlocked. You can then go to the Altar in your Temple to upgrade your Crown in Cult of the Lamb. 

Here’s a quick summary of all the Crown Upgrades: 

ResurrectionIf you get killed on the Crusade run, you need to sacrifice a cult member to be resurrectedExercises the dark abilities of the vessel
The HungerIn order to get a Shield Heart, you have to eat once a dayIncrease your defense rate
OmnipresenceFor returning to the base, you need to keep your focus on the CrusadeReceive various items on the run
Darkness Within A Diseased Heart will be granted to you at the start of the Crusade runReceive a black-colored heart for a basic health bar

All Upgrades In Cult Of The Lamb

Cult of the Lamb upgrades
All Crown Upgrades

So, once Leshy (The First Bishop) is slayed, you will receive the beating heart of a heretic, which will ultimately mean that you can now access the Crown Upgrades for your lamb. To do that, you will need to make your way back to the base. 

At your base, rush to the temple’s altar. At the Altar, you will get the option to choose Sermon, Crown, and Rituals. Choose the Crown and ignore the other options. Here you’ll notice the option to Declare New Doctrine, Crown, and Fleeces. 

We’ll be focusing on the crown, and there are 4 Crown Upgrades available for the player. Each upgrade will cost 1 Heretic Heart. This means that you will get all four upgrades by the end of the game; however, it’s essential to know the Best Upgrades in Cult of the Lamb. So you can choose them first and the others later. 

Here are the 4 Crown Upgrades available in the Cult of the Lamb after beating Leshy. 


cult of the lamb ressurection
Crown Upgrade: Resurrection

The first option and ability you can choose while upgrading your Red Crown in Cult of the Lamb is ‘Resurrection‘. This ability exercises the dark abilities of the vessel, and you will reek of The One Who Waits if you decide to go for the ‘Resurrection’ upgrade.

The Resurrection ability will allow the player to get a second chance in a battle if they die. However, the revival will come at a cost. You will sacrifice one of your followers to get another chance on the battlefield. So choose wisely!

The Hunger

cult of the lamb the hunger
Crown Upgrade: The Hunger

‘The Hunger’ Crown Upgrade will boost your defense and is great if you’re repeatedly heading into hostile territory. If you’re someone who takes a lot of damage, then this ability would suit you well during your Cult of the Lamb playthrough. 

Once bought, the Hunger ability will grant you a Blue Heart for a meal every day. This means that once you eat a meal in a day, you will receive a Blue Heart (Can not be accumulated). It will allow you to have extra health and a better defense. However, you should know that blue hearts do not get refilled as the red ones do. 


cult of the lamb omnipresence
Crown Upgrade: Omnipresence

Omnipresence is another ability provided by the game once you beat Leshy. In the Cult of the Lamb, you will continuously go on crusades to areas such as Darkwood, Anura, Anchordeep, and Silk Cradle. Here you will obtain numerous items and face many enemies, so saving progress would be key.

The Omnipresence Crown Upgrade will allow you to instantly teleport back to your base from any point during your journey. You can do this by pressing ‘Q’ while playing on a PC. You will safely return to your base without having to track back. However, you may end up losing up to 15% of your items. 

Darkness Within 

cult of the lamb darkness within
Crown Upgrade: Darkness Within

Darkness Within ability is an aggro upgrade to your crown. The Crown Upgrade sounds pretty dark, and to be fair, it kind of is. If you’re someone who focuses on crusades and takes a lot of damage, then the Darkness Within Ability could become your friend. 

So, if you choose Darkness Within as your Crown Upgrade in Cult of the Lamb, your lamb will get a black-colored heart next to its basic health bar. This black-colored heart is actually called a ‘Diseased Heart’ (which you will receive at the start of every crusade).

The Diseased Heart causes damage to all on-screen enemies whenever the Lamb takes damage (similar to Thorns enchantment in Minecraft). 

Now that we’ve covered every Crown Upgrade in Cult of the Lamb let’s now find out which one is the best!

Best Crown Upgrades In Cult Of The Lamb

cult of the lamb best first upgrade
Best Crown Upgrade to get in Cult of the Lamb

Even though you will get each one of these Crown Upgrades, it’s important to know the best ones so that you can buy them first. If you end up buying the best upgrade in Cult of the Lamb after beating Shamura (The Last Bishop), then you won’t be able to utilize it fully. 

Luckily, we’ve pinned down the best upgrade you can get right after beating Leshy. Right off the bat, it’s best if you go for Omnipresence. It will allow you to go on crusades while your cult grows safely, and you won’t have to worry much about dying or losing stuff.

You’d be able to safely return to your base in case you think you’ve done enough in the crusade or if everything goes south. Other than that, the Resurrection Crown Upgrade is another great shout, but only for the players who die less often.

If you’re someone who dies a lot, do not go for this upgrade since it could greatly deplete your cult and cause bigger problems in your playthrough. 

If not Resurrection, you could also opt for The Hunger as your second Crown Upgrade in Cult of the Lamb. However, Omnipresence is by far the best pick and should preferably be chosen at the earliest. 

With that, we reach the end of our guide about Cult of the Lamb’s Best Upgrades. Be sure to keep all these points in your mind while you play the game. The Crown Upgrades offer some great abilities that effectively enhance the gameplay. We hope you enjoyed reading through our detailed guide about the upgrades in Cult of the Lamb. 

While you’re learning about the Crown upgrades, it’s best you also read our guides on Cult of the Lamb Traits, Tarot Cards, and Doctrines.

Stay tuned to learn plenty of stuff about the Cult of the Lamb!

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