Cult Of The Lamb: BEST Demons [Top 6]

Demons in Cult of The Lamb make dungeons a lot easier. In this guide, we'll rank all of the demons to tell you about the Best Demon.

In Cult of the Lamb, you have to run a cult and manage your followers while trying to free the deity from its prison. For that, you’ll have to fight 4 Bishops in the game. Fighting them alone can get harder. So the game lets you have different Demons in Cult of The Lamb to fight them.

Key Takeaways
  • Cult Of The Lamb has a feature where you can use Demons that will support you in fighting the areas.
  • To get Demons for help, you first need to get one of your followers possessed by a Demon’s soul.
  • You can get a Demon’s soul by going to the Demonic Summoning Circle and then making an Altair.
  • There are 6 different types of Demons to choose from them being:
    • Paeans
    • Vosegus
    • Vesta
    • Orcus
    • Fornax
    • Hathor
  • Remember, each Demon has its own ability, such as adding more health or completely refilling your health.

Cult Of The Lamb Best Demons

Following is a summary of the Best Demons in Cult of the Lamb:

RankDemonsEffectHigh Level BonusUses
6PaeansStart your next crusade by obtaining half a spirit heartMore Starting HeartsRed Hearts
5VosegusCollect dropped Fervours, automaticallyGain More FervourBrilliant for Curses builds
4VestaShoot a projectile attack on your enemies every secondShoot Cooldown DecreaseUseful for any builds
3OrcusShoot melee attacks on your enemy every few secondsMore Damage DealtLimited attack range
2FornaxTarget any random opponent and explodes near themMore Explosion DamageReturn after the exploding
1HathorRun away and returns with many red heartsBetter Health DropsEffective results while fighting

6. Paean

High-Level Bonus More Starting Hearts
Uses Beneficial for any builds
Effects Acquire You need half a spirit heart to start next crusade

We’ll start our list with Paean. Paean is a Spirit-shaped demon that you can summon in Cult of The Lamb. When it possesses one of your followers, it lets you ‘Start your next crusade with half a Spirit Heart.

Paean Demon in the game.
Paean is in 6th rank on our List.

Spirit Hearts are the blue hearts that you get next to the red ones. Although they’re not as useful as the red ones, it’s better to have an extra heart that lets you tank damage. These blue hearts don’t refill like the red ones. You’ll only find the spirit hearts by cleaning rooms filled with enemies, getting particular objects in shops, from tarot cards, or in the Healing Room.

If you want to tank extra damage for the first few rooms in the dungeon, then this one is perfect for you. Other than that, it has no particular use in the dungeons.

5. Vosegus

High Level Bonus Gain More Fervour
Uses Useful for Curses builds
Effects Collect dropped Fervours

After that, we have the Demon Vosegus. Vosegus is a demon that has two arrows pierced into it. If you let it possess one of your followers, it will ‘Automatically collect dropped Fervour’. This ability is a little bit better than that of Paean. Yes, we know that it doesn’t allow you to start with extra health. But it shows its worth in another way.

Vosegus demon in Cult of the Lamb.
Vosegus is great for collecting Fervour.

In battle, Vosegus collects dropped Fervour, with the amount dependent on your Fervour collection size. Initially, the Vosegus demon in the Cult of the Lamb seems less useful, as it quickly fills Fervour. However, early-game benefits from acquiring Vosegus are possible by using the best Curses more frequently.

Later, when you can summon two or more Demons simultaneously, summoning Vosegus after enemy kills lets you focus on enemies and deal extra damage. Using an upgraded Follower to summon Vosegus results in extra Fervour collection in each room, aiding you in using multiple curses during room or boss fights.

4. Vesta

High-Level Bonus Shoot Cooldown Decrease
Uses Beneficial for any builds
Effects Hit a projectile attack on your opponent every next second

Next on the list of the Best Demons you can Summon in Cult of The Lamb I have Vesta.

Vesta demon in the game.
Vesta shoots Projectiles at enemies.

Vesta is a bow-shaped demon that you can summon using your followers. Vesta fires projectiles toward enemies every few seconds. Although these projectiles don’t deal that much damage, they are better to chip in extra damage to bosses or hard-to-kill enemies. Vesta’s projectile can become beneficial as most of your attacks will leave enemies at the last percentile of health. Vesta can fire its projectile and finish them up.

3. Orcus

High Level Bonus More Damage Dealt
Uses Useful for Limited attack range
Effects Strike your enemies with melee attacks every few seconds

To be honest, both Orcus and the next best Demon Fornax had almost a tie in this. But still, there are one or two points that made Fornax get to number 2 instead of Orcus, in my opinion.

best demon orcus in Cult of the Lamb.
Orcus is a melee damage demon.

Orcus is a round demon that has spikes all over its body. Using these long spikes, it deals Melee’s attack to the enemy closest to it. There is a few seconds interval between each of its attacks. But even with that interval, you can expect it to deal high damage. 

Orcus comes in handy when you’re fighting off enemies that have high health. It will keep on taking out chunks of health from bishops and mini-bosses. That way, even when you’re dodging enemies, you’ll be dealing damage to them; even though it is indirect damage, it counts.

2. Fornax

High Level Bonus More Explosion Damage
Uses Return after the exploding
Effects Make any random enemy your target and explodes near them

As I’ve mentioned, Orcus and Fornax deserve to be the 2nd best demons in Cult of The Lamb. They both deal damage and take out chunks of health from enemies. Between the two, Fornax is better, and there is a reason why.

Fornax demon in the game.
Fornax deals explosion damage to multiple enemies.

Fornax is preferred over Orcus because it can target and explode near random enemies, potentially hitting multiple targets. To maximize its effectiveness, you should quickly position enemies close to each other by moving around, as Fornax selects targets randomly and may not naturally group them.

Additionally, if you summon Fornax with a higher-level follower, its explosion damage increases, allowing it to eliminate enemies without your intervention. However, remember that there’s a significant interval between each explosion, so you’ll still need to actively deal with other enemies in the meantime.

1. Hathor

High Level Bonus Better Health Drops
Uses Useful while fighting
Effects Run away and get yourself many red hearts

That leaves us with Hathor, the clear winner of the list of Best Demons that you can summon in Cult of The Lamb. Hathor ‘Flies away and returns with red hearts.’

Best demon Hathor in cult of the Lamb.
Hathor is the Best demon as it collects hearts throughout the Dungeon run.

Hathor ‘refills’ your health bar while you’re in the dungeon. It can fill your health bar numerous times while you’re in the dungeon.

It is useful in all situations while exploring dungeons You can use it in normal dungeon clearing as it will always top up your health whenever you need it. And if a boss hits you, chances are, Hathor will come with another Red Heart to top up your health. If you use a higher-level follower to summon Hathor, it will increase the Health Drops you’ll get from Hathor.

Before you start with the game, be sure to check out our Review of Cult of The Lamb. In it, we have explained the settings and story of the game. If you want to learn more about how to manage your cult or how to survive for longer in the Dungeons. For that, we have the Best Tips & Tricks. In these tips and tricks, you’ll find one thing we have emphasized: getting your farm ready. If you’re new to the game, you’ll need to build the farm.

When you have your farm ready, here are the best Food that you can make for your followers. With that, you can check out different buildings available in Cult of the Lamb. But out of those, 12 are the Best Buildings.

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