Cult Of The Lamb: BEST Divine Inspiration Buildings

Out of many buildings to be unlocked through Divine Inspiration. Select the best ones to organize your Cult efficiently.

One of the primary aspects of Cult of The Lamb is understanding the Divine Inspiration building’s mechanism. These buildings are locked by default and can be accessed through Divine Inspiration points. Each Cult has various types of buildings that can be unlocked and utilized for different needs. So, this article will cover Cult of the Lamb best divine inspiration buildings that you can unlock to make the most out of them and progress through the game efficiently. 

Key Highlights
  • The Cult of the Lamb provides its players with exciting stuff, which also includes building Divine Inspiration Buildings.
  • There are a total of 10 Divine Inspiration buildings, and each building can be unlocked with one inspiration point.
  • The Divine buildings include  Farm Plot, Lumberyard, and Stone Mine, Missionary Building, Shelter and Sleeping Bags, Outhouse, Prison, Demonic Summoning Circle, Farming Bundle, Tubernaces, and Seed Silo.
  • Getting Devotion from the shrine can help in obtaining Divine Inspiration points. The additional buildings Tabernacle, Grand Shelter, or Devotion Harvest Totem can also get you some points. 
  • You’ll get Divine Inspiration after getting a large amount of Devotion to the game.

What Is Divine Inspiration In Cult Of The Lamb?

Before you can start unlocking the best Divine Inspiration buildings in Cult of the Lamb, you need to have access to Inspiration points first. Divine Inspiration is a perk in the game, which enables you to unlock one Building with each point. The game features five different tiers of Buildings in total, and each tier has its own aspects. 

Cult of the Lamb best divine inspiration
Divine Inspiration Tree

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In order to play the game in the best possible way, you have to use the Divine Inspiration points wisely and unlock the most optimal buildings that will assist you in your progress. So, the primary goal is to gather as many Divine Inspiration points as possible and spend them accordingly. Let’s discuss how you can get more of them. 

How To Get Divine Inspiration

You can obtain Divine Inspiration in the Cult of the Lamb by collecting maximum Devotion from the Shrine of your Cult. 

In order to get Devotion, you have to interact with the followers and guide them to interact in the Shrine. As more followers pray in the Shrine, your bar will fill up, granting you Devotion points. Once you have enough Devotion, you can use it to get Divine Inspiration. Also, the followers with more loyalty will reward you with extra Devotion. 

You can also obtain additional Devotion from the following buildings as well. However, the amount is considerably low as compared to Shrine, but they are still mentionable. 

  • Tabernacle of Tier 2
  • Grand Shelter of Tier 4
  • Devotion Harvest Totem of Tier 5

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Essential Cult Upgrades

In order to unlock higher tiers of Divine Inspiration, you need to spend a specific amount of Inspiration points. So, now that you are spending your points, it is necessary to spend them in the best way possible by unlocking the most useful buildings. 

Before going towards Building unlocks, you need to do some essential cult upgrades first, as it will significantly improve your temple and shrine crowd, enabling you to accumulate more followers to pray. This will result in additional Devotion gain. Below, we have mentioned the amount of unlocks required in order to reach the upper tier. 

  • Cult II, Tier 2: Four unlocks
  • The refinery, Tier 3: Ten unlocks
  • Cult III, Tier 4: 20 unlocks
  • Cult IV, Tier 5: 25 unlocks

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Best Divine Inspiration Buildings To Unlock

Now that you have understood the hierarchy of Divine Inspiration and how to get the Inspiration points, let’s discuss the best buildings that you can unlock through them. Below are the best Divine Inspiration Buildings that you should unlock in Cult of The Lamb.

Lumberyard & Stone Mine

When you first spawn into the “Town Space”, you can find plenty of trees there. These trees are natural resources that will give you many benefits, including Wood. 

Wood is a convenient and crucial item that is required by the cult throughout the game adventures. Unfortunately, if you have chopped down all the trees in a specific area, you must have to wait for a couple of days in order for them to grow back.

gather wood and stones!
Lumber Yard and Stone Mines

To overcome this situation, you can unlock the Lumber Yard to increase the supply of Wood. Lumberyard can be found in the Second Tier of the Divine Inspiration tree. Unlocking and crafting the Lumber Yard will allow you to generate more amount of Wood.

Similarly, the stone is also an important resource that is utilized in various activities. If you do not want to run out of primary resources such as Wood and stone. It is better to go for unlocking these buildings to produce the maximum amount.

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We recommend you unlock the Missionary building as early as possible as it will help you gather the crucial resources you’ll need in various game stages. Whether you’re farming Stone, Lumber, Gold, or even Meat, you can send the villagers out to collect them and bring them to you. More loyal followers will reward you with more resources.

One thing to keep in mind is that the followers can be lost too when they go for hunting resources. But, as you proceed further into the Cult of the Lamb storyline, you’ll start gaining high-tier followers, which will further increase the chances of their survival. 

Shelter And Sleeping Bags

The Shelter serves as a refugee camp for a player’s recruited followers, granting them a place to rest and take protection from the elements. In the base camp, Villagers will automatically sleep when nighttime occurs, and if you do not have enough amount of sleeping bags, they will fall asleep on the ground. 

This can affect the loyalty of followers and leave a bad impression on the Cult. In order to keep the villagers happy, you have to accommodate proper sleeping areas for them. To encounter the situation, you can unlock Shelter, which is available in Tier two of the Cult. 

Cult of the Lamb best divine inspiration
Shelter and Sleeping Bags

Sleeping Bags can be unlocked in the First Tier, but they are vulnerable to damage and needs maintenance after some time. In order to repair the bags for Villagers, you need to utilize your resources, such as Wood.

But once you upgrade your sleeping bags into shelters, you do not have to worry about repairing them often. Also, it will accommodate more villagers and protect them from the elements. 

Farm Plot

The Farm Plot is undoubtedly one of the best Divine Inspiration Building in Cult of the Lamb. It helps you to plant seeds and grow food, which is required in daily tasks and activities such as cooking meals and growing plants. Having a significant amount of food for your villagers is a crucial aspect. If you do not feed your villagers enough amount of food, they may become angry, tired, or even die! 

Farm your crops!
Farm Plot

Constructing some Farm Plots and maintaining them regularly will provide you with enough food to feed your followers. In addition to that, it can also reward you with special items such as berries to feed your flock. Although you can find food and resources through venture as well, having a private farm in your base will significantly increase the number of your supplies.

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Once you start to have a considerable amount of followings in Cult of The Lamb, you will notice that your base is getting really congested. Villagers that utilize food have to release waste as well, and if they do not find the proper place, they may do it at random spots. 

Although you can clean up the piles of waste and get fertilizers as a reward, as you advance through the game where you have a large number of villagers in your base, you may find this task a bit hectic. If you do not clean up the mess regularly, it will start to accumulate, which will leave a bad impression on the followers.

Cult of the Lamb best divine inspiration

Not only the waste lying around will look unpleasant, but it could also make the villagers sick. In order to counter these sanitary conditions, you can unlock the Outhouse Building, which is available in Tier three of Divine Inspiration. The Outhouse will serve the purpose by being a storage area for all the waste materials lying around. You can use the Building as a sanitation area to clean up the mess and keep your surroundings clean.


In addition to loyal followers, some imposters are also present that lose faith in the Cult and show disloyalty. If left unchecked, these mates can cause issues for you by creating mishaps in the Cult.

The game also allows you to re-direct a follower, but you can do it only once per day. If the dissenting followers are increasing and you do not take any action against it, you may have to face some issues as these followers will roam around in your village and try to dissent other followers as well.

Capture the imposters

So, in order to keep all the villagers in check and maintain their loyalty, you can separate the dissenting followers by placing them in Prison. You can unlock the Prison in Tier three of Divine Inspiration. In our opinion, Prison is a must-have Building as it will keep your loyal followers intact and remove the disloyal ones from your Cult to maintain decorum and peace.

Demonic Summoning Circle

The combats in the game are brutal, especially if you encounter higher-tier enemies in advanced zones. While facing strong enemies, the villagers need a bit more assistance to defend and counterattack efficiently. For that purpose, you can take advantage of the Demonic Summoning Circle, as it has the ability to transform followers into a demonic figure that possesses overpowered abilities to fight off its enemies. 

Cult of the Lamb best divine inspiration
Demonic Summoning Circle

Different cult members adapt different abilities when passed through the Demonic Summoning Circle. So, make sure that you have this Building unlocked before entering the difficult zones of the game so that your villagers have better support and a strong battle lineup.

You can unlock the Demonic Summoning Circle in Tier two of the Divine Inspiration and further upgrade it once you reach Tier three. After the upgrade, you can summon two followers at a time with enhanced demonic powers.

Farming Bundle

Although having Farm Plots in your base is a good way to harvest food, they require constant water and mineral supply to grow effectively. You can water your plants manually, but once you have a bigger cult, it becomes quite hectic to navigate each farm plot and water the plants. 

Automate your farming
Farming Bundle

To counter this problem, you can unlock the Farming Bundle, which will assist you by assigning a Lamb to instruct one of the followers to take care of the farms. In that way, you will not have to worry about taking care of your Farm Plots yourself, as they will be watered automatically. The Farming Bundle is available for upgrade in Tier one once you have unlocked the Farm Plot.


Building Tabernacles is a great way to get more Devotion from your followers besides Shrine and Temples. Having a few Tabernacles in your village will increase the loyalty of your Cultists, which will reward you with more Devotion. 

So, if you are farming Devotion points or want to increase cultists’ loyalty, make sure to unlock the Tabernacles through Divine Inspiration and build a few structures around your village. 

Seed Silo

Another assistive building in farming and harvesting is the Seed Silo. The Building is an ultimate way to get automated food supply on a regular basis without keeping a check on it. Although you can assign farm-centric members with the help of the Farming Bundle, they will take care of already planted seeds only.

This means that once the plants are harvested, you have to bury the seeds again in order for the cultist to water and take care of them. The follower will not plant the seed on its own. Once you unlock the Seed Silo building, it will automatically plant the seeds once the crop has been harvested.

Doing so will put the whole farming system on automation. Unlocking the seed Silo is considerably helpful once you advance through the game and build a larger Cult.

Cheaper Rituals & Ritual Cooldowns

Discussing the last entry of the best buildings in the Divine Inspiration tree in Cult of the Lamb is Cheaper Rituals and Ritual Cooldowns. These two infrastructures are undoubtedly the most crucial picks for performing ritual-related activities in the game.

Events and Rituals

In order to keep your followers happy and well-directed, you need to perform rituals on a daily basis in the game. If you have these buildings unlocked, you can perform the rituals more often. Moreover, the cooldown period for important events will also be reduced significantly.

How To Farm Divine Inspiration

As all these buildings need Divine Inspiration points in order to unlock, we will tell you the best ways to farm Divine Inspiration in Cult of the Lamb. First, you need to understand that in order to get Inspiration points, you need to obtain Devotion first. Below are several ways to collect maximum Devotion from cultists. 

  1. As discussed earlier, the most optimal way to get tons of Devotion is to make your followers pray to the Shrine. In order to make them pray, go near the followers to interact with them and select “work.” Doing this will put them to work and gain you Devotion points.
  2. Another way of farming Devotion is by completing quests and side missions. Especially the “Lighthouse Keeper.”
  3. Lastly, you can also steal Devotion from other Shrines and temples during your adventure in the zones of Old Faith.

Once your Devotion bar is filled up completely, you’ll receive Divine Inspiration. Another important thing to remember while starting out in Cult of the Lamb is to choose the middle path of upgrades in the Divine Inspiration tree. 


That concludes our guide on Cult of The Lamb best Divine Inspiration buildings. Although these unlockable are recommended to progress efficiently through the game, you can also make some changes and go for some other building types according to your needs. But make sure that you spend your Divine Inspiration wisely as these points are rare and difficult to accumulate.

Cult of the Lamb is an exciting action-adventure game that has become famous among the community due to its exciting gameplay and amazing storyline. If you want to know the pros and cons of the game, make sure to check out our Cult of The Lamb Review guide. Also, make sure to check out the Weapons guide to have the best armory for your Cult in the fights and battles.

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