20 BEST Cult of the Lamb Doctrines

The guide consists of the best 20 doctrines that you should choose in Cult of the Lamb in order to make your followers have maximum Faith and minimum Dissension

Cult of the Lamb is an action-adventure rogue-like game published by Devolver Digital and developed by Massive Monster. The game is available on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, and macOS. The Cult of the Lamb requires you to have the best of Doctrines, so your followers can have maximum Faith and Loyalty with minimum chance of Dissenting.

Key Takeaways
  • In Cult of the Lamb, choose doctrines that match your playstyle for optimal results.
  • Best doctrines include:
    • Prodigal: Increases gold from sacrifices for quick herd growth and upgrades.
    • Cultist: Boosts damage against non-followers, useful for dungeon clearing.
    • Death Sentence: Offers a chance to revive after death, valuable in tough situations.
  • Combine doctrines for synergistic effects; e.g., Prodigal + Cultist for power and sustainability.
  • Experiment with different doctrines to tailor them to your unique playstyle.

Here are some of the best Doctrines in Cult of Lamb:

DoctrinesTrait 1Trait 2
Afterlife IBelief in Sacrifice: Gain +20 Faith when a cult
member is sacrificed
Belief in Afterlife: -5 Faith is lost when a follower
Afterlife IIRitual of Resurrection: Allow to bring dead followers
back to life
Funeral: Gain 20 Faith for performing funeral for
dead followers
Afterlife IIIRespect your Elders: +5 Faith for each Elder
member in the cult
The Good Die Young: Gain +10 when an Elder is
Afterlife IVReturn to the Earth: Able to Unlock Natural Burial
Grieve the Fallen: 2 Faiths are gained when a
follower grieve in the Grieve building
Work And Worship IFaithful Trait: Generate Devovation at least 15%
Industrious Trait: Work speed is increased by 15%
Work And Worship IIInspire: Replace Bless actionIntimidate: Loyalty increases and intimidate for
harder work
Work And Worship IIIThe Glory of Construction: Perform a ritual that
build all structures
Ritual of Enlightment: Performing ritual at the temple
enhance the devotion generation speed
Work And Worship IVGlory Through Toil Ritual: This Ritual allows your
followers to work contineously without getting tired
Holy Day: Performing thsi ritual grants your followers
to relax and gain +80 Faith
Law And Order IMurder Follower: Unlocks the Murder follower action,
a solution to many problems
Ascend Follower Ritual: Performing a ritual for
ascending your Follower's spirit to higher existence
Law And Order IIRitualistic Fight Pit: Perform a Ritual where your two
followers fight to the death
Wedding: Gain 30 Faith by performing a Ritual for
marrying your Follower
Law And Order IIIBelief in Original Sin: Faith loss is Reduced when
you put a follower in the Jail
Belief in Absolution: Gain +10 Faith for not getting
any of your followers in the prison
Law And Order IVLoyalty Enforcer: Performing a ritual for your Cult
members loyalty and tasked them with patrolling the
Tax Enforcer: Perform a Ritual for tasking your
followers to collect money from other cult members
Possession IExtort Tithes: Unlocks Tithes follower action, and
collect a single coin from the followers
Bribe Follower: To increase loyalty, bride a follower
with 3 coins
Possession IIBelief in Materialism: Gain Faith for building sleeping
Belief in False Idols: Build a decoration building for
gaining more Faith
Possession IIIAlms for the Poor: Gain +10 Faith, and distribute gold
to the followers for enhnacing their loyalty
Ritual of Enrichment: Performing a Ritual for your
followers, so that they give you the coins
Possession IVSacral Architechture: Gain +5 Faith for constructing a
new buidling
Devotee Trait: Collect more Faith while delivering a
Sustenance IRitual Fast: Declare a fast for your cult members for 3
coming days
Feasting Ritual: Gain +25 Faith by throwing a grand
feast for your followers
Sustenance IICannibal Trait: Gain +5 Faith when eating meaty meal
from the followers meat
Grass Eater: Gain no negative Faith by eating meal
made from gras
Sustenance IIIRitual of the Harvest: Perform a Ritual for growing your
seeds for harvest
Ritual of the Ocean's Bounty: Perform a Ritual for
making special fish for two days
Sustenance IVSubstance Encouraged: Perform a Brainwashing ritual
for gaining +20 Faith
Belief in Prohibition: Increase devotion generation by
10%, and also increase work speed


The Doctrines in the Afterlife will affect how your cult members perceive dying and death. Furthermore, they will provide different sorts of bonuses to the cult members who are aged. You can also skip the Afterlife tree at the beginning of the game and focus on the cult’s other aspects. It is because as long as they are taken care of, there will not be enough cult members dying.

In each tier of Cult of the Lamb, you will have a choice to make. We recommend you pick the following at each tier.

Afterlife I

Cult of the Lamb: Afterlife I
Afterlife I Traits
  • Belief in Sacrifice: +20 Faith for sacrificing a member.
  • Belief in Afterlife: -5 Faith when a member dies, better than -20 without the trait.

Choose “Belief in Afterlife” because elderly members will likely reach old age without needing sacrifices.

Afterlife II

Cult of the Lamb: Afterlife II Best Doctrine
Afterlife II Traits
  • Ritual of Resurrection: Revive dead followers.
  • Funeral: +20 Faith for arranging funerals.

Select “Ritual of Resurrection” to bring back useful followers when possible.

Afterlife III

Cult of the Lamb best doctrines: Afterlife III
Afterlife III traits
  • Respect your Elders: +5 Faith for having elderly followers.
  • The Good Die Young: Sacrificing elderly members yields +10 Faith.

Opt for “Respect Your Elders” to maintain a steady Faith bonus with elderly followers.

Afterlife IV

Traits of Afterlife IV
Afterlife IV Traits
  • Return to the Earth: Unlock Natural Burial Building.
  • Grieve the Fallen: +2 Faith enhancement when followers grieve at the Grave Building.

Consider your needs – Grave Building boosts Faith production, while Natural Burial supports farming as your cult grows.

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Work And Worship

The Work and Worship subset in Cult of the Lamb contains Doctrines that are related to how obedient the cultist workers are, how they are put to work, and if they are allowed some downtime by the Lamb.

If you are looking forward to improving the cultists’ devotion or their efficiency while doing activities like refining wood, farming, or harvesting materials, then you should spend some time on the following traits.

Work And Worship I

Cult of the Lamb best doctrines: Work And Worship I
Work And Worship I Traits
  • Faithful Trait: 15% faster devotion rate.
  • Industrious Trait: 15% faster work speed.

Choose Industrious for quicker work, beneficial for crafting decorations and large structures. Faithful speeds up cultists, aiding access to Divine Inspirations.

Work And Worship II

Traits of Work And Worship II
Work And Worship II Traits
  • Inspire: Increases follower loyalty (replaces Bless).
  • Intimidate: Boosts a follower’s work speed by 10% for two days (replaces Bless).

Opt for Inspire as it raises loyalty and accelerates leveling while earning tablet pieces and Devotion.

Work And Worship III

Cult of the Lamb best doctrines
Work And Worship III Traits
  • The Glory of Construction: Completes construction of unbuilt structures.
  • Ritual of Enlightenment: Boosts Shrine’s Devotion generation by 20% for three days.

Select Ritual of Enlightenment, as construction isn’t challenging, and this trait accelerates Devotion and unlocks Divine Inspirations.

Work And Worship IV

Traits of Work And Worship IV
Work And Worship IV Traits
  • Glory Through Toil Ritual: Allows non-stop work for three days.
  • Holy Day: Grants +80 Faith for one day of follower relaxation.

Choose Holy Day for the +80 Faith and followers’ well-being, preventing low Faith and potential dissent. It saves time and maintains morale.

Law And Order

If you wish to unlock something specific like Weddings, Core Beliefs, and Ascension. Then you will definitely need to invest your Doctrines in Law and Order. Your decision will decide the type of cult you are going to run and whether you are a cruel or benevolent ruler.

You will find most choices linked to Loyalty. If your cult has a high number of dissenters, you should definitely check it out.

Law And Order I

Cult of the Lamb best doctrines: Law And Order I
Law And Order I Traits
  • Murder Follower: Unlock the Murder action.
  • Ascend Follower Ritual: Raise a dead follower’s spirits through a ritual, rewarding loyalty.

Opt for Ascend Follower, as murder can lead to strife, and Ascend provides a loyalty boost.

Law And Order II

Traits of Law And Order II
Law And Order II Traits
  • Ritualistic Fight Pit: Organize a ritual where followers fight to the death.
  • Wedding: Marry a follower in a ritual, gaining +30 Faith.

Choose Wedding for its Faith bonus and avoid jealousy among followers.

Law And Order III

Cult of the Lamb best doctrines: Law And Order III
Law And Order III Traits
  • Belief in Original Sin: Reduce Faith loss when imprisoning non-dissenting followers.
  • Belief in Absolution: Gain +10 Faith when no followers are imprisoned.

Select Belief in Absolution if dissenters are rare to maintain Faith levels.

Law And Order IV

Traits of Law And Order IV
Law And Order IV Traits
  • Loyalty Enforcer: Appoint a follower to patrol and increase loyalty.
  • Tax Enforcer: Appoint a follower to collect taxes from cult members through a ritual.

Opt for Tax Enforcer to increase wealth and status without consequences.


Now it is time to decide whether your cult likes a materialistic society with money and worldly possessions. Or do they prefer living simplistically without the need for enough money? You will have to make the decision of what your followers will give up supporting your community and cult.

If you are looking for some extra currency or want to use your gold to bribe the followers to gain loyalty. Then this is where you need to begin.

Possession I

Traits of Possessions I
Possessions I Traits
  • Extort Tithes: Unlock Tithes action to collect coins from followers.
  • Bribe Follower: Pay 3 coins to increase a follower’s loyalty.

Prioritize Extort Tithes to receive gold from followers and use other means to boost loyalty.

Possession II

Cult of the Lamb best doctrines: Possessions II
Possessions II Traits
  • Belief in Materialism: Gain Faith when building better sleeping quarters.
  • Belief in False Idols: Gain Faith by constructing decorated buildings.

Choose Belief in False Idols for gaining Faith when placing decorations, as it is more efficient.

Possession III

  • Alms for the Poor: Increase loyalty by giving gold to followers, gaining +10 Faith.
  • Ritual of Enrichment: Conduct a ritual to collect coins from cult members.

Opt for Ritual of Enrichment to accumulate gold without risking loyalty and make your followers feel involved.

Possession IV

Traits of Possessions IV
Possessions IV Traits
  • Sacral Architecture: Gain +5 Faith when constructing a new building.
  • Devotee Trait: Deliver a sermon to earn extra Faith.

Select Devotee Trait as it provides consistent Faith through daily sermons, especially in the later stages of the game when building decreases.


In Cult of the Lamb, hunger plays a vital role. Your cult will constantly be eating, and sometimes you will face some situations where their hunger will be affected a lot. To keep your followers safe, happy, and alive, you need to focus on these doctrines.

These are the best Doctrines that will help you have proper food allocation and stop your followers from starving in Cult of the Lamb.

Sustenance I

Cult of the Lamb best doctrines: Sustenance I
Sustenance I Traits
  • Ritual Fast: Enforce a 3-day fasting ritual for extra Faith.
  • Feasting Ritual: Hold a feast to refill hunger and gain +25 Faith.

Choose Ritual Fast when food supplies are low to temporarily freeze hunger and send followers on Crusades to find food.

Sustenance II

Traits of Sustenance II
Sustenance II Traits
  • Cannibal Trait: Eat meals from followers’ meat for +5 Faith.
  • Grass Eater: Eat grass-based food without losing Faith.

Opt for Grass Eater as it’s a sustainable food source and doesn’t require followers to die.

Sustenance III

Cult of the Lamb best doctrines: Sustenance III
Sustenance III Traits
  • Ritual of the Harvest: Perform a ritual to instantly grow harvest seeds and gain Faith.
  • Ritual of the Ocean’s Bounty: Increase fish production for two days and gain Faith.

Select Ritual of the Ocean’s Bounty to boost fish production, which helps create better recipes and complete quests.

Sustenance IV

Traits of Sustenance IV
Sustenance IV Traits
  • Substance Encouraged: Gain +20 Faith through a Brainwashing ritual.
  • Belief in Prohibition: Increases work speed and Devotion generation by 10% but carries a 50% risk of followers getting sick.

Opt for Substance Encouraged to gain Faith without risking sickness among your followers.

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That is all from our side, and these are the best Doctrines in Cult of the Lamb, which will keep peace in your Cult and upgrade the system efficiently. These will improve factors like building, food, and Faith. These will also prevent followers from becoming dissenters or causing issues like food shortages.

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