20 BEST Cult of the Lamb Doctrines

The guide consists of the best 20 doctrines that you should choose in Cult of the Lamb in order to make your followers have maximum Faith and minimum Dissension

Cult of the Lamb is an action-adventure rogue-like game published by Devolver Digital and developed by Massive Monster. The game is available on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, and macOS. The Cult of the Lamb requires you to have the best of Doctrines, so your followers can have maximum Faith and Loyalty with minimum chance of Dissenting.

What Are Doctrines In Cult Of The Lamb?

Cult of the Lamb: Best Doctrines
Doctrines’ Purpose

In Cult of the Lamb, you have to keep your cult members happy while managing to slay enemies full of strength residing in the dungeons. Once you defeat an enemy, you get to keep Stone Tablet pieces as a reward. After getting three pieces of Stone Tablet, Lamb can go towards the Church. In order to enact doctrines, Lamb has to preach to their masses.

The Doctrines are considered to be the commandments that your followers will live by. Some followers will see you as someone who is ruthless hungry for power, and a murderer. These are the ones we call Dissenters. While some followers will see you as nurturing and loving cult leader, these are the ones with high Faith and Loyalty.

How To Unlock The Doctrines

You will come across the Commandment Stone Fragments through the Old Faith dungeons. You will require a total of three Stone Fragment pieces in order to make one complete commandment tablet.

After getting all the pieces that are required, you will need to head toward the Temple that you have built at the beginning of the game. Within the temple, you will find Alter, go there and choose the Crown option. After choosing it, you will have to choose one of the five options that are Afterlife, Work and Worship, Possessions, Law and Order, and Sustenance.

Best Doctrines To Pick In Cult Of The Lamb

You will have to choose between two doctrines whenever you level up. After every level up, a specific subset of your Doctrine Wheel has different genres which affect the Cult community’s different aspects, such as Values and Government.

From the twenty choices in Cult of the Lamb, you will have to choose the best doctrines very carefully. The reason is that you will make your way through the adventures using them. If you have started the game recently, then don’t worry. We have mentioned all the doctrines present in Cult of the Lamb along with some advice so we can tell you which ones are the best.

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The Doctrines in Afterlife will affect how your cult members perceive dying and death. Furthermore, they will provide different sorts of bonuses to the cult members who are aged. You can also skip the Afterlife tree at the beginning of the game and focus on the cult’s other aspects. It is because as long as they are taken care of, there will not be enough cult members dying.

In each tier of Cult of the Lamb, you will have a choice to make. We recommend you pick the following at each tier.

Afterlife I

Cult of the Lamb: Afterlife I
Afterlife I Traits

The Belief in Sacrifice trait will grant a +20 Faith when the Cult sacrifices a member. On the other hand, the Belief in the Afterlife will be beneficial in the sense that once a cult member dies, the Faith decreases by only -5. Without the trait, the cult members’ faith will decrease by -20.

If you have not done any proper upgrade for decreasing ritual cooldowns. You will see old-age followers pass away and not be eligible for sacrifice. Once you start progressing, you will see more followers in your cult, and so more will be reaching old age.

Therefore, we recommend you take the second choice, which is Belief in the Afterlife. That is due to the fact that since people will be taken care of, their mortality rate will be lower, and most of them will reach old age. There will be no need to sacrifice any member, and rather you will have to wait for the old people to die simply.

Afterlife II

Cult of the Lamb: Afterlife II Best Doctrine
Afterlife II Traits

The Ritual of Resurrection trait will unlock a ritual, allowing you to revive the dead followers. The Funeral trait, on the other hand, will increase the Faith by twenty by performing a funeral of a recently deceased follower.

Once you are able to level up your adoration from a specific follower, the follower will gain some additional positive traits, making them overall a better follower. Even though the Ritual of Resurrection is time taking due to the long cooldown, it is still worth it. Bringing back the useful devotee follower will make them return at a younger age, having renewed time in a way.

Afterlife III

Cult of the Lamb best doctrines: Afterlife III
Afterlife III traits

The Respect, Your Elders trait will grant +5 Faith to all followers for any elderly follower around. The Good Die Young trait will reduce the faith by five if an elderly follower dies naturally. However, if you use the elderly follower for cannibalism, sacrifice, or murder, the Faith will increase by 10.

As mentioned earlier, when your cult starts expanding, you will also get more elderly followers. It will be much better to keep getting a small Faith bonus through the senior status followers by just having them around. If a senior citizen goes missing and dies without your knowledge, you will lose a larger amount of Faith which is riskier. Therefore, we recommend you pick Respect Your Elders.

Afterlife IV

Traits of Afterlife IV
Afterlife IV Traits

The Grieve the Fallen trait will increase the Faith by two after unlocking the Grave Building. However, to gain Faith, a follower needs to grieve at it. On the other hand, the Return to the Earth trait is capable of turning corpses into fertilizer after unlocking the Natural Burial Building.

The Grave Building depends on the situation at hand. If you are struggling with faith production, it will surely give you a bump. However, in terms of economy, the Natural Burial Building option is better. When the cult starts growing, you will need to begin creating larger automated farms, and fertilizer will be quintessential for the farm.

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Work And Worship

The Work and Worship subset in Cult of the Lamb contains Doctrines that are related to how obedient the cultist workers are, how they are put to work and if they are allowed some downtime by the Lamb.

If you are looking forward to improving the cultists’ devotion or their efficiency while doing activities like refining wood, farming, or harvesting materials, then you should spend some time on the following traits.

Work And Worship I

Cult of the Lamb best doctrines: Work And Worship I
Work And Worship I Traits

The first option you have is the Faithful trait which generates the Devotion +15% faster. The other trait is Industrious, which focuses on Work, and it increases the speed of cultists by 15% as well.

If you are one of the players who focus a lot on refining, then chances are you will desire to pick the Industrious trait. It will help you in building decorations and mass structures. However, the Faithful trait will speed up the process of the cultists so much so that you can access the Divine Inspirations, all because of giving them more Devotion.

Work And Worship II

Traits of Work And Worship II
Work And Worship II Traits

In the Inspire trait, you will be able to unlock a command which will increase the loyalty of a follower by inspiring them. However, it replaces Bless. The Intimidate trait will allow you to unlock a command which will make the follower work 10% faster for two days due to intimidation. Moreover, the Intimidate trait will also replace Bless.

You can use the Intimidation trait to give a small boost to a single worker for work speed. However, the Inspire trait is the better choice overall. Not only will it increase a follower’s loyalty by a bit. It will also help you level up faster while gaining tablet pieces and Devotion simultaneously.

Work And Worship III

Cult of the Lamb best doctrines
Work And Worship III Traits

The Glory of Construction is the first trait that will unlock a Ritual. The Ritual will complete the construction of all unbuilt structures, and they will be good as new. On the other hand, the Ritual of Enlightenment trait unlocks a Ritual that will increase Shrine’s Devotion generation for three days by 20%.

In Cult of the Lamb, the best Doctrines would not really be for completing construction. Building structures in the game is not a difficult task, especially if your followers are in a big volume.

Once you place a building, your followers will build it automatically after rushing towards it. The latter trait: The Ritual of Enlightenment will not only boost your Devotion but will help you unlock the Divine Inspirations faster.

Work And Worship IV

Traits of Work And Worship IV
Work And Worship IV Traits

The first trait: Glory Through Toil, will unlock a Ritual. It will make your followers non-stop for three consecutive days. On the other hand, the Holy Day trait gives your followers a rest for one complete day and rewards them with +80 Faith.

We know that our compulsive behavior wants to force the followers to work non-stop for three consecutive days. It will help you, especially when you are planning on refining a lot of materials. However, the best Doctrine will be to unlock the Holy Day trait in Cult of the Lamb.

The trade-off between +80 Faith and stopping followers from working or praying is worth it. It will save you a lot of time as Faith can be hard to come by. Lastly, it will prevent some followers’ Faith from falling too low, which may cause them to become Dissenters.

Law And Order

If you wish to unlock something specific like Weddings, Core Beliefs, and Ascension. Then you will definitely need to invest your Doctrines in Law and Order. Your decision will decide the type of cult you are going to run and whether you are a cruel or benevolent ruler.

You will find most choices linking to Loyalty. If your cult has a high number of dissenters, you should definitely check it out.

Law And Order I

Cult of the Lamb best doctrines: Law And Order I
Law And Order I Traits

The first trait is the Murder Follower, which will unlock a Murder action that you can use to get rid of followers at will. The second trait is Ascend Follower, which will ascend one of your followers through a ritual. Based on the loyalty of sacrificed followers, the ascended followers will reward loyalty.

To deal with a problem, it is easier to murder a follower quickly. However, strife can be caused after the cultists see the action taking place. You will need to play safe and smart, and so your main concern is to deal with the dissenters whenever they show up.

Therefore, you should use the Ascend Follower, which will implant an immense amount of loyalty in one of your followers.

Law And Order II

Traits of Law And Order II
Law And Order II Traits

The Ritualistic Fight Pit is a trait that will make you see two of your followers Fight to the death after performing a ritual. The Wedding trait will let you Marry a follower by unlocking the ritual and gain +30 Faith.

In terms of value, the Ritualistic Fight Pit does not have much to offer when compared with Wedding. However, the Lamb has the freedom to marry as many followers as they want. Since there is a high chance of followers getting jealous due to too many spouses, it will be perfect to reap the benefit of +30 Faith.

Law And Order III

Cult of the Lamb best doctrines: Law And Order III
Law And Order III Traits

You have the choice between the Belief In Original Sin trait and the Belief In Absolution trait. In the first one, if you put a follower in jail who is not dissenting, then the Faith will reduce. In the latter one, there will be a gain in Faith by +10 if a day begins with no follower being imprisoned.

It will be hard for you to jail someone who is not actively dissenting and can take your time. If you want to keep your cult invested, then you should look for the Belief in Absolution trait as long as you don’t see enough dissenters in your cult. The constant boost will keep the faith level high in the longer run.

Law And Order IV

Traits of Law And Order IV
Law And Order IV Traits

The first trait is Loyalty Enforcer, which will appoint a follower as a loyalty enforcer. The follower will be patrolling to raise the followers’ loyalty after performing a ritual. The second trait is Tax Enforcer, in which you will appoint a follower as a tax enforcer. The follower will then patrol the cult and collect taxes from the followers.

In Cult of the Lamb, you can gain Loyalty in numerous ways, so using Loyalty Enforcer will not be one of the best Doctrines. Therefore, we recommend you pick the Tax Enforcer as it will increase your wealth and status without facing any consequences.


Now it is time to decide whether your cult likes a materialistic society with money and worldly possessions. Or do they prefer living simplistically without the need for enough money? You will have to make the decision of what your followers will give up supporting your community and cult.

If you are looking for some extra currency or want to use your gold to bribe the followers to gain loyalty. Then this is where you need to begin.

Possession I

Traits of Possessions I
Possessions I Traits

The first trait is Extort Tithes trait, which will unlock a command through which you can collect Gold from any follower but once a day. The second trait is Bribe Follower, where you will pay some Gold to a follower to increase their Loyalty.

It is better for you to receive gold from a follower because you can use numerous ways such as Inspiring, Blessing, and Gifts to increase the follower’s loyalty. If you have progressed considerably in Cult of the Lamb, then the best doctrines for you will be the ones that give you Gold. The Gold will help you in buying seeds, unlocking tarot cards, and refining the currency in gold bars.

Possession II

Cult of the Lamb best doctrines: Possessions II
Possessions II Traits

You have the choice between the Belief in Materialism trait and in the Belief in False Idols trait. In the first one, whenever you build a better sleeping quarter for followers, you will gain Faith. On the other hand, in the second trait, whenever you place a decoration, you will gain more Faith.

Once you build a sleeping quarter, they might break down, but you will be able to repair them. When you have enough sleeping quarters, you will not need more prospective followers as they will be gone and replaced.

You should go for the second trait: Belief in False Idols, as you will be dropping it clearly to show the purpose of gaining faith. Once you gain faith, you can destroy it to get back the materials.

Possession III

The first is the Alms for the Poor trait, which will give Gold to your followers who will not only increase the Loyalty but also reward you with +10 Faith after unlocking a ritual. The Ritual of Enrichment trait will unlock a ritual where you will be getting the Gold from your followers through donation.

The minimal increase in Faith and Loyalty might seem attractive, but it is better to go for the second trait. You will be getting a good amount of Gold without consequences, and the followers will believe in a greater cause as they will be donating.

Possession IV

Traits of Possessions IV
Possessions IV Traits

The first trait is Sacral Architecture which will increase the Faith by +5 whenever you build a new building. The second one is the Devotee Trait which will increase the Faith when you deliver a sermon.

The choice here is rather easy. If you are in the game’s later stages, you will not be building much stuff. You have the option of delivering the sermon each and every day. So, you will be able to gain a lot more benefits through the Devotee Trait along with additional Faith.


In Cult of the Lamb, hunger plays a vital role. Your cult will constantly be eating, and sometimes you will face some situations where their hunger will be affected a lot. To keep your followers safe, happy, and alive, you need to focus on these doctrines.

These are the best Doctrines that will help you have proper food allocation and stop your followers from starving in Cult of the Lamb.

Sustenance I

Cult of the Lamb best doctrines: Sustenance I
Sustenance I Traits

The first trait is Ritual Fast which will force your followers not to eat or be hungry for three consecutive days. The second trait is the Feasting Ritual which will simply refill the hunger of all followers by unlocking a ritual. It will also increase the Faith by +25.

The Feasting Ritual sounds good as not only will it keep your followers fed but also increase their faith. However, the Fasting Ritual is a much smarter option if you are short of food supplies and see their hunger meter rising.

Simply activate the Ritual Fast as it will freeze the hunger time. It will also embark them on different Crusades, so they can find food or they can just share their Farm plots.

Sustenance II

Traits of Sustenance II
Sustenance II Traits

The first trait is Cannibal, where your followers will eat a meal made from their fellow’s meat and increase the Faith by +5. The second option is Grass Eater, where the follower will eat grass-based food without causing them to lose Faith.

When you have a large number of followers, the Cannibal option will not work as it will require a lot of dead followers. You will not be able to meet the increasing demand. In every Crusade area, the grass is available, which will put no restraints on supplying it to the large cult. You also won’t need to spend too much time farming if you are in the game’s earlier stages.

Sustenance III

Cult of the Lamb best doctrines: Sustenance III
Sustenance III Traits

The first option is the Ritual of the Harvest, which will immediately grow the seeds and make them ready for harvesting. The second option you have is Ritual of the Ocean’s Bounty, which will increase the number of fish by two times and make the special fish appear regularly.

If you have access to automated farms, then you will not require the Ritual of the Harvest trait. Your followers will simply fill the inventory with flowers, fruits, and vegetables. However, the Ritual of the Ocean’s Bounty will be helpful in increasing the fish count and in creating better recipes. There are some rare fish that you need for completing the Fisherman’s quest, and it will also help you in that.

Sustenance IV

Traits of Sustenance IV
Sustenance IV Traits

The first option is the Substances Encouraged trait which will grant an increase in Faith by +20 whenever you perform a Brainwashing ritual. The second option is the Belief in Prohibitionism trait, which will increase the work speed and Devotion generation by +10% after performing a Brainwashing Ritual. However, there is a 50% probability that the followers will become sick.

The increase in work speed and Devotion generation by 10% sounds good, but if the followers become sick, it will be too much to handle. It is safer for you to pick the Substances Encouraged trait to get a +20 Faith after Brainwashing Ritual.


That is all from our side, and these are the best Doctrines in Cult of the Lamb, which will keep peace in your Cult and upgrade the system efficiently. These will improve factors like building, food, and Faith. These will also prevent followers from becoming dissenters or causing issues like food shortages.

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