Cult of The Lamb Best Fleece: All 6 Ranked

This Cult of The Lamb Best Fleece guide will uncover the best fleece upgrades that players can use!

Cult of The Lamb features a collection of quests, and an enthralling storyline, alongside armor such as the Fleece, whereby players can progress through the game without much difficulty. In our Cult of The Lamb Best Fleece guide, we will uncover all available fleeces and the best upgrades to choose from!

Key Highlights
  • The Fleece in Cult of the Lamb can be unlocked by acquiring the “Holy Talisman”.
  • You can get the Holy Talismans through the following; Fisherman, Plimbo’s, Sozo’s, and Midas’ quests.
  • There are a total of 6 fleece options for the players.
  • The Fleece of the Lamb is a dark red cape that is covered with white outer cuts. 
  • The player will deal double damage by wearing the Golden Fleece cap.
  • On the other hand, When the player is wearing the Fleece of the Glass Cannon, the curse damage will double while the fervor will get halved.
  • The player can gain Fleece of the Diseased Heart by taking out a tarot card.
  • Fleece of the Fates offers 4 tarot cards to the players to improve their gameplay.
  • Fleece of Fragile Fortitude is the last fleece. In this fleece, all the hearts which are left will be replaced by 1.5x blue hearts.

What Is Fleece In Cult Of The Lamb?

Cult of The Lamb Fleece

With the different customizations available for players in the game, it is safe to assume that the fleece falls into the category of customizable items. Like all items in Cult of The Lamb, Fleece works in pretty similar ways too. 

In essence, fleece can be described as an upgrade material that can provide different buffs to players. These buffs can come in handy when trying to take on difficult enemies or progress through the game and feel like you are weaker than other players; these upgrades might be your one-way ticket to victory. 

There are a total of 6 fleece options that players can go for six fleece options, and each one has its outlook, making them stand out. Players will typically be choosing the fleece that will fit not only their aesthetic best but also the fleece that will help them achieve the type of buff that can help them become stronger when progressing through the main storyline. 

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Outlook of Fleece 

Before we take a look at the different fleece options available to players, let’s take a moment to consider how some fleece might fit players aesthetically; considering that most players will want to go for buffs, aesthetics also matter a lot. 

One of the starter fleeces that will be offered to players will feature the use of a red cape, which will be adorned with a yellow bell, and there will be white lines outlining the red cape towards the zigzag corners, as well as a black belt being wrapped around the yellow bell. A black-colored hole is placed for the player to wear the armor.  

The second fleece option that players will have will be the Golden Fleece, which will have a bright yellow cape option and a golden circular pattern placed on top of it. The “bell” will be two silver arrows, and the belt holding it all together will be the same black belt. 

The Fleece of The Glass Cannon will have a dirty green cape color, and it will have a darker green circular pattern, alongside having a red flame adorned in the place of the bell. 

The Fleece of The Diseased Heart will feature the use of a purple cape, and it will have a light pink cut corner and a skull in place of the bell. The final two will feature the use of white and dark blue cape colors. 

All Six Fleece In Cult Of The Lamb

The Fleece of the LambWorks best for the leader of cultN/A
Golden Fleece cap5% damage per killIncoming damage is doubled
Fleece of the Glass Cannon100% damage is dealt by the curse and cost 50% fervor-50% Health
-50% Melee Damage
Fleece of the Diseased HeartEach Tarot card grant a diseased heartThe lamb can take the damage poison
Fleece of the FatesGives 4 Tarot cards just at the beginning of the startTarot card pickups disabled
Fleece of Fragile FortitudeFour Curse related Tarot cards are granted at the beginning
of the race
No Red Hearts

Let’s take a look at all the fleeces offered to players before moving on to the Cult of The Lamb Best Fleece options that players can go for. The six different options will range from a starting fleece to the most buffs players can achieve from the fleece pieces. 

The Fleece of The Lamb 

Cult of The Lamb Fleece of The Lamb
The fleece of The Lamb

One of the starter pieces that players in Cult of The Lamb will be able to get their hands on will be the Fleece of The Lamb. It is a pretty modest piece, a dark red cape, and decorated with white outer cuts and a yellow colored bell. 

Considering it is just a starter piece, it won’t provide any kind of buffs for players and is simply there to be replaced as you move your way through the storyline. 

Golden Fleece 

Cult of The Lamb Golden Fleece
Golden Fleece

The next piece of fleece that players can get in their arsenal will be the Golden Fleece, and while it is certainly not the most overpowered piece, it is an upgrade from the usual Fleece of The Lamb starter fleece. 

Whenever the player wears the cape, anytime they unleash an attack against an enemy that results in them being killed, the total damage output of the player will be increased. The main nerf from the Golden Fleece will be that players will take in double damage. 

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Fleece of The Glass Cannon 

Cult of The Lamb Fleece of The Glass Cannon
Fleece of The Glass Cannon

As for the Fleece of The Glass Cannon, whenever the player is wearing it and they use any curses, they will be able to inflict double damage, and it will cost only half of the total fervor that would be typically used. However, the overall melee weapon damage of the player will be reduced by half. 

Fleece of The Diseased Heart 

Fleece of The Diseased Heart Cult of The Lamb
Fleece of The Diseased Heart

Whenever players take out a tarot card, they can gain a diseased heart if they manage to get lucky; however, if they end up being killed, they risk losing all of their items. 

Fleece of The Fates 

Cult of The Lamb Fleece of The Fates
Fleece of The Fates

The Fleece of the fates fleece can offer the player the ability to draw out a total of 4 tarot cards whenever they are getting their turn at the start of a run, but the caveat is that they will not be able to draw any further cards. 

Fleece of Fragile Fortitude 

Cult of The Lamb Fleece of Fragile Fortitude
Fleece of Fragile Fortitude

Last but not least, all hearts that the player currently has will be replaced by blue hearts and 1.5x the amount of the total blue hearts that the player has. 

How To Unlock Fleeces 

Moving on, let’s start discussing just how players can unlock fleeces in Cult of The Lamb and how they might be able to get the required materials to do so. In short, players will need to get their hands on an item known as a “Holy Talisman.” 

A holy talisman is essentially an item that requires four separate pieces, and when the four pieces are placed together, it comes together to form one Holy Talisman. Each fleece can be unlocked using the acquired Holy Talismans, and there isn’t a way out of it. 

There will be several ways to get these holy talismans, and most of the sub-holy talisman pieces will be mainly acquired by playing through the main storyline and discovering hidden quests that need to be unlocked. Then the talismans will be given out as a reward. 

There are multiple quests that players can unlock when it comes to acquiring the talismans, most of them being pretty simple, while the other will include completing requests that will require investing time and effort into it. 

The quests include that of a fisherman, as well as a person is known as Sozo and Plimbo, who will have several requests for you to complete, and after you have done so, you can report back to them, after which they will be more than willing to hand over the talismans to you. Each character can give a max of 4 talismans. 

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How To Get Holy Talismans 

Cult of The Lamb Getting Holy Talismans
Getting Holy Talismans

To get your hands on some of the Cult of The Lamb Best Fleece for players, you will have to do five main quests, as they are listed below. 

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Fisherman Quest 

The fisherman quest will feature the player needing to acquire certain talisman pieces after accepting a request from a certain fisherman. When players venture deeper into the Darkwood area, they will encounter the fisherman calmly fishing, after which he will go into an area known as the “Pilgrim’s Passage,” after which the official quest starts. 

After the quest has begun, players will need to catch a few animals, some of which will include an octopus, lobster, a squid, as well as a crab, and while the process will not be easy, it does not take that long. 

The octopus can be caught after engaging in a fishing game, and the crab’s rarity is also pretty common, so it shouldn’t take that long t capture the two animals. However, for the lobster and squid, considering they are rare animals, t can take a longer time to farm them. 

The easiest way to catch them is to use their Three commandment stones to get the Ritual of The Ocean’s Bounty Doctrine, after which it will trigger special fish to appear more often, after which players can easily farm the lobster and the squid. 

Once the animals have been farmed, they will need to go back to the fisherman and return them to them, after which they will get the talismans ad a fleece as well. 

Plimbo’s Quest 

The next quest that players will need to do will include that of Plimbo, and it will essentially be a side quest, and it will be one of the toughest side quests that players will need to do in order to get a few holy talismans. 

When you first go into the area of Anchordeep, it will be the area where Plimbo can be encountered. Going into Anchordeep and meeting Plimbo will allow players to unlock Smuggler’s Sanctuary and eventually gain access to it. 

Once you get into Smuggler’s Sanctuary, Plimbo will ask players to get eyes from a boss, and the boss can be encountered in the Bishop areas of the game, which will include that of Anchordeep, Silk Cradle, and Anura. 

The areas will feature the bosses, and it will continue to get more and more difficult as the players defeat the bosses. Once the final Bishop area boss has been defeated, it will allow the players to gain access to the boss’s eye. 

Going back to Plimbo and turning the eye in will give the player four holy talisman pieces. 

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Sozo’s Quest 

Another important quest to get the talismans will feature Sozo, and players will be able to encounter Sozo when they first make their way to Anura. Over there, he will make access to a location which is known as the Spore Gratto, after which Sozo will ask the players to get ten mushrooms and bring him the mushrooms. 

After that has been done, he will then further ask the players to bring him a total of 20 mushrooms, after which he will treat them with the “brainwashing ritual,” which will require 25 mushrooms. 

After a mushroom decoration has been built, the players will receive a talisman. 

Midas’ Quest 

To complete the quest for Midas, players need to go to Silk Cradle, from where the Cave of Midas will open up, and he will ask players for several sacrifices; and to get a full talisman, players will need to sacrifice four cult members. 

Nameless Cloaked Figure Quest 

Last but not least, the cloaked figure quest will be one of the longest; therefore, let’s break it down. Find the cloaked figure roaming around throughout the night, and he can be found by following crescent markers on the map. 

One of the locations is in Pilgrim’s passage, one in Spore Grotto, then in Smuggler’s Sanctuary, and finally one in Midas’ Cave, and he will ask for several items and sacrifices, after which players can finally unlock all Fleeces. 

Best Fleece Pieces 

As for the best fleece pieces, while players can use all fleece armors, the two best ones are listed as follows:

  • Fleece of The Fates
  • Fleece of Fragile Fortitude 

The reason that players might choose these two is that it might help the player progress through the story faster, and it is one of the armors that does not have the worst side effects. With that, we will wrap up our Cult of The Lamb Best Fleece guide! 

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