16 BEST Food In Cult Of The Lambs

In our guide we will look into the best types of food you can make for your followers in Cult Of The Lambs.

There are a million and one reasons to love the new Cult Of The Lamb game, and being able to make the best, most delicious-looking food is certainly in the top ten! Yes, you read that right; in fact, plates can actually make food in the game. So if you want to know more about all the best in-game food, keep on reading.

Key Highlights

  • There are three categories of meals which are ranked by either three-stars, two-stars, or one-star.
  • The three-star meals are more expensive to make, but provide greater boosts to the player’s followers, such as increased loyalty and faith. These include:
    • Mighty Meat Feast.
    • Magnificent Mixed Meal.
    • Splendid Vegetable Feast.
    • Delicious Fish Feast.
  • The two-star meals are cheaper to make and provide lower boosts, such as a chance of losing priceless resources or making followers sick. These include:
    • Cheery Cauliflower Chowder.
    • Tasty Fish Meal.
    • Hearty Meat Broth.
    • Modest Mixed Meal.
  • The one-star meals are the cheapest to make and provide minimal boosts. These include:
    • Grassy Gruel.
    • Basic Berry Bowl.
    • Paltry Pumpkin Soup.
    • Meager Mixed Meal.
    • Stringy Meat Gruel.
    • Pungent Fish Stew.
    • Bowl Of Poop.
    • Minced Follower Meat.

Best Meals In Cult Of The Lamb

Here are the Best Meals you can make in Cult of the Lambs:

Mighty Meat FeastThree Star Meals 4 Meat, 1 Crab, 1 Lobster 75% possibility of getting valuable items
Magnificent Mixed MealThree Star Meals 4 Beetroot, 2 Tuna, 2 Meat100% chances of preventing followers from
Splendid Vegetable FeastThree Star Meals 6 Beetroot, 2 Pumpkin, 2 Cauliflower59% chances of getting loyal followers
5% Faith increases
Delicious Fish FeastThree Star Meals 1 Squid, 1 Octopus, 1 Blowfish, 1 Swordfish25% chances of losing resources
35% chances of ill people's recovery
Cheery Cauliflower ChowderTwo Star Meals4 Cauliflower 5% chances of making the followers sick
25% chances that the people who eats the
food leaves any significant item behind
Tasty Fish MealTwo Star Meals3 Salmon25% chances of losing resources
15% chances of making the followers sick
Hearty Meat BrothTwo Star Meals2 Meat25% chances of losing resources
15% chances of follower's defecation
Modest Mixed MealTwo Star Meals4 Pumpkin, 2 Salmon, 2 Meat20% chances of boosting followers devotion
Grassy GruelOne Star Meals5 Grass25% chances of making the followers sick
Basic Berry BowlOne Star Meals6 BerryHigh in fiber results in sickness
Paltry Pumpkin SoupOne Star Meals4 PumpkinsIncrease 5% chances of sickness and diarrhea
Meager Mixed MealOne Star Meals4 Berry, 2 Minnow, 2 Morsel10% increase in followers devotion
Stringy Meat GruelOne Star Meals3 Morsel10% chances of follower exhaustion
Pungent Fish StewOne Star Meals3 Minnow10% increase in sickness
Bowl Of PoopOne Star Meals3 FertilizerTactic to silence a problematic dissident
50% Results in illness
Losing -20 Faith
Minced Follower MeatOne Star Meals3 Follower Meat, 5 Bone75% risk of getting a follower ill
Follower’s loyalty increases by 25%
40% prevent discontent

Three Star Meals 

Let’s first look into all the three-star foods that you can make for your people!

Mighty Meat Feast

As the name would suggest, it is one the best food you can give to your people to eat, as soon as they eat. Their devotion for you and The One Who Waits will know no bounds. So, what ingredients will you need for it? Well, the answer may shock you.

The dish is one of the most expensive in the game, so hold on tight; we do not want you falling off your seats!

Dish Name Ingredients 
Mighty Meat Fest 4 Meat, 1 Crab, 1 Lobster 

With the meal, you will be feasting like the kings. Now the main question that you all must have would probably be what effects the food will have.

Well, you will be shocked to hear that increases the probability of expensive and valuable things being dropped by upwards of 75%. Name something more amazing than that.

Magnificent Mixed Meal

Magnificent mixed meal best in game food
Best Food in the cult of the lambs: Magnificent mixed meal

Okay, so our second best food on the list is the Magnificent Mixed Meal. While it is not as expensive as the Mighty Meal, it is, of course, no joke. Here is what you need to make it:

Dish Name Ingredients 
Magnificent Mixed Meal 4 Beetroot, 2 Tuna, 2 Meat

While it certainly costs a heavy penny, the boosts it gives make up for it, in our opinion! It will actually increase follower loyalty which actually has a 100% chance of happening and a 100% likelihood of preventing a follower from disobeying.

Splendid Vegetable Feast

The Splendid Vegetable Feast meal not only tastes good but will be a sure winner for your vegan followers. So let’s look into the ingredients you will need for making this type of food in Cult Of The Lamb.

Dish Name Ingredients 
Splendid Vegetable Feast 6 Beetroot, 2 Pumpkin, 2 Cauliflower

With it, you will certainly get your money’s worth, and if you do not believe us now, wait till you hear about the boosts it will give you. Prepare to be shocked! There is a 59% possibility of boosting follower loyalty and a +5 Faith. What more can you ask for?

Delicious Fish Feast

So what happens when your people get bored of meat and veggies, you make them fish, of course! Nothing says fine dining better than an amazing fish meal, and your followers will thank you later. So what do you need to make it?

Dish Name Ingredients
Delicious Fish Feast 1 Squid, 1 Octopus, 1 Blowfish, 1 Swordfish

With the game’s very fishy meal, you can expect a lot of amazing bonuses, including a 25% likelihood of losing priceless resources. There is a 30% probability that a sick Follower will get better.

Two Star Dishes

Now that we know all the three-star best foods you can make in Cult Of The Lamb let’s now look into all the two-star ones.

Cheery Cauliflower Chowder

Now, the Cherry Cauliflower Chowder is certainly one of those feel-good meals that will ensure that your followers do not get homesick; after all, you want to make sure that your cult feels like their new home. Now, what ingredients will you need for it?

Dish Name Ingredients
Cheery Cauliflower Chowder 4 Cauliflower 

There is a 25% chance that the character who eats the meal will leave behind a significant item, and it merely has a 5% chance of making them sick. There are not many recipes of good quality that solely call for cauliflower, but this one does. 

Once the lamb has entered Anura, the land of Heket, cauliflower plants and seeds will begin to fall. The seed salesman who frequently comes at Anchordeep‘s gate also sells them.

Tasty Fish Meal

The tasty fish meal is a cheaper version of the three-star delicious fish fest. If you want to make it for your people, you will need several things. It will include:

Dish Name Ingredients
Tasty Fish Meal 3 Salmon

Eating the meal has a 25% likelihood of losing priceless resources. However, there is a 15% possibility that your followers may puke right away.

Hearty Meat Broth

The Hearty Meat Broth meal is certainly an easy and good one to make if you are low on supplies. We would like to say that it is one of the best foods you will make in the game. Here is what you will need to make it:

Dish Name Ingredients
Hearty Meat Broth 2 Meat

So what will eating it give to your people? There is a 25% likelihood of losing priceless resources. However, there is also a 15% likelihood that the follower will defecate right away.

Modest Mixed Meal

Modest Mixed Meal best food in cult of the lamb
The cult of the lambs best food: Modest Mixed Meal

Think of the Modest Mixed Meal as a lower version of the Mighty Meat Fest. Here is what you will need to make this dish!

Dish Name Ingredients
Modest Mixed Meal 4 Pumpkin, 2 Salmon, 2 Meat

There is a 20% possibility of boosting follower devotion after eating the meal. So if you want to get the best deal, make the dish.

One Star Meals

Lastly, let’s now look into all the one-star meals that you can make in the game.

Grassy Gruel

Grassy Gruel cult of the lamb food
The cult of the lamb food: Grassy Gruel

It is the main food source accessible to the cult while there are no harvests, which is most often at the early start of the game.

It prevents the herd from being famished. The area your cult is located in is made entirely of grass, a material that is abundant almost everywhere the Lamb travels. Here is what you need to make it.

Dish Name Ingredients
Grassy Gruel 5 Grass

After eating, there is a 25% possibility of making people sick. However, the Grass Eater Doctrine can reduce harmful effects.

Basic Berry Bowl

This is one of the greatest and early dishes that players may produce, making it a nice way to begin the day. At a minimum, a few berries and some useful seeds will be picked up by the player throughout their instructional mission. Berries can be gathered from a number of locations.

Dish Name Ingredients
Basic Berry Bowl 6 Berry

Despite being a poor quality meal, it has a reduced risk of making followers sick than other options. The fact that it is high in fiber is a drawback. Before serving the bowl, make sure the outhouse is ready.

Paltry Pumpkin Soup

paltry pumpkin soup in cult of the kmab
Cult of the lamb: paltry pumpkin soup

Now, the Paltry Pumpkin Soup meal is as simple as it gets. Can you guess what the star ingredient for the meal is? Take a wild guess.

Dish Name Ingredients
Paltry Pumpkin Soup 4 Pumpkins

Eating it will increase 5% the chance of bringing on diarrhea and sickness. So please pay special attention while you give it to your followers.

Meager Mixed Meal

Now, this is one of the lowest forms of meals that you can give to your followers, but it sure packs a punch, well, a very weak and meager punch, but we digress.

Dish Name Ingredients
Meager Mixed Meal 4 Berry, 2 Minnow, 2 Morsel

After eating the meal, your followers will have a 10% increase in their devotion to you and the cult; what more can you ask for?

Stringy Meat Gruel

As the name would suggest, the Stringy Meat Gruel meal is not easy on the eyes or the stomach.

Dish Name Ingredients
Stringy Meat Gruel 3 Morsel

After eating the meal, there is a 10% chance that your followers will be exhausted, and who can blame them?

Pungent Fish Stew

The Pungent Fish Stew food
Pungent Fish Stew

Pilgrim’s Passage will be found by the Lamb, along with the Lighthouse and the Fisherman. The helpful zealots in the Lighthouse will light up the wharf, along with a practical fishing dock, if you bring them some wood.

Dish Name Ingredients
Pungent Fish Stew 3 Minnow

There is a range of additional potential foods, including minnows, salmon, octopus, and others. The Lamb can’t create Pungent Fish Stew for his disciples since, as the name suggests, it’s not the tastiest dish. 

Even though it just has one star and won’t help a player generate more Commitment or Dedication, it’s simple to create with just three minnows per bowl. You will just get a 10% increase in illness chances.

Bowl Of Poop

Although it doesn’t seem like a meal, it is, and of course, it isn’t a good option. When consumed, The Bowl of Poop results in a disciple losing -20 Faith and has a 50% chance of making them sick and giving them diarrhea. This terrible food does have a purpose, though.

A disciple might occasionally beg the Lamb to assist them in living out a small desire they have: a whim of ingesting excrement.

The cult leader has the option of rewarding them or ending the task. Since it might result in sickness or, in extreme instances, fatality, the dish can also be used as a tactic to silence a problematic dissident. Here is what you need to make it

Dish Name Ingredients
Bowl Of Poop 3 Fertilizer

Minced Follower Meat

Practically, the Lamb will have to offer sacrifices for the benefit of the Cult. The unlucky cultist’s bones can be used for the greater good if there is a cult that regularly sacrifices members or only does so on exceptional occasions. Here is what you need to make it.

Dish Name Ingredients
Minced Follower Meat 3 Follower Meat, 5 Bone

It is indeed a one-star meal with a 75% risk of getting a follower ill, but the dish has some valuable advantages. It increases a follower’s loyalty by 25% and prevents discontent by 40% of the time.

We hope our guide was able to tell you about the best food to make in the Cult Of The Lamb game.


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