10 BEST Cult Of The Lamb Weapons

Our Cult Of The Lamb Best weapons guide entails the ten best weapons you should have in your arsenal to dominate enemies & bosses easily.

Cult of the Lamb gives players access to a wide variety of weaponry. Before actually embarking on your upcoming adventure, it is important to carefully consider the armory from which you will have to pick. The arsenal provides a wide array of options, spanning from faster daggers to gigantic hammers. This is precisely why we have compiled the Cult of the Lamb’s best weapons guide.

Key Highlights
  • Cult Of The Lamb also has a variety of weapons to choose from, them being daggers to even Godly weapons.
  • The main purpose of these weapons is to defeat enemies in certain zones and to defeat bosses.
  • Each weapon in the game has its perk that it comes with: poisoned, Knockbacks, Greater damage, and health recovery.
  • Aside from those, there are two additional special kinds of weapons called: Zealous Weapons and Godly weapons.
  • Zealous Weapons and Godly weapons benefit you if you acquire and use them.

Let us have a look at the comparison table of the Best Weapons in Cult of the Lamb:

WeaponTypeAverage Base Damage Speed
Bane GauntletsGauntlets2.740.8
Bane DaggerDagger1.82.0
Merciless HammerHammer4.00.25
Vampiric SwordSword1.41.0
Tempest GauntletsGauntlets2.350.8
Apostate’s CleaverAxe3.70.5
Warmaker’s HammerHammer4.00.25
Necromantic AxeAxe2.80.5

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Bane Gauntlets

Average Base Damage Speed
2.74 0.8

The Bane Gauntlets, like the Bane Dagger, can poison and harm foes over time, complementing their combo-stunning ability. Tarot cards like Divine Strength can speed up their slow attacks and add venom for areas like Anura and Silk Cradle.

To find the gauntlets in Darkwood, defeat Leshy after Lamb. In Anura, while searching for Bishop Heket, you’ll encounter them. Initially, they deal minimal damage unless you’ve learned specific hit combos. Once mastered, they become potent.

Pairing the gauntlets with damage-over-time abilities like Bane enhances their value. Use the Necromantic talent to summon defeated foes’ spirits. Merciless boosts critical hit chances and damage potential with longer combos.

Bane Dagger

Bane daggers – cult of the lamb best weapons
Average Base Damage Speed
1.8 2

Daggers, like the Bane Dagger, excel in swiftly countering multiple strikes. Bane Daggers deal poison damage, causing gradual harm over time. Ideal for slow-moving foes, Bane daggers can be obtained quickly through Sermons, poisoning enemies upon impact.

Combining both provides a versatile weapon. The Dagger’s rapid strikes increase poison activation chances, compensating for lower base damage. Mastering the Dodge skill enhances dagger effectiveness, offering swiftness and impact. You’ll find daggers and Tarot Cards as the Lamb ventures into Darkwood, enhancing their existing abilities. Tarot Cards can be purchased from Clauneck or discovered in vaults.

Merciless Hammer

Average Base Damage Speed
4 0.25

The Merciless Hammer prioritizes critical hits, while the Merciless Axe, a Cult weapon, focuses on damage and knockback. Both options are available. The hammer moves slower but is versatile for most builds, dealing high damage with a wide range, although it’s less common than the cleaver and primarily used against monsters.

Initial dungeons not only raise difficulty by introducing deadlier foes but also increasing their numbers after defeating the first boss. To succeed, players must balance speed, damage, area-of-effect, and melee, making the hammer a wise choice for versatility.

Vampiric Sword

vampiric sword – cult of the lamb best weapons
Average Base Damage Speed
1.4 1

The renowned Crusader’s Blade is the earliest weapon players will encounter, and it can be found in the initial dungeon that serves as a prologue. The Lamb will also make their earliest key NPC acquaintances here, such as Ratau, and will get a useful piece of land on which to construct their own individual base at this time in Cult of the Lamb.

When you utilize a vampiric weapon to eliminate an opponent, you can obtain a Blue Heart from the weapon. It is not a certainty, but considering how rare health recovery is in Cult of the Lamb, it is definitely definitely beneficial.

Combining the vampiric characteristic with the simple play style of a blade enables you to concentrate on the basics of the game while your vitality is restored.

Necromantic weapons – cult of the lamb best weapons

It is the finest weapon to start with while practicing with other skills since it has the best-known features, including the highest speed, range, and damage. The Vampiric Sword, which drains the life force from its targets and returns it to the holder, becomes available to the Lamb as they progress through the game’s stages.

A blade that restores your health whenever you reduce an adversary to oblivion with its deadly blade? It seems likely to us. You may stay alive for way too long in dungeons by recuperating vitality from the bodies of your fallen foes, as well as wipe out every creature that tries to get in your path, thanks to the fact that the Vampiric Sword isn’t just quick but also quite efficient.

Tempest Gauntlets

Average Base Damage Speed
2.35 0.8

These Gauntlets boost your attacks with each hit, culminating in a powerful final strike. They rank second among the Cult of the Lamb’s top weapons in the Lands of the Old Faith, just after the Cleaver, which is a priority.

After securing most of Lamb’s arsenal in the Temple, the Merciless Gauntlets offer a potent alternative to the standard Tempest Gauntlets. The Zealous attribute increases critical hits for devastating combinations.

The weapon creates a satisfying black swipe effect as you attack, which is visually appealing.

Remember to consider the speed and range of your weapon to avoid missing strikes when battling foes up close.

Apostate’s Cleaver

Apostate’s Cleaver – cult of the lamb best weapons
Average Base Damage Speed
3.7 0.5

The Apostate’s Cleaver is, without a doubt, one of the Cult of the Lamb’s best weapons that you should seek out during your adventures. The axe may be used more slowly than the blade or the sword, but it does a much greater amount of damage at a somewhat broader range, providing you a little lot more of an opportunity to anticipate enemy movements.

The hammer inflicts the greatest damage; however, in addition to being far less common than the cleaver, yet it also causes you to move more slowly than the foes who pursue you, and its primary usage is to combat the monsters.

Warmaker’s Hammer

Average Base Damage Speed
4 0.25

Similar to Merciless Hammer, the Warmaker’s Hammer deals an enormous amount of physical damage to a target and is excellent for DPS. If you want to land back-to-back killing blows, then consider Warmaker’s Hammers as the Cult of the Lamb’s best weapons to have in your arsenal right now. 

Necromantic Axe

Necromantic Axe – cult of the lamb best weapons
Average Base Damage Speed
2.8 0.5

When defeating an enemy with Necromantic weapons, a spectral projectile harms your foe. Necromantic talent allows you to summon defeated foes’ spirits for combat. The Necromantic axe summons a combat-ready ghost. Combine this with high axe damage for better results.

Necromantic armaments generate combat ghosts when used, ideal for facing multiple foes or bosses with minions. Slow but powerful axes swiftly eliminate enemies and assist in targeting the next. More kills mean more ghosts.

Heavy weapons like axes and hammers deal significant damage, increasing the chances of activating their abilities upon enemy defeat. Aim for Vampiric and Necromantic types, as they are highly advantageous. Use your luck wisely to acquire them.

Ending Thoughts

That is pretty much everything you need to know about the Cult of the Lamb’s best weapons. Which is your favorite or go-to weapon so far in the game, and why? Share your thoughts with us. Let us know more about it in the comments box below.

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