10 BEST Cult Of The Lamb Weapons

Our Cult Of The Lamb Best weapons guide entails the ten best weapons you should have in your arsenal to dominate enemies & bosses easily.

Cult of the Lamb gives players access to a wide variety of weaponry. Prior to actually embarking on your upcoming adventure, it is important to give careful consideration to the armory from which you will have to pick. The arsenal provides a wide array of options, spanning from faster daggers to gigantic hammers. It is precisely for this reason that we have compiled the Cult of the Lamb’s best weapons guide.

Key Highlights
  • Cult Of The Lamb also has a variety of weapons to choose from, them being daggers to even Godly weapons.
  • The main purpose of these weapons is to defeat enemies in certain zones and to also defeat bosses.
  • Each weapon in the game has its perk that it comes with, that being poisoned, Knockbacks, Greater damage, and health recovery.
  • Aside from those, there are two additional special kinds of weapons called: Zealous Weapons and Godly weapons.
  • Zealous Weapons and Godly weapons give you additional benefits if you acquire and use them.

Let us have a look at the comparison table of the Best Weapons in Cult of the Lamb:

WeaponTypeAverage Base Damage Speed
Bane GauntletsGauntlets2.740.8
Bane DaggerDagger1.82.0
Merciless HammerHammer4.00.25
Vampiric SwordSword1.41.0
Tempest GauntletsGauntlets2.350.8
Apostate’s CleaverAxe3.70.5
Warmaker’s HammerHammer4.00.25
Necromantic AxeAxe2.80.5

Variety of Weapons

However, it may also be quite intimidating, so if you feel as if you need some assistance on the more nuanced aspects of the game’s weapons, don’t stress about it. So, let’s get this out of the way first: In Cult of the Lamb, you will get weapons in a random distribution at the beginning of each Zone run and at certain times throughout your journey.

These set spots are often areas with exceptionally challenging rounds of attackers or weapon stores that are managed by non-player characters. You won’t have to pay anything for the weapon you choose, but each of them will only let you pick one of the options they have available to you from their arsenal.

After you have chosen your selection, the other options will vanish and remain out of reach for the duration of your zone run. Daggers, swords, gauntlets, axes, and hammers are the sorts of weapons that have a chance to spawn at these spots as well as at the beginning of the run.

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Bane Gauntlets

Average Base DamageSpeed

The Bane Gauntlets, much like the Bane Dagger, have quite a possibility to poison adversaries and cause harm over a prolonged amount of time. This is a direct benefit to the weapon type and its intrinsic ability to generate combinations that stun opponents, and it is similar to how the Bane Dagger works.

The attacks are sluggish, but they may be graced by tarot cards such as Divine Strength to make them faster or to provide a beneficial dosage of venom that can be used in regions such as Anura and Silk Cradle.

Only after Lamb has vanquished Leshy will you begin their search for gauntlets in Darkwood. Additionally, whenever they reach the realm of Anura in search of the second Bishop Heket, they will run through these individuals.

They are not very remarkable at first, delivering relatively little harm except if the player has previously learned specific hit combos. However, after this skill has been acquired, it may cause significant damage.

The gauntlets are more helpful when coupled with an ability that causes damage over time, such as Bane, which makes them more valuable. Those who don’t want to battle alone may find the Necromantic talent useful since it allows them to call upon the spirit of a defeated foe to fight for the Lamb.

Because Merciless offers the player an increased chance to land a critical hit, the player’s potential for doing damage increases proportionally with the length of time they are able to keep a combination running.

Bane Dagger

Bane daggers – cult of the lamb best weapons
Average Base DamageSpeed

When it comes to fending off several strikes in a brief amount of time, daggers are the best Lamb of the Cult weapons. The Bane Dagger is a different kind of dagger that inflicts poison damage on adversaries, which causes them to take ongoing damage over the course of some time.

As a result of the trade-off between power and attack rate, daggers are best used against adversaries who move slowly and may be readily struck several times. When using the Bane weapon variation, which may be earned rather quickly through delivering Sermons, there is a chance to poison foes who are hit, causing damage gradually to them.

The two, when combined, produce a powerful weapon that can be used in any circumstance. The ability of the Dagger to strike numerous times in a short amount of time provides you with more opportunity to activate the poison effect, and the additional damage caused by venom certainly makes up for the reduced basic damage.

Just after the player has mastered the usage of the Dodge skill, the dagger becomes a more effective weapon since it is quicker than blades yet does more harm. When a player equips a dagger, they are able to do damage to their foes at the same rapid pace as they could to travel through them.

As soon as the Lamb makes its first foray into Darkwood, they will begin to come across daggers in addition to Tarot Cards. These cards can be purchased from Clauneck, who deals in Tarot Cards or found in vaults, and they can be utilized to augment the capabilities that the Lamb already has.

Merciless Hammer

Average Base DamageSpeed

The Merciless Hammer has a primary emphasis on critical hits, but the Merciless Axe is a Cult weapon that places a greater emphasis on damage and knockback. Both of these weapons are available. Due to its aiming method, it moves more slowly than other weapons, but just one strike is perfect for just about any type of build. 

The hammer inflicts the greatest damage, but in addition to being far less common than the cleaver, it also causes you to move much more slowly than the foes who pursue you, and its primary usage is directed at the monsters.

Even though it moves slowly, the hammer not only has a large range but also often strikes more than one foe at a time. The players will discover that the initial dungeons will not simply increase the degree of difficulty by introducing more dangerous foes, but they’ll also increase the number of these foes once the player has vanquished the dungeon’s first boss.

When the Lamb approaches this stage, they will need to be capable of striking a balance among speed and damage, including area-of-effect and melee, and a hammer is a smart option since it allows them to do so.

Vampiric Sword

vampiric sword – cult of the lamb best weapons
Average Base DamageSpeed

The renowned Crusader’s Blade is the earliest weapon that players will come across, and it can be found in the initial dungeon that serves as a prologue. The Lamb will also make their earliest key NPC acquaintances here, such as Ratau, and will get a useful piece of land on which to construct their own individual base at this time in Cult of the Lamb.

When you utilize a vampiric weapon to eliminate an opponent, you have a chance of obtaining a Blue Heart from the weapon. It is not a certainty, but considering how rare health recovery is in Cult of the Lamb, it is definitely something that is definitely beneficial.

Combining the vampiric characteristic with the simple play style of a blade enables you to concentrate on the basics of the game while your vitality is being restored.

Necromantic weapons – cult of the lamb best weapons

It is the finest weapon to start with while practicing with other skills since it has the best-known features, including the highest speed, the greatest range, and the most damage. The Vampiric Sword, which drains the life force from its targets and returns it to the holder, becomes available to the Lamb as they progress through the stages of the game.

A blade that restores your health whenever you reduce an adversary to oblivion with its deadly blade? It seems likely to us. You may stay alive for way too long in dungeons by recuperating vitality from the bodies of your fallen foes, as well as wipe out every creature that tries to get in your path, thanks to the fact that the Vampiric Sword isn’t just quick but also quite efficient.

Tempest Gauntlets

Average Base DamageSpeed

These Gauntlets have a particularly special feature that allows them to deliver combination strikes to their foes while simultaneously increasing their strength and range with each blow they take. As a result, the final blow in a sequence is the one that does the most damage.

The Tempest’s Gauntlets come as second in the list of the Cult of the Lamb best weapons to watch for during the Lands of the Old Faith after the Cleaver, which you should prioritize finding.

After you have acquired the majority of Lamb’s armament in the Temple, the Merciless Gauntlets are a powerful alternative to using the standard Tempest Gauntlets. The increased critical hit rate that comes from the Zealous attribute may make it possible for some very devastating combinations.

It is enjoyable to watch when you use this weapon to wipe enemies who come in your way since the weapon leaves a tidy tiny black swipe line that spans the area as you assault. 

It is imperative that you keep in mind the speed and range of any weapon the fates have bestowed upon you. Avoid getting too near to an adversary while you’re swinging an axe or hammer at them, or you’ll end up missing them entirely.

Apostate’s Cleaver

Apostate’s Cleaver – cult of the lamb best weapons
Average Base DamageSpeed

The Apostate’s Cleaver is, without a doubt, one of the Cult of the Lamb best weapons that you should seek out during your adventures. The axe may be used more slowly than the blade or the sword, but it does a much greater amount of damage at a somewhat broader range, providing you a little lot more of an opportunity to anticipate enemy movements.

The hammer inflicts the greatest damage; however, in addition to being far less common than the cleaver, yet it also causes you to move more slowly than the foes who pursue you, and its primary usage is to combat the monsters.

Warmaker’s Hammer

Average Base DamageSpeed

Similar to Merciless Hammer, the Warmaker’s Hammer deals an enormous amount of physical damage to a target and is excellent for DPS. If you want to land back-to-back killing blows, then consider Warmaker’s Hammers as the Cult of the Lamb best weapons to have in your arsenal right now. 

Necromantic Axe

Necromantic Axe – cult of the lamb best weapons
Average Base DamageSpeed

If you kill an adversary utilizing any of the Necromantic weapons, a spectral projectile will be released out from the corpse, and it will land only on your adversary, doing a decent degree of harm to them in the process.

Anyone who doesn’t want to battle alone may find the Necromantic talent useful since it allows them to call upon the spirit of a defeated foe to combat for the Lamb.

The necromantic axe has the unique power to conjure a ghost that will assist you in combat by slaying an adversary. This ghost will fight alongside you.

Nonetheless, when it has finished assaulting them, it will vanish. You will have an easier time defeating the foes if you pair the ability with the High Damage that the axes deal.

When it is used to slay an opponent, necromantic armaments will conjure a ghost that will engage in combat with another adversary before dissipating. When used in conjunction with the strength of an axe, the ability is a devastating combo fighting big numbers of foes as well as bosses who have the ability to generate minions.

Axes are sluggish weapons, but their slowness does not make them a disadvantage since they have a powerful hit. You may rapidly eliminate a close foe by using their high damage, and the ghost will then assist you in engaging the very next target for you. More ghosts will be awarded to you if you can kill many enemies with a single attack.

Heavy weapons like as axes and hammers do a significant amount of damage and have the potential to eliminate foes with just a single blow. As a result, using these weapons increases the likelihood of having their abilities activated upon their demise.

Vampiric and necromantic types are, without a doubt, the most advantageous choices to make if you are in a position to get them; use your luck to your advantage and also get a hold of them.

Zealous Weapons

The only kind of weapon in the game that offers an additional benefit outside of its basic fighting capabilities is known as a zealous weapon. Any Fervor that is created from strikes performed with a Zealous weapon also gives Devotion, which allows you to advance progression into unlocking the next structure in the village whenever you revisit there.

These are unique sorts of weaponry that will offer you additional benefits, and with each strike, you would gain Devotion that can be added to your progress bar. This is supplementary to the devotion that your followers create via the prayers that they say.

Up until now, we’ve been concentrating on certain assemblages of characteristics and categories, but the next two items on this list are all about variations.

If you locate a Zealous or Godly weapon of any kind, it will nearly always be a step up from the one you are already using, regardless of what sort of weapon it is.

The Devotion is immediately added to your advancement bar, which means that it is in addition to whatever that your Followers create via prayer. The best part about it is that it disregards the rated limit of your Shrine, which means that a crusade using a Zealous weapon has a very good chance of succeeding in gaining Divine Inspiration.

Godly Weapons

These are the most potent weapons in the game, doing the greatest damage possible to the adversaries you face. Getting rid of the foes will not be difficult at all if you combine such armaments with the appropriate Tarot Cards and use them together in Cult of Lamb to dominate the enemy and boss encounters easily.

When you get close to the top of the skill tree and obtain Godly Weapons, the majority of your unlocked buildings and upgrades would likely be close further behind.

During that moment, you’ll be able to devote your whole attention to eliminating the living Bishops. If you’re ever in possession of a Godly Weapon, you won’t come across a more suitable weapon for the job.

Godly Weapons are very uncommon, yet when they do occur, they possess sheer power that cannot be equaled to any other armaments of a comparable sort. When considering the decision to swap, you may easily dismiss the additional damage that Bane and Merciless weapons provide when you examine the differences between the two.

The Lamb is able to triumph over any obstacle provided they have one of these Tarot cards in their possession since the appropriate combination of Tarot cards may bring them additional benefits. Be cautious, though, since being arrogant might lead to you being sent back to the village and strip of your incredible arsenal. If this happens, you will have wasted your time and effort.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about the Cult of the Lamb best weapons. Which is your favorite or go-to weapon so far in the game, and why? Share your thoughts with us. Let us know more about it in the comments box below.

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