Cult Of The Lamb Cooking: All Food Types & Effects

In our guide we will look into everything there is to know about cooking in Cult Of The Lamb.

Cooking can certainly be a pivotal part of the Cult Of The Lamb game and is not easy to get the hang of at first. This is why we have an in-depth Cult Of The Lamb cooking guide for you!

Key Takeaways
  • Cult Of The Lamb has many things for players to grind and achieve, such as weapons, followers, and food.
  • You can cook food by using a cooking pot that you will be given at a certain tutorial and cooking requires materials so you can cook.
  • There are also many recipes of food that you can cook but you need ingredients for them, and there are 19 of them.
  • Some of the recipes that you can cook are Berry Bowl, Splendid Vegetable Feast, Mighty Meat Feast, and Modest Mixed Meal.

Cooking In Cult of the Lamb

As soon as the game hit the market, it has easily become a ride-or-die for fans around the world. How can a game that looks so cute have such sinister undertones? After all, who does not like a game where you can become a cult leader that can give their followers insane food to eat like grass? 

Yes, you read that right! Throughout the game, you, as the head of the cult, will have to feed your people. Which we think is one of the most important and integral parts of being a cult leader.

Think about it; it is far more likely that the followers will abide by your rules if they have a full stomach. If you are confused about how to make food or how to cook, do not worry. Our guide will be your knight in shining armor. Before moving forward, have a look at our BEST Food guide. It will tell you everything you need to know about the types of food in the game.

How To Cook

Now, this is, of course, the million-dollar question. Many new gamers have a lot of issues figuring out how to cook in the game. If you are also in that boat, do not worry.

Unlock The Cooking Pot

Okay, so many players do not like the idea of using a tutorial; they want to explore all the settings on their own. While that is understandable, it will not do you any good in the game. Trust us on this one; the game’s tutorial is your best friend. 

So why are we stressing about it so much? Well, the thing is, using the tutorial will actually help you unlock the cooking pot. As you can imagine, the pot plays a vital role for you because players would not be able to cook without it! 

The Cooking Pot is the first major thing you construct as a component of the tutorial. Moreover, you have the option to select any of your unlocked recipes by having to interact with them. 

The Number Of Meals You Can Make

cult of the lam cooking
Cooking in Cult of the lamb

The Cooking Pot has no cooldown and can be used repeatedly if you have sufficient supplies. Why is that important? Well, the thing is that the Lamb can cook up to twelve meals at once. Yes, you read that right, up to twelve meals at once! 

An overall number can be seen in the lower-right corner of each meal’s icon. It indicates approximately how many times you can prepare that recipe using the items you currently have on hand.

As you line up meals, these values will decrease because several other recipes have overlapping ingredients. One thing we would want you to remember is that always stay vigilant about your resources. Many new players get very excited while cooking and will haphazardly start making food.

In addition, it will deplete your resources very fast and may actually leave your people malnourished and ill. So remember only to make food when required and always try to understand the needs of your followers. Otherwise, you may be a cult leader with no followers.

Selecting The Menu

Number of meals that can be cooked
Number of meals that cane be made in the game

After you have all of it sorted out, you will have to work on the menu. Selecting the Cook button at the bottom of the screen launches a quick minigame once you’ve chosen a meal.

To pretty successfully prepare the subsequent dish in the lineup, press the interact key when the icon is in the green zone. If you fail, the food will burn, and you will have to clean up the mess. So as you can see, making food is no joke.

Feeding Your Followers 

So now that you know how to cook food, let’s now look into how to feed your followers. This is, of course, one of the most important parts of our Cult of the lamb cooking guide.

If there is food accessible, starving believers will actually stop whatever they are doing and what they are doing. After all, how can you work when you are hungry? After they get to the feeding area, they will immediately start to eat.

The Flock is wise enough so that numerous Followers won’t attempt to eat the same food; therefore, the most ravenous followers are fed first. The one exception to the general rule is when a Follower has made a quest request for a particular meal.

Hence, in these instances, the Follower skips the queue and consumes the first plate of the prepared meal. Now, what happens if your followers have not eaten in a day or two? While it is very unlikely to happen in the game, it is still a possibility.

A Follower will receive the Starving state if they go multiple days without attempting to eat. Over their heads, a Starvation meter will gradually fill; if it turns totally red, the Follower dies instantly. As soon as a Follower eats a meal of any type, the status of starving is eliminated. 

Hence, try to avoid this scenario at all given costs. Okay, so now that we are familiarized with all of that, let’s now look into unlocking recipes.

How To Unlock Recipes In Cult of the Lamb

After all, you will not be able to cook for your people if you do not have recipes. If you are worried about how to find them, do not fret. We have you covered!

After you have all the ingredients needed, a recipe will usually automatically become available in the Cooking Pot. Blueprints or Follower Form manuscripts are not among the scrolls that can be found with new recipes. The most famous and popular dish in the game, however, can only be made after undertaking a specific task, even if you already have the components.

A Follower will reveal a secret wish to the Lamb early in the game. You’ll be asked to make a bowl of poop for them. You can add the disgusting brew to your cookbook by fulfilling the task. Also, you can access the Poop Follower Form after cooking five of them.

Where To Find Main Ingredients 

Ingredient NameWhere to find it
BeetrootIt is cultivated on farm plots or located in the Silk Cradle.
BerriesIt is cultivated on farm plots or discovered in Darkwood.
BlowfishFound in Pilgrim’s Passage fishing (Uncommon).
BoneThe enemy drops; destroys their skeletons to gather.
Cauliflower It is cultivated on farm plots or discovered in Anchordeep.
CrabFound in Pilgrim’s Passage fishing (Rare).
Fertilizer It is received when emptying outhouses or cleaning up waste.
Follower MeatIt is obtainable from deceased Followers. Further obtained after making a Sacrifice. 
GrassIt is found while on a crusade by chopping tall grass. 
LobsterFound in Pilgrim’s Passage fishing (Rare) 
MeatIt is seldom dropped by foes.
MinnowFound in Pilgrim’s Passage fishing (common)
Morsels  Use an improved Scarecrow to catch spiders in the village at night or to catch birds.
OctopusFound in Pilgrim’s Passage fishing (Rare)
PumpkinFound in Pilgrim’s Passage fishing (Uncommon)
SalmonFound in pilgrim’s Passage fishing (Rare)
SquidFound in Pilgrim’s Passage fishing (Rare)
SwordfishFound in Pilgrim’s Passage fishing (Very Rare)
TunaFound in Pilgrim’s Passage fishing (Uncommon)

Different Types Of Food And Their Effects

Recipe NameIngredientsEffects
Basic Berry Bowl6 Berries15% chance of causing follower to go poop, restores hunger
Paltry Pumpkin Soup4 Pumpkins5% chance of follower getting sick, satisfies hunger
Cheery Cauliflower Chowder4 Cauliflowers25% chance of follower giving resources, 5% chance of follower getting sick, satisfies hunger
Splendid Vegetable Feast6 Beetroot, 2 Cauliflower,
2 Pumpkins
Increases follower's devotion by 50%, cult gains 5 Faith, satisfies hunger
Stringy Meat Gruel3 Morsels10% chance of wearing out follower, satisfies hunger
Hearty Meat Broth2 Meat25% chance of follower giving resources, 15% chance of follower going poop, satisfies hunger
Mighty Meat Feast4 Meat, 1 Crab, 1 Lobster75% chance of follower giving money, satisfies hunger
Pungent Fish Stew3 Minnow10% chance of follower getting sick, satisfies hunger
Tasty Fish Meal3 Salmon25% chance of followers giving money, 15% chance of follower throwing up, satisfies hunger
Delicious Fish Feast1 Blowfish, 1 Octopus, 1
Squid, 1 Swordfish
25% chance of follower giving resources, 30% chance of curing illness, satisfies hunger
Meager Mixed Meal4 Berries, 2 Minnows, 2
10% chance of follower becoming more loyal
Modest Mixed Meal4 Pumpkins, 2 Salmon, 2
20% chance of follower becoming more loyal, satisfies hunger
Magnificent Mixed Meal4 Beets, 2 Tuna, 2 MeatIncreases follower's loyalty, satisfies hunger
Grassy Gruel5 Grass25% chance of follower getting sick, cult loses 5 Faith, satisfies hunger
Bowl Of Poop3 Fertilizer50% chance of follower getting sick, cult loses 20 Faith, satisfies hunger
Minced Follower Meat5 Bones, 3 Follower Meat75% chance of follower getting sick, 25% chance of follower becoming more loyal
Deadly FishFollower Meat, 1
Fertilizer, 1 Grass
Provides resources to the Lamb, 75% chance of follower dying (cult gains 5 Faith if Cannibalism Doctrine is activated), satisfies hunger if follower survives

Now what we talk about next is certainly one of the most important in our Cult of the Lamb cooking guide. As you now know all the ingredients that are in the game, you can use these to make different types of food in the game. Let’s talk about all the different types of recipes you can make in the game.

Basic Berry Bowl

For this meal, you will need 6 Berries. 15% probability that eating will make the Follower go poop. Furthermore, after eating five, hunger is restored.

Paltry Pumpkin Soup

All you need for the Paltry Pumpkin Soup is Four pumpkins. After eating, there is a 5% possibility that the Follower will get sick, and five hunger is satisfied.

Cheery Cauliflower Chowder

You will need Four cauliflowers for the Cheery Cauliflower Chowder dish. After eating, there is a 25% chance that the Follower will give the Lamb resource. There is a 5% possibility that the Follower will get sick. It ends up replenishing six hunger.

Splendid Vegetable Feast

You will need six Beetroot. Two Cauliflower and two pumpkins. After eating, there will be an increase in the follower’s devotion by 50%. When consumed, the cult gains 5 Faith. The meal will lead to seven pangs of hunger being satisfied.

Stringy Meat Gruel

For this, you will need three Morsels. After eating, there is a 10% possibility that it will wear out the Follower, and five hunger is satisfied.

Hearty Meat Broth

For it, you will need two pieces of meat. There is a 25% chance that the follower will give the Lamb resources. There is a 15% probability that eating will make the Follower go poop. In addition to all of that, it will replenish six hunger.

Mighty Meat Feast

For it, you will need four Meat, one Crab, and one Lobster. After eating it, there is a 75% likelihood that the Follower will give money to the Lamb. After eating, seven pangs of hunger will be satisfied.

Pungent Fish Stew

Three Minnow will be needed for the Pungent Fish Stew meal. After eating, there is a possibility of making the Follower unwell by 10%. Five hunger fits will be satisfied.

Tasty Fish Meal

Three Salmon are needed for a Tasty Fish meal. After eating the meal, there is 25% of followers give money or other financial gifts. There is a 15% possibility that the Follower will throw up. It replenishes six hunger pangs.

Delicious Fish Feast

You will need one Blowfish, one Octopus, one Squid, and one swordfish for this meal. After eating, there is a 25% chance that the Follower will give the Lamb resources. Furthermore, there is a 30% possibility that an illness-stricken Follower would be promptly cured. After consuming the meal, seven hunger is satisfied.

Meger Mixed Meal

For the Meager Mixed meal, you will require four berries, two Minnows, and two Morsels. There is a 10% possibility that the Follower will become more loyal. 

Modest Mixed Meal

You will need four pumpkins, two salmon, and two pieces of meat for the meal. Moreover, there is a 20% possibility that the Follower will become more loyal. It replenishes six hunger fits. 

Magnificent Mixed Meal

To make the meal, you must have four beets, two tuna, and two pieces of meat. When consumed, it always raises the follower’s loyalty. Those who have the supper never again will disobey you. After eating it, seven hunger will be satisfied.

Okay, so while all of these are good and tasty meals that you can make in the game, there are, in fact, some very questionable meals that the lamb can make for its followers. Let’s look into those!

Grassy Gruel

Five grass is needed for the meal. There is a 25% probability that the follower will get sick after being consumed, which leads the cult to drop five Faith. If the cult adheres to the Grass Eater Doctrine, all adverse effects are eliminated. Five hunger is satisfied from the meal.

Bowl Of Poop

Three fertilizers are needed for the meal. There is a 50% probability that the Follower will get sick. After being consumed, it causes the cult to forfeit twenty Faith. In addition, five hunger pangs are satisfied.

Minced Follower Meat

For the meal, five bones and three-follower meat are required. There is a 75% risk that the follower will get sick. There is a 25% possibility that the follower will become more loyal. 

Eating this has a 40% chance of getting the Follower to change their mind if they have opposing views. Upon being consumed, it causes the cult to lose twenty Faith. Also, If the Cannibalism Doctrine is activated, the cult receives five Faiths instead.

Deadly Fish

For the Deadly Fish meal, you will need follower meat, one fertilizer, and one grass. Whenever the follower consumes the dish, they provide resources to the Lamb.

When consumed, there is a 75% probability that the Follower will die. Moreover, If the Cannibalism Doctrine is activated, the cult receives five Faith. It replenishes five hunger pangs if the follower survives.


We hope our Cult of the lamb cooking guide was helpful and solved your issues about the game!

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