Cult Of The Lamb: All Endings & Final Boss

Once you're incharge of a cult, it's important you make the right decisions. So here's a complete guide about Cult of the Lamb Endings.

Cult of the Lamb game follows a lamb who’s serving as a vessel for an evil deity. As you play through the game, it’s best that you know all about the Cult of the Lamb Endings and Final Boss Fight. Therefore, we have curated this detailed guide about All Cult of the Lamb Endings and the Final Boss Fight in the game. If you’re worried that you’ll make the wrong decisions, you can read our guide and then make the relevant choices.

Cult of the Lamb will officially be at its end once you reach the Central Chamber. We’re keeping the intro spoiler-free; from now onwards, our guide will contain Major Spoilers, so read at your own discretion.

Key Highlights
  • The One Who Waits is the final boss of the game, who you can fight after defeating the 4 Bishops during the game.
  • You’ll also need at least 20 members in your cult to open the chamber to the final boss.
  • You get the first ending by choosing to give up the Red Crown upon reaching the chamber of The One Who Waits.
  • In the second and third endings, you’ll have to defeat The One Who Waits, then choose to either spare or murder him for the respective ending.
  • The first ending is the worst, as it eliminates all your hard work. The Spare ending converts him into a cult member, and the Murder ending lets the player kill the evil deity.

How To Defeat “The One Who Waits” In Cult Of The Lamb

Cult of the lamb final boss
Final Boss Fight in Cult of the Lamb

The fight with “The One Who Waits” will be your last penultimate moment in the Cult of the Lamb. You’ll meet the evil deity at the beginning of the game and then at the ending of it. But before you get to fight him, there are a few things you’ll need to do. 

The One Who Waits is inside the Central Chamber, but to access the chamber, you need to unlock four shackles. To do that, you will need to defeat 4 Bishops during the entirety of the game. These are the same bishops who sentenced you to death at the beginning of the game (After which The One Who Waits saved you by making you its vessel).

During the face-off with The One Who Waits, you will make choices that can alter the ending of Cult of the Lamb. Other than beating the four bishops, you also need at least 20 members in your cult to open the chamber. It’s best if you do this while on your journey to beat all the bishops, especially Shamura (as he’s the final bishop).

With that said, once you’re done with all the pre-tasks. You can enter the Central Chamber and meet your evil boss. Here you will get the first dilemma for the ending of Cult of the Lamb. To either give up the Red Crown and be sacrificed or to refuse the orders of The One Who Waits. 

We’ll discuss these options later in more detail; for now, let’s assume you choose to refuse the shackled monster and face him in an epic battle. 

Here’s a complete guide on How To Beat the Final Boss in Cult of the Lamb

Beating Baal & Aym

cult of the lamb baal and aym
Baal & Aym

When you first reach the Central Chamber and come face to face with The One Who Waits. You will notice two knights on each side. Upon refusing his proposal to get sacrificed, the Knight on the right (Baal) will challenge you to a duel.

Baal will wield a large weapon with seven spearheads at its end. Here are some of his moves to look out for. You’ll easily beat him in the duel if you remember his movement patterns.

The attacks Baal will use: 

  • Melee Swing: A normal swing of his weapon, he can chain 2-3 of these moves together, so be aware and keep your distance.
  • Wicked Attendants: Baal will float in the air for a few seconds and summon his minions from the ground. 
  • Ripper Spikes: Baal will smack his weapon on the ground, causing chains of spikes to come out of the ground in 4 different directions. The AoE will be marked, so make sure you step out of it. There’s another variation of this attack where the spikes follow the player. 

Once you deal with Baal, Aym will step up and wish death upon you. Aym is quite similar to Baal, with a few variations in the moveset. The speed and size are the exact same. Although, Aym makes less use of melee attacks. Aym wields a crescent-shaped weapon with magical abilities.

So here are all the moves you can expect from Aym while you face him:

  • Flame Circle: Aym will float in the air and summon flame wheels on the ground. These wheels will get shot around in the direction of the player. (pretty easy to dodge if you’re on your toes)
  • Ripper Spikes: A similar attack to Baal’s with slight variations. Spikes will get shot from beneath the ground to wherever the player is, or they can either follow you.

Aym is more focused on the ability moves; therefore, you will be fully attentive during the fight.

Facing ‘The One Who Waits’

cult of the lamb final boss fight
Fight against The One Who Waits

After defeating Baal and Aym, The One Who Waits will vow to put an end to your lamb. He will break free of his shackles and enter the battlefield to commence an epic face-off. 

The One Who Waits has two phases. So you need to make sure you take the least damage possible throughout your fights against Aym, Baal, and The One Who Waits.

First Phase

During the first phase of The One Who Waits, he will use multiple attacks. However, all these attacks are similar to Aym’s and Baal’s. So by now, you’d know how to overcome them. 

However, you should tread cautiously because the health bar will be much larger, and the moving frequency will also increase. The margin of error is very thin against The One Who Waits. 

Here are some of the moves to look out for as you near the ending of Cult of the Lamb:

  • Ripper Spikes: The Ripper Spikes will come in many variations. You will see them be used like Aym and Baal Did. They will also be shot out of the ground in random patterns.
  • Flame Wheel: The One Who Waits will shoot flame wheels across the battlefield. These will follow the player to some extent, so be on the lookout. 
  • Flame Balls: He will also shoot tiny flame balls across the map, these may get tricky to dodge. Since they don’t have a lot of range, keeping a distance would suffice. 
  • Flame Spin: The One Who Waits will summon a Flame trap around him, continuously spinning for a few seconds. You can land plenty of melee attacks during this if you keep shifting with the Flame Spin.

The One Who Waits will also dig into the ground and repeatedly switch his position across the battlefield. Once you make sure of all these things, you’ll easily beat the final boss. 

Second Phase

The one who waits phase 2
Final Boss Phase 2

But the battle isn’t over yet! Defeating The One Who Waits in the first phase will only anger him more. He will then unleash his true form, causing a blackout in the game. You will then be taken to a whole new battlefield, which resembles hell. Your cult members will be hung on crosses, while The One Who Waits will now be a giant creature.

At the start of the battle, The One Who Waits will extract his Three Eyes and send them into the battlefield as separate minibosses. Due to the fact that there will be three of them, the battlefield will be completely chaotic even though they just use projectile and ranged attacks.

So, here are the moves The One Who Waits will use commonly:

  • Flame Bullets: The Set of Eyes will shoot flame bullets across the battlefield. Be vigilant because they will come from all Three Eyes.
  • Bombs: The Eyes will also set off bombs every once in a while; they have a short range, so you can easily avoid them.
  • Flame Ring: An attack also used by Aym. The Eyes will summon Flame Rings that will shoot towards you. They perform this attack in unison to have three rings on the battlefield. 
  • Flame Wheel: Similar attack to the one we’ve seen before. The Eyes will summon a Fire Ring, which will extend around them. 
  • Flame Patterns: After defeating 1-2 Eyes, The One Who Waits will shake the ground to send waves of Flame Patterns. Make sure you dodge these in time and move quickly around the arena. 

After you deal with this intense fight, The One Who Waits will stand defeated and transform back into a tiny animal form. You will enter a dialogue sequence where you will be given another dilemma, which ultimately forms your ending of Cult of the Lamb.

All Possible Endings In Cult Of The Lamb

cult of the lamb endings
All Endings in Cult of the Lamb

Now that we’ve covered the final boss fight in Cult of the Lamb let’s now look at all the possible endings you could achieve before or after the final confrontation.

We mentioned earlier that you get a choice before facing The One Who Waits, and then you get two more choices after defeating him. All of these possibilities create three potential endings of Cult of The Lamb. 

Without further ado, here are all the endings you can get in the Cult of the Lamb.

Ending 1: Kneel To Be Sacrificed

Cult of the lamb sacrifice ending
Sacrifice The Lamb

The first ending you can encounter is right before you face The One Who Waits. This ending is the worst one and is very underwhelming. It eliminates the hard work you put into the game; however, it does give the game an eerie narrative. 

When you enter the Central Chamber, The One Who Waits will relinquish your duties and demand your sacrifice by giving up the Red Crown. If you choose to accept the proposal, the red crown will make its way back to The One Who Waits. He will break free of his shackles and make the lamb levitate as he drains the life out of it.

The game will end here and will take you back to the main menu.

Ending 2: Spare

Cult of the lamb ending
Spare The One Who Waits

The other two endings are only achievable if you refuse The One Who Wait’s offer and defeat him. Once the lengthy battle against multiple enemies comes to an end, The One Who Waits will transform back into his true animal form. He will then seek your forgiveness, and you’ll get the choice to either Spare him or Murder him. 

If you choose to Spare him, he will be teleported back to your camp. You can then choose to convert him into your cult member. The One Who Waits will have the ‘Immortal’ trait, meaning that he won’t die of old age. 

Ending 3: Murder

cult of the lamb murder ending
Murder The One Who Waits

The third and final possible ending to Cult of the Lamb takes place if you choose to Murder The One Who Waits after he gets transformed into an animal. By choosing to murder him, he will taunt you, claiming that you are no different from what he used to be. The Lamb will then step forward to put the once evil deity to an end. 

The ‘Murder’ ending is more of a statement. It completes the evil cycle as the power shifts from The One Who Waits to the Lamb. This can be considered a good ending, but it is way harsher than the other one. Therefore, it’s down to the player’s perspective.

The Best Cult Of The Lamb Ending

Out of the three possible endings, we have already pointed out the bad one. In which you accept The One Who Waits’ offer to be sacrificed. In our opinion, it’s the most underwhelming and the worst ending to the Cult of the Lamb. 

To get the best possible ending, you will need to defeat Aym, Baal, and The One Who Waits to reach the final decision. We already mentioned that the choice to murder The One Who Waits could be considered a good ending, depending on your perspective. But for us sparing The One Who Waits is by far the best Cult of the Lamb ending there is. It completes a humbling cycle in which you get to tame the evil deity and make him your follower instead. 

With that, we reach the end of our guide on the Best Endings in Cult of the Lamb. We hope our step-by-step guide about the final boss fight was helpful as well. Cult of the Lamb offers a unique gaming experience, and we hope you get the most out of it by making the best choices you can during your playthrough.

If you’re starting your journey as a lamb and on your way to gathering a cult, it’s best you read our guide about the Cult of the Lamb Weapon Tier List.

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