Cult Of The Lamb: Eye Of Witness Location & Rewards

Cult of the Lamb is a new Indie game. There are many quests in the game and some of them can be vague and waste your time. Our guide will help you with one of these quests.

Cult of the Lamb offers a linear experience. However, every once in a while, especially during Side Quests, you will run into a hurdle; Eye of Witness is one of these hurdles that we will make sure you cross with ease. You can get the Eye of Witness once you reach the Smuggler’s Sanctuary. Today we are going to help you with finding the Cult of the Lamb Eye of Witness.

Key Highlights

  • The Eye of Witness is a quest item in the Cult of the Lamb.
  • To initiate the quest, the player must have access to the Smuggler’s Sanctuary, which is obtained through interacting with the NPC Plimbo in the third zone of the game.
  • The player must go to the Smuggler’s Sanctuary to initiate the quest.
  • The quest involves collecting 4 Eye of Witness items by defeating bosses in certain areas of the game.
  • Once all 4 items have been collected, the player can return them to Plimbo for a reward.
  • The reward for completing the quest is simply the completion of the quest, as Plimbo does not offer any additional rewards.

What Is Eye Of Witness In Cult Of The Lamb?

As we mentioned earlier, during some of the quests in the game, you can get stuck. It is mainly due to the quest being vague about what to do. Sometimes they require you to get an item, and they don’t tell you where to go to get it. Eye of Witness is one of these items. 

Once you have acquired Eye of Witness, you can then return it to an NPC and get rewards. It is also one of the more unique and somewhat fun quests in the game. It does get confusing, but the mission itself is quite fun.

In addition, our guide will entail everything you need to know about the Cult of the Lamb Eye of Witness quest. How to start it, how to get the Eye of Witness, and what rewards await you for completing the quest.

How To Initiate The Eye of Witness Quest?

Cult of the Lamb Smuggler's Sanctuary
Plimbo, as he appears in the game.

Fire and Foremost to the player will need to start the quest. Now that can be a bit tricky because it has some requirements. In order to gain the quest, the player will need to have access to the Smuggler’s Sanctuary.  

Now getting access to the Smuggler’s Sanctuary is a bit tricky as it is easily missable. The player will need to interact with a specific NPC while they are going through the third zone of the game called Ancordeep

Moreover, the name of the NPC that you will need to interact with is Plimbo. Once you have met with Plimbo, he will unlock the Smuggler’s Sanctuary for you. The player can access the location through the overworld map when it becomes available. 

Now the hard/tricky part is done. All you have to do now is go to the location. When you reach the Smuggler’s Sanctuary for the first time, it will initiate the quest. 

Plimbo is the NPC that gives you the quest, and he is the one who will reward you once you have retrieved the Cult of the Lamb Eye of Witness for him. Now there are a total of 4 Eye of Witness items that the player will need to collect to complete the entire questline. 

In addition, any of these four can be given to Plimbo at any time. He will sell these for some money. Keep in mind that if you already have one in your possession, then make sure to give it to Plimbo.

Collecting Eye of Witness

4 Four Witnesses Cult of the lamb
One of the four witnesses in Cult of the Lamb

Now that we are done with the complicated stuff, here comes the hard and challenging stuff. To collect the Eye of Witness, the player will need to fight bosses, and they can be devastating if you aren’t prepared. 

First of all, make your way to a Cursuade you have previously completed. You need to fight bosses, but these are not the normal versions. Now once you reach these areas where you have killed the boss, you will instead encounter an NPC.

Furthermore, the name of the NPC will be Haro. All of this backtracking and the unique NPCs and locations are what make the quest stand out and enjoyable. You don’t need to worry about Haro, as he is a friendly NPC.

Haro will warn the player that the enemies they fought in the area have become stronger. So it is like a harder version of the dungeon, which is why it is more rewarding. Now the rest of the quest is very simple. 

Just make your way through the dungeon and fight all these empowered enemies as you usually do. Once you reach the boss of the area, you will see that the old one has been replaced with one of the four witnesses.  

The witness will act as a mini-boss. Simply go ahead and defeat it. When it is defeated, a chest will appear, and when you open it, you will gain the Cult of the Lamb Eye of Witness as a reward. That is all there is to get these. Simply repeat the process in another Cursuade to get the remaining 3. 

Rewards For Completing The Quest

holy talisman Cult of the Lamb guide
A screenshot of the half-completed Talisman

Now the disappointing thing is that Plimbo won’t give the player any extra rewards. It is very underwhelming; we think he should’ve at least given the player a decoration for each Eye of Witness as an extra reward, but that doesn’t happen. 

Whenever you turn, an Eye of Witness in Plimbo will give you a piece of a valuable Holy Talisman. As you can already guess, you will need to get all four Eye of Witness to get all the pieces of the talisman. 

We recommend you do this section of the quest while working on another quest at the same time. It can be time-consuming, and it doesn’t give the player any extra rewards. The talisman is useless until it is complete when you have all four pieces. 

When you have slain all the four witnesses and have gotten all the pieces of the talisman, you will be able to make a Holy Talisman. Going through all the Cursuades again can be either fun or frustrating; it all depends on the player. 

Take the crafted Holy Talisman back to the Church. That is how you will be rewarded for the quest and your time. Once at the Church, interact with the Crown; doing so will give you a new Fleece

Now what the new Fleece does is that it changes the Crusades. Now there will be some massive game challenging differences present whenever the player takes part in them. So it makes the game more replayable.


That brings our guide to an end. Cult of the Lamb Eye of Witness is a time-consuming quest where players can get lost. Getting lost in a quest like this one only makes it extra frustrating, so we hope that our guide helped you do it as fast as possible. 

The reward of the quest is good or bad, depending on the player. If you like the game a lot, then the Fleece only makes it extra fun for you to play through it. If you are looking for something new and special, then you will be disappointed. 

Cult of the Lamb has been a fairly successful indie game. People were ready to check it out as soon they saw how unique and weird it looked. We also enjoyed our time with the game and think it is mostly a fresh and new experience. 

Furthermore, what is great to see is that the game is present in pretty much every mainstream gaming system. Most indie games launch on Steam which is no issue, of course, but the game is accessible to almost everybody, and that is certainly a plus. 

These days western video game developers have gotten lazy, and we don’t see many creative or outstanding games from them. The Indie developers have been doing an incredible job at keeping things fresh, and Cult of the Lamb is another great example of that. 

What do you think about the game? Were you hyped for it? Did you get grossed out? Are you having a fun time? Is it too weird for you? What is your favorite weapon? Let us know all about it in the comments section below. 

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