Cult Of The Lamb Faith: How To Raise [13 Methods]

Our detailed guide will show you how to raise and maintain Faith in Cult Of The Lamb and threats to your faith level that you should avoid.

One of the unique mechanics that Cult Of The Lamb introduces is a system called Faith. The key to any successful cult is to keep a close eye on faith which will keep the cult united and under your rule. When you start in the game, you will have a faith level, and it will be affected by how you treat your followers. 

Key Highlights
  • Since Cult Of The Lamb is about having followers that trust you, the mechanism of Faith is crucial to maintain to progress further.
  • Faith levels can be increased by doing rituals, cooking and providing shelter for your followers, and giving sermons.
  • Faith level will drop if you don’t care about your followers and don’t do things for them.
  • If Faith levels drop drastically, there will be fewer people in your cult and you will have more rivals.
  • Having high Faith levels is important so that you have more resources to gain and you can progress in the game.
Faith in Cult Of The Lamb

In order to open the Faith Icon, you need to visit your camp. There you will see a giant orb button that will be illuminated on the top left corner of your screen. Over time the faith will begin to drop if you do nothing about it. 

faith level
Faith Level Bar

Certain in-game actions will help you restore and maintain your faith. Also, some of your followers might start dissenting if your faith gets very low. Any of the dissenting followers will not be very productive towards the community, and they will always try to turn the other cult followers against you. 

In-game activities like performing rituals, cooking food, and building shelters for your followers will help you keep your faith level high.

Furthermore, delivering daily Sermons will also help you build rapport with your followers. It is important to keep your faith high because you will need your followers to perform certain rituals and help you defeat the bosses. 

How To Raise Your Faith In Cult Of The Lamb 

There are plenty of ways by which you can raise the faith of your cult in Cult Of The Lamb. Some include daily activities, so you will have to keep an eye on your faith level every day. Most of the activities that you do in Cult Of The Lamb affect your faith level in one way or another.

Below you will find some of the most popular activities that you can use to raise your faith in Cult Of The Lamb. 

Giving A Sermon For The Followers 

Undoubtedly the easiest way to increase your faith level is by giving Sermons to your followers on a daily basis. Not only will they provide you with a big chunk of faith, but they will also give you a chance to unlock new powerful perks for your Crusades. 

holding sermons for followers to raise raise Faith in Cult Of The Lamb
Giving Sermons to Followers

Sermons are performed in the temple of the Cult Of The Lamb. However, you can only give a Sermon once you have unlocked that Temple. Furthermore, Sermons will help you level up and build rapport with your followers and the game. 

Whenever you deliver a Sermon, you will get one point of energy depending upon how many followers are attending your Sermon. Your cult followers will have their skills upgraded in battle depending upon the energy you have amassed. Also, you will have a lot of upgrades to choose from, including gaining different curses, increasing your health, and using better weapons in battle. 

Followers collected at a Sermon

It is to be noted that whenever you hold a Sermon, all other followers will attend automatically. However, some might be unable to make it in case they are out on missions. Besides Faith, another great factor to look for when holding Sermons is your cult’s Loyalty.

Loyalty will also help you maintain your Faith, and depending upon the Loyalty Rank of your followers, the energy you get will increase in the cult of the lamb. Also, if you have some extremely loyal followers, you can get a lot of energy to fill your Faith bar and the whole crowd at once. 

Giving Daily Blessings To The Followers 

Providing daily blessings to your followers is not easy; however, it can raise a good amount of Faith Level. When you interact with an individual follower, you can give them a blessing. The blessing can be given to every follower every day; however, you will have to interact manually with them.

Giving blessings to followers

While it might be time-consuming, not only will it boost Faith which is the lifeblood of your cult, but it will also boost the Loyalty of your followers. You can give certain gifts to your cult followers, and it will also increase your Faith Level and build rapport with them. 

Solving their problems like broken beds or giving them meals is also a part of giving blessings, so make sure to always be there for your followers. Also, some mechanics like Bribe and Inspire are unlockable, so use them to your advantage and increase the Faith Level of your cult followers. 

Give Gifts Do Your Cultists 

When you go out on Dungeon Runs, you will collect various objects and items on your way. You can give your followers these gifts in Cult Of The Lamb to build rapport with them and raise their faith. In order to give a gift object to your follower, interact with them. After doing so, go to your Inventory and select the Give Gift option. It will ultimately increase your faith level. 

Furthermore, keep an eye out on objects while you go on Crusades. Certain items will also help you increase your followers’ loyalty level. Moreover, it will also improve their productivity level and raise it to a point where your followers will no longer need sleep. 

Get More Followers For Your Cult  

Gaining more followers Is an important aspect of Cult Of The Lamb, as your cult will not be complete if there are no followers. The bigger your cult is, the more you will progress through the game. Whenever you gain new followers, you will get a boost in faith.

Also, there are several ways to get new followers, including Recruiting, Discovering, and Saving. When you go out to complete Dungeons, you will get to save many individuals from the bloodthirsty monsters. In return, they will get influenced by you and join your cult. 

helob the spider
Rescuing followers from Helob

Furthermore, the boss you have to fight at the end of every dungeon is actually a normal individual. When you defeat them, they will turn into a follower that you can recruit. Also, you will come across a giant greedy spider called Helob, and you will have to rescue a ton of followers from him. In order to rescue followers from Helob, you can pay him with coins and save the followers from being devoured by him. 

Another great way of recruiting followers for your cult is to take on the Side Quests. Make sure to check the description of each quest carefully before you accept them because not all of the followers are worth recruiting. Some might be extremely sick, so that they won’t be very productive.

Others might already be revolting against your cult and making plans to cause chaos in it. Also, you would also come across some who might be extremely elderly so that they won’t do you any good. 

Take On The Followers’ Quests 

Joining a cult is not always fun, as you will have to take on some very weird requests from your followers. However, if you want to raise their faith, you have no choice but to complete them. Sometimes they will ask you to complete random quests, including rescuing a lost sibling or getting another cultist to eat poop. 

accepting quest to raise raise Faith of followers in Cult Of The Lamb
Accepting Follower Quests

While not all quests might seem valid to perform, if you are running low on faith, you can always perform the weird but highly rewarding quests. The Side Quests or the Follower Quests that you will have to complete also include building decorations and allowing sick followers to join the cult.

You will also have to allow the elderly or the dissenting followers to join your cult even though it might not be in your best interest to do so. Furthermore, you will also have to collect certain items from a zone or rescue their relatives. A follower might also demand to have a certain meal or food made for them. You will then have to cook the meal they require. 

Sometimes you will have to marry a follower as well or perform a specific ritual. Also, there will be instances where you will have to investigate or imprison a follower or even sacrifice them. No matter the task the followers present you with in the cult of the lamb, make sure to take the task in order to raise their faith level of them. 

Manage The Health Of Your Followers 

If your followers are not healthy, they will not be very productive and will not be able to collect certain resources to manage your base. Therefore it is important that they eat during the day and sleep during the night; the base where they stay is not unsanitary. Keep in mind that if any sick and tired cultists are present in your cult, they are likely to be unfaithful and lose loyalty. 

There are several ways by which you can increase their health. These include holding daily sermons that will grant them extra health and XP points for curse abilities and weapons. You can also get the Hearts Of The Faithful perk when you have enough XP, and it will give you HP worth half a heart.

Hearts of The Faithful to increase raise Faith in Cult Of The Lamb
Hearts of The Faithful perk

While it might not seem enough, if you take a hit in a crucial fight, you can rely on even the smallest HP increase to help you survive. 

Another great way of increasing your health is by stacking Spirit Hearts. Keep in mind that these hearts cannot be refilled. However, they will give you that extra protection in combat. Also, make sure that you feed your cult members from time to time by cooking food for them on the Cooking Fire. Most of the recipes that you get early on might make your cult followers sick.

Recipes for followers to increase raise Faith in Cult Of The Lamb
Always check the Stomach Icon below for recipes.

They can even cause them to poop instantly, making the base you are in extremely unsanitary. Thus, it would lead to the deterioration of your follower’s health, and they will become sick. So it is important that you always preview a recipe and see how much it will fill the Stomach Icon.  

Finish The Crusades 

The more Bosses and Mini-Bosses you defeat, the more faithful your followers will be, and the more their loyalty will increase towards you. However, every time you die, you will lose faith as well. We recommend that you get the Omnipresence Ability as soon as possible. It will help you teleport straight to your base or home if somehow the chances of survivability are low in a Crusade. 

crusades to raise Faith in Cult Of The Lamb
Going on Crusades

Leaving the quest early rather than dying on the battlefield is always a good option. Leaving a quest early will not affect your faith; however, if you die, you will lose a big chunk of your faith. Remember that you will only be able to leave a Crusade in the game if you have the Omnipresence Ability. 

To gain the Omnipresence Ability, you will have to defeat Leshy. After defeating him, you will also gain Heart Of Heretic, which can be traded for special powers in the game. You would also get the Heart Of Heretic with each Bishop your defeat. Once you have your Heart Of Heretic, you just need to go back to your base and enter the temple. Open up the Temple Alter and navigate to the Crown Icon.

omnipresence to gain Faith in Cult Of The Lamb
Getting the Omnipresence Ability

Under the Crown Label, you will see a list of potential abilities that you can gain in Cult Of The Lamb. Choose the Omnipresence Ability and use your Heart Of Heretic to trade in for the ability. Once you have gained the Omnipresence Ability in Cult of the lamb you can leave the Crusade early and avoid losing your faith. 

Manage Your In-Game Traits 

By now you will know that there are many ways to increase your faith. However, you should not spend all your time worrying about your cult’s faith level. Faith is just a proactive measure, and you will have to introduce new Doctrines in various stages of the game that will influence the faith of your cultists.

These doctrines can change the individual traits of your followers and can boost their faith. Then cultists are Sacrificed you might also get a significant boost in faith. In other cases, when an elderly follower joins your cult, there might be a boost in your faith level. 

However, when picking up the doctrines, you should consider every aspect of it. Make sure you do not pick a doctrine because it sounds cool. Look for the ones that will be most practical for you and your cult followers. In this way, you can earn faith passively. 

Perform Rituals In Your Shrine 

Just like sermons, rituals are also an important part of Cult Of The Lamb and are directly related to increasing your faith level in the game. All the rituals that you will perform in the game will require Bones that you will collect while out crusading.

rituals to increase Faith in Cult Of The Lamb
Performing Rituals to increase Faith in Cult Of The Lamb

Also, they have a cooldown timer tied to them, so we recommend you use them carefully. Undoubtedly, it will affect your faith significantly and help you raise the depleted level bar. 

However, before performing a certain ritual, check the traits of your followers, as some of them might negatively impact the ritual process.  

In order to unlock the rituals in Cult Of The Lamb, you will have to progress through the story and gain certain doctrines. The rituals include Funeral, Reselection, and many more. Every ritual you perform influences your faith level in one way or another.

Most of the rituals can be acquired from the Old Faith dungeons. Also, you will have to slash and slay many Skeletons you see on the ground or kill a boss to unlock a ritual. When you are done defeating them, they will be looted automatically. 

Brainwash The Cultists 

If you still cannot seem to get your faith level up, you can always brainwash your followers by performing a certain ritual. The ritual can be unlocked after you will talk to Sozo in the Spore Grotto.  

After you have unlocked the ritual, you will first need to give them about 10 Menticide Mushrooms and then another 20. When you have given Sozo the number of mushrooms he needs, he will teach you how to brainwash your cultists. For the ritual, you will also need about 10 Lumber and 25 Menticide Mushrooms.

When you use the ritual, your faith will be restored completely. Furthermore, it will be locked at full for around two days. However, dare is a downside to it as some of the followers we’ll get sick as soon as the brainwashing starts to wear off. 

Create New Buildings For Your Cultists 

An important aspect of Cult Of The Lamb is to make your base. When you make buildings like Sleeping Quarters, Outhouses, and Farms, you will get faith and loyalty from the cultists. A great part about the buildings you make is that you can also decorate the base with certain items in Cult Of The Lamb. 

outhouses to increase raise Faith in Cult Of The Lamb

Make sure that you unlocked the Possessions Tier 2 of the Doctrine Tree. Doing so will grant you a trait called Belief In False Idols. Thus, whenever you place a False Idol in the buildings, you make faith will be increased exponentially. 

Place The Dissenters In Prison 

Sometimes when you return from a crusade to your cult, you will see a red-eyed dissenter screaming angrily at your followers, trying to convert them. When a situation arises, you should interact with these wayward souls.

dealing with dissenters to raise Faith in Cult Of The Lamb
Dissenters in Cult Of The Lamb

All you have to do is Re-Educate them so that they can reform back into your Cult. However, that process can take several days, and you can only perform Re-Education once a day. In any case, the dissenters should not be allowed to roam free as they can turn your followers against you. 

 A good way to tackle the situation is to send the dissenters to prison. Doing so will stop them from converting the followers and taking away their faith. You can always Re Educate the dissenters even if there are in prison. 

Unlock The Holy Day Ritual 

If your faith level is still being compromised, you can always consider using the Holy Day Ritual. You can unlock the ritual by gathering Stone Tablets and performing doctrines. You need to do so until you reach the Tier 4 of Work And Worship in the doctrine tree.

rituals to increase raise Faith in Cult Of The Lamb
The Holy Day Ritual

When you activate the Holy Day Ritual, the cult members will get a whole day to enjoy and rest. While they won’t generate Devotion or be productive like farming the crops or refining materials, the faith you get in return is certainly worth it. 

You will get 85 faith by granting a Holy Day to your followers. Therefore, no matter how low your faith is, you can fill it just by using a ritual. 

Ending Words

In this guide, we conclude on raising and maintaining faith in the Cult Of The Lamb. We’ve also highlighted threats to your faith so you can protect your cultists’ beliefs.

When starting the tutorial, read through each mechanic’s description to understand the items, rituals, and structures you’ll unlock. This knowledge is crucial for maintaining faith.

Some positive rituals can backfire if used incorrectly, but our article offers ways to restore faith quickly.

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