Cult Of The Lamb Fishing: Types & Unlock Guide

Our guide today will show you how to unlock Fishing and how the Fishing mechanic works in Cult Of The Lamb.

Since you will be taking care of a whole community, you will have to provide for it in various ways. It will include tasks like cooking meals for them and even fishing for them. Our guide today will show you how to unlock Fishing and how the Fishing mechanic works in Cult Of The Lamb.  

Key Highlights
  • The main purpose of being a cult leader in Cult Of The Lamb is to provide for your followers so you can maintain Faith levels.
  • For cooking, you obviously require materials to be able to cook them and one way is to gain Tuna ingredients by fishing.
  • Fishing cannot be unlocked automatically and you first have to interact with an NPC called “Fisherman” and you will unlock it.
  • You can also improve your fishing skills by catching rare fish which in all honesty isn’t hard also.

Fishing In Cult Of The Lamb 

The Fishing Minigame itself is pretty straightforward and would not acquire a lot of time and energy. However, we have to unlock it first to catch some fish. Also, we have formulated a guide on some of the Best Lamb Food; do check it out while you’re at it. 

Fishing in Cult Of The Lamb
Fishing in Cult Of The Lamb

How To Unlock Fishing

Before you actually start fishing, you will have to go and meet a certain NPC called the Fisherman. The NPC can be found when venturing through the terrains of Dark Wood. Also, you won’t have to go out of the way to find them as they are a part of your main quest. 

After reaching a certain level in the main quest, you will find the Fisherman and will be able to interact with him. Also, check out some of the best traits of followers to see which ones would affect your ritual negatively or positively. 

interacting with fisherman to unlock Fishing in Cult Of The Lamb
Find the Fisherman!

As soon as you meet the Fisherman, the location of Pilgrim’s Passage will be unlocked. You can access the Pilgrim’s Passage location by opening up the World Map. Also, we recommend you use the Teleporter present in your base to teleport to the new spot. Then you can talk to the fisherman again at this time you will be able to go fishing with him. 

teleporter to go to the Fishing spot in Cult Of The Lamb
The Teleporter

Also, when you visit the fisherman for the second time, you will be able to earn the Neptune’s Curse Tarot Card. Now that the fishing mechanism is unlocked, you can get some fish for your cult followers and gain their faith. We just need to walk over to the left of the Fisherman, where there will be a tiny Fishing Sign. You can fish here just by interacting with it.

tarot card
Obtaining the Tarot Card

The Fishing Minigame is one of the most popular activities in the game and is a part of the main quest as well. We have formulated an extensive guide on some of the best Tarot Cards that you can check out. 

How Does Fishing Work In Cult Of The Lamb 

Stardew Valley fans will be similar to the fishing mechanism that the game has to offer. Cult Of The Lamb has a similar mechanism, and it’s quite easy to master as well. After going near the fishing sign, you will have to interact with the Fishing Spot. Doing so will make the Power Gauge pop up on your screen. The power gauge will show the Casting Distance with which you are aiming.

green bar will appear while Fishing in Cult Of The Lamb
Keep an eye on the green bar.
  • Adjust your cast distance based on the power bar and fish location.
  • Don’t overfill the power bar if the fish is nearby to avoid losing it.
  • Explore the 20 best Doctrines to enhance your cult.
  • When a fish bites, it automatically gets hooked.
  • Keep the hook inside the moving Green Bar.
  • Use the designated fishing button (e.g., A on Xbox) to adjust the hook position.
  • Find the Eye Witness with a step-by-step guide.
  • Reel in the fish after keeping the hook on the target for a sufficient time.
  • Bring the caught fish back to your base

How To Improve Your Fishing 

You must invest the right amount of resources and time in improving your fishing, as it is an important mechanism in the cult of the lamb. Many players don’t improve their fishing, affecting their end game. However, there is a good way to increase your luck in fishing to catch some rare fish, and it is very easy as well. Do check out our detailed guide on all the unlockable Endings. 

Fishing in Cult Of The Lamb
Get the rarer types!

The process includes performing a ritual called the Ritual Of The Oceans Bounty. When you perform the ritual, you will be able to get twice the number of fish. Furthermore, you will also improve the odds of the rare fishes in your catches.

However, keep in mind the effect will only last for two days after you have performed the Ritual Of The Oceans Bounty.

Furthermore, in order to unlock the ability, you will also need to introduce unique and new Doctrines into your cult. Ultimately you will unlock the Third Tier Of The Sustenance category and will be able to fish the rare types in no time. 

All The Obtainable Fishes 

When you first go out fishing in Cult Of The Lamb, you will see the shadows lurking in the water. These shadows will determine the rarity of the fish you will get and how important it is for your cult. You will see three types of fish shadows in the fishing pond. They could be small, medium, or large. each of the shadows will correspond to the type of catch you can get. We have also formulated a guide on the best Fleece that you should check out. 

collecting resources
Collect all items you see!

The larger the shadow is, the more rare the fish is. Also, the small shadows will represent the common Minnows. Furthermore, the medium shadows will typically yield Blowfish or Salmon.

The rare fishes will often Lurk in the water as large shadows. These rare fishes will mostly be Sword Fish, Crab, Lobster, Squid, Octopus, and Tuna. Also, check our detailed guide on Knucklebones in Cult of the Lamb while you’re at it. 

Other Activities That You Can Complete In The Pilgrim’s Passage 

While fishing might be the main reason you had to enter the slumbering region of Pilgrim’s Passage, there are a ton of other activities that you should also check out while you’re at it. Following are the activities you can check out while at Pilgrim’s Passage. Before you read on, check out our guide on how to revive followers in Cult of the Lamb. 

pilgrims passage to go on Fishing in Cult Of The Lamb
Pilgrim’s Passage

Fixing The Lighthouse 

Since you will be focusing on devotion a lot, it is important that you fix the lighthouse while you are at the Pilgrim’s Passage. It would help if you reignited the flames of the lighthouse. In order to do so, you need to bring 15 pieces of wood there.  

Check Out The Local Vendors 

When you have fixed the lighthouse, don’t forget to check out the new vendors that will set up their shops in the Pilgrim’s Passage. These two new vendors have plenty of decorations that you can take for your Cult. Use these decorations in your base’s buildings and increase your followers’ faith and devotion. 

Go To The Docks 

You should fix the lighthouse first because it will eventually unlock one of the greatest spots in the game. You will unlock the dock in the middle of the map and use it to your advantage. A devious NPC will be waiting for you there with a quest at hand. Make sure to visit him. 

Collect The Nearby Resources 

Pilgrim’s Passage has abundant resources like stone outcroppings, massive trees, and berries. You can collect some extra resources here if you are working on a new build back at your base. We recommend checking the whole area out because you never know what you might find. 

There would be plenty of items lying around in Pilgrim’s Passage

Final Words 

With this, we include our extensive guide on Fishing In Cult Of The Lamb and how it works. We have also mentioned the various fish you can get and the ways you can increase and improve your fishing. After reading our guide, you can hopefully fish easily in the game. Feel free to drop any of your queries in the comment section down below. 

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