Cult of The Lamb Follower Gifts: Types & Benefits

Gifts in Cult of The Lamb can drastically increase your followers performance, if given to the correct one.

When you ravage through the dungeons and defeat enemies, you are rewarded with chests. These chests contain a Gift sometimes, which is not for you but for your followers back in the village. Players usually ignore the part of the game, mostly because they’re unaware of this entire process. But we’re here to tell you how you can surprise your followers with these gifts.

Key Highlights
  • In Cult Of The Lamb, when you acquire chests and open them, sometimes you receive the item “Gift” which you can give to the followers in your cult.
  • The whole mechanism of Cult Of The Lamb requires you to have good Faith Levels and that can be done by gifting your followers.
  • The gifts that you find also range, such as Necklaces, Big Gifts, and small gifts.
  • Depending on what type of gift you give them, loyalty will increase accordingly.
  • Chests are not the only way to find gifts, they can also be bought from vendors.

Gifts for the Wicked

Gifting your followers is just a side thing and not a necessary step to progress. But after reading further, you will realize how much easier the game progress can become, all because of these Gifts. Our guide is all about Cult Of The Lamb Follower Gifts.

A leader should give treats or gifts to their followers, even if it’s a cult or at least a cult with cute animal cultists. So let’s understand how to keep your flock happy through gifts and the potential benefits of it.

Gifting to follower in Cult of the Lamb.
You can give gifts to followers.
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Types Of Gifts For Followers

A gift can be useful, or it can be good as a display. Just like that, the game also has gifts that give a follower a special power. Sometimes it can simply increase their loyalty to you. These types of gifts are:

  • Necklaces
  • Big Gifts
  • Small Gifts
type of gifts in Cult of the Lamb.
2 Different types of gifts.

The gifts with powers are Necklaces, and there are a total of five necklaces, each with different abilities. These necklaces are Skull Necklace, Nature’s Necklace, Moon Necklace, Flower Necklace, and Feather Necklace. Once collected, you can find them in the Give Gift option during interaction with a Follower. 

Big And Small Gifts

Necklaces aren’t the only gifts you can discover; and there are Big Gifts and Small Gifts too. Though they don’t carry as much value as the Necklaces do, they still come in handy. 

The only purpose the Gifts hold is to raise your followers’ loyalty. Loyalty helps in running the cult and securing devotion. The loyalty bar can appear above your follower’s head during the process. The devotion bar can be found at the Shrine during prayers.

Hand over these gifts to every follower once in a while to avoid them going astray. The lower the loyalty bar, the more chances of followers transgressing. 

Even though both gifts serve the same purpose, there is a single breach between the two gift sizes. It might already be obvious, but Big gifts raise the loyalty bar more than Smaller gifts. 

Collecting Gifts For Your Followers

Getting gifts for your cultists can be hard and easy at the same time. That is because it is a completely random part of the game. If you’ve invested even an hour in playing, chances are you’ve already collected these gifts by doing runs. There are multiple ways in Cult of The Lamb by which you can obtain gifts for the follower.

Every time you go dungeon crawling, explore each area for chests and boxes. Loot every room properly, and chances are you’ll collect a gift. Once you complete a run, you can be rewarded with a gift in return too. 

Gifts found in game.
Skull Necklace obtained from a Chest.
Another way is to buy Gifts from a vendor. Find vendors during your dungeon adventures and buy the gift of your choice from them.

The drop rate of each gift seems pretty random in the game, so no gift holds many rarities or common position. Some gifts like Skull Necklace or Moon Necklace do have better abilities and perks, though.  

While you’re at it, why not collect ingredients to cook diverse dishes for your followers too? You can read more about the best recipes to cook in our BEST Food.

How To Give Gift To Your Follower

After completing an area in any of the four dungeons, the player collects gifts along with other resources. Make sure to give these items for higher loyalty and special attributes in your herds. But how to give gifts? 

Once you arrive back in your village, do the following steps to hand over the gift to your follower:

  • Go to the follower you think requires that gift
  • Speak to the Follower and choose the Interact option symbolized by a speaker
  • Choose the gift symbol named “Give Gift.” 
  • Option of available gifts will pop up; choose the one you think the follower needs

That’s all! Your follower will right away equip the Necklace if you gift them one. Or the loyalty bar of that follower will upraise if it’s a normal gift. 

giving gifts to follower in Cult of the Lamb.
Giving Gifts to followers is easy.
A thing to know before gifting someone is that you can not regain possession of the gift once it’s handed over, not unless the follower is dead. If the follower is sacrificed, the Necklace can not be retrieved by the player. 

Benefits Of Each Gift

Whether it’s a game or real-life, gifting people makes them closer to us. In Cult Of The Lamb, any type of gift is beneficial for the player once it is presented to the follower. It makes them more devoted to us, well, sometimes with superpower abilities too.

As already mentioned, five Necklaces can be gifted to a cultist. Each necklace possesses a special power and transfers its supernatural perks to the follower who wears it. And once these supernatural followers are offered up for sacrifice, they drop off greater resources and bonuses in return.  

Let us dive deeper into what advantages each necklace provides you when you gift it to someone:

Skull Necklace 

No man is blessed with immortality, even if they follow a Cult. In Cult Of The Lamb, though, there is a simple technique to at least expand your follower’s lifespan. You might experience losing your high-level followers due to old age. This can negatively affect your devotion. Less devotion means less Divine Inspiration, which can slow down your progress rate immensely.

To save your loyal followers from dying early and keep gaining devotion from them, find Skull Necklace. It has a Skull with a red symbol on it. The purpose of the Skull Necklace is to double up the follower’s life span. The longer your diligent follower lives, the higher productivity you will earn.

If you come across a Skull Necklace, then give it to the youngest follower of your cult. Make sure that they have the best Traits, so the necklace doesn’t go to waste. You can learn about them in our Best Traits guide. If you do so, it’ll ensure that that one particular follower will be with your cult for the longest time.

As soon as you unlock Doctrines, assign the follower wearing the Skull Necklace some high-importance jobs. We recommend assigning them jobs such as the Tax Collector or Loyalty Officer. This way, you’ll get the most value out of these followers.

Death is still inevitable in the game, just like in reality. So once your high-level follower is dead, you can perform a ritual to revive them back! 

Nature’s Necklace 

Once the follower equips Nature’s Necklace, nature blesses them with harvesting more natural resources than usual. These resources include woods, stones, and crops. All these materials help in building and feeding the village.

To harvest bonus resources, gift Nature’s Necklace to a Farmer in Cult of The Lamb to benefit the most. That way, you’ll be able to use extra seeds to expand your already existing farm. They will be able to grow advanced crops such as Beetroots more easily.

If you don’t know how to make a farm in Cult Of The Lamb, no problem! 

One more thing, Nature’s Necklace’s bonus only affects the wearer when they’re harvesting resources. It doesn’t affect the Refinery’s output. If you place a Propaganda Speaker near the Necklace wearer, their performance will increase significantly.

Moon Necklace

Imagine the cultists so faithful to you; they never plan on sleeping. Their exhaustion and tiredness don’t matter as long as they serve you. This is a possibility with a Moon Necklace. With a Moon Necklace, the follower never sleeps. You can avoid the crankiness of the follower and prevent them from rebelling against you. 

Assign the Moon necklace to whichever worker you’d want working the most with no breaks. The cultist gifted this necklace will be working through the night while others sleep. Be certain about your choice as you can not retrieve the necklace back for a long time.

Make sure you don’t end up giving it to a Slothful follower. They produce 15% fewer resources, and the necklace will be wasted.

One last thing, the cultist that gets Moon Necklace, can become Exhausted if they get possessed at a Demon Summoning Circle. If that happens with your follower, order them to sleep, and they will wake up fully recovered. Failing to do so will result in the death of the follower.

Flower Necklace

Devotion plays a great role in Cult Of The Lamb. Your loyal followers generate devotion to the Shrine that’s in the middle of the village. When they start praying to the Shrine, you gain devotion. Collect it every day from the shrine to upgrade buildings and unlock new possibilities. 

But how do you collect the important element in the game faster? Yes, there is a special power necklace for this too. A cute Flower Necklace is not for aesthetics only, and it allows the follower to generate devotion faster.

Give this necklace to your Priest and gain more devotion than you usually do. As the Priest will be generating more devotion, you won’t have to assign more cultists to Shrine Duty. You can give them other duties to improve your cult.

Make sure you collect devotion from the Shrine daily, or else it can slow down your followers. Once your devotion bar completes, you gain one Divine Inspiration. Redeem it from your Shrine and explore newly unlocked things.

Feather Necklace

A feather is airy and light, having the ability to travel around smoothly with no restrictions. Just like that, in Cult Of The Lamb, a Feather Necklace helps villagers work smoothly and catch up to time.

A Feather Necklace gives the wearer the ability of increased movement speed. It gets loads of things done in a short period. As it has a minor bonus when compared to other necklaces, it’ll be sitting idle in your inventory. So if you can raise the efficiency of your village work by assigning this necklace to a cultist so why not give it away?

Give it to followers that don’t have any standout Traits. Even then, your village will get benefits. They can be of benefit if you want to change building placement.

Big Gifts

Symbolized by a black box with a red ribbon bow, Big Gift raises the loyalty of a Follower. You can give it to anyone with a low loyalty bar. So instead of keeping a Big gift in your inventory and gaining no benefit from it, hand it over as soon as you get it.

Small Gifts

Small Gift is symbolized by a brown cloth wrapped around with rope. The size difference means small gifts give lesser loyalty increase than Big Gift. 

Final Remarks

Giving gifts to followers is a smart move and helps in ending the game effectively. This guide has covered everything you need to know about Cult of the Lamb Follower Gifts. We’ve told you about different types of Gifts that you can give to your followers and how to collect them. Furthermore, you can read about how to give gifts.

Most importantly, you can learn the benefits of giving each of the necklaces as gifts. They all have important properties. If you skipped reading about them, be sure to check it out again. We hope you read through the guide and can gift your followers with no issue.

Cult Of The Lamb is another addition to the genre of the rogue-like game and is already loved by a lot. The game is released by Massive Monster. This joyfully demented game with brutal cult rituals is a little dark but with a cutesy art style. You play as a Lamb who runs a Cult for an evil divine being who saved your character’s life. Launching crusades, exploring dungeons, defeating bosses, and making progress with your cult is the game’s main focus. That includes giving gifts to your follower in Cult of The Lamb.

Before that, learn more about Cult Of The Lamb and our thoughts about it. Check out our Cult Of The Lamb review, where we’ve discussed gameplay, settings, and many more. Read it and find out why you should buy this game and invest your time in it. 

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