Cult Of The Lamb: How To Build A Farm

We have curated a guide on how to build a farm, cultivate your crops and harvest them.

We have gathered all the important information you would need to know how to build a farm in Cult of the Lamb. You may have heard about the various strange aspects that the game has, so let’s get to it. Cult Of The Lamb came out on the 11th of August, 2022, by Devolver Digital. The action/adventure game was created by Massive Monster and is available for everyone to steam on their PC, Xbox, etc.

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The game is all about a Lamb, who is on the verge of his death! Yes, you read that right. A lamb is laid down in front of the Gods for a sacrifice. However, it is brought back the life by The One Who Waits.  The new god gifts him a new life, one filled with several tasks. You take on your journey as the leader of a new cult and begin with your revenge. 

Furthermore, as the head of your cult, it becomes your duty to take care of your flocks well, fight with enemies, and complete rituals. The good part is that you are not affected by your death, which means you can have a life again after every death. Do not forget to have a look at the Cult of the Lamb Weapons Tier List that we have created for you.

However, certain advantages and a set of resources are for sure taken away from you on your death. Also, the most amazing thing about this game is the religious touch given to it. You may create a whole new set of flocks and get them to work for you by using divine powers.

Now before you lose interest and think we are wasting your time by not discussing our main topic, let’s dive right into how you can build a farm in Cult of the Lamb.

Why Do You Need Farming In Cult Of The Lamb?

You would need to start farming to run a successful cult. Below, we have mentioned things so you can know how to build a farm in Cult of the Lamb.

  • Gathering Seeds: Find and gathers seeds while you are crusading; afterward, you can start growing and cultivating your ones. Different kinds of seeds will keep appearing while you travel.
  • Growing Food: The only foods Lamb can grow in the garden are berries, beetroot, and pumpkins. You can get these at the drops of the dungeons or from even shops.
  • Some Other Plants: The plants that cannot be used as food are Mushrooms and Camellia. However, it is important to grow them, just like gathering materials for construction, currencies, and quest items.

How To Build Farm In Cult Of The Lamb

Knowing how to build a  farm in Cult of the Lamb can be a tricky job. It requires you to construct a building first of all. The building that you construct should be a shelter or a plot for farming. 

To build shelters and plots ask for some of the simplest materials, like Grass, Wood, and a few Coins. A lot of comparatively complex structures will start opening up as you start gaining Inspiration from the Divine. Doing so will also get you some of the top-notch stuff like Planks made of Wood and Bars of Gold.

All Buildings For Farming

Certain buildings are called farm buildings when you know how to build a farm in the Cult of the Lamb. They are as follows:

  • Farm Plot: For you to build a plot for farming, get some grass blades and a few coins. You will have to get the plot seeded if you find some poop. Not only that, watering the lit as well as fertilizing it would also be vital.
Building Farm In Cult Of The Lamb
Farm Plot
  • Compost Bin: You can find and gather the grass in a very simple way and then turn the composting bin into a fertilizer. Moreover, it should be noted that the player does not always need poop from the compound of the cult or even the Outhouse for farming.
  • Natural Burial: Only the Return of the Earth Doctrine can unlock this building in the cult of the lamb. The Earth Doctrine helps in composting the dead waste or bodies into fertilizers for crops. 
  • Fertilizer Silo: Poop can be stored in the Fertilizer Silo after the bin for composting is of no use left. The farmers working for the Lamb to complete farm-related tasks can make use of this fertilizer on the crops.
  • Farmer Station: Cultists can be allowed to water the crops in their surroundings once this building is built, making it very advantageous. Upgrading the Farmer Station to level two can make the cultists do cultivation, planting, and fertilizing of crops.

How To Build Farm In Cult Of The LambFarmer Station 2

  • Scarecrow: You would need to get Scarecrow to scare away the birds that setal the seeds and fledge the plants. If you get Scarecrow upgraded to Trap Scarecrow, catch and use them for meals.
How To Build A Farm
  • Harvesting Totem: As you can guess from the name, this building helps in speeding up the growth of plants. Upgrading to Devotion Harvest Totem can help you get Devotion from fellow followers.
  • Seed Silo: The lamb can fill the building that cultists find while Crusading as the building can make them do a lot more work. Cultists can even plant these seeds if Farm Station Two is in the surrounding.
Building A Farm
Seed Silo

Other Farming-Related Buildings

  • Outhouse: As long as the compound bin is not unlocked, make use of the Outhouse which is the best fertilizer collector.
  • Healing Bay: Camellia that is needed for the healing of followers can be grown on the farm by the Lamb.
  • Propaganda Speakers: To maximize the output of crops around the farm, Propaganda Speakers helps in the improvement of ethic at work.
  • Kitchen: To keep your followers from starving, it is important your build a kitchen. However, while you are crusading, you can just use the resources directly from the farm instead of gathering them.

The Process Of Planting, Harvesting & Cultivating

The lamb would have to get the crops planted and watered itself before the followers could give a hand to it. Also, harvest yourself as there won’t be some weapon to get done with it sooner. 


We can conclude our guide by saying that all the ways you can build a farm in Cult of the Lamb have been mentioned in the guide, read and enjoy it as we hope it has helped you.

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